Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 3 Recap

The back story and connection between our three leads, Seo Jin, Robin, and Ha Na is revealed. This solidifies the men to a common goal – protect Ha Na.  

Nutshell recap:

I won’t be doing a scene by scene recap for episode 3. Instead I’ll offer a nutshell recap and my thoughts.

Episode 3 boiled down to dividing our current cast of characters into two groups.

“I Like Robin” fans – Ha Na

“I Hate Robin” anti-fans – everyone else

ep3_10 ep3_12
Robin (Hyun Bin) escapes from the rooftop with the help of Jang Ha Na (Han Ji Min) who once again zips with ease between buildings. Turn your brain off so you don’t strain yourself to ask…How was the zip line created in 2 seconds? Why do they hold on with such ease? No, no, no. Go with it. It was a lovely evening ride away from the Robin anti-fans trying to catch him.

The first song of the OST, “Falling” plays in the background and it is a really pretty song. They’ve scored a winner with this catchy tune.

They end up at the family home. They both end up outside when Robin flips the switch to make it an outdoor light display that rivals any other drama’s light displays I’ve ever seen. When Ha Na asks who he is and why he looks like Seo Jin, Robin utters the established protocol response that he and Seo Jin are twins. They slip and slide and laugh together. Unfortunately Robin’s assistant, Kwon Young Chan (Lee Seung Jun), placed a tracker in his belt and the anti-fans catch up and corner our couple. Ha Na takes one for the team and gets shot with the tranquiler not Robin.

I must say that is an interesting sculpture to have outside a house.

ep3_14b ep3_14a
Robin meets with his father, Koo Myung Han (Lee Deok Hwa),  who is mean all the time. We saw him be mean to Seo Jin in the episodes 1 and 2. He now offers the equal opportunity meanness to his son’s alternate personality, Robin.

Black leather jacket attacker of Dr. Kang interacts with Tae Joo (Sung Joo) and makes an appointment for a medical visit.

So sad when Robin’s mother, Han Joo Hee (Kim Do Yeon),  steps back when she sees Robin. Rejection is hard to watch. Wouldn’t you love your child no matter what? Isn’t Robin just another side of Seo Jin? Why the complete rejection?

Robin remembers saving Ha Na!

Sweet when he puts the necklace around her!

Big reveal! Seo Jin was planning to commit suicide by jumping off Angel bridge and Ha Na pushed him back but accidentally went over the bridge herself. In that moment, Robin was born and saved her. I love that Ha Na saved Seo Jin, then Robin saved Ha Na!

Ha Na ratchets up in my esteem with that reveal.

The second song of the OST, “Because of You” is a pretty ballad and strategically placed during the episode.

LOL on the cute card that read “HI!” that Robin left for Seo Jin the next morning.

I love that she woke thinking warmly of Robin wearing the necklace. Yes, Robin deserves some love.

The computer room Robin and Seo Jin exchanges message in is cool. Major monitors adorn the room. I like the video messages to each other.

Good grief how many rules are there? Turns out 19. Robin tells Seo Jin he is throwing away rule 19 which destroys Robin’s existence when there is no longer a reason for him to be. Robin tells Seo Jin straight out…the day you tried to commit suicide on Angel Bridge…was the day I was born. Trail blazer Robin comes up with a new rule, the 20th, “Protect Ha Na”. I think that’s one that both Robin and Seo Jin can support.

* The writers focused on the back story between Robin, Seo Jin, and how Ha Na is the trigger for Robin’s birth and reappearance. The writers offered the token ridiculous moment with the zip line. Tae Joo was only in a few brief scenes. Sung Joo’s hair is still looking good. I’m liking Detective Na,  the actor, Lee Joon Hyuk, is doing all he can with this character.
* The production values were top notch for the Angel bridge scene. The camera perfectly captures Ha Na dangling, Robin grasping her, Ha Na’s slow motion fall in the water, Robin’s slow motion dive after her, and the underwater rescue.
* Hyun Bin as Robin gave him an earnest appeal. I don’t understand why the anti-Robin fan club is so heavily populated. I liked how Robin stood up for his existence while Ha Na needs their help. I also like that Robin asked Seo Jin to join the mission to keep her safe. Now we’ve got the potential for both men for fall for her…I love it! Hyun Bin looks great, by the way. The drawing and webtoon was interesting. Looks like Ha Na draws too.
* Han Ji Min as Jang Ha Na has a connection to both men and her obvious crush on Robin makes me like her more.  She is the most reasonable character of the lot. I really like the transition from her sketch of Angel bridge to the flashback. Another nice production moment.
* The second song of the OST is out. “Because of You” a lovely ballad by Beck Ji Young, Listen to the song via this link or the embedded video below.

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  2. Hanakum says:

    hye.. what song played when robin switch on the outdoor lights?? 🙂


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