Healer Episode 18 Recap

Healer Episode 18.  It’s the calm before the storm. Healer and Young Shin get answers. Healer attempts normal. It is not easy. Elder and Moon Shik set retribution in motion. 

We step back a bit to last episode’s timeline….everyone was looking the Seo Joon Seok (Healer’s father) interrogation tape. We thought that Healer and Young Shin retrieved the tape. But no, Dae Yong goes to Healer’s father’s urn and find the tape. Dae Yong is awesome in her own right. Dae Yong takes the tape to Kim Moon Ho (Yoo Ji Tae) in office. He listens to the tape.

ep18_5aep18_4b ep18_4aMoon Ho calls Healer (Ji Chang Wook) and Young Shin (Park Min Young) and tells them the tape reveals his Healer’s father was never a murder suspect. What? Are you kidding me? Healer’s father is a murder has been fabricated from the get-go? Healer’s father went to the police as an eye witness to Young Shin’s father’s murder. Healer lowers his head in obvious relief. Young Shin who had grasped his hand at the start of Moon Ho’s call, smiles at Healer, who smiles too.

Moon Ho declares they have enough to make a live broadcast of this information. Healer asks what Young Shin thinks. Number one, I adore that he asks her opinion, it is not all about him, he cares deeply about her reaction too. Number two, Young Shin’s response…awesome:

YS: You want to know what I think of people who totally screwed us over?
Healer: Let’s go as planned. Let’s go all the way to the end.

They smile the determined smiles of the children that will finally get vindication for their murdered fathers.

Moon Ho’s broadcast’s plays over the red herring tape retrieval that Young Shin and Healer did last episode.

Now we are at the end of the last episode. Healer is in Elder’s house. Elder enters the room. Healer’s glasses have cameras and the video is streamed as part of Moon Ho’s broadcast. In an instant Elder’s face is revealed, his secret identify vanishes. Elder is led from the room with Healer asking if he’d be willing to answer questions from a reporter.

Elder’s men strip Healer of the glasses and voice recorder. Elder reenters the room. His men tell Elder the business card states this man is Bong Soo. Elder asks didn’t Bong Soo say he was Healer? Healer lies that he said that just to meet Elder. Elder says if he is Healer, he will talk to him. Healer keeps up the Bong Soo identity and asks if he is Elder who has controlled targeted murders. Elder states if he wants to know, he should have ask. Elder wants to know why he broadcast his face. Greatest answer of all time from Healer “when someone causes you trouble or gets in your way, you kill them. I cannot do the same, so unfair. I had to show your face to the world. ”

ep18_7aep18_7b Elder crouches in front of Healer calls him child and asks who he really is. Healer states Seo Joon Seok is his father, he is Seo Jung Hoo, his son. Another epic line from Healer “old man, next time you kill someone, you should consider their sons and daughters too. You never thought of them, did you?” My esteem for Healer’s moxy is through the roof! Elder is surprised that someone dare speak to him like this.

Young Shin is outside Elder’s home fretting about Healer. She tells the police her coworker, a reporter, is inside the house. The police officer says he needs approval to enter the house. Young Shin starts filming to amp up the pressure.

ep18_8b ep18_8aMoon Ho’s broadcast shows the footage of Elder’s home and the cops outside. That news is given to Elder. He dismisses his men and sits down to have a heart to heart with Healer. He lights incense and gets out some wine.

Elder: Have a drink.
Healer: I do not drink with gangsters that killed my father. 
Elder: This is a misunderstanding. We do not kill people.
Healer: You have others kill for you.
Elder: The work we do will save us all, in the end.
Healer: You keep saying “we” and it is bothering me. How many of you are there?
Elder: There are those of us that protect others. There are those that receive our protection. Which side do you want to be on?
Healer: Old man, you talk a lot. I thought you would have an interesting offer for me.
Elder: I like you a lot. Do not take long to consider this.

Healer’s vision starts to blur. Ah, the incense is the culprit. He falls unconscious to the floor.

Flashback to 1992…the interrogation statement of Healer’s father, Joon Seok.
JS: The farmers, Kil Ahn, Myung Hee and I had been after them for a year. We got information they were moving slush money. The farmers consider our country as their farm land. With money they manipulate to suit their tastes.  Laws that suit their needs.

ep18_9cep18_9d Young Shin runs into Elder’s courtyard. The police follow not happy she is trespassing. Inside Elder’s home she finds a dazed Healer. “You” OST 4 begins to play. If you want the lyrics for this pretty song (link).

YS: What are you doing?
Healer: I cannot seem to wake up.
YS: Every time you are sleeping. 
Healer: You wake me up. 
YS: Should we go to the hospital?

ep18_9b ep18_9aHealer drifts on her shoulder. The police officer clucks at the sleeping Healer and reports they’ve got the reporter.

Healer: Our father’s were close, right?
YS: From beginning to end, they were on the same side. You should have seen the broadcast.
Healer: Tell me about it.
YS: You are a reporter…try watching the news sometime. 
Healer: Tell me.
YS: In 1992…

Flashback to 1992…

ep18_10b ep18_10aMoon Shik drives Healer’s father and Young Shin’s father who planned to take photos of the money laundering and return home. They spy the money in the apple crates and wonder what is in paint cans. They believe they cannot be hurt because they are reporters. Young Shin’s father distracts the bad guys while Healer’s father takes the paint can. He puts the paint can in the car and told Moon Shik their friend was in danger. He instructs Moon Shik to be ready to flee when he returns with Young Shin’s father. When he finds his friend, he sees him beaten (and assumed dead) on the ground surrounded by bad guys. He’s about to enter the fray when Moon Shik pulls him back shaking his head no. Heedless, Healer’s father photographs the scene and Moon Shik pulls him away with the bad guys in pursuit. Moon Shik drives them away.

ep18_11aBack to the police interrogation, Healer’s father reveals inside the paint can is red lead paint that put inside steel beams makes them less sturdy. Outraged, he yells at the police officers they want the beams to break. Two high up officials enter the room and the interrogation ends.

ep18_11bYS: That the end of the interrogation tape.
Healer: Our folks lived tiring lives. It’s over.
YS: Over?
Healer: Teacher, my father, and you.
YS: Job well done.
Healer: Will it be hard to live like other people?
YS: You want to live like other people?
Healer: Will it be hard for me?
YS: Let’s try it…living like other people. 
Healer: You’ll be next to me?
YS: Of course.
Healer: That’s all I need.

ep18_11cYoung Shin takes his hand. Such a sweet scene. When Healer asks if she’ll be by his side and she matter of factually assures him she will. Gosh, that is what makes them special. He has her back and she has his. Dare I use the word partnership? The cherry on top is Healer admission that she is all he needs. And I believe it. They have the special something that makes each other enough. I simply adore watching this couple be.

ep18_12f ep18_12eMyung Hee tells Moon Shik that she saw Moon Ho’s broadcast. She asks her husband how much of what was revealed did he know and keep from her? Moon Shik says that Healer’s father did run to him and he did help him escape. He states he had suspicions about Healer’s father from the beginning. He is done with the past and compliments her on the dinner. Hiding her frustration, she plays along. She stares at the birthday banquet for her daughter. Does she suspect Moon Shik might have lied to her?

ep18_12b ep18_12aFlashback to 1992…A bloody and beaten Moon Shik tells police officers that Healer’s father killed Young Shin’s father, and he witnessed it. Later clean and in a freshly pressed suit, Moon Shik continues to stab Healer’s father  in the back saying his friends argued about stealing the slush fund money. In the end Healer’s father killed Young Shin’s father over it. Poor Moon Shik could not stop it.

ep18_12dPresent day…Moon Shik shrugs off the memory helping himself to a plate of cookies his wife made in remembrance of her dead daughter.

I’ve said it before but Moon Shik is delusional and amoral in a way that should end in this character’s death for the correct closure to occur.

ep18_12cYoung Shin shares about visiting her mother to her father. The kitchen, the baked goods, the special height of the counters to accommodate her mother’s wheel chair. They enjoy the cookie. Her father asks when she will bring Bong Soo by. He promises not to beat him up. He wishes she had chosen a more manly man. She must laugh at the absurdity of that statement. Dad if you only knew your daughter in in love with a manly man with a sweet soft side.

ep18_13aep18_13b Young Shin is surprised to find Healer in her bedroom. She pushes him away and instructs him:
1. boyfriends that live like other people, enter homes through the front door.
2. boyfriends that live like other people, ask for and receive the father’s blessing to date.
3.  boyfriends that live like other people, bring a gift on their girlfriend’s birthday.

ep18_13d Young Shin holds out her hands expectantly. She states today is her real birthday. Healer takes his necklace off and sells its GPS tracking capabilities. She smiles. Healer is her man. He puts the necklace on her. He promises to talk to her father. She recommends he use the door on his way out but Healer has already exited via the window. She smiles. Healer is her man.

ep18_13e ep18_13f ep18_13gHealer enters the coffee shop and one glare from Young Shin’s father has him cowering and heading for the exit. He runs into ex-con coffee shop guy. Trapped he looks between both men that have fixed steely glares on Healer. He eeks out a hello and states he needs a blessing to date Young Shin.

ep18_14aep18_14bep18_14dep18_14c  Young Shin must sense something is going on and finds Healer, her father and ex-con coffee shop worker in the study. Healer practically begs her with his eyes to save him. The blinds are closed in her face and her father tells her to stay out. She asks her father to be gentle with her man.

Father shudders thinking about Healer’s display of affection that day in the coffee shop. “When You Hold Me Tight” OST 2, plays in the background.  Young Shin’s father tricks Healer into admitting Young Shin spent the night at his house. Father chases Healer around the room. Healer denies it. Young Shin enjoys a dish of ice cream listening to the scuffle between the men she loves.

ep18_15c ep18_15bTo help with the extra work at the newspaper, Bong Soo rejoins the team. Young Shin tells Moon Ho Healer wants to live like other people but does not realize what the really entails. Young Shin says Healer stopped being Healer.

Moon Ho tells Young Shin that Myung Hee had many positive things to say about her. She’d like to speak with Young Shin again.

Healer and Young Shin interview a construction worker that in 1992 was forced to switch to a red lead paint that he suspects might have been related to the bridge collapse.

We hear Young Shin narrate that Healer is having a tough time living and working as a normal guy. For one thing his biological clock is geared to sleep in the day and hunt at night. Turns out Healer’s salary as a reporter is not like it was as Healer. He wonders to Min Ja if he should do part-time Healer work to supplement. Min Ja tells him to return the ear set. He quit! Healer is taken aback at her crabbiness. Dae Yong has performance issues. Min Ja is having a tough time!

Young Shin meets with Myung Hee and shares her boyfriend is struggling to live as an ordinary guy but she is letting him try. She notes he is like a 13 year old boy she must protect. Myung Hee helps powder Young Shin’s face for her next interview. It is a sweet scene between them. What will be the trigger for Myung Hee to learn that Young Shin is her daughter?

The newsroom gets chaotic when they learn the one-on-one interview with Moon Shik has been altered to a different format. Moon Shik refused to stick with the script and Producer Kang is beside herself at the risk this live broadcast is taking.

Moon Shik assures Producer Kang that he can handle any question she asks him. He laughs that laugh and smiles that smile.

ep18_16gDuring the interview, delusional Moon Shik claims that he was a key reporter for the pirate radio station, showing the picture of the 5 friends and stating he has always fought for the freedom of the press.

Moon Ho realizes he cannot do the live rebuttal broadcast with the nonsense his brother is spouting and cancels it.

ep18_16aep18_16dMoon Shik adds insult to injury when he displays Moon Ho’s briefcase of the pirate radio show tapes. Ah, that’s what right hand man was doing in Moon Ho’s apartment. Moon Ho is stunned at the gall, the stealing of his stuff, and the lying his brother is doing. Moon Shik holds up the Healer magazine and Moon Ho just about flips. Healer seeing Moon Shik brandishing Moon Ho’s tapes as they were his own. He holds Moon Ho back.  The magazine subtitle states “The media exists to diagnose society’s pain and heal them”. Clever. Don’t worry Moon Ho, you aren’t the only one appalled and sickened at the blatant stealing of other’s work and property. Myung Hee watches with Young Shin and is upset at Moon Shik’s actions.

ep18_16fYoung Shin sees her mother’s tears and feels her pain. She hugs her mother and soothes her pain.

ep18_17b ep18_17aHealer offers to steal back that tapes that right hand hand man stole from Moon Ho. He tells Moon Ho he was worried that he was going to start crying. Ha! Moon Ho tells Healer that liking like a normal person does not include stealing.  Moon Ho asks Healer to come back with beer and he will share some stories. Healer asks if he can bring Young Shin. Moon Ho agrees.

What was great about both of these scene is the younger generation taking care of the older generation. This show has done a superb job linking the actions of the 1992 friends and their impact on the 2015 generation. For most of the show the younger generation has been searching for the truth. Now they have found their truth and they have come to a peaceful point. Moon Shik’s actions are directly stirring the pot and riling up Myung Hee and Moon Ho.

Manager Ahn goes to the Double S offices and takes over the CEO’s office to set up command central. I’ve been waiting for this moment. In the last several episodes Manager Ahn has coordinated everything and the Double S goons were cut out of the picture. I wondered if they would be dropped for the rest of the series, thinking this was a missed plot point. Double S CEO is outraged. I love it!

Min Ja has Dae Yong doing surveillance of the Double S office. She directs her to photograph the people and license plates. Dae Yong acts why she is doing this. Min Ja tells her “I’m making the Healer retirement fund.” Yes, I dig Min Ja too! Min Ja believes the men that kills Dong Chul are entering and exiting the building. She does not understand why these forces are joining. Can you say finale, epic confrontation, the big showdown?

ep18_18c ep18_18b ep18_18aMoon Ho’s producer tells Moon Ho that they men they are fighting have no honor and fighting them is distasteful. Well said, well said. Moon Ho is inspired and takes picture of his hard working news crew. He finds Young Shin asleep on the couch, her head in Healer’s lap and holding his hand. Healer admits he’s concerned about putting Young Shin in danger fighting Elder. He does not want Moon Ho to battle the evil Elder without his help. I understand Healer’s battle of conscience. Safety for those you love but justice against evil is important as well. Healer admits the balance has shifted. Young Shin has priority so for her continued safety he must abandon the fight and leave it to Moon Ho. Graciously, Moon Ho understands.

The bad guys are using the system against Moon Ho. He is summoned by the prosecutor and received several notices blocking his reporting. The tax guys come for a search and seizure implying the funding for the newspaper are suspect.

Healer and Young Shin have beer and head to Moon Ho’s apartment.

Moon Ho is accosted getting out of his car and chloroformed.

When Healer and Young Shin enter the garage the bad guys are leaving.

ep18_19b ep18_19aHealer realizes something is amiss and finds Moon Ho’s camera on the garage floor. He realizes Moon Ho has been kidnapped. He puts in the ear piece and tells Moon Ho has been kidnapped He asks her to track his phone. He tells her to forget about retirement. Healer turns to Young Shin and asks if she wants to come with him or wait at Moon Ho’s place? She can’t see the violence so she gets out of the car and directs him to bring Moon Ho back. Healer takes off. Young Shin watches him drive away knowing this is who Healer is. Moon Ho’s kidnappers pass his cell phone to a motorcycle to stop anyone tracking them via his cell phone.

ep18_20b ep18_20aNervous Young Shin waits for the elevator to take her to Moon Ho’s apartment. Oh snap, right hand man steps next to her and smiles. This cannot be good!

* Another excellent episode as Healer and Young Shin wrapped up many questions but their job is not done.  The first half of the episode was satisfying as good stunned evil, for the moment. The exposure of Elder… awesome. Healer’s frank conversation with Elder…awesome. Young Shin getting into Elder’s house to save her man…awesome. Young Shin and Healer’s conversation while he was dazed from the incense…awesome. Also standout was the way the flashbacks to 1992 were woven into the episode. Flashbacks have been integral to this show from the beginning. But this episode their power reached maximum.  It was great when the younger generation (Healer and Young Shin) took care of the older generation (Moon Ho and Myung Hee).
* It couldn’t be that easy after Healer and Young Shin found answers, that they could step back and no longer get involved. Elder has power and it was time to flex that power muscle to crush Moon Ho. In some regards while satisfying, the blatant unveiling of Elder forced this outcome. I’m good with it. We need the final showdown. Healer and Young Shin will be put in jeopardy. What else could possibly happen?
* Myung Hee’s second interaction with her daughter, Young Shin, was touching in a different way.  Myung Hee became Young Shin’s confidant. Young Shin became a supporter of Myung Hee when Moon Shik lied on national TV. How and when will Myung Hee learn that Young Shin is her daughter? Only 2 episodes to go.
* Moon Shik is delusional, amoral, and I cannot see any possibility that would allow this character to live and this show to achieve a satisfactory ending. Moon Shik’s gall was off the charts this episode. Stealing Moon Ho’s briefcase and passing the contents off as his. Lying that he was a key reporter among the 5 friends while his wife watched in horror. Blithely lying to Myung Hee at the dinner table stating he’d long thought Healer’s father’s character was suspect. Eating the cookies Myung Hee made to honor her dead daughter just about sent me over the edge. I have disliked characters before. Moon Shik has a unique spot as an evil puppet of Elder, controller of his wife and brother, and a havoc maker if and when it suits him. His delusional ways are over the top and make him non redeemable.
* Chang Wook was absolutely darling when Bong Soo went to get Young Shin’s father’s blessing.  The desperate look he gave Young Shin when he was stuck in her father’s study…priceless! So cute that he slept through his job when he was not undercover and trying to be normal. I loved the way he told Moon Ho that Young Shin was his priory and he had to step away from the fight for her. I loved the way he reversed that decision when Moon Ho was kidnapped. Healer had to step in at that point. Of course, this is a trap and the next 2 episodes will be tense and exciting as the show reaches it’s apex.
* Park Min Young as Chae Young Shin counseled and supported Healer while he attempted to live a normal life. Young Shin is cool because she does not need Healer to give up his identity and life style. She is willing to support his attempt at normal. This couple can do no wrong at this point in my book. No matter what, they support each other, they do not doubt each other, they do not play games with each other. This couple is unique and lovely to watch providing us with the opportunity to watch pure love.
* Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho had initial satisfaction exposing Elder but the recoil was effective.  Moon Ho has come a long way in this series. His willingness to put everything on the line to go after Elder and Moon Shik was admirable. Will he survive the next 2 episodes to enjoy the fruits of his labors?

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5 comments on “Healer Episode 18 Recap
  1. pohyoke says:

    Moon Ho is, in a way the lynch pin..without him, all the media disclosures would not have been possible. I hope Myung Hee will step up to the plate and joins the fight since she is the only other credible witness to the past and perhaps, holds the key to Moon Shik’s humanity, if there is any left. Moon Shik seems to have sold his mind and conscience to the devil for so long that it has all hardened and practically disappeared. But bring it on..to the last battle!


    • kjtamuser says:

      Excellent point. Moon Ho is the catalyst. I’ve enjoyed your observations. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
      I’m with you…it is time…bring it evil…good will win!


      • pohyoke says:

        The writer of Healer makes some of the emotional scenes in Healer so interesting and hard hitting, as though she was drawing them up from her memory and experience.

        When I saw the scene when Healer was so broken emotionally that he could only call out ‘Teacher’ before crumbling and when he unplugged everything and went to sleep, they reminded me of Ms Song Ji Na’s words, written regarding the late Mr Kim Jong Hak’s death “If anyone′s at fault, it′s the one who didn′t pick up his last phone call even in her long relationship with him. It′s the one who thought so lightly of the times we shared. I′ll have to go to bed. That′s the only way this long night will go, the morning will come and I′ll wake from my sleep.”

        I cried when I saw those scenes because I remembered her words.


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