Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 18 Recap

For the first time in the series, an episode touched me. Robin mourned the loss of himself. Seo Jin was stunned when he woke to Robin’s memories. What does it mean? Their journey to join has begun. Best of all, Ha Na has moment of attraction for Seo Jin.

Episode 18 Recap:

It’s morning and Seo Jin (Hyun Bin) finds himself identified in the press as Robin, webtoon author. He is calm and asks Ha Na (Han Ji Min) if she told the press this story so the three of them could live comfortably. She admits Robin wasn’t thrilled but understood. Seo Jin understands as well and thanks her for finding a way forward for the three of them.

Seo Jin’s father, Myung Han (Lee Deok Hwa) is shocked when his company press directors are thrilled that Seo Jin has been revealed to be Robin, webtoon author. They crow this will elevate Seo Jin to be the Walt Disney of Korea.

Seo Jin’s crafty cousin, Seung Yeon (Han Sang In) overhears and privately mourns this turn of events. “I dug my own grave.” Yes, yes you did.

Seo Jin makes Ha Na a birthday breakfast complete with seaweed soup. Seo Jin is open with his journey dealing with Robin. Seo Jin starts to get texts from old acquaintances. Ha Na is happy that his old friends are reaching out to him.

ep18_2g ep18_2f  ep18_2h ep18_2i
It happens around the 8 minute mark…Ha Na looks into Seo Jin’s eyes and sees him as a man. More importantly, a man that she is drawn to. Yes!! So glad to see this happen. Nice job by Ji Min on this subtle but important moment. I am loving it! Seo Jin fans, this is the best moment in the series for our couple!

Ha Na (Han Ji Min) and Seo Jin’s assistant, Young Chan (Lee Seung Jun) explain the previous evening’s events and how it came to pass. To his credit, Seo Jin is open about the change in status and willing to roll with it.

Ha Na assigns Robin to write 100 questions (for Seo Jin ) and Seo Jin to write 200 questions (for Robin). Easy for Robin but Seo Jin grouses and struggles with the assignment. LOL when Robin reveals he wants to participate in a triathlon. “He’s trying to kill me” declares Seo Jin.

Robin and Ha Na attend the webtoon conference today. What a special day for both of them. It is a major public event for Robin. It is the first public event for Robin and Ha Na as a couple. May I say Ha Na is sporting some awesome shoes! The elevators doors open to the room and the number of waiting press stun them. The elevator doors shut before they recover. The gather their wits and walk the red carpet. It is a wonderful evening for both of them. They celebrate with some kissing in the apartment afterwords. I keep wondering when Seo Jin will have a flash of these activities.

Cute scooter ride between circus guy and Woo Jung (Hyeri) as she releases her crush on Robin and he declares his affection for her.

Robin is a guest star on an evening radio show. He does a lovely job connecting with the listening audience. I particularity liked his comment “we are all pretending to be adults”. I feel that way sometimes!

It happens…Seo Jin starts to have Robin’s memories!

Robin goes into a funk. Seo Jin is having his memories. This can only mean he is starting to fade away. Who wouldn’t be upset? His visit to Dr. Kang does not allay his fears. This could a game changer for the personalities. Ha Na texts and calls but he does not respond. She comes to the apartment and repeatedly rings the door bell begging him to respond. I was surprised she did not have the combination to the door. Finally Robin opens the door and manages to convince Ha Na he just needs one day to regroup. All the changes to his world are becoming overwhelming and he needs quiet time to adjust. “Give me one day to tie up loose ends”. Hmm, that sounds like a semi-goodbye statement.

To her credit, the next day Ha Na tells Robin he cannot hide from her. He cannot ignore her phone calls and texts.
Around the 41 minute mark Robin gets me…”I don’t know how to leave. I don’t know how to say goodbye”. Awk! I’m a Seo Jin fan but Robin does have his charm. Touching scene with the interplay between Ha Na and Robin. Hyun Bin worked that scene perfectly.

Holy Smokes…Robin does not wake up at 8pm, Seo Jin does! Robin had a surprise planned for Ha Na after his radio show. Seo Jin frets to Young Chan he may not be able to impersonate Robin effectively on air. Young Chan is sad that perhaps Robin has left without even saying goodbye.

Seo Jin (as Robin) gives Ha Na some ridiculous dribble about pulling away because he was too happy. She buys it.

ep18_9bep18_9a ep18_9eep18_9f
The radio show goes well. Ha Na watches her man shine. Seo Jin reads a lovely love story Robin wrote about her. There is meaning his words, his potential fading away, but he declares he will live life and not fret over what might happen. Ha Na’s friends burst into the control room with a cake and balloons surprising her. Seo Jin looks at Ha Na with unabashed love. Hyun Bin hit the mark on that scene, his love was apparent and I felt it. One of the circus guys hits something in the control room and a high pitched sound invades the headphones Seo Jin is wearing. He shakes his head, dazed. He opens his eyes…it is Robin. He realizes that Seo Jin was impersonating him! Woo Jung gives him video of the moment when he read to story for Ha Na and her joy at the surprise he arranged.

ep18_10a ep18_10b
Later in his apartment, Robin watches the video. He sees Ha Na’s joy at his surprise. He sees Seo Jin looking at Ha Na with unabashed love. He realizes “Seo Jin is me”.


* This episode touched me. At the end of the episode, I felt the pain and realization that Robin had that he and Seo Jin were two sides of the same coin. They had previously considered and treated each other as separate people. But those days are gone. Robin knows it. Seo Jin knows it. The writers allowed both characters to be sad that this day had come.
* Hyun Bin’s best episode of the series.  Hyun Bin as Seo Jin was sweetly supportive of Ha Na and Robin. This character has evolved into a caring, dare I say, sensitive soul. He wants Ha Na’s happiness. That equates to Robin’s happiness. He is all in to make that happen. Hyun Bin deftly portrayed the mutual sadness of these characters starting their journey to join. Robin was sad but not angry but he did not treat it lightly either. Seo Jin went to Dr. Kang hoping to find a mutual solution but that was not forthcoming. When Seo Jin portrayed Robin at the radio show, he was not impersonating Robin, he was Robin. It is that subtle but significant difference that led Robin to finally realize “Seo Jin is me.”
* Han Ji Min as Jang Ha Na was understandably nervous when she and Robin made their debut as a couple.  Killer shoes she sported that evening. After in the apartment their kissing had a tinge of heat. Ha Na had a moment of moxy when she told him not to ignore her texts and phone calls in the future. Atta girl! My favorite moment of the episode for Ji Min was at the 8 minute mark when Seo Jin was dealing with the text of his long lost friends and she was genuinely pleased to see Seo Jin’s life expanding. She looked at him with happiness…then it changed for an instant…and she saw him as an man and felt the pull of attraction. As a Seo Jin fan, I am thrilled at this turn of events.

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  2. Beverly says:

    I think the series was excellent. I enjoyed all the episode. I laughed and cried. I love both Robin and Seo Jin and i was happy the way the plot ended, however, I wished his childhood friend would have gotten out of jail on good behavior.


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