Angry Mom Episode 4

Angry Mom Episode 4. I cannot believe how messed up the adults are. The kids aren’t the problem, it’s the adults. The dark twists keep coming in another compelling episode.

Recall Principal Do has given Bok Dong’s father the order to take care of Yi Gyeong…permanently. To that end, Ko Bok Dong (Ji Soo) gets a call from his father and goes to meet him at a club. Our Mom, Jo Gang Ja (Kim Hee Seon), follows Bok Dong into a club. No A (Ji Hyun Woo) and his teacher friend come to the club. No A does not want to enter but the teacher grabs his bag and goes in. Reluctantly No A follows. Bok Dong is stunned at his father’s request permanently take care of Yi Gyeong. His drunk father says murder only carries a 2 year penalty in jail because he is a juvenile.  Gang Ja finds the room with Bok Dong. Peeking in the door, she sees him then sees his father who pours Bok Dong a drink. She recognizes him! She flashes back to the courtroom where she was convicted because the knife was hers. The judge (No A’s father) sentenced her to 2 years. Bok Dong’s father freaked out in the courtroom trying to strangle her for causing the death of his brother. Bok Dong’s father turns his head to the door and it looks like he sees her. Gang Ja is like a deer caught in the headlights. Bok Dong sees her and excuses himself. Gang Ja turns away and runs into No A. He is astonished to find her there. Her back is turned as Bok Dong exits the room. No A is astonished he is there. When Bok Dong’s father exits the room he asks who Bok Dong’s friends are. No A covers Gang Ja and she is not seen.

Gang Ja races outside, horrified that her former boyfriend’s brother is Bok Dong’s father. No A follows her and pleads with her to allow him to help her. “You are all my children”. Gang Ja tells him self importance fades when there are children involved. Their exchange is good. None the less, Gang Ja shrugs him off and leaves.

Wait a minute…Ahn Dong Chil (Kim Hee Won) tells Bok Dong “I will take care of you…your life will be set” if he does this job. He tells Bok Dong he can get his brother out of prison. My bad, Dong Chil is NOT Bok Dong’s father, but his guardian? Bok Dong does things for Dong Chil to gain his brother’s freedom? I maintain my stance…this is messed up…asking Bok Dong, a minor, to kill Yi Gyeong.

It’s looking more and more like Dong Chil is Gang Ja’s daughter’s father. Wow, no wonder Gang Ja declares her daughter does not have a father. Dong Chil is cruel and heartless.

am_ep4_2b am_ep4_2a
In a flashback we see Han Gong Joo (Ko Su Hee) observing the beating he gives Gang Ja for dating his brother. When it escalates to rape, Gong Joo flees to get help. She runs into Beom, the brother, and a young Ae Yeon (Oh Yoon Ah in the present is the Chairman’s assistant). Gong Joo rails at Ae Yeon for blabbing to Dong Chil about Gang Ja. Beom tells them to call the police. He goes to  intervene. We know he will die during the scuffle for Gang Ja’s knife.

Yi Gyeong (Yoon Ye Joo) considers reporting Principal Do (Kim Tae Hoon) to the board of education. She considers telling them about their affair.

am_ep4_3a am_ep4_3b
Chairman Hong Sang Bok (Park Yeong Gyu) gets a letter from his wife’s lawyer saying the divorce will no longer be delayed. He makes Ae Yeon read him the letter. He throw an objects at her hitting her forehead and causing her to bleed. This guy has serious anger management issues!

As she leaves the office, Hong Sang Tae (Baro) sees her bleeding. Normal activity in that household. Later when Ae Yeon showers we see the extensive bruises on her back from the Chairman’s beatings. Good grief!

No A has one on one interviews with the students in his home room. He writes that Yi Gyeong is an introvert. He writes that Bok Dong seems rough but he has a nice heart. He writes that Hong Sang Tae (Baro) has leadership skills.

Yi Gyeong almost shares secrets with Gang Ja but Principal No interrupts the conversation. Yi Gyeong quickly leaves. Principal Do asks what the conversation was about. Believing Principal Do to be a ethical man and against bullying, Gang Ja asks if the school can be a guardian for Ah Ran and others that are bullied. Principal Do claims he’d like to offer shelter to bullied students. That’s rich coming from the man that ordered Dong Chil to have Yi Gyeong killed.

am_ep4_4d am_ep4_4c
No A tries to connect with Yi Gyeong and offer support. She tells him “the world is hell” and leaves the well meaning teacher feeling ineffective. Hyun Woo looks terrific in that blue sweater.

Bok Dong tells Yi Gyeong that she is in danger. She claims she will go to the board of education with what she knows. Bok Dong warns her she will die if she does.

Chairman Hong goes to America to deal with the divorce. Ae Yeon is thrilled to be out his clutches and call Principal Do to meet. Chairman Hong watches her before he goes to his plane.

Ae Yeon and Principal Do attend a meeting at a bar. It looks like the board of education members as well as Dong Chil. Ae Yeon and Dong Chil briefly chat before Principal Do signals her to follow him. She asks Principal Do why he is under trash like Dong Chil? Principal Do states he is trash too.

Gang Ja takes Bok Dong to her eatery and fixes him a meal. He is suspicious of why she cooking for him. And why in this eatery? Initially he won’t eat but when Gang Ja steps out of the room he eats the food like a starving man. Gang Ja being a mother sees the need to connect with Bok Dong.  Nourishing him with food was a good first step. It was rather sweet of her.

How ironic that Yi Gyeong’s affair with Principal Do started because he saved her from bullies.

am_ep4_6b am_ep4_6a
Yi Gyeongs visits Oh Ah Ran (Kim Yoo Jung) in the hospital. She tells her friend that there is no one to protect her but herself. She tells Ah Ran she is free of the burden of protecting her. Ah Ran is sad that she cannot save her friend and protect her like she wants.

am_ep4_7b am_ep4_7a
Back at the bar, Principal Do tells Ae Yeon that he can “protect her from hell”. That describes the Chairman well. He kisses her. Dong Chil finds them after they’ve pulled apart from the kiss. Dong Chil warns her not to mess with the Chairman by getting involved with another man. It looks like the sex scandal about Principal Do has broken. The Director of Education is not happy. Principal Do’s father calls him. He tells his son that he won’t help him. In fact, he can hurt him.

Back at the eatery, Bok Dong asks Gang Ja what she wants. Gang Ja tells him he needs to apologize for Ah Ran for bullying her. Bok Dong says he’ll think about it. Outside the eatery, he scolds himself “there’s no such thing as a free meal.” He receives a call from Dong Chil that tonight is the night Yi Gyeong must be dealt with.

am_ep4_8b am_ep4_8aam_ep4_8c
Yi Gyeong knows that the sex scandal is not enough to control Principal Do. She heads to the library, to find the secret room. Principal Do startles her. Dong Chil starts to move in on her. Yi Gyeong runs to the roof. Oh no, this cannot end well for Yi Gyeong. We don’t see it but she is thrown over the roof and onto the ground. She dies and her blood stains the sidewalk.

Gang Ja realizes with Dong Chil in the equation as Bok Dong’s guardian she cannot pursue Bok Dong as Ah Ran’s bullier. She elects to drop out of school and end the charade.

The next morning at school No A tells her that he plans to visit her mother and discuss her behavior.

am_ep4_9b am_ep4_9aam_ep4_9c
They both learn that Yi Gyeong committed suicide last night.

Yi Gyeong’s mother wails at the school office. The vice principal and Principal Do cannot stems her cries of anguish.

We learn that Yi Gyeong’s suicide note named Bok Dong has her tormentor.

No A is stunned how ineffectual he was in his quest to help Yi Gyeong. While he spouted poetry to her and wrote her an encouraging note, she was the depths of despair and committed suicide.

Principal Do pays his respects to Yi Gyeong’s mother. She slaps him livid that he “committed murder.” She spits that his school did not protect his daughter. If she only knew that Principal Do literally ordered her daughter killed.

am_ep4_10b am_ep4_10s
Gang Ja mistakenly believing Principal Do to be kind and ethical comforts him as she overheard the harsh words from Yi Gyeong’s mother. I want to yell at her…don’t trust him! Gang Ja confides in Principal Do that she does not believe Yi Gyeong committed suicide.

The police come and tells Principal Do they need to see the home room teacher and they have the autopsy report on Yi Gyeong.

Gang Ja find No A wallowing in his grief over Yi Gyeong. He believes his lack of action was detrimental to Yi Gyeong.  He cries. He was ineffectual and Yi Gyeong is dead. Gang Ja urges him up, the police are there and need to see him. He cries more and sags to the floor.

The police tells Principal Do that Yi Gyeong was 3 months pregnant. Wow! Principal Do not only ordered Yi Gyeong’s death but his own child’s death too. Principal Do is stunned.

Bok Dong is arrested by police. Yi Gyeong’s manufactured suicide note named him as her tormentor.

Principal Do offers to tell Yi Gyeong’s mother the news. They accept gratefully.

Principal Do is confronted by Ah Ran. She yells that he killed her friend. Gang Ja stares at her daughter stunned at her accusation and that she’s left the hospital. No A stares too.

* This episode’s reveals took us to a darker and more intricate plot.  The adults are messed up individuals that are directly interfering with many of the high schoolers. I like that the show has a more adult focused story line. Gang Ja is an adult and it makes sense the story is more than high school. I did not expect the direct impact the self centered adults would have over these teens. The Chairman is dreadful man. This series is loaded with them!
** Dong Chil appears to be Ah Ran’s father. With his beating and rape of Gang Ja and his overall despicable nature, no wonder Gang Ja claims Ah Ran does not have a father. Dong Chil also is NOT Bok Dong’s father but his guardian. He twists Bok Dong into doing his bidding by a promise to get Bok Dong’s brother out of jail. That he is willing to put Bok Dong in jail for 2 years to get what he wanted (Yi Gyeong’s death) is proof positive Dong Chil’s value to society is zero.
** Yi Gyeong was pregnant as a results of her an affair with Principal Do! I was a bit surprised Yi Gyeong thought she could go head to head with Principal Do and win. He’s the adult with power and muscle. She’s a teenage girl that reported their affair to the school board. She never had a chance. Yi Gyeong’s death scene was beautifully overlaid with her run to the roof, No A writing the encouraging letter, and Gang Ja’s realization that dropping out of school would keep her daughter safer.
** Principal Do ordered the death of Yi Gyeong and his unborn child. Principal Do is motivated by power and status. Once Yi Gyeong threaten to smear his reputation and potentially reduce his power, in his mind, she had to die. I was surprised Principal Do put the moves on Ae Yeon in a public place. Dong Chil’s familiarity with Ae Yeong was surprising. She knows what kind of man he is.
* Gang Ja (Kim Hee Seon) realized with Dong Chil in the picture and retreat was the best option. Dong Chil is a dreadful person and she could not take the chance of putting him in Ah Ran’s orbit. Before she could quit school, Yi Gyeong’s suicide interrupted her. I cringe as she trusts Principal Do. She did not offer any secrets but her trust in him will bite her. Making the meal for Bok Dong was sweet and just what a mother would do. Even her tough love to No A has he desparied of his part in the suicide was more sensitive than usual.
* Park No A (Ji Hyun Woo) got a harsh dose of reality. Writing a troubled kid a note filled with beautiful poetry did not stop her suicide. He was bitter and ashamed that he did not help Yi Gyeong.

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