Angry Mom Episode 5

Angry Mom Episode 5. Our mom, Gang Ja, and her daughter, Ah Ran, both return to high school. Neither is happy to have each other there. Ah Ran finds an item from her dead friend Yi Gyeong that leads her to discover the secret that helped end her friends’s life.

Principal Do (Kim Tae Hoon) is confronted by Oh Ah Ran (Kim Yoo Jung). She yells that he killed her friend Yi Gyeong. Our Mom, Jo Gang Ja (Kim Hee Seon) stares at her daughter, stunned at her accusation and that she’s left the hospital. No A (Ji Hyun Woo) stares too. Principal Do tries to calm her but Ah Ran yells more. Unable to watch, Gang Ja pulls Ah Ran into an embrace. No A tells Ah Ran it was suicide in response to Bok Dong’s bullying. Ah Ran stares at her mother in disbelief. Why is she in a school uniform? The teacher, the students, all stare pitying the poor confused Ah Ran.

Wow! Yoo Jung did a superb job of portraying utter amazement at the surreal moment. I cannot image what I would have thought if my mother showed up dressed in my school uniform. I would have probably called her mother and blown it.

am_ep5_2b am_ep5_2a
Alone in his car, Principal Do watches the video from Yi Gyeong’s phone of him confronting her at the library, of the chase to the roof, of the struggle that ended with her demise. He deletes the video and throws the phone out of the car. He recall that Ahn Dong Chil (Kim Hee Won) told him the autopsy report will need to be blocked or Yi Gyeong’s pregnancy would be revealed.

The press release that Yi Gyeong was pregnant. Bok Dong is taken into custody. Ah Ran cries at the loss of her friend.

am_ep5_3b am_ep5_3a
Ko Bok Dong (Ji Soo) is sentenced to 2 years probation by the judge (No A’s father) that sentenced Gang Ja years ago for the death of Don Chil’s brother.

am_ep5_4b am_ep5_4a
The news coverage includes an unhappy public with the lenient sentence. The Director of Education (Principal Do’s father) is angry that he must help his son by easing the press coverage. He warns his son not to bother him again.

Ah Ran listens to the adults talk about her until she can’t stand Principal Do digging for information. She accuses him of killing her friend. She flashes back to Bok Dong threatening her that if she exposes what she knows someone stronger than him would come next. She then accuses No A of killing her friend. Then she goes through the halls accusing strangers of killing her friend. The doctor declares her temporarily paranoid.

am_ep5_6b am_ep5_6a
In private Ah Ran asks her mother what is she doing in a high school uniform acting as a student. Gang Ja tells her she had to do something to find the person that bullied her. It’s over she declares. Bok Dong was caught. No A and Principal Do interrupt them. Principal Do asks that he be informed when her memory is fully recovered. He stares at Ah Ran.

Ah Ran returns home and the family celebrates. Step father is thrilled to have a promotion. He receives a call the new role and good grief, it is Dong Chil. After they hang up Dong Chil comments it is a waste to give a good position to this guy. Ah Ran does not want to transfer. Everyone is ok with her staying in the high school except her mother. Principal Do tells Dong Chil to be kind to Ah Ran’s step father, he could be useful.

am_ep5_7b am_ep5_7a
Ah Ran won’t transfer. Gang Ja is stunned her daughter would return to the source of the bullying. No A catches them arguing. Immediately Gang Ja behaves younger and asks why teacher is in the neighborhood. No A came to meet Ah Ran’s mother. Turns out, he supports Ah Ran returning to school. It should help her remember things. He promises that he and Bang Wool (Gang Ja) will be by Ah Ran’s side to protect her. Ah Ran says that Bang Wool is leaving the country. She gives her daughter a taste of her own stubborn medicine and says she and Ah Ran will be best buddies at school. Ah Ran is shocked. No A is pleased.

The next day at school Ah Ran tries to brush off her mother who refuses to leave her side. Until Ah Ran agrees to transfer, her mother stays. The mean girls try to be nice. Ah Ran brushes them off. Hong Sang Tae (Baro) asks if Ah Ran can remember him. She does and brushes him off. Sweetly No A tells Sang Tae that Ah Ran only remembers the good memories. That puts a smile on Sang Tae’s face. Ah Ran pretends not to know Principal Do. He’s not completely sold that she does not remember him.

Ah Ran finds a montage in her locker that upsets her. Sang Tae is shocked when he looks at the montage. Ah Ran accuses him of ordering someone to make it. Gang Ja enters the classroom and sees the montage. She grabs Sang Tae and drags him out of the classroom. She punches him several times and flips him over her back. Unaccustomed to fighting his own battles, Sang Tae is helpless. Ah Ran tries to stop her mother from beating up the most powerful guy in school. He threatens her. She starts to hit him again but No A stops her.

No A tells Gang Ja she will merit his special attention from now on. She tries to decline the offer, but he vows to protect her.

The mean girls show Ah Ran the point of impact where Yi Gyeong fell. She remembers the good times with her friend.

Ah Ran is not happy that her mother beat up Sang Tae. Gang Ja is not happy that everyone thinks Ah Ran is mental. Bok Dong will return soon. Ah Ran is firm that her mother’s presence won’t solve her problems. As they argue, step-father walks up! Gang Ja hurries away so he doesn’t spot her. LOL as she tries to squeeze through a window as her husband greets Ah Ran.

Ah Ran can’t believe she was almost caught, then stops when she sees Dong Chil talking her husband. He tells Dong Chil Ah Ran is his daughter. He meets with Principal Do who feigns surprise that Ah Ran is his daughter. He asks father to keep him informed about Ah Ran’s progress on her memories.

Gang Ja goes over the wall to cut school. Ah Ran cannot believe it. No A spots as she runs away from school.

Gang Ja explains to Han Gong Joo (Ko Su Hee) that Dong Chil and her husband are both a presence at the school.  Gong Joo notes whenever Dong Chil is involved bad things happen.

Ae Yeon visits Principal Do. She’s not there to discuss business and he kisses her with passion.

am_ep5_11c am_ep5_11b
Oh my! No A visits the club and finds Gang Ja’s “mother” (Gong Joo) and Gang Ja. The ladies are shocked No A is there. No A is shocked Gang Ja’s home address is a club.

am_ep5_12b am_ep5_12a
LOL as Gong Joo yells at one of her lackeys to bring better refreshments. No A thinks he has entered an alternative universe. No A tells Gong Joo that Gang Ja cannot live at the club. He succeeds in making her cry.

am_ep5_13b am_ep5_13a
LOL as her lackeys gather around No A, ready to beat the man that made her cry. Gang Ja takes him out. She tells him that he shouldn’t judge her mother harshly. He counters her mother shouldn’t raise her in that environment. Gang Ja counters she knows more about the world than he does.  He agrees. But he notes that if she’d had a gentler environment, she’d look at the world more optimistically. He sweetly tells her to eat. They eat together. It is a lovely moment seeing Gang Ja get some tenderness. She deserves it.

After sex, Ae Yeon offers Principal Do information on the insiders of the Chairman’s circle. He doesn’t take it, not sure he can trust her.

Sang Tae starts his revenge against Gang Ja through social media. She’s confused but the mean girls explain it to her. Gang Ja starts to wonder about Principal Do’s interest in Ah Ran.

Ae Yeon manages to break into the Chairman’s private safe and retrieves the information that Principal Do said would help him trust her. As she’s copying the information the Chairman returns home! Is anyone surprised he has a pet tarantula?  It’s not the Chairman that catches her but Dong Chil. He tells her siding with Principal Do is dumb. He tells her to clean up the papers before the Chairman comes in the room. She does but one corner peaks out. Dong Chil shoves it aside. That’s the only nice thing I’ve seen the man do.

Gang Ja’s husband raves about how concerned Principal Do is about Ah Ran.

The next morning Principal meets with Ah Ran in the library. He asks if her memories are returning. She denies it. He leaves her and encourages her to check out the books. Ah, it is a test! Ah Ran passes not knowing the significance of the book shelf. BUT after Principal Do leaves she finds Yi Gyeong’s cell phone charm. She wonders why it is there.

am_ep5_17c am_ep5_17b am_ep5_17a
Gong Joo is checking into Dong Chil and Ae Yeon. She doesn’t trust Ae Yeon and with good reason. Ae Yeon lied in court that she witnessed Gang Ja killing Beom, Dong Chil’s brother. Such an unattractive wig the young Ae Yeon sports. Gang Ja does not want to rehash the past.

am_ep5_18b am_ep5_18a
Ae Yeon gives Principal Do the information he wanted. He is pleased. She tells him she’s risking her life by giving him the information.

Gang Ja can’t find Ah Ran. No A calls her and scolds her for missing class. He asks if Ah Ran is with her. That puts our Mom into worry overdrive.

Where is Ah Ran? At the dark library. She uses the flashlight on her phone just like Yi Gyeong did. Ah Ran searches for her but to no avail. Principal Do and Ae Yeon arrive at the library.  No A spots Gang Ja searching school grounds for Ah Ran. She in turn is searching the bookshelf. Principal Do and Ae Yeon enter the library and access the secret room much to her amazement. Ah Ran knocks a book from the shelf. Ae Yeon hears it. She goes to look.

am_ep5_120b am_ep5_120c
As she turns the corner, Ae Yeon does not find Ah Ran but instead finds Gang Ja. Which woman is more surprised? I think it is a tie!

Principal Do calls for Ae Yeon. When she doesn’t answer he comes looking. Gang Ja stares at Ae Yeon. Will she give her up to Principal Do? Ah Ran waits at the end of the bookshelf frozen and unable to help her mother.

* This episode had some fun moments and thank goodness we deserve it.  Dong Chil seems to care about Ae Yeon. She in turn, has made a deal with the devil, Principal Do, to work against the Chairman. It fits what we know about Ae Yeon that she lied in court for Dong Chil against Gang Ja. She told Dong Chil that Gang Ja was involved with his brother in the first place.
** Dong Chil seemed human this episode as he was helped Ae Yeon not get caught by the Chairman. Using Ah Ran’s stepfather per Principal Do’s orders, is smart.
** Principal Do is as evil as Dong Chil in my book. He is smart enough to question if Ah Ran remembers. He is smart enough to order Dong Chil to use a promotion to keep Ah Ran’s step father close so they can pump him for information. He claims he will keep Ae Yeon from hell (the chairman) and effectively used her to get incriminating evidence from the chairman’s personal safe. Why is it the evil guys have brains?
* Gang Ja (Kim Hee Seon) was forced to return to high school when Ah Ran refused to transfer. Like mother, like daughter. Both women stubbornly refused to abandan there goals to protect those they love. Ah Ran is determined to find the truth about Yi Gyeon. Gang Ja is determined to protect Ah Ran. Best Friends Forever!
* Park No A (Ji Hyun Woo) seemed more relevant this episode. His home visit to the club Gong Joo worked at was a welcomed funny moment. His shared meal with Gang Ja after the visit was sweet. I like how he readily agreed he was naive but noted Gang Ja could have used some some simple easy moments in her life. I like his dogged determination to help Gang Ja.

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