Divorce Lawyers, Episodes 1-14 Recap


Stylish leading man. Love his shoes.

Why am I watching this drama?
An article about the stylish leading man caught my interest (article). Yes, I’m that shallow!

I had no idea Divorce Lawyers had 46, good grief, count them, 46 episodes! This is most episodes of any series I’ve watched. It goes quick as the episodes are only 45 minutes long with the 2 minute intro/recap and ending bits, so about 40 minutes per episode.


Our leading man, Chi Hai Dong, 40 year old successful Divorce Lawyer


Our leading lady, Luo Li, a 28 year old divorce lawyer starting her own firm

What I like so far about Divorce Lawyers:
* Our leading man, Chi Hai Dong, is proud, caring and a truth speaker. I love his style, his willingness to offer (sometime unwanted) opinions to his friends and clients.
* Our leading lady, Luo Li, is smart, competitive, and unafraid to speak her mind. The endless message from her friends and family that she must get married and have children as her only “real” goal in life can get tiresome.
* This show demonstrates marriage does not always provide a fulfilling partnership, financial security, happiness and social status. But there is life after marriage.
* Supporting characters have been worth watching and their stories have ebbed and flowed.


Ex-wife, cries, needy, selfish

What I do not so far like about Divorce Lawyers:
* Some episodes have been simple and the dialog has run to the repetitive. Scenes with Luo Li’s mother focus on her telling Luo Li (again and again) she needs to get married. Some scenes from the first divorce case were repetitive, appearing they were stretching the story line.
* I am not overly fond of Hai Dong’s ex-wife, too many tears with this character. She surprised me when she took a golf club to Luo Li’s apartment at the end of episode 14. She believed Hai Dong and Luo Li were in a secret love relationship. She wants to get back together with Hai Dong. Can’t wait to see the reaction in the next episode!


Evolved from adversaries to friends in Episodes 1 -14

Will I continue to watch?
* Absolutely. Crucial point – do the characters hook me? Yes, I am hooked. I like the leading man. I like the leading lady. At this point there is no hint of romance. But they have evolved into being good neighbors to each other. I’m excited to report in episode 14 he held her hand, not in a romantic sense, but in the I need your support sense. He also admitted the truth to her about the back story about his divorce. She admitted the back story to her former relationship. Sharing confidences is a necessary next step in their relationship.

Particular to this show:
1. The clients consistently lie to their lawyers.
2. In this show, the alcohol of choice for most characters is red wine. They go through the wine with relish.

Episode Highlights:

1. Our leading man, Chi Hai Dong, gets the unhappy surprise his wife is cheating on him. Our leading lady, Luo Li, gets the unhappy surprise her long term boyfriend has a wife and child in America.
2. Luo Li opens her own law practice (her former boyfriend was the partner at her previous firm). She accepts Chi Hai Dong’s wife as her client. She meets with Chi Hai Dong, who will represent himself in the divorce. His pride won’t let him admit his wife cheated on him. So he lies that he cheated in the marriage.
3. Luo Li destroys Hai Dong in court. She secretly taped his lie that he cheated in the marriage. He ends up giving almost everything to his wife in the settlement. At her best friend’s wedding, Luo Li realizes Hai Dong’s wife is a cheater. Instance #1 of a repetitive theme – clients lie to their lawyers. Luo Li then buys the clue that Hai Dong lied that he cheated in the marriage.
4. Hai Dong’s practice falls on hard times. He lost his own divorce case and the clients leave him in droves.  Luo Li takes a new client, a wife, and Hai Dong’s takes a new client, the husband, in a divorce case. They will go head to head again!
5. Luo Li’s parents want her to get married. Luo Li’s friends want her to get married. The night before their second head to head court battle, Hai Dong and Luo Li share a bottle of wine. She is upset from an earlier visit of her former boyfriend and gets drunk.
6. Hai Dong is not upset when Luo Li gets drunk the night before her court case. The next morning she is bleary. He destroys her in court. Her mother makes a surprise visit to town. Hai Dong is a gentlemen and picks up her mother when Luo Li accidentally leaves her cell phone in the cab they shared and he cannot reach her. Her mother thinks Hai Dong is her boyfriend.
7. Luo Li’s mother tries to play match maker with Hai Dong and Luo Li. Nothing happens. Luo Li’s former boyfriend gives her crucial evidence for her client in the current divorce case.
8. Luo Li buys a pregnancy test. It accidentally falls out of her pocket at Hai Dong’s apartment. When he returns it, her mother is horrified to see the pregnancy test. Hai Dong covers for Luo Li. In court, Luo Li uses the evidence her former boyfriend provided effectively. When Hai Dong’s client, the husband complains about Luo Li’s tactics, Hai Dongs tells him “She is being professional and you are being stupid”. LOL!
9. Hai Dong’s client threatens Luo Li. She is strong and he apologizes for his behavior. Luo Li’s mother becomes involved trying to work out the differences upon Hai Dong’s request.
10. The settlement talks don’t solve all the differences. The husband realizes he has wronged the wife and is concerned for her. We meet the next divorcing couple. They want to get divorced to avoid the tax and property constraints of the law.
11.  The first divorce case is resolved and the second divorce case takes center stage. A man talks his wife into a “fake” divorce. The wife does not know it is only fake for her. Hai Dong does not know the husband is lying either.
12. Hai Dong’s ex-wife reemerges as her boyfriend wants her to “fake” a marriage to him as part of an investment scheme for a new company that will make them rich. Luo Li tells her this is a terrible idea. Hai Dong is concerned about his ex-wife’s choice and asks Luo Li took protect his ex-wife from herself.
13. The wife in the “fake” divorce realizes the divorce is real and rails against Hai Dong for his participation in drawing up the divorce papers.  Hai Dong’s ex-wife decides she wants him back. But her boyfriend proposes wanting them to get married. Luo Li and Hai Dong settle into the friendship phase. Hai Dong holds Luo Li’s hand for the 1st time this episode. Not romantic but he grabs it when he needs her support dealing with an amorous daughter of a friend.
14. When Hai Dong locks himself out of his apartment, he goes to Luo Li’s apartment. They celebrate his birthday together. Good food, lots of wine, and shared confidences. Hai Dong holds Luo Li’s hand for the 2nd time. Not romantic but as a gesture of needing her support dealing with the amorous daughter of a friend.


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