Angry Mom Episode 6

Angry Mom Episode 6. Our mom, Gang Ja, tries to determine who she can trust…her friend Ae Yeon? Principal Do? Her daughter, Ah Ran, tries to get her mom expelled. Gong Joo provides the comic relief. 



Principal Do (Kim Tae Hoon) and Ae Yeon (Oh Yoon Ah) are observed opening the secret room by Oh Ah Ran (Kim Yoo Jung). Ah Ran knocks over a book alerting Ae Yeon that some is there. You think she’ll find Ah Ran but instead she finds our Mom, Jo Gang Ja (Kim Hee Seon) her former high school friend. Both women stare stunned to see each other. When Principal Do calls Ae Yeon is anyone is there, she covers and says no. No A (Ji Hyun Woo) shines a flashlight on Principal Do and Ae Yeon. He also spots Ah Ran and Gang Ja but does not gives them away. No A accepts the lame excuse Principal Do offers.

Surprisingly, Gang Ja will not listen to Ah Ran’s pleas to leave the school grounds before her mother interrogates her. Sure enough, No A finds them and order them to come with him. He asks Ah Ran and Gang Ja what they were doing in library. He accepts the lame excuses they provide too. He tells the girls he needs to meet their mothers. Gang Ja is horrified but Ah Ran is all for it knowing it will end her mother’s charade.

am_ep6_3b am_ep6_3a
As they walk home Gang Ja vows to find out if Principal Do is the culprit behind Yi Gyeong’s death. Gang Ja believes the Principal is ethical and innocent. Ah Ran is frustrated with her mother’s interference.. Gang Ja won’t back down.

am_ep6_4b am_ep6_4a
At school the next day, everyone is excited that Ko Bok Dong (Ji Soo) is back, though on probation the death of Yi Gyeong. Gang Ja locks eyes with him. She asks if he will apologize to Ah Ran as promised. Nope, he’s decided not too. She grabs him and off the battleground they go. The classroom empties and they watch pre-fight posturing. Hong Sang Tae (Baro) flexes his power over Bok Dong and orders him to fight. Bok Dong resists it is a probation ventilation. Not used to being told not, Sang Tae warns Bok Dong he best comply. Gang Ja decides enough is enough and punches both of them. The entire class erupts in fighting, LOL. No A finds them fighting and inserts himself into the fight but hey push him away multiple times like he is a fly they are swatting away. LOL that Sang Tae’s eye glasses have no glass.

The vice principal rages at the 3 students, until he recognizes Sang Tae and sends him home. He tells Gang Ja and Bok Dong there parents will have to come and talk over the incident with him. No A tells them they will need to write letters apologizing for their misbehavior.

Principal Do takes Bok Dong aside and chilling tells him he has one job…make sure Ah Ran never regains her memory.

Gang Ja tells Gong Joo about finding Ae Yeon in the library with Principal Do. Gong Joo believes she will betray Gang Ja once again, so she’s taken he liberty of inviting Ae Yeon over to talk. LOL when Ae Yeon arrives shocked by Gong Joo’s lackeys’ appearance (the crowns are over the top). Gang Ja is surprisingly trusting and tells Ae Yeon her story of her daughter’s bullying as the reason she is pretending to be in high school. Gong Joo asks if Ae Yeon will betray Gang Ja again. Irritated, Ae Yeon denies she will and leaves.

am_ep6_7b am_ep6_7a
In a surprisingly touching moment, Gang Ja tells Ae Yeon that her version of the truth she tattled in high school actually took her off the destructive path she was one. She thanks Ae Yeon for snitching on her and giving her the opportunity to reinvent her self.

am_ep6_8b am_ep6_8a

Gang Ja gets the shock of her life when she comes home and finds No A there. He explains he is there to meet Ah Ran’s mother. Gang manages to pulls No A out and away from the house with lame excuses that No A believes.

Ae Yeon is shaken by Gang Ja’s forgiveness and drinks alone. She flashes back to finding Beom with the knife and hearing Dong Chil yelling that Gang Ja killed him. She calls Dong Chil (Kim Hee Won) to meet her. She asks about the day Beom died and if Dong Chil killed his brother not Gang Ja. Dong Chil gets angry telling her she knows not to discuss that day with him. He restrains from hitting her and leaves.

No A’s father sweetly attends to No A bruises and cuts from the fight at the school No A explains the kids aren’t all bad believing their behavior stems from their parents who seem to have issues.

am_ep6_10b am_ep6_10a
Ah Ran tries to find the switch to open the door to the secret room. Bok Dong finds her and tells her to forget Yi Gyeong.  With passion she refuses to let her friend’s death be in vain. Bok Dong is shaken by her conviction. When she asks who killed her friend, Bok Dong hardens. He tells her she killed Yi Gyeong by making her believe she had the right to be heard and therefore had to be broken and silenced. He claims he killer her. Ah Ran slaps him telling him is just a cowardly man. That hurts Bok Dong. Effective scene!

Gong Joo tells Gang Ja that Ae Yeon lied about knowing Principal Do well because she is the chairman’s secretary. When Ae Yeon arrives Gong Joo stares at her warning her not to lie.

No A texts Gong Joo to attend a  parent conference at the high school. LOL as Gong Joo asks why she is being tested like this.

Ae Yeon lies that Principal Do is a good man. Gang Ja looks torn.

Principal Do invites Gang’s husband to a business party to keep him close and build a relationship. Turns out Gang Ja’s husband does not excel at karaoke.

am_ep6_12b am_ep6_12a
The Director of Education (Principal Do’s father) calls Chairman Hong Sang Bok (Park Yeong Gyu) with the news that he will be laundering money soon. The Chairman chuckles a  father framing his son with money laundering. I liked the line “your father is planning to catch you and eat you.” The Chairman also realizes that Ae Yeon accessed his private safe while he was out of town. He is undecided on the punishment for her.

Gang Ja tries to get Bok Dong to admit her killer Yi Gyeong or Principal Do did. When she grabs his hand, he pulls away unnerved. Gang Ja realizes he has no experience with women. Does he have a crush on Gang Ja?

Bok Dong’s guardian, Dong Chil, arrives but Gang Ja’s mother (Gong Joo) does not show. Dong Chil agrees to No A suggestion that he talk to Bok Dong. Gang Ja hides under the desk so Dong Chil does not see her. Bok Dong does not give away where she is. Dong Chil tells Bok Dong that he will watch out from him but Principal Do will not. He recommends Bok Dong do has he is instructed. Gang Ja listens intently. That ranks low on father-son talks!

Gong Joo finally shows just missing Dong Chil seeing her face with her two minions in tow. She prostrates herself to the Vice Principal. When he whispers that some cash will wash away the problem, she gets angry that he allowed her to knells before he asks for the bribe. She beats him up a bit. Go girl!

am_ep6_14b am_ep6_14a
Gang Ja is horrified to see her Gong Joo chatting up the mean girls at school. Ah Ran is stunned that someone is portraying her mother’s mother. LOL as the mean girls marvel at how cool Gang Ja’s mother is.

Gang Ja rails at Gong Joo from coming to school as her mother. LOL as girls are fascinated with the minions hair and jewelry. Gang Ja is mollified and asks for Gong Joo’s help as she enters the dragon’s lair that night.

That evening when Principal Do enters his apartment building, the doorman gives him an envelop. Gong Joo asks Gang Ja if searching the Principal Do’s apartment is safe. Gang Ja says it has to be done. She asks Gong Joo to do her part in 10 minutes.

Gang Ja shows up the Principal Do’s apartment and awkwardly flirts. Principal Do sees that she is flirting and calls her on it. When sge deliberately spills coffee on herself, Principal Do finds her a spare shirt to change into. Cute when No A calls her to check if she’s writing her reflecting letter while shes in the apartment. Principal Do gets the phone call from Gong Joo and exits the apartment.

He finds Gang Joo’s car tilted and spilled fruit on his car. Gang Jo apologizes but Principal Do is gruff stating the insurance companies should handle the matter.

am_ep6_17e am_ep6_17d am_ep6_17b
Meanwhile Gang Ja is searching Principal Do’s apartment but not finding anything incriminating until she finds the envelop. She opens the envelope and finds the pregnancy stick from Yi Gyeong and a note for the dead girl telling Principal Do the baby was his.

am_ep6_17f am_ep6_17g
Distracted she is surprised when Principal Do let’s himself back into the apartment. Gang Ja has the envelope contents in her hands. Will she be caught?

* This episode had the perfect balance of campy fun, serious and suspenseful moments.  Surprising that Gang Ja cannot seem to believe that Principal Do could be the evil an her daughter describes him to be. Considering this is her bullied daughter telling her this, you’d think she’d put stock in Ah Ran’s words. It makes her fallible which is good. I was also surpirsed with her kindness to Ae Yeon. Loving the myriad of outfits Gong Joo sports and love to see what her two minions sport to compliment her. Nice job wardrobe department.
*Dong Chil’s oppa relationship with Ae Yeon is surprising. Dong Chil’s use of Bok Dong is just rotten.
* Principal Do is still evil but he does have some charm. He is getting what he needs from Ae Yeon. He threatened Bok Dong to do whatever it took to keep Ah Ran’s me memories from returning.
* Gang Ja (Kim Hee Seon) surprised me with her willingness to believe Principal Do’s character from her own observations over her daughter’s passionate condemnation of Principal Do. Her compassion and acceptance of Ae Yeon in present day is impressive.
* Park No A (Ji Hyun Woo) saved Gang Ja and Ah Ran from being exposed at the library. His home visit to Ah Ran’s house was cut short when they hustle in him out of there.

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