Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 6 Recap

Robin gets a taste of his own medicine when Seo Jin must pretend to be Robin makes choices that cause a bump in the road with Ha Na.

Episode 6 Recap:

ep6_11bSeo Jin (Hyun Bin) pretends to Robin (Hyun Bin) (his alternate personality) and is shocked when Jang Ha Na (Han Ji Min) confesses she likes him. Robin (Seo Jin) is unable to respond and Ha Na runs away convinced she has made a fool of herself. Cute moment when Ha Na cluches her racing heart. At the same time Seo Jin cluches his racing heart.

ep6_11cHa Na is embarrassed the next morning when Robin has left. Ha Na believes Robin has clearly told her he does not like her.

Seo Jin’s father Koo Myung Han (Lee Deok Hwa) tells Seo Jin that he was a weak child full of doubts and fears. Thanks for caring!

ep6_12b ep6_12aOh snap, Yoon Tae Joo (Sung Joo) has the assailant in his office when Detective Na calls Tae Joo identifying how the assailant it. Detective Na tells Tae Joo to hold tight, he is in route to his office to arrest the assailant. Realizing Tae Joo knows he is the assailant, he strikes him on the head and flees.

The police pursue the assailant but assailant loses them at the amusement park.

ep6_13b ep6_13aConcerned for Ha Na’s safety Seo Jin finds her at the circus and tells her that the assailant is being pursued by the police and capture is immanent.

ep6_14aep6_14b ep6_14cBack at the house, Ha Na tells Seo Jin she’ll move out of his house the next day. Seo Jin nods but isn’t sure if he wants her out of his house. He’s surprised at his reaction. Seo Jin helps Ha Na retrieve her suitcase. He open a window and the draft sketches of the new circus act are blown out the window onto the lawn. Ha Na picks them up alone until Seo Jin joins in to help. Are you noticing what I’m noticing? Seo Jin is concerned about her and helping her…caring for her.

ep6_15cep6_15dep6_15eLOL when Seo Jin tries to figure out Robin’s passcode for his phone. He finally does and sees the  follow-up texts from Ha Na. Seo Jin deletes them. “In Your Arms” plays in the background.

Seo Jin’s crafty cousin, Ryoo Seung Yeon (Han Sang In), talks to Woo Jung (Hyeri ) trying to determine the relationship she has with Seo Jin. She mentions Robin which confuses crafty cousin.

When Robin takes over he cannot believe Seo Jin impersonated him finding it funny that the stiff Seo Jin had to pretend to be fun and smile. Seo Jin did not leave him a video, so Robin assumes nothing important happened.

ep6_16aep6_16c ep6_16b Ha Na has to identify the assailant at the police station. Even though she has Seo Jin and Tae Joo there for support she is scared. But the memories flood back from the mirror ball drop and she identifies the assailant. Amping the creepy factor, the assailant runs at the 1 way mirror knowing Ha Na is behind it. She recoils and screams. Tae Joo wraps him arms around and comforts her. But wait, Seo Jin also has the impulse to reach out and comfort her much to his surprise and my pleasure.

LOL when Detective Na takes Seo Jin to task for being impolite and ill tempered with the sweet Ha Na. His assistant, Kwon Young Chan (Lee Seung Jun), relishes the moment.

ep6_17aep6_17bep6_17dep6_17cCrafty cousin continues to dig for information when he asks Ha Na to his office. She thinks he’s interested in the circus performing at the hotel but he’s interested in pumping her for information. She side steps his questions about Robin. Cute moment when crafty cousin is guiding Ha Na with his arm when Seo Jin and the secretary/lover both enter the office zeroing in his arm’s proximity to Ha Na. Seo Jin blurts that crafty cousin must take his hands off “his woman”. Three pairs of shocked eyes look at Seo Jin who is himself stunned at what he said.

After Seo Jin and Ha Na leave the office, crafty cousin knows two things: Ha Na likes Robin. Seo Jin likes Ha Na.

ep6_18b ep6_18aHyeri tries out for the circus and is offered a job. She learns that Ha Na confessed she liked Robin but he rejected her advances. Thrilled Hyeri believes this means Robin likes her instead.

Seo Jin frets about Ha Na being afraid of the assailant and not sharing her fears.

Crafty cousin continues to dig into Seo Jin’s life, visitng Tae Joo. Seems that Seo Jin was kidnapped as child and this was a scarring incident in his life. Tae Joo mentions alternate personalities can created to handle or ignore traumas. Crafty cousin looks like he might be piecing things together.

Hyeri spills the beans to Robin about Ha Na’s confession and his rejection of it.

ep6_19cep6_19d ep6_19aUpset Robin goes to Ha Na and asks her to forgive him. He forgot her confession because he was drunk. Ha Na agrees to let that go, but not responding to her texts, she cannot forget. Robin looks at his phone but the texts aren’t there. Hurt that he deleted he texts, Ha Na walks away. Robin is beside himself.

ep6_20aep6_20bRobin leaves a video for Seo Jin livid that Seo Jin deleted the texts and lead Ha Na to believe Robin did not care for her. Seo Jin loves it! The shoe is on the other foot, Robin gets a taste of his own medicine.

* Another light and fluffy episode with solid moments of Seo Jin caring about Ha Na. The evoluation of Seo Jin is the what primarily interests me and I loved how he is unable to hid his budding feelings for Ha Na and others are noticing. Crafty cousin is doing his best to ferret out the truth. I’m always amazed how much detective and doctors share with others in dramas. Confidentially does not seem to be a mantra. Certainly Detective Na is my favorite secondary character. He is a hoot! On the production side of things, the lighting and cinematography are wonderful in this series. The text scene was particularly well constructed.
* Hyun Bin as Seo Jin hit the mark in his shock at Ha Na’ confession and his subsquent heart racing reaction. I loved every moment that revealed Seo Jin’s increased caring about Ha Na: medicines in the car, finding her when the assialant was at the amusement park, reaching for her at the police station, and the slip of the tounge when he called her “my woman”…I especially loved that. How many pairs of eyeglasses does Seo Jin have?
* Han Ji Min as Jang Ha Na was understandably embarrassed when Robin (Seo Jin) ignored her confession. What I liked was that she did not let him off the hook with the simple apology. Even though he reached and stopped her leaving, she pointed out that he also ignored her texts and she could not let that go as easily.
* I am pleasantly surprised how much I like the first 3 songs of the OST. The music director’s choices are resonating with me. Embedded playlist below or link.


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