Angry Mom Episode 7

Angry Mom Episode 7. Our mom, Gang Ja, has the evidence to nail Principal Do…but the system fails her again. Her daughter, Ah Ran, is threatened by Principal Do. She realizes they cannot beat him. No A starts to buy a clue. Not a moment too soon, he needs to stop being completely naive and start to catch on to the reality of this situation. 

Our Mom, Jo Gang Ja (Kim Hee Seon) is trying to determine if Principal Do is good as she believes or evil as her daughter believes. She searches Principal Do’s apartment and finds the envelope. She opens the envelope and finds the pregnancy stick from Yi Gyeong and a note from the dead girl telling Principal Do the baby was his. Distracted she is surprised when Principal Do (Kim Tae Hoon) punches the code to reenter his apartment. She is saved from being caught in his bedroom when No A (Ji Hyun Woo) arrives breathless apologizing for not provided paperwork earlier. No A claims he must use the restroom. As he tries to enter Gang Ja exits the apartment. No A is stunned to see her there and takes off after her.

No A is furious that Gang Ja was in the apartment. Gang Ja counters that is more the teacher’s fault than a students.

Gang Ja confronts her daughter, Oh Ah Ran (Kim Yoo Jung), about keeping Yi Gyeong’s pregnancy a secret. Ah Ran is direct, if the truth was known, Yi Gyeong would have been killed by Principal Do sooner. In flashbacks we see that Principal Do dumped Yi Gyeong then used Ko Bok Dong (Ji Soo) to bully her to transfer to another school. Ah Ran stood up to Bok Dong stating Principal Do needed to transfer. Bok Dong is direct, that kind of talk, will get Ah Ran killed. Back to the present, Gang Ja is upset that Principal Do used Bok Dong to bully then let him take the blame for Yi Gyeong’s death. She tells Ah Ran she will catch Principal Do. I don’t think this will be easy. Principal Do is slippery and well connected.

Principal Do is not happy when he opens the envelope and finds the pregnancy stick and the note from Yi Gyeong. That girl did have some moxy.

Gang Ja tells Yi Geyong’s mother about the pregnancy and the father was Principal Do. Her reaction is unexpected. She states her daughter is dead and she does not want her memory smeared with scandal. Gang Ja can’t believe it. The mother says she must consider Yi Gyeong’s younger sister. She says their lives have been destroyed since the death. She leaves. I can certainly understand the mother’s need to protect her remaining daughter. The line “home is hell when people, who are alive, are not living” was a perfect description.

Gang Ja vows to her friend Gong Joo that Principal Do will pay for his actions. Gong Joo worries that Ah Ran may get caught in the cross fire. LOL as she fires at her two lackeys. Gang Ja points out that Ah Ran is already in Principal Do’s sights. They need to get the pregnancy stick and note Yi Gyeong sent Principal Do. Too bad Gang Ja didn’t take that with her when she escaped from Principal’s Do’s apartment. He never would have known it existed.

am_ep7_6b am_ep7_6a
Principal Do questions Ah Ran if she knows about the present Yi Gyeong sent him. She claims she does not. He recommends she keep on not remembering.

Gang Ja tries to talk Principal Do into letting her come to his apartment to return the clothes she borrowed. No is the answer. No A is not happy that Gang Ja keeps following Principal Do. She ignores him.

Chairman Hong Sang Bok (Park Yeong Gyu) arrives at the school. He is appalled to find out the culprit that scratched his son’s face is Gang Ja, “that punk” per the vice principal, and a girl! The chairman gives a long speech. Ah Ran appears to go faint at the end but Gang Ja catches her. Hong Sang Tae (Baro) is concerned about Ah Ran.

Principal Oh and the Chairman chat in the secret room in the library. The chairman warns Principal Do to work with Ae Yeon not play with her.

As the Chairman passes the playground Gang Ja “accidentally” hits him with a volleyball. He tells the vice principal to give her the lowest grade in next week’s exams.

am_ep7_9b am_ep7_9a
Sang Tae cuts in line at the cafeteria. Ah Ran tells him to get to the back to the back of the line. Gang Ja grabs him ready to hit him. LOL at all the cell phone cameras that the student whip out to record the violence. Sang Tae tells them both as class president the students back him, they only have each other. Ah Ran and Gang Ja leave. No A doesn’t understand why they are leaving without eating.

Ah Ran tells her mother this is normal for school, stop getting so excited. Gang Ja agrees she will endure it.

Husband and step father is finding out from Dong Chil (Kim Hee Won) that part of his job is do some creative accounting.

am_ep7_10b am_ep7_10a
Dong Chil tells Principal Oh that Bok Dong is watching Ah Ran. The Principal implies that may be insufficient. Then he warns Dong Chil, if Ah Ran talks, things will become difficult for Dong Chil. Excellent when one evil guys sees the other evil guy will sell him out. That creates a potential fissure.

LOL Gong Joo’s lackeys school Gong Joo and Gang Ja about Principal Do’s building. LOL at the mission impossible theme to open the door! Gang Ja searches for Yi Gyeong’s pregnancy test and note. Oh no, Principal Do and Ae Yeon arrive. Gong Joo texts Gang Ja. Ae Yeon goes inside first and finds Gang Ja rifling through the garbage. Ae Yeon covers for Gang Ja when Principal Do enters.

Outside the two women argue about Principal Do. He made a girl pregnant says Gang Ja. Ae Yeon doesn’t believe it.

Gong Jo has the lackeys sift through the garbage with success! Gang Ja is thrilled and hugs Gong Joo. They have a sweetly supportive friendship.

No A admits to his father he feels useless at school. His student won’t confide in him. He cannot stop the bad behavior. His father tells No A that helpless feeling makes him just like the kids. Nice observation!

Mother in law suspects Gang Ja of having an affair.

Gang Ja, Gong Joo, and the lackeys turn in the pregnancy stick and note to the authorities.

The authorities from the Department of Education ask Principal Do to come with them.

Gang Ja tells Ah Ran it is over. Yi Gyeong left evidence against Principal Do. The press and the authorities have the evidence now.  She tells Ah Ran no matter how crazy the world seems, the bad guys always get punished. I don’t think it is that easy Mom.

Principal Do’s father receives the bad news about his son’s behavior. He is not happy.

The chairman receives the news about Principal Do’s behavior. He only cares whether or not the money laundering has been discovered.

Ae Yeon’s call to Principal Oh goes unanswered. She calls Dong Chil to find out what is going on. He claims not to know.

Principal Do’s father slaps Principal Do and tells him he must leave the country immediately.

Suspicious mother in law follows Gang Ja and snaps pictures of her switching into her school uniform. She follows Gang Ja to the high school and accosts her demanding an explanation.

The mean girls watch Gang Ja drag her mother in law away. They hear Gang Ja call her mother and assume that this “Grannie” is Gang Ja’s real mother. With glee, they report their findings to the homeroom class.

Mother in law feels Gang Ja has overstepped going to the high school to solve Ah Ran’s problems. She agrees to Gang Ja’s pleas that this is her last day at school. She demands Gang Ja withdraw immediately and return to her.

Gang Ja is shocked to see Principal Do return to school in a higher position than he left…he is Head Director Do!

Flashback to Principal Oh blackmailing his father over a box his mother left to him on her deathbed.

The teachers tell No A that Principal Do has returned to school as Head Director.

Gang Ja finds what she submitted “never existed”. She is livid. The CCTV camera show she never came in. All that work, the evidence, vanished. Once again the legal path, stymies the good.

Gang Ja realizes she left Ah Ran unprotected at the high school. She takes a taxi and hopes she can get to her daughter before Principal Do does.

Principal Do goes looking for Ah Ran but she is not in the homeroom class. Ah Ran is not in the conference room.

Principal Do heads to the library.

Gang Ja arrives at the homeroom but Ah Ran is not there.

Ah Ran is at the library trying to figure out how to open the secret room. Principal Do finds her and takes her cell phone. He asks if she submitted the complaint against him. He tells her the complaint is fabricated nonsense.

No A finds Principal Do telling Ah Ran with the story of despondent people that commit suicide by jumping off the roof. Does he recognize the threat?

Principal Do tells Ah Ran she is at a crossroad. Either drop this complaint nonsense or he will meet with her mother.

Ah Ran nods that she understands. He returns her cell phone.

As he exits he passes No A who can’t let him go without asking what he meant saying those words to Ah Ran. Principal Do lies and says he was merely encouraging her. No A asks about the paper he gave Ah Ran. Principal Do lies and says that was fan fiction. No A says “Teacher Do, you have a talent of lying without changing the color of your face”. Loving it!

Gang Ja tells Ah Ran that Principal Do is now more powerful. The evidence and report were “lost”.

am_ep7_19b am_ep7_19c
Ah Ran tells her mother to forget it. She’s going to return to being a student. It is over. Go back home.

* Another solid episode. It looked like Principal Do was caught but he was able to wiggle out of the mess.  It’s reasonable Principal Do has information to blackmail his own father. My heart felt bad that Gang Ja believed the system would render justice. Nope, the system was corrupted for the rich and powerful. Ae Yeon is able to shift between supporting Principal Do and Gang Ja. I think she’d side with Principal Do in the end. Ae Yeon respects power. Even though the high school characters did not engage heavily, I find myself drawn to these characters. It is obvious Sang Tae cares for Ah Ran. I don’t know if a relationship could work within the confines of this story.
* Gang Ja (Kim Hee Seon) finally saw Principal Do for the evil man he is. Unfortunately she was unable to catch him through legal channels. Her mother in law finding out Gang Ja made sense. The family’s balance is out of whack with Gang Ja’s extra activities. It was reasonable her mother in law followed her to school. She wasn’t going to be brushed off easily.  Like mother, like daughter. Ah Ran is lying to protect her mother. Will she respect Ah Ran’s wishes and leave school?
* Park No A (Ji Hyun Woo) is finally starting to see more of the reality of the situation. He becomes more relevant the more he knows. While sweet and caring, he was like a buzzing fly, not really integrated into the main story, more on the periphery. The more he engages directly, the better for the character, and the better for the show. Hyun Woo can act. Let him do more than look confused or bummed out that he is irrelevant to his students.

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