90 Minutes Review

90_Minutes-p290 Minutes Review

Synopsis. A man that uses women for his own pleasure has a day of reckoning. This is a mature film.

More Detail.  Tomorrow is the big day for director Sang Hee (Joo Sang Wook).  He will be named director of marketing at his wife’s father’s company. It has taken time but his loveless marriage will finally payoff with this prestigious position at his father-in-law’s company.

Before he leaves the office he receives a text inviting him to share a room at a hotel. He calls the unknown woman, Hye Ri, who intrigues him with her invitation. He shakes the desire off, he cannot jepoardize success that is so close. But like a moth to a flame, he cannot resist the lure of casual sex. He heads to the hotel. Hye Ri (Jang Mi In Nae) and Sang Hee hook up.

As he drives home to his wife and daughter, Hye Re calls him and says “From this moment, your power, your money and your connections are all useless…You just do what you’re told…”

Threatened with compliance or release of the sex video of their hook up, Sang Hee follows her commands. The next 90 minutes alters the trajectory of his life.

What I liked about 90 Minutes:

* Sang Hee was played by Joo Sang Wook. This man is a user. He uses his wife for power, he uses his job to get actresses in bed, he uses his friend to bray how awesome he is, and he uses women as conduits for his pleasure. If only women didn’t want a connection. If only they played by his rules. This kind of guy must be loathed for his callous view of women as sexual objects. This kind of guy needs to be taught a lesson. This kind of guy must recognize the error of his ways. Two out of three is what happens. Sang Hee is like the criminal who is sorry, not for his crime, but for being caught. He blames the women for putting him in this position. Joo Sang Wook did a good job portraying Sang Hee as a man that used his charms to fulfill his selfish desires.

* Hye Ri was played by Jang Mi In Nae.
This woman played Sang Hee like a violin. Her mission of revenge, retribution, comeuppance, was well executed. She sent Sang Hee on a tour of wronged women that made you feel sorry for the women once involved with Sang Hee. Hye Ri was cool, calculated, and unafraid to use her body to set Sang Hee up. Their sexual encounter is explicit but not gratuitous. I enjoyed Jang Mi In Nae in the 2006 drama Soulmate and had not seen her since. She does a fine job in this role.

* Pace of the movie was solid.
 To be fair the first 20 minutes, the setup, were a bit slow. But once Sang Hee and Hye Ri hook up, the story kicks into gear and was compelling through the final frame.

What I did not like about 90 Minutes:

* No lesson learned.
 The retribution/revenge was effective in that it skewered Sang Hee. But he did not see the error of his “use and lose” approach to women. Caught with his hand in the cookie jar, he never recognized wrong doing on his part. It would have been more satisfying if the serial womanizer had a moment of realization versus frustration in being backed into a corner.

Final Thoughts:
* This is a mature film with nudity and a sexual encounter that is explicit but not gratuitous and fits this story.

* Sang Hee’s inability to see women as more than objects for his pleasure, cost him.

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