Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 20 (Final) Recap

The final episode was laced with emotion. Robin realizes that without his essence, his memories and his talents, it is time to leave. Seo Jin and Ha Na mourn Robin together and separately. Ha Na tells Seo Jin she wishes he could be both Robin and Seo Jin so she could love him freely. That wish comes true when Seo Jin fuses Robin’s memories and emotions into himself. He reaches out to Ha Na and finally…he gets the girl.

Episode 20 Recap:

hjm_ep20_1ahjm_ep20_1b Ha Na (Han Ji Min)  tells Robin (Hyun Bin)  “the most important memory has not disappeared yet. From now on, I’ll make them for you. No, we’ll make them together. Robin, will you marry me?”

Robin places his hand in her outstretched hand to provide his answer. They walk down the aisle together. Love brims from their eyes. Their small group of friends have gathered to watch them wed.

After the wedding they listen to video messages from their friends.

hjm_ep20_2b hjm_ep20_2a
The next day Robin is sketching Ha Na. Mid portrait Robin realizes he has forgotten how to sketch. He walks to his webtoon art. He tries to draw it but cannot. What a bitter blow, not being able to draw. For an artist to lose their ability, talk about identity crisis.

hjm_ep20_3b hjm_ep20_3chjm_ep20_3d Robin says the time has come. He is ready to disappear. His mind is collapsing to rapidly. He must leave before he loses everything. He must leave on his terms. Naturally his new bride, Ha Na, is not happy about this pronouncement. She cries and asks him to stay one more day. Robin states “I can’t draw”. Robin says his embedded physical memories like drawing are disappearing. He is disappearing. He must end this on his terms.

The farewells are quiet and sweet and touching. First Woo Jin (Hyeri). Then Young Chan (Lee Seung Jun). Next is Seo Jin’s father,  Myung Han (Lee Deok Hwa).

Dr. Kang is there ready to assist.

hjm_ep20_5ahjm_ep20_5bhjm_ep20_5c  Robin takes Ha Na to his bedroom for a private goodbye. She offers a final video from Seo Jin. He tells Robin “I was lucky to have you.” Awk! Tears!

Robin makes a video for Seo Jin. He tells Seo Jin “Don’t every seek me out again.”

hjm_ep20_6ahjm_ep20_6chjm_ep20_6d  Robin and Ha Na hug one last time. Ha Na tells Robin “I love you.” Robin kisses her forehead. Robin tells Ha Na “be happy as if I were with you.” Awk! Tears!

They share a last kiss. Ha Na leaves the room.

Alone, Robin removes his wedding ring. Dr. Kang enters and helps the process. She has him think of his happiest memory. It is his wedding to Ha Na. We see a flood of Robin and Ha Na memories in reverse chronological order flash by ending with Robin saving Ha Na from episode 1.

At the 21 minute mark, Seo Jin wakes. It is Seo Jin and only Seo Jin.

Ha Na takes the news that Robin is gone with quiet tears. She is in zombie mode. Young Chan directs good looking chauffeur to take her home.

hjm_ep20_8b hjm_ep20_8a
Seo Jin stares at the wedding ring.

Ha Na returns to the empty apartment. She is grief stricken.

Seo Jin watches old videos of Robin. He misses him.

The next day Seo Jin goes to the apartment and knocks until Ha Na opens the door. He won’t let her be alone in her grief. He takes her to the last spot she and Robin went to. They retrace their steps. At the wall where Robin wrote “Robin and Ha Na were here” Seo Jin stares at the writing. Ha Na thinks she sees Robin at the wall but it is Seo Jin. Stymied, Seo Jin tells Ha Na that he does not know how to comfort her. Ha Na tells him not to comfort her. She wanted Robin to remain with her and she wanted Seo Jin to be cured. She wishes that Seo Jin could embody both men so she could love him freely. But that’s not what happened. Robin is gone and Seo Jin remains. She tells Seo Jin not to encourage her to seek Robin in him. Ha Na has a valid point there.

Seo Jin flashes to Robin’s memory of writing on the wall. He’s starting to remember Robin’s memories!

hjm_ep20_10b hjm_ep20_10aWhen they go to the fireworks spot, Seo Jin is overcome with emotion and cries. Dr. Kang happens to call and he explains his flash of memories and now the corresponding emotions. Dr. Kang states that Robin’s memories and emotions are merging with him. Maybe Ha Na will have her all-in-one man request granted.

Seo Jin flashes to Robin’s memory and emotions of the fireworks.

Ha Na watches the video of her birthday at the radio station. Her circus friend stops by and finds her looking at the video were Robin stares at her with love. Little does she know, she is looking at Seo Jin’s unabashed love and not Robin’s. Her circus friend looks at the video and comments that is a man in love with her.

hjm_ep20_11b hjm_ep20_11a
Ha Na tells her circus friend, Robin’s words to her before the radio show touched her deeply. She recounts his words that he felt he was dreaming to have her in his life. But he knew it was real and wonderful. Little does she know, Seo Jin uttered those words and not Robin.

Ha Na tells her circus friend that when she is with Seo Jin she feels comforted. What’s wrong with that is her circus friend’s questions. Ha Na cannot accept Seo Jin’s comfort. She believes it would be better if they did not see each other anymore.

Seo Jin’s crafty cousin, Seung Yeon (Han Sang In) gets his notice. The company is letting him go. His secretary / lover saw that coming from a mile away with his erratic behavior.

Seo Jin prepares to return to work. He looks terrific in a gray suit. He is unfazed when Young Chan spills water on him. As a matter of fact, he calls Young Chan by his given name. When they approach the car, Seo Jin goes to the driver’s side like he wants to drive. Looks like the all-in-one man wish is coming true!

hjm_ep20_13b hjm_ep20_13a
At the press conference announcing Seo Jin’s return as CEO he uses the same words Robin used at the board meeting he attended. Young Chan picks up on this but no one else does. Crafty Cousin won’t leave without one last stand. He tells the press that Seo Jin does not draw webtoons as Robin in his spare time. To prove the point, he hands Seo Jin a pen and paper. He demands Seo Jin draw. Seo Jin looks at the pen, then the paper, then his muscle memory for drawing kicks in. He draws a caricature of crafty cousin. Soe Jin’s father is stunned that he can draw like Robin. Crafty cousin can’t let it go and believing this to be Robin (because he drew well), he challenges Seo Jin to anem all the company’s acquisitions for the last year. Seo Jin is able to recall and recite the list with ease. Crafty cousin is led out of the press conference. LOL when Young Chan offers crafty cousin Dr. Kang’s card!

Seo Jin has another flashback of Ha Na wishing he would become an all-in-one man.

hjm_ep20_14b hjm_ep20_14a
Seo Jin heads to the apartment. He remembers the door code!

He looks around the apartment. He remembers the moments with Ha Na!

Ha Na reads an article that a new webtoon series is underway by Robin. She rushes to the apartment and finds Seo Jin there.

hjm_ep20_17b hjm_ep20_7a
Seo Jin tells her he can draw. Robin’s talents are in him now.

hjm_ep20_18b hjm_ep20_18a
Ha Na can’t cope. She steps to the mantel and is amazed to see the drawing of her, that Robin could not finish, completed. She realizes that Seo Jin has Robin’s memories because the sketch is the exact pose and flowers she held on that day. She wonders if this is a dream. I knew it! I thought that unfinished sketch would play a role.

Seo Jin drives her to the country. He holds the door open for her. The farm has puppies and chickens just liked she and Robin talked about. She cannot deny it any longer. Standing in front of her is the all-in-one man she wished for.

Seo Jin tells her “I remember all of my life”. Wow, think about that. What a gift! Seo Jin’s memories are whole.

Seo Jin tells her “I’m just a man, who loved you, who still loves you, and wants to be loved in return.”

Seo Jin tells her “I love you”.

hjm_ep20_21a  hjm_ep20_21bhjm_ep20_21chjm_ep20_21d
Seo Jin steps close. He kisses her forehead, her eyes and then her lips. He pulls back a bit. Ha Na pauses a moment and they both kiss each other again.

Seo Jin’s voiceover tells us “I did lie. I never did remember the wedding. Robin took those memories with him.”

Craft cousin works on becoming a better man.

hjm_ep20_22a hjm_ep20_22b hjm_ep20_22dFinal scenes are of a happy Seo Jin and Ha Na. Seo Jin’s voiceover tells us to “laugh, talk, and feel at ease. Love today and tomorrow. Live life to the fullest.”


* This emotional payoff came in this final episode. I did not view this episode dispassionately. I felt connected to these characters and their emotions got me. I cried when Robin left. I cried when Ha Na mourned. I cried when Seo Jin remembered the moments with Ha Na. I’m so pleased that after 19 episodes of these characters, the ending resonated with me.  Both lead actors delivered the soul of the show. The writers provided a touching and reasonable end to this final phase of this series.
* The final scene when Seo Jin told Ha Na “I’m just a man, who loved you, who still loves you, and wants to be loved in return.” reminded me of the 1999 film, Notting Hill, when the leading lady told the leading man “I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.”
* Hyun Bin delivered the heart of this final episode and the overall series.  His portrayal of Robin worked so the character Robin grow on me. His portrayal of the evolution of Seo Jin worked for me, and I liked the original rigid Seo Jin. The character study section of this series, episodes 16 – 20, were the strongest for Hyun Bin. These last episodes were along the lines of what I imagined for this series. I got my wish that Seo Jin would evolve and find love.
* Han Ji Min as Jang Ha Na felt joy with Robin and grief over the loss of Robin. And I felt her joy and pain too.  Ji Min had the thankless task of being a secondary character to Robin and Seo Jin. She managed to make her character seem reasonable while in relationships with both men. I believed she loved Robin and liked Seo Jin. I believed she wanted Seo Jin to embody the best of Robin so she could have an all-in-one man she could love freely. She got her wish.
* Final Thoughts. I will write a series review but here’s some quick thoughts:
** This series had three personalities/phases. Phase 1 – light and fluffy. Phase 2 – psychological thriller. Phase 3 – character study. These writers had issues with sufficient plot for the 20 episodes. They crafted some episodes with lots of content and others with little.
** I understand this series had dreadful ratings. I’m sorry that Hyun Bin’s comeback drama was not a ratings success. The show had issues and not everyone stuck with it or liked it. Sometimes the comeback drama for an actor simply does not live up to their talents. For example, Ji Hyun Woo’s comeback vehicle 2014’s Trot Lovers was cliche heavy show with a story that was just ok. Rain’s comeback vehicle, 2014’s She’s So Lovable, had a limited story too. Each actor makes the drama vehicle choice they feel offers what they want. Most times scripts aren’t fully written so they walk into these shows with only an inkling of where the story will go.
** The show found it’s footing in the latter phase. Hyun Bin’s performance worked for me. I watched this series for Hyun Bin. He delivered but the story failed on many levels. Let’s hope his next drama has a better story. He is a gifted actor and I want to see him again.

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    Your generous writeup for episode 20 helped me to enjoy it more. I look forward to your full recap.


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