Angry Mom Episode 9 Recap

Angry Mom Episode 9. Cliffhanger! Three related people come together at the end of this episode. Only our Mom knows the truth. What will she do to protect her daughter?

Our Mom, Jo Gang Ja (Kim Hee Seon) is stunned to watch the Minister of Education tell Chairman Hong Sang Bok (Park Yeong Gyu) that he does not want to interact with whiny students.  He tells the Chairman “either give her candy or a muzzle to ensure she never accuses him again.” Gang Ja is relieved she did not tell him her name when she provided him the written compliant. Principal Do (Kim Tae Hoon) and Ae Yeon are in another room when the Chairman summons Principal Do after his father leaves. Principal Do assures the Chairman he will handle the student believing it is likely Gang Ja’s daughter Ah Ran.

Gang Ja tells Gong Joo that she must tell Ae Yeon the truth. Gong Joo reminds her that Ae Yeon betrayed her before, she will likely betray her again. Gang Ja refuses to believe that Ae Yeon is anything but a friend to her.


Park No A (Ji Hyun Woo) confronts his father about bribing the school to get him the teaching position. His father cannot deny it. No A is distraught.

The next day Principal Do greets Oh Ah Ran (Kim Yoo Jung) and Gang Ja as they enter the school. Principal Do feigns sympathy that Ah Ran’s school rank went down after the big exam. He watches them as they walk away.

Ko Bok Dong (Ji Soo) motions Gang Ja to break off from Ah Ran. He orders her to tie his shoe. She does chiding him that he could ask nicely. Gang Ja states she knows he did not kill Yi Gyeong and asks that he confide the truth with her. He asks if she likes him. He warns her that kind of curiosity will get her hurt. They hear two men approaching. It is Gang Ja’s husband and Bok Dong’s guardian, Don Chil (also brother to Gang Ja’s high school boyfriend). They duck to avoid being spotted. When the two men leave Gang Ja turns to find Bok Dong near. Ah, he has a crush on her.

As they start to leave, Gang Ja’s husband returns to the site and spots Gang Ja. This time she cannot hide. He is stunned and demands to know what is going on.

Bok Dong interjects telling Gang Ja she does not have to be accosted by this man. Ah, he is protecting her. Hearing Gang Ja call him husband, Bok Dong says she does not need to sleep with an old man.

Dong Chil calls for Gang Ja’s husband and he heads off arm and arm with him to avoid Dong Chil spotting Gang Ja in a high school uniform.

Doing his job, we see the husband has flexible ethics. In comparison to the other ethically deficient adults in this series, he’s better than most.

Bok Dong tells Gang Ja if she’s that hard up for money, he’ll lend it to her. Sweetly he hands her his wallet and leaves.

am_ep9_4a am_ep9_4b am_ep9_4c

Gang Ja sees that No A is unhappy and pounding his heart in class. She takes him aside and treats him with care just like his father would. He cries at the memory of his father’s kind caring ways. He realizes his father “did that because he thought I was too weak to survive alone in this world.” He vows to become stronger. It is a sweet scene.

Jung Hee (Lizzy) is shunned when she tries to join the conversation of the study group Hong Sang Tae (Baro) leads.

Gong Joo and Gang Ja cannot discern the connection between the Minister of Education and Principal Do. Interesting the fact they are father and son is difficult to derive. Gong Joo relays that Ae Yeon is the Chairman’s mistress.

When Ae Yeon shows up, Gang Ja speaks with her privately. She asks if Ae Yeon is the Chairman’s mistress. Ae Yeon reveals the bruises on her back from the Chairman’s beatings. Gang Ja is appalled. Ae Yeon states no money, no power, and these kinds of things can happen to you. Ae Yeon tells Gang Ja to leave the school. She cannot shield her. Gang Ja is understanding and only requests that Ae Yeon not reveal who she is. Ae Yeon agrees. Gang Ja thanks her friend.

Dong Chil has been tasked by Principal Do to see who wrote the note given to the Minister of Education. I don’t understand why they don’t show photos of Ah Ran and Gang Ja to the Minister of Education and be done with it. In a flashback we see that Yi Gyeong was pursued to the rooftop by Principal Do, Dong Chil and Bok Dong. She threatened to jump while filming the incident. It appears Principal lunges for her and pushes her over the roof. Next we see Dong Chil pick up Yi Gyeong’s discard cell phone that Principal Do deleted the video and ran over.

am_ep9_6b am_ep9_6a
No surprise, Gang Ja’s husband does not approve of her going to school. He does not believe Principal Do is an evil man. Mother in law threatens Gang Ja saying she and Ah Ran will be kicked out of the house. To stop Gang Ja from going to school, her husband takes her shoes. Undeterred, she leaves for school with Ah Ran. Sweet moment when Ah Ran lends her mother her shoes and earns a piggyback. They buy her another pair of tennis shoes at the store.

LOL every time Sang Tae cleans his glasses frames that have no glass!

Oh no! Mother in law shows up at the office telling everyone her daughter in law is going to school there. Everyone is mystified. No A says this woman is the “demented lady” from the neighborhood of one of his students. The crazy grandmother story spreads quickly. Alerted, Gang Ja and Ah Ran head to the office and spy on what is happening. When Gang Ja turns her back to call her husband to get his mother, Ah Ran enters the office. She apologizes for her Grandmother’s behavior and indicates the woman is a bit senile. Gang Ja’s husband shows up and quickly draws his mother aside and tells her he could lose his job if she reveals the truth. That changes everything. Now Grandmother pretends to be senile and is lead away by her son.

Jung Hee is locked in the gym storage room. She texts her friends and calls for help, but no one comes to her aid. Gong Joo rescues her after seeing a text on Gang Ja’s phone. Gong Joo takes Jung Hee back to her apartment at the nightclub. Jung Hee is impressed with the apartment. Gong Joo confides she was also a leader in High School. She states she’s living proof that “leaders live alone and die alone.” Ha! When Gang Ja arrives to retrieve her misplaced cell phone, Jung Hee declares she wants to be just like Gong Joo when she grows up.  LOL!

Dong Chil beats up one of Gong Joo’s lackeys. Something about the stolen identities on the personnel paperwork.

Gang Ja’s husband gives her an ultimatum. Either leave school or get divorced. Gang Ja tears up the divorce papers. Gong Joo calls and relays one of her lackeys was beaten by Dong Chil.

Gang Ja breaks into Principal Do’s office. She explores the paperwork on his desk and wonders why her information is there. She manages to hide when Principal Do returns.

am_ep9_11a am_ep9_11b
Dong Chil intercepts and forces Ah Ran to go with him. He takes her cell phone and texts Ah Ran’s mother to meet him if she wants to see her daughter.

Oh no…will Gang Ja’s cell phone ring while Principal Do is in the office? No, he exits the office. Then her cell phone buzzes with the text from Dong Chil. What else can she do but comply?

No A sees Gang Ja run to the taxi stand and follows. Bok Dong also observes Gang Ja hurriedly get into the taxi and leave.

Ah Ran begs Dong Chil to spare her mother.

am_ep9_13b am_ep9_13a
Dong Chil comments that Ah Ran looks nothing like her father.

am_ep9_14e am_ep9_14d
When Gang Ja enters the room, Dong Chil is rendered speechless. Gang Ja goes to Ah Ran and tells her all will be fine. She turns and says to Dong Chil “it’s been a long time”.

* Superior cliffhanger!  What will happen next? Is violence ahead? Are Bok Dong and No A (who care for Gang Ja) following her? Dong Chil is a horrible guy. Is he also Ah Ran’s father? Will this be revealed in the next episode?
* I must take a moment…this show is nothing like I imagined it would be. The depth, the darkness, the crummy adults that permeate this show. Completely unexpected. The humor and camp that Gong Joo and her lackeys provide balance the show. Princess power!
* Gang Ja (Kim Hee Seon) was so close to being revealed by her mother in law. Her husband knows, her daughter knows, her mother in law knows, Ae Yeon knows, Gong Joo knows, and the lackeys know. Now that she is face-to-face with Dong Chil, will every thing unravel? I appreciate that this isn’t easy for Gang Ja to stay undercover. I thought last episode Jee Hee would overhear Ah Ran call Gang Ja mother in the bathroom.
* Park No A (Ji Hyun Woo) confronted his father only to have the bribery for his first teaching position confirmed. What a bitter pill for our sweet teacher. I liked how No A said that being weak was fine but when weakness hurts others, then it must be overcome.

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