Boy Sitter Episode 10 Recap

Boy Sitter: Episode 10: Yuan Fei has a hard time kissing Hao Ran. Jian Ren does not have a hard time kissing Xiao Ren. They take their relationship to the next level. 

Yuan Fei (Annie Chen) and Jian Ren (River Huang He) listen while married couple and best friends, Wen Hua and Mei Lin reconnect after hurt feelings over their false pregnancy. They leave and Xiao Ren lurks wondering what is happening inside with Yuan Fei and Jian Ren alone.

ep10_1b ep10_1aJian Ren asks Yuan Fei why Mei Lin pushes a relationship with Dia Bo. Yuan Fei asks what if Dia Bo was your child? Would you put yourself second and your child first? Would you give a your freedom to be there for Dia Bo? Jian Ren does not answer, so Yuan Fei recommends he assume Dia Bo is no relation to him. Jian Ren says some sweet things to Dia Bo and Jian Ren’s heart is drawn to him. But Xiao Ren calls breaking the moment. Jian Ren ignores the call.  Sweet scene. I liked how they talked about Dia Bo though indirectly. It is obvious they care for each other, for Dia Bo, but Jian Ren cannot commit so he cannot be with Yuan Fei.

ep10_2aep10_2bep10_2cAs Jian Ren leaves the house, Xiao Ren approaches asking why he did not answer he phone call. She is accusatory and negative to Yuan Fei. Xiao Ren does not believe them when they deny a relationship. Her insecurity seems insurmountable. Jian Ren tells Xiao Ren her insecurity is about them not Yuan Fei.  Before they leave Yuan Fei notes their relationship is doomed if Xian Ren cannot trust Jian Ren.

As they walk Jian Ren tells Xiao Ren her lack of faith and insecurity is troubling. Xiao Ren claims she can adjust herself however he likes, these were not her true feelings. Jian Ren does not believe her. He recommends they table the discussion. He needs to think about it. That frightens Xiao Ren even more as she fears Jian Ren will end their relationship.

Yuan Fei counsels Mei Lin to be patient with Wen Hua as he tries to balance her needs and his overbearing mother. Mei Len agrees and complains that Wen Hua wants to bike with Jian Ren and Xiao Ren.  She does not like this couple. She will never accept them unless Yuan Fei decides Hao Ran is the man for her. Yuan Fei muses that is she got together with Hao Ran then everyone would be comfortable.

ep10_3To that end she shops for couples clothing with Hao Ran (Sia Melvin).  He is not happy with the tacky couples clothing. Yuan Fei creates a scene and he acquiesces to shut her up.

ep10_4Yuan Fei must resort to tears to get him to wear the clothing when the time comes. Hao Ren covers up the offensive polo shirt as much as possible. They are cute as friends.

ep10_5ep10_6As Yuan Fei hoped they run into Jian Ren and Xiao Ren who are biking. Hao Ren realizes he can finally get his first kiss from Yuan Fei. That is the most unenthusiastic kiss from Yuan Fei. Why Jian Ren gets upset about that kiss is beyond me. It is obvious there is no romance between Yuan Fei and Hao Ren.

ep10_7b ep10_7aJian Ren bikes away upset. When he realizes he has left Xiao Ren behind, he looks for her. He apologizes for leaving her. Xiao Ren states his heart belongs to Yuan Fei. She thanks him for the memories. Does Jian Ren take this opportunity to break up with Xiao Ren? Nope, he hugs her and apologizes for his insensitivity. He commits himself to be her boyfriend.

ep10_8b ep10_8aYuan Fei is relieved that Jian Ren believed she and Hao Ren are a couple. Hao Ren suggests they stop faking a relationship and start making a real relationship. Yuan Fei is saved from answering when Mei Lin calls. She’s found the secret admirer notes Wen Hua hid and thinks he is having an affair.

Wen Hua complains to Jian Ren and Xiao Ren that Mei Lin thinks he is having an affair.

ep10_9bIt all comes to a boil as Wen Hua denies an affair but Mei Lin does not believe him. Jian Ren admits he came up with the idea of the secret admirer to lift Wen Hua’s spirits during their heavy focus on getting pregnant phase. Yuan Fei tells Jian Ren that was a stupid idea and could have destroyed their friend’s marriage. Xiao Ren lies and says it was her idea but Jian Ren refuses to let her lie. Mei Lin leaves upset. Wen Hua feels betrayed that his best friend made a fool of him. He leaves upset.

ep10_10b ep10_10aYuan Fei comforts Mei Len. Dia Bo gives Mei Len a hug. It helps. Mei Len stays overnight with Yuan Fei and Dia Bo.

ep10_11aep10_11bep10_11c At Jian Ren’s apartment, Xiao Ren is upset the Wen Hua misunderstood their intentions to help. Xiao Ren says her heart is with him, she only wants to help him. She asks that he not leave her.  She realizes that she is not making him happy.  He should be with the one he loves. She should return him to Yuan Fei. But she can not let him go. Does Jian Ren take this opportunity to break up with Xiao Ren? Nope, he tells her that he has relied on her for 6 years. Without her, something is missing from his life. “This can be considered a form of love”. That is the wimpiest declaration ever! Xiao Ren cautiously asks if he has feelings for him. He apologizes for making her feel insecure. “That is good enough” Xiao Ren declares. They kiss and make love. Wrong woman Jian Ren…wrong woman.

ep10_12While Dia Bo sleeps Yuan Fei declares she will never leave him and cries. Mei Len overhears her friend’s heartfelt declaration.

ep10_13b ep10_13aThe next morning Xiao Ren is thrilled that she and Jian Ren made love. Her dreams have become reality. Jian Ren is not as enthusiastic but she does not mind. Xiao Ren looks lovely in this scene.

Mei Len makes breakfast and Dia Ba and Yuan Fei are thrilled. Yuan Fei gets an emergency call from work. Mei Len agrees to take care of Dia Bo while Yuan Fei handles the work issue.

ep10_14aep10_14bThe work issue is creating a delay in their production for Hao Ren’s company. Wen Hua is overtly icy to Jian Ren.  The boss tries to smooth thing over between them but Wen Hua refuses to bend. Jian Ren apologizes. Wen Hua does not accept the apology.

Hao Ren gets Yuan Fei to admit there are production issues. He offers a suggestion to solve the problem. Yuan Fei is grateful for the workable solution.

Wen Hua visits Mei Len while she cares for Dia Bo. He apologizes. She says he is only making excuses.

Jian Ren committing to Xiao Ren solidifies their relationship.  Too bad he is building a relationship with the wrong woman. Too bad he missed multiple opportunities to end it with Xiao Ren. They are not a good couple. Xiao Ren’s morality compass is whatever Jian Ren wants. That does not impress me.
* Yuan Fei is a forthright character and I like that about her.  She was cute as she manipulated Hao Ren into the a couple’s attire and the date where Jian Ren saw them.  Yuan Ren practically recoiled and gagged when Hao Ran kissed her.  Her discussion with Jian Ren about Dia Bo may be the most upfront conversation they will ever have on the matter. Bottom line, because Jian Ren cannot commit, he cannot be with Yuan Fei and Dia Bo.
* Hao Ran was cute as he tried but failed to avoid the couple clothing that Yuan Fei pressed on him. It makes sense that Hao Ran is interested in Yuan Fei. But their actions show they are both apathetic about moving into a real relationship. I like them as friends and do not see chemistry for a romantic relationship.
* During the bicycle date song “Why am I crying” by 831 from the OST was the background song . Listen via the link to the official music video on youtube embedded video below.

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2 comments on “Boy Sitter Episode 10 Recap
  1. Anne says:

    Yuan Fei character needs to be paired with George Hu. That’s the only way to save this drama. JR’s character is quite pathetic. HR is not good looking enough for YF.


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