Angry Mom Episode 8

Angry Mom Episode 8. Is there any adult in the system that is not corrupt? Our mom, Gang Ja, has the evidence to nail Sang Tae leaking exams…but the system fails her again. No A learns his father bribed teachers for his grades. 

Our Mom, Jo Gang Ja (Kim Hee Seon) is stunned when Principal Do (Kim Tae Hoon) returns to the high school elevated to Director of the Foundation. He is taking over for Chairman Hong Sang Bok (Park Yeong Gyu). The Chairman urges everyone to support Principal Do in his new position. Ae Yeon eyes Principal Do who glows with the new position.

As the Chairman drives away from the high school, Principal Do says “I’ll make sure you don’t come back as Chairman”.

Little does Principal Do know that the Chairman has orders from Principal Do’s father the minister of education to destroy his son. The Chairman tells Ae Yeon she should choose wisely who will be her lifeline. He suggests if she chooses the wrong man, the could find herself alone without a protector.

I am amazed at the level of corruption and back stabbing between the adults of this story.

Gong Joo listens to Gang Ja’s tale of Principal Do’s return not disgrace. She realizes there is more power at play than Principal Do. Gang Ja recommends they “use their heads” to figure this out. They theroize the Foundation that Principal Do is now Director of, is the source of the power. Therefore the Chairman is the kingpin.

Gong Joo’s lackeys install cameras and bugs in the Chairman’s house under the guise of exterminators.

am_ep8_2b am_ep8_2a
Gang Ja’s mother in law agrees to give her 5 days more in school before she must withdraw from the school. Gang Ja and her mother in law find her husband rifling through her back pack. He’s removed her ID card so he can use it to create a false ID for work as directed to by Dong Chil. He also finds Gang Ja’s school uniform. He asks Gang Ja why she has a school uniform. She lies that she bought an extra uniform from a friend whose daughter is transferring to another school.

LOL Gong Joo dressed as sleeping beauty. She certainly has her own sense of fashion! The stylist for the show must love this character!

The vice principal reassigns No A’s homeroom seats by rank. Hong Sang Tae (Baro) sits next to Gang Ja’s daughter, Oh Ah Ran (Kim Yoo Jung). He likes her but she scorns him. Ko Bok Dong (Ji Soo) ends up sitting next to Gang Ja. A skinny boy with thick glasses asks to move forward but that request is denied by the Vice Principal. Sang Tae tells certain students he will organize a study group for the upcoming exams. Gang Ja’s husband shows up in class much to Ah Ran and Gang Ja’s shock. Gang Ja hides by crawling to her desk as Ah Ran escorts her step father out of the classroom.

am_ep8_4c am_ep8_4b am_ep8_4a
Gong Joo gets a call to meet with other mothers at the school. She goes to meet the other mothers. One mother is late and reeks of fish from her job. She is obviously not as wealthy as the other mothers. When the Vice Principal arrives all the mothers simper and flatter him subtly and directly offering him bribes. Even the poor mother offers a letter with money. Gong Joo offers nothing but a snear. Later the Principal tells the mothers that offered sufficient bribes what their children should concentrate on studying for the upcoming exams.

Sang Tae gathers the select students and hands them a copy of the exam for tomorrow. Gang Ja finds and discerns what is happening. One of the boys pushes into a pile of items and a grate falls down on her. The exams Gang Ja took from students are taken back.

When Gang Ja extracts herself she takes the scrap of the exam to No A (Ji Hyun Woo) who is shocked the students have a copy of the exam. He assures Gang Ja there will be an investigation and the culprits will be revealed.

That night Gang Ja tells Ah Ran not to worry about the exam, it won’t happen tomorrow.

The next day at school the exam is administered to the shock of Gang Ja and Ah Ran. Gang Ja goes to the vice principal with the scrap of the test. The vice principal tells her this is last year’s test. She asks the colluding students be assembled. No shock, the colluding students band together and tell a common lie.

No A is shocked and angered when the Vice Principal is revealed to have taken bribes from the students mother. When the test is administered, No A declares to the Vice Principal he will go the school board. The Vice Principal stuns No A with the news his own father bribed the teachers and adminstration too when No A went through high school. He cuts into No A stating “You are a product of bribery yourself”. That is a sucker punch for No A.

One boy is bullied for leaking the stolen exam. Gang Ja is upset at their cruelty to the boy.  The poor boy wails that he cannot get anything right no matter how much he tries.

It is chilling with Ah Ran echoes the boy’s statement. Upset at not scoring the best on the test (because the cheaters scored higher), Ah Ran tells her mother she cannot get it right no matter how much she studies. She concludes that life is not fair and full of frauds.

am_ep8_9b am_ep8_9a
Gang Ja writes letter for to the minister of education explaining the situation at the high school. She tracks down the minister of education and offers her letters. He reads them and assures her he will take care of this mess.

Later at Gong Joo’s place, Gang Ja brags that justice will be served now that the minister of education knows everything.

Gong Joo, Gang Ja watch the video feed of the Chairman’s home after the lackeys call her over. Dismayed she watches the minister of education visit the Chairman. Stunned, Gang Ja hears the minister of education tell the Chairman about her letter and visit to him earlier. The minister of education tells the Chairman that he does not want to interact with this kind of student.  He tells the Chairman “either give her candy or a muzzle to ensure she never accuses him again.”

* All the adults except No A are corrupt in some form or fashion.  I’m good with Principal Do’s father working against him with the Chairman. The blatant bribery of the Vice Principal and other teachers was surprising leading up to the exams. It was unfair that the one mother’s bribe did not yield the desired effect. Can’t believe I wrote that. See show? You are corrupt so I feel bad for the less corrupt!
* Gong Joo and her lackeys are the fun comic balance to the story. Her outfits, their outfits, and their unity of devotion to Gong Joo are fun to watch.
* It was nice to have an episode that gave us a break from Principal Do, Dong Chil and Ae Yeon.
* Gang Ja (Kim Hee Seon) keeps trying the legal channels but it is not working. That path is like banging her head against a wall. She tried to nail Sang Tae but he and the other students banded together and lied. I’m a bit surprised that Gang Ja did not know that the students would unite and discount her. Gang Ja keeps believing the system will identify and eradicate the fraud. If she insists on going through the system, is the only route to nailing the corruption to go through outside agencies or channels?
* Park No A (Ji Hyun Woo) was stunned when the vice principal told him that his father bribed the high school teachers just like the other mothers.  No A needs to understand the situation more fully before he can hope to change things.

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