Angry Mom Episode 10 Recap

Angry Mom Episode 10. Best episode of the series. A rich blend of reveals, betrayals, humor, sweetness and one mother’s love for those she cares for. The balance and pacing was excellent. The episode ends with an effective cliffhanger.

Our Mom, Jo Gang Ja (Kim Hee Seon) arrives at the location that Don Chil is holding her daughter, Oh Ah Ran (Kim Yoo Jung). Don Chil stares at her stunned. I like Dong Chil’s multiple blinks likes he’s clearing the fog away from his vision to see a ghost from his past. Gang Ja admits she is Ah Ran’s mother. Don Chil is speechless.

Park No A (Ji Hyun Woo) is given the address by Ko Bok Dong (Ji Soo). He speeds off in a taxi after Gang Ja.

Oh yes…we are going there…
DC: How can you be a mother?
GJ: My daughter has nothing to do with any one. I’d hoped you would have changed a little bit from the garbage you were years ago when your brother Beom was alive.
DC: Don’t say his name! You killed my brother.

am_ep10_1b am_ep10_1a
He approaches menacingly. Gang Ja pulls the knife he stuck in the table out and points it at him.
GJ: It wasn’t me. You killed him.

am_ep10_1c am_ep10_1d
Wow! Our mom is not shy and she is being blunt…perhaps too blunt. No A arrives and tries to take the knife from Don Chil. He knocks No A to the floor. Gang Ja tries to get the knife. Dong Chil knocks her to the floor. He approaches Gang Ja with the intent to hurt her. No A throw himself at Don Chil who plunges the knife into No A’s back in the heat of the struggle. Don Chil won’t call the ambulance as Gang Ja kneels over the injured No A. He yells he won’t die then leaves.

am_ep10_1e am_ep10_1h
Gang Joo arrives. Once she knows Ah Ran and Gang Ja are ok, she examines No A. She recommends they treat him privately out of the scrutiny of public hospitals.

am_ep10_1f am_ep10_1g
Ah Ran stares at her mother over what she saw and heard.

Wow! That was an intense opening segment. Bold and stupid of Gang Ja to taunt Don Chil with the fact that he killed Beom, not her. When he plunged the knife into No A I thought for a moment, they might kill of No A. Nice guy, but not much of an impact character so far. Don Chil was on the edge during that scene. Did Ah Ran hear enough to suspect that Don Chil was her father? Or was Ah Ran simply stunned her mother knew Don Chil and that he stabbed No A?

The private doctor tends to No A’s wound. It is not deep and he will be fine. Gang Ja tenderly wipes No A. You can practically hear her think “you dumb sweet man”.

am_ep10_3 am_ep10_3a
Gong Joo takes Ah Ran home. Ah Ran is still stunned that her mother killed someone. Gong Joo tells her it is not true. The Ah Ran asks THE question. “Is that man my biological father?” Gong Joo tells her that is nonsense. Upset Ah Ran runs from the car. Who can blamer her for being upset with the possibility that Don Chil is her father and her mother might have killed a man?

am_ep10_4b am_ep10_4a
When No A wakes he is concerned from Gang Ja who apologizes for the situation. He asks what kind of relationship she has with Dong Chil. She refuses to answer. He tells her he may not always be a teacher. She tells him he is the best teacher. He denies that claim. He tells her he fears he will lose another student…her. He asks for the truth. She asks for time before she tells him the whole story. She encourages him to stay strong and be a teacher.

Gang Ja walks him out and admonishes him to take the antibiotics and go to the hospital tomorrow. He says he’s the adult and she’s the student. He admonishes her to go home.

Gong Joo tells Gang Ja that Ah Ran asked if Don Chil was her father. Gong Joo says she denied the possibility. She asks if Beom is the father. Gang Ja does not answer. Instead she asks Gong Joo to find out about the construction project. Why doesn’t she ask her husband? Gong Joo declares “the school is a swam. Once you fall in, you cannot swim out.”  Gang Ja vows to get Ah Ran and the other kids out of the quagmire they are in.

am_ep10_5b am_ep10_5a
No A’s father wants to talk. No A does not want to talk. When his father entreats him by touching his back he shudders in pain. His father is worried. No A tells his father he will take care of his own problems from now on. Yes I feel a pang of sympathy for father.

No A declares that he will leave his father’s shelter. He must stand in the world and now provide shelter to his students who live in a dangerous world.

As they enter the school Gang Ja entreats Ah Ran not to believe what she was thinking about Don Chil. Ah Ran walks away.

Gang Ja’s husband drags her away.  Bok Dong spots this. Her husband is angry she came home late. Gang Ja is angry he stole her identity. She implores him not to talk to her at school and leaves.

am_ep10_6b am_ep10_6c
Bok Dong puts her husband against the wall and tells him not to treat a young girl that way. He sputters she is his wife. Bok Dong decks him! I’m loving it!

am_ep10_7b am_ep10_7a
Ah Ran sees Don Chil. They stare at each other. Principal Do (Kim Tae Hoon) spots Ah Ran as she walks away and asks why she is still in school. Don Chil says he talked to her mother who promised to leave the country. Principal Do is surprised and tells Don Chil to make sure that promise has follow through.

Don Chil stares at Ah Ran’s back as she walks away. Is there a glimmer of humanity in Don Chil?

Cute scene when Gang Ja mothers No A by changing his bandage and being concerned about him doing housework while wounded. Bok Dong interrupts mistakenly thinking that Gang Ja is sleeping with another old man…No A.

am_ep10_8b am_ep10_8a
Bok Dong drags Gang Ja out and admonishes her to stop getting involved with the adults or she’ll end up like Yi Gyeong.

am_ep10_9b am_ep10_9a
Don Chil asks Gang Ja’s husband if Ah Ran is his biological daughter. He confirms she is not. Don Chil closes his eyes then tells him that his wife and daugther must go abroad and he will arrange it. Don Chil knows that he or Beom is the father. Unless he knows if Gang Ja was a virgin when he raped her, then he would be the father. Yikes!

Someone follows Gang Ja as she goes to visit Gong Joo.

Gong Joo tells Gang Ja that the construction project is $3M and the money runs though the foundation.

They are interrupted when that someone that followed Gang Jo turns out to be Bok Dong. In an impressive knight in shining armor display. He fights his way to Gang Ja and tells her to come with him. Gong Joo is thrilled to meet Bok Dong. She welcomes him to Gang Ja’s house. Bok Dong is stunned. The camp in that scene…perfect!

Bok Dong is scolded by Gang Ja for meddling. Sweetly Bok Dong rips into Gong Joo for abandoning her daughter. Recall that is the rumor at school. With an earnest heart, Bok Dong tells Gong Joo that Gang Ja’s behavior with older men a product of her abandonment.

Bok Dong is capturing my heart!

am_ep10_12 am_ep10_12a am_ep10_12b
Bok Dong and Gang Ja walk together. She asks questions about his dead parents and brother in jail but he won’t answer. He puts Gang Ja against a fence and awkwardly makes his move. “Do you like me?” Gang Ja cannot believe the situation and laughs. He starts to admit he likes her then starts to leave in frustration. Gosh, he is so sweetly earnest!

Gang Ja tells him not to continue living with Don Chil. No A can help him find an alternative place to live. He smiles and tells her to be more concerned about her living arrangements.

Yes, Bok Dong has captured my heart!

Don Chil cannot get Gang Ja’s words out of his drunk mind. He imagines Bok Dong is Beom. He yells at him to leave.

am_ep10_13b am_ep10_13a
Bok Dong is stunned when Ah Ran steps out of the elevator. Ah Ran is stunned that Bok Dong lives with Don Chil. She wants to ask Don Chil a question. Bok Dong tells her that is not a good idea and she must leave. She refuses and tells him that she’ll see Don Chil with or without her.

Ae Yeon goes to see Don Chil. Bok Dong and Ah Ran spy on their conversation. Traitor that she is Ae Yeon tells Don Chil that Gang Ja has resurfaced. And she’s attending the high school. Oh no! She further stabs Gang Ja in the back by informing Don Chil that Gang Ja is investigating Principal Do, the chairman, etc.  She hears a sound and Don Chil finds Bok Dong in the hallway. He tells Bok Dong to leave. Ah Ran is on the floor behind Bok Dong.

am_ep10_14b am_ep10_14a
Bok Dong ask Ah Ran who is the Gang Ja that Ae Yeon referenced? Ah Ran claims she does not know. Bok Dong asks why she came to see Don Chil? She answers with questions of her own. What kind of man is Don Chil? Does he work for Principal Do? Did he kill Yi Gyeong? Bok Dong tells her she’s too close to the truth just like Yi Gyeong was. He admits that he and Don Chil follow orders. Ah Ran tells him that if he blindly follows order he’ll regret it just like Yi Gyeong did. He tells her that Gang Ja may die if she continues to investigate. After Ah Ran leaves, he wonders who Gang Ja is. Terrific scene between these two!

Gang Ja’s husband tells her that Don Chil ordered them to live abroad.

Gong Joo wonders if Don Chil’s order means she is safe for now. When a teacher spots them, Gong Joo introduces herself as Gang Ja’s mother. She distracts the teacher and Gang Ja leaves.

No A makes a list of things to do before he leaves the school. Improving housing for Gang Ja and Bok Dong and visiting Sang Tae’s home life.

Gang Ja shows up to cook a meal for him, wash his hair, and generally mother him. No A declares she is going overboard. She gets and call and leaves.

am_ep10_17b am_ep10_17a
On her way she runs into No A’s father. She cannot explain her outfit.

No A’s father is impressed with the house and good Gang Ja prepared. He asks No A the name of the student…Bang Wool. His father shakes his head. He saw an Gang Ja from a past case.  No A recalls his father sponsored Gang Ja. He offers his father food. Looks like they are on the mend.

am_ep10_18a am_ep10_18b am_ep10_18c am_ep10_18d
Gang Ja and Gong Joo spy on the muscle, clean up man for the minister of education (Principal Do’s father though they do not know that). LOL as Gang Ja sings a song to him. She’s not that good of a singer or performer. But he’s entranced. He boasts that he’s important. He implies that the minister of education has a secret son. Though he says he does not know who it is. Just as he’s about to push for a physical interaction, Gong Joo shows up, and swaps in for Gang Ja. This show would not work without Gong Joo!

They wonder if Principal Do could be the hidden son.

The next day at school Gang Ja asks Jung Hee (Lizzy) about Principal Do and his father. Don Chil walks up and interrupts the conversation. This is the moment we knew would come.

“I wondered which dog was barking at school.” says Don Chil. He asks if her name is Bang Wool.

Jung Hee tells Ah Ran and Bok Dong overhears that Bang Wool has met a creepy old guy. Ah Ran runs to intercept them.

am_ep10_20a am_ep10_20b
Don Chil puts his hand on Gang Ja’s throat. She tells him they need to talk. He says he’s not the talking kind of man.

am_ep10_20c am_ep10_20d
Ah Ran sees Don Chil holding her mother. Bok Dong stops her for interjecting herself.  Instead he runs to the pair. He puts his hand on Don Chil’s arm. He says she’s a friend. Don Chil is stunned that Bok Dong dares to interfere. He hits him.

Ah Ran runs into her mother’s arms. Don Chil stares in disbelief. He takes Bok Dong away.

am_ep10_21a am_ep10_21b
Chairman Hong Sang Bok (Park Yeong Gyu) is showing the minister of education (Presidential candidate) around. They discuss the money laundering in low tones.

Chairman tells Ae Yeon to find old evidence. He warns her that Principal Do will be discarded. She must commit to only one of them soon.

No A asks the homeroom students if they’ve seen Bok Dong. Ah Ran goes to Gang Ja worried for him. Frankly I’m a bit surprised the Gang Ja is sitting there passively and letting Bok Dong go one-on-one with Don Chil. Gang Ja tells Ah Ran she has to go out for a while.

No A photographs Bok Dong’s file. He tells the vice principal he has to go out for a while.

Gang Ja arrives at Don Chil’s home. She calls Bok Dong’s cell phone. We see him hidden under a blanket next to the ringing cell phone. He does not answer her knocks or calls.

Don Chil is on the phone telling someone to restore something no matter the cost.
After a call to the locksmith, Gang Ja enters the home.She finds Bok Dong under a blanket. He doesn’t answer her calls. She pulls the blanket back. For a split second you think he’s dead. He moves. She’s relieved. I’m relieved. I bet you were too.
She wants to take him to the hospital. He wants her to go. Don Chil could come back at any moment.am_ep10_24d
Speak of the devil…Don Chil appears behind Gang Ja. He tells her to step away from his brother.  am_ep10_24e
Gang Ja boldly asks…which brother? The one you killed with your own hands, Beom? Or this person you’ve hurt with you own hands, Bok Dong?am_ep10_24f am_ep10_24g
No A arrives and surveys the scene. Gosh, he hasn’t recovered from the last encounter with Don Chil. Gang Ja continues to push Don Chil…you’ve never loved your brothers. If you loved them, you would not hit them or boss them around. You are gangster to your bones.Don Chil calls her Gang Ja. No A registers that fact. He realizes who Gang Ja is. The famous case from the past. Don Chil chillingly asks her if she’s done talking.am_ep10_24h
No A enters the room. He asks Gang Ja if indeed she is the famous defendant from the past.am_ep10_24i
Everyone stares at her.

* Superior cliffhanger!  What will happen next? Is more violence ahead? Are Bok Dong and No A (who care for Gang Ja) destined to be hurt further by Don Chil? How does Don Chil corner the market on menacing?
* Best episode of the series. So many secrets were revealed. I adored Bok Dong’s sweet safe keeping of Gang Ja and Ah Ran. No A is ready to man up and look at the truth. The wild card is the crazy Don Chil. He had a tiny moment of humanity when he tried to push Ah Ran and Gang Ja to leave town to save them from the evil forces at play. But in the end, Gang Ja must pay for Beom’s death. Killing his daughter’s mother…so be it. Gong Joo is crucial to keep this show from sliding into the dark abyss.
* Gang Ja (Kim Hee Seon) could not go undiscovered forever. Ae Yeon betrayed her to Don Chil. Anyone surprised by this? Gang Ja is willing to stand up to Don Chil and I admire that. However he is the stronger opponent and baiting him seems foolish. I loved how Gang Ja mothered No A and Bok Dong, so sweet.
* Park No A (Ji Hyun Woo) took the step to claiming his own life out of the shelter of his father’s care. Good for him to take that step. Good for him to be willing to involve himself in his student’s lives. But Don Chil…that dude is evil and No A got a knife in the back at the beginning of this episode. Will he survive this next encounter?

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