amusings is 1!

I was surprised when WordPress sent me the notification that amusings was 1 year old. Wow! Time goes fast!

A little history on how this blog got started…

I watch Asian dramas and love them. There is something unique about Asian dramas that American television does not have. I love the drama blogs that are out there. I read them and they enhance my viewing of shows.

I decided to give writing a try and sent a sample to one of the bigger blogs out there. They didn’t select me. What a gift that was. I decided to create my own blog. After looking at the various blogging software, I decided on WordPress. As a single person blog, writing this blog has been more fun than I expected.

In March 2014, I was not watching current Asian dramas. But I dove in and loved it.
* My first post was posted on 3/20/2014, Top 5 Super Cute Couples.
* My first current drama was Secret Love Affair. How fun it was to wait in anticipation of the episodes being posted to the sites I watched from. I did not have the hang of screen captures.
* My next current drama was Angel Eyes. I remember watching the finale on vacation and blogging from the hotel room that had a terrible internet connection.
* I am a Jang Hyuk fan and thrilled to learn he would do Fated to Love You, the remake of the Taiwanese drama. I started watching the Taiwanese Fated to Love You before the Korea Fated to Love You and ended watching them concurrently. I enjoyed both dramas. I wrote my first Face Off (and only one so far) on these two dramas.
* Youtube Channel…I never would have guessed that…I enjoy the music of dramas and starting making playlists. Then I loved the music of She’s So Lovable and begin making videos (using images not videos…yet)…amusings youtube channel was created.
* My current drama love…If you aren’t watching Shine or Go Crazy, it is a wonderful, rich story, and a fabulous showcase of Jang Hyuk’s talents. Fingers crossed this drama holds strong until the end of the series.


You know what I’ve enjoyed more than anything? It’s the interaction with the drama loving community.

For those that supported my new blog, thank you, it meant a lot to have someone read my posts.

For those that read my blog when I’m recapping a drama you are loving too, thank you, it is terrific having you share in the mutual love of a drama.

Here’s to the next year of amusings!


Asian drama fan. I watch and blog dramas on

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13 comments on “amusings is 1!
  1. emmy says:

    Yay Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for the recaps 🙂 Fighting!


  2. Laila says:

    Happy Birthday…….thank you for all your riveting recaps, here’s to many more years


  3. JJ says:

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday. I love your recap and your blog. I love your writing. I love your comments. In fact, I love everything at amusings1.


  4. snow says:

    Happy Birthday to your blog 🙂
    It has been a great pleasure to read your posts and interacting with you.
    Happy writing and happy drama watching 😀


  5. Only says:

    생일 축하합니다!

    (In case Google Translate led me astray, that’s meant to say Happy Birthday!)


  6. Drama Fan says:

    Happy bloggaversary and thank you for your awesome recaps 🙂


  7. maryxiah says:

    Congratulation for your blog anniversary! I’m an occasional reader of your ‘Shine or Go Crazy’ recap, thank you for your hard work. Keeping a blog can be tough, so it’s admirable that you can keep it afloat. Cheers for many years to come!


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