Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 4 Recap

Ha Na gains traction with Seo Jin earning his grudging respect. Robin moves things along, invoking the 20th protocol – protect Ha Na, by pushing them to live together. Seo Jin’s shocked face at the end of the episode….priceless!  

Episode 4 Recap:

Seo Jin is frustrated when he cannot eliminate Robin (his alternate personality) from his life. “I am him and he is me.” Well said Seo Jin, well said.

My curiosity is peaked when Seo Jin mentions that Robin does not know anything about what happened 5 years ago that started everything. Hmm, was Seo Jin abused or bullied and that’s why he contemplated suicide 5 years ago?

ep4_13b ep4_13a
Seo Jin’s crafty cousin, Ryoo Seung Yeon (Han Sang- in), meets with Seo Jin’s father, Koo Myung Han (Lee Deok Hwa). Father asks him to take on additional workload while Seo Jin is distracted with other matters. Ah, Seo Jin’s lover is the secretary. Seung Yeon relishes telling Seo Jin that Father asked him to take on additional work. Seo Jin is irritated and tells Seung Yeon he can’t even mange his current workload to make a profit. Seung Yeon is definitely suspicious that something is going on with Seo Jin.

ep4_14b ep4_14a
Seo Jin meets with Father who tells him that “I can give up on you, whenever. You are my only weakness.” Is that a cruel or honest statement? No child wants to hear their parent can eliminate them from their lives. But the admission, his only son is his weakness should indicate Father has some level of caring.

Seo Jin plays hardball with Father and tells he will decide if he will go to America or if crafty cousin gets any of his duties. Father acquiesces.

ep4_15aep4_15b ep4_15cep4_15eep4_15f
This sounds weird but dressed in a costume, Jang Ha Na (Han Ji Min) tracks down Seo Jin at closed event for the press at the new aquarium. Ha Na blackmails Seo Jin into a conversation by threatening to discuss what she knows to the press. An intense exchange between Seo Jin and Ha Na follows.  He tells her “Your existence is foreboding”. Seo Jin wants Ha Na away from him. He notes that she is crucial to an event in his past and their entanglement must end.  He see the necklace that Robin gave her. He rips the necklace from her neck. She berates him as a coward that ran away allowing Robin to save the day. Livid, Seo Jin orders Ha Na not to speak of Robin. Agitated, he almost hulk-izes to Robin right there but Ha Na helps sooth him by covering his ears when his headphones clatter to the floor. Is he gracious about her kindness? Nope, he pushes her to ground. Stuck in the bulky costume, getting up is not a simple task for Ha Na. As Seo Jin strides through the beautiful aquarium he has twinge of guilt but the resurgence of Robin clouds his mind. The second song of the OST, “Because of You” plays in the background.

Ha Na calls Tae Joo (Sung Joo) to schedule a hyposis session. He’s happy to schedule one, right after his current patient. The black leather jacket man that attacked Dr. Kang and Ha Na twice is currently with Tae Joo dealing with his insomnia. So black leather jacket man was a patient of Dr. Kang. Why did he attack her? Where is Dr. Kang?

Detective Na meets with crafty cousin, Seung Yeon, who tries to bribe him for information about Seo Jin. Detective Na rejects the money, though he does pocket a single bill for the irritation Seung Yeon made him feel.

Looks like there is a Robin fan club! Robin’s webtoon had a fan base. Woo Jung (Hyeri ) is the leader and see meets with the other fans and tries to renew their devotion. Unfortunately 5 years of radio silence by Robin has dampened the affection of his fan club members. Woo Jung’s father appears to be the man that the left the voice mail on Robin’s phone.

ep4_16b ep4_16a
Detective Na and crafty cousin and meeting in the same eatery as Woo Jung and her Robin fans. When she leaves she drops a picture of herself and Robin. Crafty cousin picks it up and is surprised to see Seo Jin looking happy and cozy with this woman. What kind of secret life did Seo Jin have he asks the secretary. She notes that Seo Jin looks completely different in the picture…like a different person. She’s got that right!

When Ha Na arrives at the medical office she passes black leather jacket man. She feels a bad vibe but it passes quickly. Black leather jacket man has spotted Ha Na. That can’t be good for her. This guy makes it his hobby to attack her.

Ha Na asks Tae Joo to hypnotize her to help her recall the man the dropped the mirror ball on her. As she recalls the incident, she sees the man but cannot make out his facial features. She does confirm for herself that Seo Jin was there. She files that information away. I wondered why Ha Na or Tae Joo didn’t circle back to the initial attack. She had a much better view of her attacker there.

As she leaves Tae Joo’s office, Seo Jin is ready to enter but they don’t see each other.

Tae Joo tells Seo Jin that he does have Dr. Kang’s records that the police delivered. Seo Jin only wants his records. He hopes they contain the treatment Dr. Kang told him would resolve his split personality. Unfortunately the patient names are numbers and the notes are images. Seo Jin sees Ha Na’s scarf and Tae Joo confirms she had a session to try and remember the attacker’s face but without luck.

ep4_17f    ep4_17b ep4_17aep4_17e
Seo Jin sees Ha Na walking on the sidewalk while he is in his warm car. Should he offer her a ride? As she stands at the cross walk and begins to step out into the street a motorcycle comes barreling at her. This time it is Seo Jin that pulls her away from danger. Wow! That is big that Seo Jin saved her. She tells him she agrees to his terms that she leave the circus but only if he agrees to continue employment for the other members of the troupe. Showing humanity, Seo Jin agrees. Ha Na tells him that she will continue her sessions with Tae Joo in hopes of recalling Dr. Kang’s attacker face. She does not want compensation from him. Simply put, she needs to help so Dr. Kang’s case is resolved. Seo Jin is impressed with her focus and willingness to remember the face of her attacker.  Ah, he’s starting to see her as a worthwhile person! She walks away and her watches her go.

ep4_17c ep4_17d
This is it…Seo Jin has a moment of humanity! He grabs an umbrella and hold it over her head. Yes, first kind gesture from Seo Jin. I’m liking this! Surprised she takes the umbrella. This time she watches him walk away. Lovely scene. You felt the connection between these two characters.

ep4_118aep4_18b ep4_18cep4_18d
Upset that she must leave the circus the next day, Ha Na buys a six pack of beer, and proceeds to drink and remember her past with the circus, watching her father perform, her love of magic, etc. Robin calls her and asks where she is. She relates she’s at the circus and he hangs up. Before she can recover her shock, Robin is there. He sees the remnants of tears and coaxes her into sharing her woes. He knows how to lift her spirits. They bounce on a trampoline and yell mean things about Seo Jin releasing their frustrations. It is a surprisingly effective way to release their anger at Seo Jin. They laugh and when both of them lay on the trampoline spent (her hair looks fabulous in the scene) there is a moment, will they move into romance? Robin pulls away and the moment is lost. OST 1 “Falling” is featured during this scene.

ep4_19b ep4_19a
The next morning Seo Jin wakes sore from the trampoline (he does have a vague memory of the trampoline – that is interesting). He finds another cute annotated note from Robin that reads “Sorry”.

ep4_20cep4_20a ep4_20b
Worried at what this could mean, Seo Jin rushes out of the house. He sees Ha Na and her 2 friends from the circus approaching. Ha Na’s suitcase is with her. Ha Na hands Seo Jin the new contract he authorized. She tells him she was dumbfounded to receive this detailed new contract from him. He grabs it and sees his thumbprint on the signature page. Seo Jin’s thumb still has the red ink on it! Ha Na says she appreciates his thoughtfulness in asking her to live with him while the attacker is out there unknown. Seo Jin is stunned and rages internally at Robin.


* Terrific that Seo Jin saved Ha Na (not Robin). He had to give her grudging respect at her drive to face and identify her attacker. This episode had a good pace, nothing ridiculous and is plot points were solid. I like where the writers are taking Seo Jin, Robin, and Ha Na. I’m guessing that Seo Jin will be the surviving personality. His evolution to incorporate Robin is necessary. Ha Na also needs to become invested in Seo Jin. This episode really helped there. She saw a glimmer of human side of Seo Jin. I’m not sure what impact Woo Jung and the fan club will have on Robin. Crafty cousin wants to undermine Seo Jin and will likely get more aggressive about this in future episodes.
* Hyun Bin as Seo Jin showed a glimmer of humanity in his umbrella encounter with Ha Na. The fact that Seo Jin saved Ha Na from the motorcycle (and not Robin) – huge! Yes, this guy is a self-centered jerk, but there is more than meets the eye. Hyun Bin allowed us to see a softer side of Seo Jin. I like Robin’s care taking of Ha Na. She deserves and needs it. Both personalities interest me. Robin’s boyish charm and Seo Jin’s burdened sternness. Count me as a fan of Robin’s notes to Seo Jin! Both actors looked like they had fun in the trampoline scene. That was a fun scene to watch. When the actors get into it, it elevates my enjoyment.
* Han Ji Min as Jang Ha Na is an interesting heroine. She isn’t simply forthright or plucky. In other words, this character isn’t one note, she has interesting angles too. She feels a burden to help find Dr. Kang even though facing her memories is difficult. She reached out and helped Seo Jin after he was decidedly mean and rude to her. She’s no pushover but she’s not domineering either. I like the balance and I like Ji Min’s portrayal. Hyun Bin is a fabulous actor and she has to bring her A game to make this show work. She is and the show is working.
* I really like both songs of the OST that have been released and are featured heavily in the episodes. “Falling” and “Because of You” are lovely.  Embedded videos below.


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