Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 17 Recap

Our characters are stuck, alternative personality Robin loves Ha Na and she loves him. Dominate personality Seo Jin loves Ha Na and she likes him. Can the dominate personality allow the alternate personality to live forever to keep the woman both personalities love happy?

Episode 17 Recap:
Seo Jin (Hyun Bin) asks his father if he told Ha Na she must leave the county. Seo Jin’s father, Myung Han (Lee Deok Hwa) confirms said this to Ha Na. His father believes that Ha Na’s love for Robin, keeps Robin active and strong. Seo Jin tells his father how he chooses to live his life is his business. Bold words for Seo Jin.

Seo Jin’s crafty cousin, Seung Yeon (Han Sang In) and his secretary practice how best to reveal who Robin is to a reporter.

Crafty cousin tipped off multiple reporters who gather outside Robin’s apartment. Ha Na (Han Ji Min) and her circus friend are trapped in the apartment. Circus friend says the rumor is that Seo Jin has an illness and crafty cousin will become the permanent CEO.

Ha Na calls Seo Jin’s assistant, Young Chan (Lee Seung Jun), about being trapped in Robin’s apartment with reporter outside. Seo Jin overhears the conversation and heads to the apartment. Seo Jin declares “I’m going to clean up the chaos of my life.”

Seo Jin approaches the apartment and the reporters swarm him. As directed by crafty cousin they ask Seo Jin about his relationship with Robin, the webtoon artist. It looks like Seo Jin will make a statement about his mental illness when Ha Na runs out of the apartment and drags Seo Jin away from the reporters and to the roof.

On the roof, she rails at Seo Jin for almost revealing everything. Seo Jin tells her “do not worry about me if you will not love me.” He challenges Ha Na to consider that she cares about Robin and him. How can she help him? Doesn’t that put him before Robin?

Young Chan bursts onto the rooftop. Upset that Seo Jin almost revealed everything he admonishes him to “wait to the tell reporters until I have found another job.” LOL! Good looking chauffeur grabs Seo Jin and whisks him to the car.

Ha Na tells Seo Jin that Robin needs to be revealed as an individual person, not as an alternate personality of Seo Jin’s, which would lessen his worth as a person. Seo Jin asks why she stopped Robin from doing interview with reporters to announce himself as an individual. Seo Jin asks Ha Na if she is worried about him. Ha Na denies her concern for Seo Jin. He asks that she consider her motivations and her feelings.

Crafty cousin reads the reports that Ha Na is the webtoon artist Robin. Flabbergasted at the erroneous conclusion the reporters made he utters “I have no words”. LOL at his frustration!

It is obvious circus guy and Woo Jung (Hyeri) like each other.

ep17_6aep17_6c ep17_6b
Ha Na offers Robin (Hyun Bin) a logical explanation for her actions. They enjoy an evening of shopping purchasing couple hats, backpacks, and shoes. Cute when Robin has Ha Na pay for part of the shoes, to avoid the lover runs away in the shoes you purchase cliche.

Seo Jin visits Tae Joo (Sung Joo) in prison. Tae Joo urges him to start over and pursue what he wants in life. Nice hair Sung Joo!

Assistant Chan tells Ha Na that Seo Jin has vowed to protect her love life. This means Seo Jin will protect Robin. Simply put, Seo Jin refuses further treatment to deal with the multiple personalities. Can Ha Na allow Seo Jin not to improve his mental health to keep Robin functional?

ep17_7b ep17_7a
Seo Jin tells Ha Na when she worries about him then she is indicating Robin’s existence does not matter. Seo Jin asserts that she loves him and Robin. Seo Jin declares he will keep his mental illness so Robin will stay with Ha Na. He will maintain the balance so all three of them can exist with Robin and Ha Na in love.
Seo Jin: My illness harbors a better person inside me. Robin is the one you love. So let’s argue and live as we do now…forever.
Ha Na: My feelings will not change.
Seo Jin: Good. I like your attitude. Stay like that and all 3 of us will live.

Crafty cousin lines up a reporter to reveal Seo Jin’s mental illness.

Robin learns that Seo Jin almost revealed his mental illness to reporters.

Robin drives to Ha Na’s. The reporter and his cohort follow.

Robin is upset that Ha Na stopped Seo Jin from revealing his mental illness. He argues she is choosing Seo Jin over him with that action. Ha Na counters they cannot ruin Seo Jin for their own happiness. He leaves and she follows him to the car. They drive off together.

The reporter tells his cohort to put the plan in motion. The reporter exits the car.

The plan is for the cohort to rear end Robin. The police to demand identification that Robin does not have. Ha Na wants him to state he is Seo Jin, but Robin refuses. The police officer demands his name. Robin is all he will provide.

At the police station, Robin does not have personal identification much to the frustration of the officer. Ha Na spots the reporter talking on the phone. The other side of the phone call is crafty cousin.

When other reporters in the police station hear that the famous webtoon artist, Robin, is there, they swarm him.

ep17_10c ep17_10a
Stuck and desperate, Ha Na announces that this is Robin, the famous webtoon artist. However what they do not know is that Robin is only the pseudonym that Seo Jin uses. She claims Seo Jin overcame a tragic incident from his childhood by escaping with drawing which evolved into the present day webtoon.

Crafty cousin is livid. “This is not how it was supposed to go.”

ep17_11b ep17_11a
The next morning Seo Jin wakes to Ha Na apologizing for causing trouble.

ep17_11c ep17_11d
Seo Jin reads the online articles stunned to see that he supposedly is the webtoon artist Robin. Seo Jin is stunned. He looks at Ha Na. “What have you done?” Perky “Hyde Jekyll” OST 7 plays and this episode ends.


* The interesting question the show is grappling with is can Seo Jin forgo his mental health to keep Robin alive because Ha Na loves Robin? Good question. Can Ha Na allow Seo Jin to sacrifice his full and complete happiness so she can love Robin?
* Not sure it is sound logic to argue when Ha Na shows concern for Seo Jin she is hurting Robin. To Ha Na these are two separate men, who both merit her concern. Only Robin merits her love. Even though Seo Jin professes his love, I am not sure I believe it. And yes, I was on team Seo Jin in the first part of this series.
* Hyun Bin as Seo Jin pushed Ha Na to analyze her feelings from Seo Jin.  He finally believed that her love was only for Robin not him. At that point he committed to keeping Robin around. Robin is naturally threatened by Seo Jin and Ha Na’s concern for him.
* Han Ji Min as Jang Ha Na kept with her choice of Robin.  But she could not turn a blind eye to Seo Jin’s sacrifice to keep Robin around by allowing his mental health to stay status quo. Ha Na does not love Seo Jin in a romantic sense. She likes him and his bravery at facing this next phase of his life with a willingness to evolve. Her heart belongs to Robin. Are we are at a stale mate? How can they get unstuck?

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9 comments on “Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 17 Recap
  1. maryxiah says:

    It’s interesting that Hana and Seojin are insisting he and Robin are separate entities when they have one body, and that she could only love Robin, Seojin’s alter, instead of loving them both equally because essentially they’re the same guy! I think KMHM does a better job portraying how the female lead for for the guy, and loves his alters equally. In KMHM, fans were swayed between two teams, but both leads acknowledge that the guy and his alter are one and the same, I wish HJM could go the same route because I don’t think it’s love if the girl has to choose one, she either loves him as a whole or she doesn’t. Not that I follow this series closely to know better anyway.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Solid point. When looking at both shows, KMHM and HJM, I elected to go with HJM for Hyun Bin. The writing team for HJM has logic gaps. From the ratings, HJM was not popular. I hope that does not stop Hyun Bin from doing another drama. He was away from dramas for 4 years before HJM.


      • maryxiah says:

        I was never a fan of Hyun Bin and I’m glad he decided to take HJM instead of KMHM because he was doing a favor for both dramas. I think he carries HJM despite its low ratings, the same way Jisung carried KMHM, both dramas wouldn’t be the same without their leads. I do prefer KMHM for its storyline and the OTP pairing, I’m still suffering from withdrawal over KMHM.


        • kjtamuser says:

          So you would recommend KMHM?


          • maryxiah says:

            You haven’t watch it yet? I naturally assumed people who are watching HJM would have checked out KMHM and vise versa because of the multiple personality plot. I’d totally recommend KMHM, it’s light and fluffy, but not short of its own darker aspect, plus the comedic scenes and the breaking of fourth wall totally make it an endearing drama. But I could be biased, I already loved the OTP pairing since ‘Secret’ and they could do no wrong for me. Be fair warned, it’s romantic comedy on the premise, but we get a few heart wrenching episodes toward the end, but it was still a happy ending.


  2. meltedd says:

    Haha I feel like Hana loves SJ but doesn’t want to admit it out of her loyalty and current relationship to Robin, while with Robin I feel like she just sympathizes with his identity issues. I think maybe you are more objective than I am, since I can understand that Hana likes her men bright and happy, but I find Robin really boring myself.

    SJ has always been forbidden territory to Hana:
    1) He was cold and mean to her in the beginning, whereas Robin was presented as the guy next door.
    2) SJ’s chaebol/president status was a natural class barrier
    3) His methods to protect her by keeping her in the hotel and then in his house
    4) Robin’s pretending to be Seojin (circus contract waffling) would have led Hana to believe him to be unreasonable
    5) She would obviously compare Robin and Seojin (same face) and their attitude towards her
    6) She chose Robin wayyy back then and she’s sticking by it, hence SJ is off limits

    She saved SJ and Robin saved her. But the person she watched over for a year when she was young was SJ, not Robin. The person she has an emotional connection with that needs no words for is SJ, not Robin. She can see beyond his prickly exterior, and cares for him way more than a normal not-friend should. She’s gotta stop denying that she cares for him just because he is Robin’s host. Haha I make Robin sound like a parasite.

    I usually don’t make sense when I write 😦 Sawryy.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Terrific list for Seo Jin! I too believe Seo Jin is the more interesting nuanced man. Especially now with his personal evolution. Love that he is bonding with the circus friends without Ha Na’s knowledge. I am still a member of team Seo Jin. Ha Na needs to join too.


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