Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 12 Recap

Wow! Another personality! This revamped show is really firing on all cylinders now. Hyun Bun is delivering a stellar performance as our multifaceted lead. Sung Joo is impressive as the revenge driven doctor. These two are carrying the series.

Episode 12 Recap:

ep12_10b ep12_10a
Seo Jin’s video to Soo Hyun (Tae Joo) has the right mix of mystery and moxy to interest and irritate Tae Joo (Sung Joo).  Other’s reactions to the video vary:
* Seo Jin’s assistant, Young Chan (Lee Seung Jun) is darling as he utters “that’s so cool” upon viewing the video.
* Seo Jin’s father,  Myung Han (Lee Deok Hwa), is not impressed his son has made himself a target.
* Seo Jin’s crafty cousin, Seung Yeon (Han Sang In), who regularly trolls for information on Seo Jin, finds the video and is intrigued.
* The circus friends alert Ha Na (Han Ji Min), who views the video, and is immediately concerned.
* Detective Na is dying of curiosity to know what the new memory of Seo Jin is. Ha!

ep12_11b ep12_11a
Seo Jin (Hyun Bin) asks Ha Na to drive him back to city as he admits “I do not know how to drive”. Ha! It is has the components of date – driving, food, and the classic slow walk. Seo Jin eyes Ha Na’s hand and recalls holding it that night when she guided him to and from the outhouse. Ha Na is surprised when Seo Jin mentions she interacted with him that night not Robin. He notes she enjoyed being with him that night…he believes she cares about him. Ha Na is not ready to render a verdict. Cute moment when Ha Na asks “by any chance” and Seo Jin counters “there is no chance about it”.

ep12_12b ep12_12a
Dr. Kang takes a shot at Tae Joo noting that Seo Jin may indeed have remembered something new and Tae Joo may have forgotten something. Tae Joo does not appreciate that. Sung Joo is delivering the right mix of creepy, tinge of crazy, and crafty in his performance of Tae Joo. Dr. Kang switches tactics and says she will help Tae Joo heal. Tae Joo rejects this offer. He cackles with glee that he has planted memories in Ha Na from all their hypnosis sessions. Hmm, will he be able to suggest that she likes or hates Seo Jin and/or Robin and Ha Na act on that?

ep12_13b ep12_13a
Crafty cousin’s Google skills hit pay dirt when he determines the visitor from America is a doctor specializing in Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personality disorder). This gives crafty cousin the ammunition he needs to blackmail Seo Jin’s father for more power in the company. But Seo Jin’s father does not respond well to threats and tells crafty cousin to “do his worst”. Crafty cousin organizes an emergency board meetings to expose Seo Jin’s DID. But Seo Jin beats him to the punch and admits all to the board. Seo Jin surprises the board, his father, and crafty cousin when he suggests crafty cousin take over for the next 6 months. He’s taking a personal sabbatical to get his life in order.

Alone in the bathroom, crafty cousin is gleeful, “I’m the new CEO” LOL!

Seo Jin explains to his father that he is in a fight for his life. He must put his energy into this. He tells his father when he returns, and he will return, he will take an even bigger role. Seo Jin’s assistant beams with pride watching Seo Jin assert himself.

Seo Jin tells his assistant that because of Ha Na “I’m different…I’m in love with her.”

ep12_16a ep12_16b
Seo Jin visits Tae Joo who tries to ferret out the new memory of the kidnapping from Seo Jin. He declines to share saying Soo Hyun should be the first to hear this new information. Interesting that Seo Jin claims that he told Ha Na everything about his DID condition. Wait a minute, didn’t he leave the unenviable task to Robin? Tae Joo concerns Seo Jin when he states that Robin may be threatened with everything that is happening and may shatter.

The big question is what happened 5 years ago that sent Robin underground and back into Seo Jin?

Seo Jin will not share the details with Tae Joo. But Ha Na convinces Seo Jin’s assistant to tell her everything.

ep12_16d ep12_16c
The story seems straightforward. 5 years ago both Robin and Seo Jin liked the same woman. They worked in tandem as twins and tried to keep the truth from the woman. But eventually she found out. She was not understanding. She looked at Robin like he was a monster. Devastated at the rejection, Robin went to Dr. Kang wanting to cease to exit. Dr. Kang worked with Robin through hypnosis to achieve his submersion back into Seo Jin. Remember last episode when the basic need of human survival reared its head? Same thing happens again. Robin was born to save Ha Na and Seo Jin. Now a third personality, Terry is born to save Robin. But Terry is not kind or gentle. He is angry and violent. He tries to kill the person that he perceives is trying to kill Robin – Dr. Kang. Terry was stopped trying to kill Dr. Kang. Robin, wracked with guilt, went into self-imposed hiatus and Seo Jin was left as the only functioning personality for 5 years. Until Ha Na needed Robin to save her and he reemerged.

I’m loving the third personality angle, it makes sense and is good story telling.

Ha Na tells Tae Joo that she is confused about the situation as they talk as friends. Ha Na admits “she is afraid to start and afraid to leave”. Tae Joo pretends concern for her well being. Ha Na tips Tae Joo off that she knows what happened 5 years ago. Tae Joo flips the switch and has Ha Na under hypnosis faster than you can listen to the trigger song “fly me to the moon”. Ha Na is like an open book to Tae Joo and the secret of what happened 5 years ago is revealed.

Tae Joo returns to his apartment irritated that Dr. Kang new about Terry but didn’t tell him. He also learns Dr. Kang tried to alert a neighbor of her presence by banging a spoon on the pipes. Tae Joo smoothly dodges the security guard’s inquiry. Tae Joo goes to the crazy side and tells Dr. Kang he will bring out Terry!

Woo Jung (Hyeri) overhears her father and Ha Na discussing Robin’s multiple personality condition. They explain the condition to her and she can’t deal. Frankly I don’t know why they shared the details with her. This is a weak character portrayed by a weak actor.

Tae Joo sets his traps for Robin and executes the plan…

* Robin gets a text from Ha Na that they need to talk. Robin rushes to the auditorium location that Ha Na sent via text. Except it wasn’t Ha Na that sent the text. It was Tae Joo that set this scheduled text on Ha Na’s phone when he hypnotized Ha Na.

ep12_18b ep12_18a* At the auditorium, Robin sees someone on stage and approaches. From the balcony, Tae Joo watches the mouse (Robin) walk into his mousetrap. The person on stage is not Ha Na, but Dr. Kang. Robin is stunned and happy to see her.

* Faster than you can say hello, Tae Joo has Robin under hypnosis suggesting that everyone is trying to eradicate him.

ep12_19c ep12_19b
* As Tae Joo hoped, Terry appears and he looks at Dr. Kang with a gleam of violence in his eyes. Dr. Kang is understandably frightened and backs away from Terry. She is wearing ridiculously high heels as she teeters backward on stage.

* Tae Joo ups the anty when he video tapes Terry threatening Dr. Kang and sends the video to Ha Na. She immediately calls Robin but he does not answer the phone fixated on hurting Dr. Kang. Ha Na makes a smart decision and calls Detective Na to determine the location of Robin’s cell phone as she explains she this is where Dr. Kang is.

* As Terry starts to raise his hands to Dr. Kang’s throat, he pauses. Robin returns. He answers Ha Na’s phone call. She tells him she is coming for him and to wait for her. Robin realizes that Dr. Kang’s hands are tied and goes to untie them. As he and Dr. Kang try to leave the auditorium, Tao Joo uses gas to thwart them. They manage to exit through a side door. The police and Ha Na arrive. The police escort Dr. Kang to the ambulance.

* Let’s gloss over how Tae Joo escapes with ease.

* Robin and Ha Na stare at each other. She runs up to him and hugs him. He stands there in shock over what has just happened. In a heartbreaking tone he says “I want to live. I don’t want to disappear”. Ha Na surprises Robin and suggests “Let’s try. Let’s live together.” Robin stares at Ha Na. He states “I want to live as Robin”.

* The writers, Lee Choong Ho and Kim Ji Woon, have delivered back-to-back compelling episodes. This plot of the episode was straight forward but oh so interesting. The actors are delivering performances that make the story jump to life.
* Did you feel empathy for Seo Jin wanting to gain control and finally live life instead of being so careful?
* Did you feel empathy for Robin wanting the basic right to survive?
* Did you feel empathy that Ha Na was confused but knew she wanted to support Robin even though her feelings for Seo Jin confused her?
* Where you surprised that Tae Joo slid into closer to the edge? That hurting Robin, Ha Na, Seo Jin, whoever he needed to was acceptable? Even bringing forth the 3rd personality, Terry, anything is fair game in Tae Joo’s quest for revenge. I am loving Sung Joo’s performance.
* Were you surprised there was a 3rd personality? The idea that Robin could not take being called a monster and rejected by the woman he loved and was so distraught that he wanted to disappear was reasonable. Why not have Robin conjure Terry to champion his need to survive? It makes sense that Terry would be the opposite of Robin in his quest to protect Robin’s right to live.
* Hyun Bin is the crux of the show. Frankly I was initially worried that the story line of this show was not worthy of the fine actor Hyun Bin is.  Color me surprised, the writer’s about face has delivered rich material for Hyun Bun to craft a nuanced performance of 3 personalities. I am impressed how Hyun Bun slips between the personalities and I know who is in charge. He makes Robin and Seo Jin equally sympathetic. I’m actually torn between the two characters. Previously I was caviler about Robin’s right to exist. But Robin has merit and worth.
* Han Ji Min as Jang Ha Na was an open book under Tae Joo’s hypnosis.  Tae Joo has hypnotised Ha Na so many times that it is acceptable that he can put her under on a park bench and extract the story of the 3rd personality Terry. I was impressed when Ha Na had the where with all to call the police to get the GPS location of Robin’s phone. Ha Na’s declaration and support of Robin was touching. I was surprised when she suggested they try living together. I am looking forward to seeing how that turns out!
* The OST for this series is enjoyable. There a 6 lovely songs on the OST.  Listen via the embedded playlist or this link.


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