Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 11 Recap

The battle for survival between Seo Jin and Robin is underway. Robin gains an edge when he remembers one of Seo Jin’s memories. Is Seo Jin going to lose himself to his alternate personality?

Episode 11 Recap:

Ha Na (Han Ji Min) enters Seo Jin’s bedroom. She approaches Seo Jin (Hyun Bin) and asks if he is ok. He confirms he is. Ha Na looks at Seo Jin and then sees his hand is injured just like Robin’s must be. She stares in surprise. It is Seo Jin’s hand that is injured not Robin. But she knows it was Robin that broke the window. She asks Seo Jin “who are you”? Seo Jin allows Ha Na to find out when he asks her to stay with him while he sleeps. He states once he wakes, she will see who he really is.

ep11_9b ep11_9a
When he wakes, the personality in charge is Robin (Hyun Bin) (Seo Jin’s alternate personality) who is concerned about Ha Na. Once he realizes she is in Seo Jin’s bedroom, he is confused why she is there. She tells him Seo Jin requested she stay until he woke from his sleep. Irritated that Seo Jin left him the unenviable task, he explains to Ha Na that Seo Jin suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personality disorder). Robin declares he is separate from Seo Jin – separate memories, career, friends, etc. Robin is clear with Ha Na, he wants to be with her. Ha Na is understandably unsettled by the news.

Tae Joo (Sung Joo) and Dr. Kang (held hostage by Tae Joo) aruge whether or not Seo Jin remembers the kidnapping or is pretending to not remember. Tae Joo believes the Seo Jin knows the truth but is lying about it. Dr. Kang believes the opposite. Tae Joo declares that he will strip Seo Jin’s defensive shields (Robin and Ha Na) away from him. Then he will see the true Seo Jin.

ep11_10b ep11_10a
Seo Jin wakes and Ha Na is there. He has a different perspective from Robin. Seo Jin declares that Robin is part of him, “I am Robin and he is me”. When Ha Na and Robin are together Seo Jin is there too and vice versa. Ok, that’s a little creepy to think about if you are Ha Na. Two, two, two guys in one! Seo Jin states he is changing. He notes in the kidnapper’s lair he did not turn away from her, he saved her.

Robin complains to Seo Jin via video that he was disrespectful when Seo Jin left him the task to explain to Ha Na about their condition.

Ha Na tells Seo Jin there is one thing she is clear about…she likes Robin. Seo Jin counters she feels empathy for him. She went to the kidnapper’s lair to find him. She put herself in danger to save him once she found him. Seo Jin declares that empathy is close to love. “That’s where we will start…I have already begun”. Terrific statement and I like Seo Jin’s ability to see that Ha Na feels something for him, even though she does not want to admit it.

Seo Jin talks to the Soo Hyun impersonator at the police station. During their conversation Seo Jin has a flashback…the kidnapper spoke on the phone to Soo Hyun’s father. The kidnapper and Soo Hyun’s father were in cohoots! Big reveal!

Ha Na visits Angel bridge (which is lovely by day). She remembers Robin declaring that he was created to save her years ago and she brought him back after a 5 year hiatus.

Seo Jin’s father,  Myung Han (Lee Deok Hwa), tells Seo Jin that he has located a new psychiatrist from America for Seo Jin to work with. He is flying the doctor in and they will begin their sessions next week.

Seo Jin’s crafty cousin, Seung Yeon (Han Sang In) responds to the text from his lover, the secretary to Seo Jin’s father, asking her to get the pertaninet details about the visitor from America.

Seo Jin surprises Tae Joo when he comes to his office and admits having DID. Tae Joo turns on a microphone so Dr. Kang can hear his conversation with Seo Jin. Understanably concerned, Seo Jin tells Tae Joo that he was absent for a entire day which is highly unusual. Tae Joo takes the opportunity to mess with Seo Jin and tells him the alternate personality may be starting to dominiate him. He might disappear and Robin would remain!

Tae Joo is pratcially giddy when he tells Dr. Kang that Robin is the becoming the stronger personality. Seo Jin, the man he wants to suffer, is receding.

Seo Jin, now desparate to move the case forward, calls Detective Na and asks for a public search for Soo Hyun. Detective Na warns this will shine the spotlight on his father’s company. Seo Jin counters that solving the case and finding Dr. Kang (so she can reintegrate Robin) is the primary goal. LOL when Detective Na frets to his co-workers that he should get a facial before the press conference.

In the secret room where large computers exists to send simple video message to each other, Seo Jin declares to Robin that he appreciates all the Robin has done for him. But so sorry, it is time for Robin to fade away. He and Robin are the same. Robin rejects this with fervor. Holy smokes! Robin remembers Seo Jin hitting Soo Hyun’s hand forcing his grip to release so Seo Jin could escape the kidnapper. This is huge that Robin shares a memory with Seo Jin!

Woo Jung (Hyeri) is at the circus when Robin comes to find out information on Ha Na’s whereabouts. They only learn she is gone for a couple of days. Woo Jung tells Robin she will help him search in shoes that makes it hard for her to keep up with Robin.

Robin has no success finding Ha Na and her cell phone is off indicating her desire for privacy. Robin declares he is not going anyway…he will not fade away.

ep11_17c ep11_17bep11_17d
Desperate, Robin visits Tae Joo hoping he might know where Ha Na is. Tae Joo drops the bomb that Seo Jin told him about having DID. Tae Joo turns on the microphone allowing Dr. Kang to overhear their conversation. Robin drops the bomb that he had a memory that was strictly Seo Jin’s. Tae Joo is stunned. Dr. Kang is stunned. Robin asks why Tae Joo reacted so visibly. Pretending concern but with a gleam in his eye, Tae Joo tells Robin it appears that his personality is gaining strength and Seo Jin’s personality is weaking. He declares Robin could end up the last personality standing. Tae Joo is able to hypnotize Robin though we do not see the session. After Robin leaves, Tae Joo muses that Seo Jin was not susceptable to hynposis…but Robin is.

Tae Joo is like a child on Christmas morning when he tells Dr. Kang he sent a letter to Robin.

Robin is visiting Woo Jung’s father who received the letter for Robin. Seeing Robin’s disinterest, Woo Jion’s father reads the letter himself. He looks surprised. Robin take the letter. The letter states that “Robin will cease to exist if they find Dr. Kang.” Robin is disturbed by this.

Ha Na who has been letting the voicemails from Robin and Seo Jin pile up, answers her cell phone when Tae Joo calls. He tells her Seo Jin told him about his DID condition. Tae Joo asks where she is. Ha Na shares her location. Tae Joo turns the car around to head to Ha Na.

ep11_19c ep11_19b
The first man to reach Ha Na is Robin. She watches him approach. He is focused on her. When he reaches her he pauses. Then he pulls her into a kiss. Ha Na is surprised and does not push him away. It takes a second for Ha Na to respond. I am a sucker for male leads striding purposely to the female lead, with one thing one their mind. Decent kiss.

The next morning Seo Jin wakes in the car. Tae Joo watches Ha Na from his car.

Tae Jo views a video from Seo Jin where he taunts Soo Hyun that he has remembered an interesting detail about the kidnapping. Can Tae Jo resist finding out what that new memory is?


Seo Jin approaches Ha Na. He tells her he cares. He tells her he’ll be waiting for her when she is ready to return.

Two men…one body…it is a confusing mess for Ha Na!

* The writers, Lee Choong Ho and Kim Ji Woon, seem to have found their footing with this morphed version of the story. The first several episodes were so light and fluffy, this shift, while initially jarring, is delivering a more interesting story line. The battle between the personalities heated up this episode and they realized only one would survive. Seo Jin is afraid he is slipping away and Robin is afraid Seo Jin actively seeking to eradicate him. Certainly our lead actors have more to work with now. Tae Joo (Sung Joo) is now the major driver of this story. It was huge when to avoid the incoming American doctor, Seo Jin went to Tae Joo and spilled the secret of his DID condition. What a gift Seo Jin handed Tae Joo. He now has more ways to hurt Seo Jin. Tae Joo started to undermine Robin’s trust in Seo Jin by telling Robin he could become the primary personality but of course, Seo Jin would not want that. Per the hierarchy of needs, human survival is the most important. Tae Joo manipulated Robin by instilling the fear that Seo Jin wants to eliminate him. Survival need activated! He offered Robin the lure of evolving into the stronger personality and being the ultimate victor in the battle between the two personalities.
* Hyun Bin once made me feel empathy for both Robin and Seo Jin. He is doing a terrific job portraying both personalities.  I am on team Seo Jin, so Robin’s wants and desires were secondary to me. But I felt for Robin when Seo Jin forced the unenviable task to explain the DID condition to Ha Na. It was huge when Robin remembered Seo Jin pushing away Soo Hyun’s hand when they were attempting to escape from the kidnapper. The other huge moment was Seo Jin’s memory that Soo Hyun’s father was in cahoots with the kidnapper. I’m so glad that he did not share this with Tae Joo. The writers were correct to hold this reveal to Tae Joo for a later episode. It is interesting that Robin sees the possibility of being the sole personality and now sees Seo Jin has an adversary…even an enemy.
* Han Ji Min as Jang Ha Na was understandably surprised and overwhelmed when Robin explained about the DID condition. I liked how she was direct with Seo Jin that she liked Robin. When Seo Jin pointed out that she had empathy for him she could not deny it. No wonder she fled from both men. The human reaction to threats is fight or flight. Ha Na choose flight this episode. The kiss Robin planted on Ha Na was pretty good. Her reaction was one of surprise, that Robin found her and was kissing her. Ha Na is being pursued by both men. How weird would it be for the guy you like to flip their personality?
*Featured during the kiss scene and at the end of the episode was the sixth song of the OST was released 2015-Feb-25 and is another easy listen. Check out “Maybe” by Epitone Project (with Lucia). Listen via the embedded video or this link.

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