Healer Episode 12 Recap

Healer Episode 12. A ping pong first half had new combinations of characters interacting with each other. The second half had fun moments and built to a baited trap for Healer.

A disguised Healer (Ji Chang Wook) requests his father’s records which require a security clearance to access. Healer is led to an interrogation room. Healer recalls Teacher (original Healer) telling him the best bait is often yourself.

At the newspaper, Young Shin (Park Min Young) serves tea to Moon Shik and right hand man in Moon Ho’s office. Moon Shik flashes back to having the child Young Shin in his car after picking her up at the police station. Stopping for a break, he left Young Shin in the car with instructions to stay put. Young Shin thinks she sees her mother and gets out to pursue her. When Moon Shik returns, he find an empty car. He searches in vain. But then he considers, does he really want to find Young Shin?

Kim Moon Ho (Yoo Ji Tae) bursts into his office and tells Young Shin to leave. She does. Moon Ho can barely contain his rage at the impudence of his brother casually introducing himself to the girl he abandoned years ago. Moon Shik smiles that smile and tells Moon Ho that putting Young Shin on national TV did not protect her and she is in danger. Moon Shik drops the bomb that because Congressman Kim was exposed he is now the next candidate for mayor of Seoul. Moon Ho asks if it is the Elder moving Moon Shik like a chess piece. Moon Shik confirms. Furthermore, Elder believes Young Shin is a weakness of Moon Shik’s that must be eliminated. He surprises Moon Ho by stating he must keep Young Shin close to him to keep her safe. Moon Ho insults his brother’s protection abilities. Moon Shik tells him to watch what he says. He scoffs that Joon Seok’s son is investigating events in the past. Moon Ho cannot hide his disgust at his brother’s past. Moon Shik thinks that Joon Seok’s son is visited his house recently (as Healer).

Healer waits in the interrogation room until right hand man comes in and asks if he is Joon Seok’s son, Jun Seok. Healer confirms this. Right hand man tells him a friend of his father wants to meet him. Healer plants a tracker in the car as right hand man drives him to Moon Shik’s house. Healer and Moon Shik are friendly as they greet each other. Healer asks if Moon Shik is one of the 5 people in a picture he has. Moon Shik confirms he is one of the 5 in the picture.  Healer claims he has been studying in Russia and only recently returned to Korea. Right hand man wheels in Choi Myung Hee (Do Ji Won).  Moon Shik introduces Jun Seok to Myung Hee. She asks that he sit next to her. Tears stream as she strokes his face marveling how grown up he is. Moon Shik does not look thrilled at his wife’s emotional reaction.

Min Ja looks at the picture of right hand man Healer took. She knows she knows him.

Young Shin tells Moon Ho she wants to investigate President Hwang’s death. She suggests that President Hwang was framed. Moon Ho notes that President Hwang made life miserable for ledge lady, shouldn’t she be happy that he is no longer a problem?  Young Shin states she is trying to be unbiased and discover the truth. Moon Ho sagely notes when the search for truth is given as a reason, it is a cover for an ulterior motive. He asks Young Shin what her real motive is for investigating President Hwang. Young Shin explains cyber detective Dong Won suspects Healer killed the President Hwang and the man President Hwang confessed to killing in the suicide note. She wants to clear Healer. Will Moon Ho let her pursue this?

Moon Shik and right hand man discuss if Jun Seok is Healer. Moon Shik is concerned that Myung Hee is lying to him but does not know why. Moon Shik is obsessed with Myung Hee. When Moon Ho referenced Moon Shik as keeping a bird (Myung Hee) in a cage, he was spot on.

Myung Hee shows Healer the picture of the 5 friends identifying his father. Healer says he has heard his father killed one of the friends in that picture just as Moon Shik walks into the room. Myung Hee states  she is the wife of that man but she does not believe his father killed him. Moon Shik sees she is getting emotional and tries to intervene. Myung Hee brushes away his hand. Instead she takes Healer hand and tells him he is brave to pursue the truth. Equally candid, Healer admits he likes a girl and must know the truth. Myung Hee looks at the picture of child Young Shin and Healer’s eyes are drawn to the picture too. He flashes back to hearing the young girl playmate call his name. He realizes his playmate was the girl in the picture. He asks the girl’s name. Tears streaming Myung Hee says her daughter’s name was Ji Ahn. She tells Healer he was close to her daughter. Overcome with emotion she starts to have a seizure. Moon Shik tells him to leave the bedroom.  Healer stares at the multiple pictures of Myung Hee and her daughter. He is stunned and leaves.

Min Ja tells Healer that right hand man was entered and exited the building dressed as a utility worker the day Young Shin was stuck in the intentionally damaged elevator.  Can I say I am looking forward to Healer evening the score with right hand man for almost killing Healer’s woman?  Ahh, even better…Healer realizes the Moon Ho lied about Myung Hee’s daughter being dead. He realizes Young Shin is Myung Hee’s daughter. Awesome!

The confrontation between Moon Ho and Healer starts with Healer’s fists impacting Moon Ho. He demands to know why Moon Ho lied to him about Young Shin. Moon Ho says she was in danger. Healer yells that Moon Ho’s words are lies mixed with truth. Now Healer reveals what is really bothering him. Moon Ho says that his father did not kill but he cannot believe him. Healer is livid that the hope Moon Ho gave him about his father may be false. Healer cannot believe that Moon Ho lies to Myung Hee every day by not declaring her daughter is alive. Healer is disgusted with the messy situation he and Young Shin find themselves in because other’s actions. Healer tells Moon Ho to stop and leave them alone. Moon entreats Healer that he does not understand all the nuances and dangers. Healer has had enough of Moon Ho and starts to walk away. Moon Ho asks what Healer will do about his father. Healer flatly states that is no longer his business and leaves. Good confrontation! Healer had the upper hand in that interaction with Moon Ho. It was great to watch.

Healer (as Bong Soo) finds Young Shin at the coffee shop. He says he is going through a tough situation and needs her support. He pulls her into fierce hug. Stunned, Young Shin hugs him back but not with the same ferocity. She feels a pull towards him and sinks into him for a moment. Then she pushes him away. When he tries for a another hug she knees him in the leg.

Sipping coffee, Healer claims that his apartment is infested with bugs and needs a place to crash. Young Shin suggests a hotel. He says they are scary. She suggests family. He tells her his mother remarried and his father died when he was little. That resonates with her. Young Shin sees some cream on his lip and wipes it away. There is another pull moment between them. Healer asks how she can like another man but hug him and offer him a place to stay. Young Shin playfully mocks him as a scared coworker she is taking pity on, not a man. She throws napkins at him until a customer comes. Darling scene between them. I love that there is a spark between them no matter which persona Healer has.

Moon Ho goes to his brother’s house and learns that Myung Hee had a bad seizure and might need to go to the hospital should it happen again. Moon Shik stands vigil and blames Moon Ho for saying things to Healer that upset Myung Hee. He also blames Moon Ho for unleashing Joon Seok’s son into their lives. Wow, Moon Shik’s only sees things from his preservative totally ignoring how he created this mess in the past. With irony, Moon Ho tells his brother he thought he was better than him but now understands they are the same. He states this is a good thing, he’ll be able to fight dirty with his brother.

Moon Shik and right hand man discuss that Healer is not responding to their email requests. Moon Shik states he must make Healer respond by doing something he hoped he would not have to.

Healer and Young Shin cook together. He is a bit hopeless in the kitchen much to Young Shin’s glee. He jokes that the food is terrible when they sit down to eat.

Young Shin brings him her father’s pajamas to wear. She drops them and they both reach for them, brushing each other’s hands. Young Shin flashes to holding Healer’s hand last night. She wonders if Bong Soo might be Healer and holds his hand. She realizes she must be wrong, apologizes, and retreats from the room.

Healer asks Min Ja to check out Myung Hee’s medical history as he is concerned what would happen if she finds out Young Shin is her daughter. Min Ja tells Healer he is completely whipped. She declares Young Shin is like kryptonite to Healer. He wonders if Min Ja tried to keep him apart from Young Shin so he would not get hurt. He tells her as long as his father did not kill Young Shin’s father, he will be ok. He tells her he likes Young Shin, must protect Young Shin, and if he gets hurt, so be it. That was the best conversation between Min Ja  and Healer. His raw honesty and her quiet concern was lovely to watch.

Moon Ho tells the newspaper team that their next assignment is to cover the next mayoral candidate, his brother Moon Shik. He tells them his brother should not be mayor, surprising them all. Moon Ho wants to start the coverage with unearthing how his brother got to be rich.

Healer’s mother gets a text from Healer asking to meet for lunch. Oh no, this cannot be good. Moon Shik must be behind this.

Moon Ho assigns Young Shin and Healer to follow the money trail around Moon Shik. After Young Shin leaves the office Healer asks how he could put Young Shin in danger by investigating Moon Shik. Moon Ho knows Healer will protect her. Moon Ho declares it is time to go on the offensive, watching will not work anymore. Moon Ho tells Healer he believes once Young Shin finds out the truth she will punch him just like Healer did.

Cyber detective Dong Won spots the Double S goons piling into cars and taking off. He follows them.

A man takes pictures of Healer’s mother. This cannot be good.The pictures are sent to Healer’s email.

Young Shin receives a call from cyber detective Dong Won to meet her.

Min Ja asks Healer to access his email. He sees the picture of his mother. Min Ja tracks the geo location in the photo. She warns Healer this is a trap by Moon Shik to force Healer to reveal he is Jun Seok. The trap is irrelevant as Healer speeds to his mother’s last location. Young Shin thinks he is speeding to meet cyber detective Dong Won.

Healer’s mother waits for Healer at the restaurant. Right hand man is in route to the restaurant. Double S goons are in route to the restaurant. Cyber detective Dong Won is tailing the Double S goons. Healer drives like a mad man to get to his mother.

In the restaurant, Healer’s mother is not happy to see right hand man. She calls right hand man Lawyer Baek. Ah, this must be the lawyer Healer’s father used. Right hand man asks Healer’s mother if she is still in contact with her oldest son.  She looks decidely uncomfortable.

Healer and Young Shin pull up in front of the restaurant. Healer tells her to stay in the car while he does a quick errand. In flash he changes into his Healer gear and enters the restaurant but his mother is gone. Young Shin notice a man photographing a man inside the restaurant. She exits the car. The waitress tells Healer the woman just went out the back door.

Min Ja tracks his mother to right hand man’s car in the parking garage. Healer asks if an ambush is waiting for him in the parking lot.  Just then the CCTV feed is disconnected, cyber detective Dong Won is cut off and Min Ja is cut off. They are forced to reboot their systems. Healer decides he cannot wait any long and enters the parking garage. He sees right hand man’s car guarded by Double S goons. He aggressively takes them out but his mother is not in the car. Double S lead goon shoots a tranquilizer dart into Healer’s leg. When the Double S goons go to grab Healer he is no where to be found. Healer is hiding under a car and pulls the tranquiler dart out. Groggy as the tranquiler takes effect, he makes his way out of the garage but runs into Double S lead goon. Healer fights a valiant fight but his arm is injured and he bleeds. He trudges up the stairs until someone grabs him, takes his hat, punches him then throws him out onto the roof. Healer staggers on the rooftop and collapses.

At the door to the roof the Double S Goons come up behind Healer. They tell him to turn around and show his face. OMG! Wanna bet who is in the black jacket pretending to be Healer?

Min Ja’s systems are back on-line and she sees Healer’s vitals are not good. She calls out to him but he is passed out on the rooftop, bleeding, and cannot respond.

* The writer, Song Ji Na, delivered a tight episode. There were 2 halves to this episode. The first half transitioned between scenes where our characters mixed it up with each other in some new combinations (Healer, Moon Shik, Myung Hee, right hand man). The second half had the cute coffee shop scene between Healer and Young Shin, the heartfelt confession of Healer to Min Ja and the baited trap that Healer could not avoid. Hats off to the writer for weaving in the reference that Healer is like Superman and Young Shin is his kryptonite. The twist that Young Shin is drawn to Healer as Bong Soo is a bonus and nice addition to the Superman reference. I thought the fight scene between Healer and Double S goon leader was the best fight scene of the series. It was grittier and not as fantastical as the other fight scenes have been.
* Chang Wook as Seo Jung Hoo, Healer, had me agreeing when he punched Moon Ho. Healer was right to be angry. Moon Ho lied that Young Shin was dead. Great that Healer had the upper hand in that confrontation. Moon Ho as the older experienced man has pushed Healer around many times. Oh yes, I will enjoy when Healer renders payback against right hand man for almost killing Young Shin in the elevator. I liked Chang Wook’s interactions with the actress that plays Myung Hee. He was unsure of her instant affection for her. Terrific moment when he puts the pieces together and he realizes Young Shin is Myung Hee’s supposedly dead daughter. His interactions with Young Shin at the coffee shop were wonderful. Of course he would seek her out shaken by everything he had learned. Of course she feels a pull towards him. Of course, he wants more than one hug, but Young Shin’s knee ended that. His candor with Min Ja about his feelings for Young Shin and his knowledge that Min Ja cares for him was delightful and the perfect conversation to evolve their relationship.
* Park Min Young as Chae Young Shin, was relieved to be partnered with Bong Soo (Healer) again. Min Young portrayed Young Shin’s pull towards Bong Soo (Healer) perfectly. When she hugged him she lost herself in the hug for a moment. When she brushed his hand she was back in the theater intertwining her fingers with Healer. She enjoys spending time with Bong Soo and cares for him, just not the same as she likes Healer.
* Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho was forced to see himself as Healer saw him – manipulative and a liar. Ji Tae portrays the ambiguous Moon Ho so he is sympathetic but repellent at times. It takes skills to draw me in and repulse me too. His protective feelings of young Shin and absolute loathing of his brother in the newspaper office was palpable. Powerful scene when Moon Ho tells his brother than contrary to his previous thoughts, he now sees himself more like his brother than opposite. Do you think that it is Moon Ho that will turn around at the rooftop door and reveal himself as Healer to the Double S goons?

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  2. JWC7987 says:

    Thanks for the recap! I enjoy watching Healer very much!
    I think the guy who rescued Healer in the end must be JH’s teacher. I am so looking forward to the next episode!!


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