Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 9 Recap

Robin was the primary personality this episdoe. He filled Seo Jin’s shoes at a critical meeting and slid into a comfortable relationship with Ha Na. Tae Joo was a puppet master manipulating multiple characters with his mad hypnosis skills and mad need for revenge.

Episode 9 Recap:

ep9_11d ep9_11c
ep9_11b ep9_11a
Tae Joo (Sung Joo) leaves his secret compartment in his office/apartment where he has Dr. Kang stashed. Ha Na (Han Ji Min) knocks for her hypnosis session. Tae Joo is surprised to see Seo Jin (Hyun Bin) with Ha Na. But it isn’t Seo Jin is it Robin (Hyun Bin) (Seo Jin’s alternate personality). Only Tae Joo does not know that Seo Jin has an alternative personality. Ha Na introduces Robin has Seo Jin’s twin brother. Seo Jin is taken aback and leaves the room to regroup. Robin feels the weird vibe from Tae Joo. The hypnosis session is upsetting for Ha Na. She imagines she is stuck on the roof, the exit door is locked, and her attacker walks up slowly behind her. We clearly see the attacker is Tae Joo but Ha Na is unable to muster the courage to turn and face him. As she starts to come out of the hypnosis she starts choking (reliving being choked on the roof) and Robin is concerned about her. Tae Joo seems to enjoy letting her linger choking before he brings her out. She is upset. I feel like that hypnosis session was borderline torture versus therapy. Robin is not happy with what he witnessed and puts himself between Ha Na and Tae Joo. He tells them he will be attending future sessions.

Robin hugs Ha Na after the session letting her take comfort and strength from him. Ha Na seems short and Robin tall in that moment.

Robin and Ha Na do the girlfriend boyfriend banter with each other. It is weird seeing them like that. Yes, I am a Seo Jin fan.

ep9_12B ep9_12a
Seo Jin’s crafty cousin, Seung Yeon (Han Sang In) visits Tae Joo hoping to learn is Seo Jin has Dissociative Identity Disorder (aka multiple personality disorder).  If he can get this confirmed, he will blackmail Seo Jin’s father for more power and position in the company. He asks Tae Joo about the mental hacking they discussed the previously. Tae Joo gives him a sample of it. While he is under hypnosis Tae Joo learns that Seo Jin does not have a twin. Tae Joo got what he wanted out of that encounter.

ep9_13b ep9_13a
As Ha Na and Robin discuss the Angel bridge sightings from years ago, Robin clarifies that Ha Na saw a depressed and sad Seo Jin. It was Seo Jin that contemplated suicide. Robin has never learned what it was that made Seo Jin attempt suicide. Robin confirms he saved Ha Na when she went over the bridge trying to save Seo Jin. Hmm, that will undoubtedly play out again in this series…Ha Na will save Seo Jin and Robin will save Ha Na. I wonder if Tae Joo will try and kill Ha Na again and Robin will stop him once again.

Robin announces to the circus crew that he and Ha Na are dating. Smiles all around. By the way, Robin’s hair looks good in this scene.

Seo Jin finally appears in the episode around the 20-ish minute mark.

ep9_14b ep9_14a
Seo Jin’s assistant, Young Chan (Lee Seung Jun), tells Seo Jin that Dr. Kang is a suspect now. This shakes Seo Jin. He trusted Dr. Kang with all his secrets. Ha Na firmly tells Seo Jin that Dr. Kang cannot be a suspect. She saw Dr. Kang hurt and injured. Dr. Kang is the victim not the perpetrator.

Seo Jin visits Tae Joo about Dr. Kang being considered a suspect. Of course Tae Joo does not defend Dr. Kang. He tells Tae Joo she is the only doctor with sufficient skills to do the mental hacking that was obviously used on fake Soo Hyun. Tae Joo probes Seo Jin about what happened during the kidnapping but Seo Jin does not go there. Seo Jin leaves further upset that Dr. Kang could indeed be a suspect.

Tae Joo creepily stares at the monitor with pictures of Seo Jin and Robin. “I will see you soon” he croons.

ep9_15c ep9_15b
Ha Na continues to bolster Seo Jin and tells him to trust in himself. She reveals she watches over him as he contemplated suicide multiple times on Angel bridge. Seo Jin isn’t keen on another woman knowing his vulnerabilities and orders her out.

It looks like all this is wearing on Seo Jin. Is he at a breaking point?

Yes, it’s all been too much for Seo Jin who retreats from reality and leaves Robin in his place. Robin is stunned when he wakes in the morning. Why is Robin in control? Where is Seo Jin? The timing could not be worse frets Seo Jin’s assistant. The important board meeting is today and Seo Jin is chairing the meeting and presenting a briefing. Robin the caring protector agrees to play Seo Jin at the meeting. The assistant helps Robin cram for the meeting.

Crafty cousin meets with 3 board members that share his desire to get rid of Seo Jin.

ep9_17a ep9_17c ep9_17d ep9_17e
The board meeting goes surprising well with Robin in charge. Granted he is unusually friendly but the presentation is solid. One of the anti Seo Jin board members asks if Dr. Kang was his psychiatrist. This question is an invasion of his privacy but he answers honestly. Yes, Dr. Kang was his doctor. Is he mentally stable is the follow-up question. LOL when Robin states “I am more sound and stable than some of you here right now”. Next pointed question comes from crafty cousin who asks why the circus got renewed when the plan was to close it down. Seo Jin’s father answers that because Ha Na was crucial in helping Seo Jin, the extension is their compensation. He notes the contract will be voided once the case is closed. Robin begs to differ and speak eloquently of the important and tradition of the circus at Wonderland.

After the meeting Seo Jin’s father asks if he is speaking with Robin not Seo Jin. Robin confirms this. Father is angry. What did you do with Seo Jin? Robin firmly tells him, he did nothing but appear when Seo Jin could not handle whatever it was that made him retreat. “Seo Jin is hiding behind me”. Robin urges them to trust him. The assistant is impressed with Robin’s passion and moxy.

Seo Jin’s father orders the chauffeur to find a trust worthy psychiatrist.

Woo Jung (Hyeri) thinks she is speaking with Seo Jin when she playfully suggests they work together to split up Robin and Ha Na.

ep9_19bep9_19a ep9_19cep9_19d
Using a voice disguise gadget Tae Joo calls Robin at Wonderland and orders him to do as he says. Ha Na sees Seo Jin (Robin) walking and follows at a distance. Tae Joo orders Seo Jin (Robin) to enter the ghost house. Ah, this is the location of flashbacks where the boys were frightened and kidnapped. This cannot be good for Robin.

* Tae Joo was a driver and is exerted his desire for revenge throughout this episode. I’m adjusting to Tae Joo being the evil mastermind. I’ll admit I’m still in shock that this happy fluffy show has spun in a different direction. Tae Joon seemed to take pleasure in Ha Na’s and Seo Jin’s distress. With leading Seo Jin (Robin) to the Ghost House you can bet it won’t be a fun trip down memory lane. But hey, it is Robin NOT Seo Jin entering the Ghost House, so if Seo Jin’s memories are not accessible by Robin, he should be unfazed by whatever Tae Joon has waiting for him.
* Hyun Bin as Robin is a solid protector.  Robin was front and center this episode. You know what? Robin is an decent guy, but Seo Jin is my main man of this double personality. I missed him. On the pluses for Robin, I liked how Robin sensed something was off about Tae Joo during the hypnosis session and put himself between Ha Na and Tae Joo. His support of Ha Na is exactly what she needed. I do not hate Robin and Ha Na as a couple but I know this is not the couple I want so I wish they had remained friends versus going romantic. BTW, their romance is sweet but not really romantic. Do you know what I mean? They have friend chemistry not love chemistry in my opinion. Seo Jin was not a major character this episode. We now know when Seo Jin cannot cope Robin is left holding the bag. Seems reasonable that the alternative personality would fill the void when the primary personality cannot cope. Do I think that Dr. Kang being a suspect was compelling enough for Seo Jin to check out? I’m ambivalent about that. It seemed a little weak but I’ll go with it.
* Han Ji Min as Jang Ha Na is more interesting when she interacts with Seo Jin than Robin. She seems strong with Seo Jin and weak with Robin. This character is really marginalized in this rebooted story line. Too bad, I liked the character in the initial part of this series.
ost5* The 5th song of the OST has been released 2015-Feb-18. Listen to “Only You” by Kim Bum Soo via the embedded video or this link.

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