Healer Episode 11 Recap

Healer Episode 11. Healer is forced to reveal his identify but does not become less powerful with the reveal. A dream date for Young Shin and Healer satisfies my craving for romance.

Wow! The episode went from low gear to high gear in 1 minute. Kim Moon Ho (Yoo Ji Tae) returns to his apartment, finds the open briefcase, and receives a call from Healer. The voice is disguised but Moon Ho quickly guesses it is Healer (Ji Chang Wook) who reveals he is in the apartment with Moon Ho. Healer wants to know if Moon Ho knows the people in the picture in his briefcase. Moon Ho confirms he does. Healer wants to know if Moon Ho knows about the February 1992 incident. Moon Ho confirms he does. Moon Ho states the price for the information is Healer to reveal his face. In a surprise move, Moon Ho holds up Young Shin’s mother’s cell phone and tells Healer he knows he is Bong Soo because he found the unique cell phone in his jacket at work. Moon Ho states only one person could have retrieved that phone and it is Healer. Knowing he has been found out, Healer approaches Moon Ho removes his glasses and hat so Moon Ho can confirm he is Bong Soo. Healer complains he had enjoyed working at the newspaper. Moon Ho holds the picture in front of Healer. Which of the 5 does he want to find out about? Healer picks his father on the left, Joon Seok. He asks what was the incident in 1992. Moon Ho asks if Healer knows about “Secret Island”. No one knows the location. Healer flashes to himself as a young child saying “Secret Island” as a young boy. He remembers as a child playing Secret Island with Young Shin (though he does not recall her name) as Moon Ho babysat. Moon Ho confirms he would babysit while the adults socialized. Healer asks about the young girl. Moon Ho states the girl was Gil Han and Myung Hee’s daughter. Healer asks about her. Moon Ho states the girl died in 1992. Oh no you didn’t! Moon Ho has lied to Healer. Not surprised…not happy…that Moon Ho is not being fully forthcoming. Healer asks who his father killed in 1992. Moon Ho tells him it was Gil Han. Oh no! Healer is upset his father killed his friend. Moon Ho states his father was never convicted. He asks if Healer would like to clear his father’s name.

Clearing his father’s name is too tantalizing. Healer explains to Min Ja he will continue at the newspaper as Bong Soo. She is not happy with the turn of events, stating she does not trust Moon Ho. She asks why he feels the need to clear his father’s name now. Healer admits he wants to be honest with Young Shin. He wants to take her with him to his island. He believes she’ll forgive him for hiding his identify. He chides Min Ja that until he has cleared his father’s name Min Ja won’t need to find a replacement for him. Min Ja’s disapproving silence fills the air. She stares at the email from Young Shin requesting Healer’s services and continues her silence.

At work Joon Soo tells Young Shin that President Hwang committed suicide. Healer is already at the newspaper acting as docile Bong Soo. Moon Ho assigns Young Shin to interview ledge lady, who was cited in President Hwang’s suicide note and move her from staying at her house. Moon Ho surprises Young Shin by assigning Joon Soo as her camera man, not Bong Soo. He assigns Bong Soo to accompany him. Young Shin quietly asks Bong Soo if he is avoiding her because she rejected his feelings on the rooftop. He stares at her then asks her to move aside so he can join Moon Ho. Young Shin is amazed to watch Bong Soo leave the office with Moon Ho’s arms around him.

Moon Ho peppers Healer about his past and path to becoming Healer. Healer won’t reveal his past. Moon Ho finds Healer’s wall of silence amusing. They arrive at Moon Shik’s former junkyard. Moon Ho explains the 5 friends ran a pirate radio station. The 5 friends worked, played and laughed together. Healer is not that interested and asks the time frame. It was 1981 Moon Ho replies. Healer tells him to skip the back story and get to what happened in 1992. Moon Ho asks if Healer has friends. Healer states he does not trust Moon Ho. He wants to know why Moon Ho tracked down Young Shin but client confidentiality forbids him asking. He requests Moon Ho give him the same courtesy.

Moon Ho tells Healer that in 1992 Gil Han and his father came to visit his brother and him at the junkyard. They reveal they were close to breaking a big story and needed to borrow a car. They asked Moon Shik to drive them. The next morning the 3 friends set out. That day Gil Han died and Healer’s father went to jail for killing him. Healer asks what Moon Shik knows. Moon Ho states Moon Shik claims his father was a killer. Moon Ho wants to find the police interrogation reports from the interviews with Healer’s father. Moon Ho says the police blocked his access to the files and the autopsy reports were lost. He gives Healer all the information he has on the case. Moon Ho admits he did not trust him either. So he told the police that Healer would be near Young Shin (ah that is why he switched Joon Soo to be next to Young Shin). Healer tells Moon Ho he has a lot to investigate and asks to leave. Moon Ho agrees. In a beautiful scene, Healer walks away from Moon Ho. He sees Healer and his father side by side walking away from him. Healer and his father both kick a can. His father looks back and smiles at Moon Ho who tears up. Superb production point. Love how the door is open for Healer and Moon Ho to become friends in the future. I would love to see that. They could both use a trusted friend.


Cyber detective Dong Won learns the drugs that killed President Hwang also killed scared rabbit client (from episode 1). The case has been closed. President Hwang committed suicide and killed scared rabbit client. Recall this will clear Healer, the prime suspect in scared rabbit client’s murder. Cyber detective Dong Won believes Healer got powerful people to throw the suspicion off him. He notes Healer made a fool of him 5 years ago and he wants payback.

Young Shin and ledge lady are ready to leave the house. Young Shin’s father says that the negative case against ledge lady has been dropped now that President Hwang is dead. Ledge lady is off to stay with their friends.

Cyber detective Dong Won shows up and asks Joon Soo if Young Shin is available. She takes him into her father’s office to chat. Cyber detective Dong Won asks if Young Shin’s father secretly films his clients. Young Shin denies her father would do that. LOL as cyber detective Dong Won finds the 2 cameras Healer planted in the office. Young Shin is stunned. Cyber detective Dong Won tells her Healer planted the cameras. Cyber detective Dong Won states Healer stole the videos from President Hwang’s safe. Cyber detective Dong Won thinks Healer also killed President Hwang. I’ve said it before, Healer is not a murderer. The fact that Cyber detective Dong Won tells everyone Healer is a murderer can only speak to his desire to even the score with Healer for whatever happened between them in the past. Cyber detective Dong Won finds it curious that Healer is a suspect in 2 murders and suspiciously President Hwang confessed to one of the murders without prompting in his suicide note. Cyber detective Dong Won guesses the suicide note was written under duress by President Hwang.

Healer looks at the evidence Moon Ho gave him about his father’s case. The information includes the names of the police detectives (that would lead him to Min Ja) that worked that case. Min Ja chooses that time to tell him the Young Shin emailed Healer to hire him. Healer is riveted and reads her email.

Healer I do not know if you will get this email. I am Young Shin and I need to meet you. If you tell me not to look at you, I will cover my eyes. Will you hear what I have to say? Will you watch my back? I need to know you are watching over me. So in my own way, I’m asking you on a date.

Like any person falling in love, Healer rushes to his closet to pick an outfit. Min Ja asks if Healer will go on a date with Young Shin. Healer picks the outfit and says he will go on a date with Young Shin. Min Ja is frank with Healer that Young Shin could date many men that could give her the life she deserves. But he cannot. Healer claims he will reveal himself to Young Shin. Min Ja points out that would make Young Shin an accomplice to crimes he is accused of. She urges Healer not to see Young Shin. Healer is torn between what he wants and what is best for Young Shin.

Young Shin spruces up for her date with Healer. As she readies to leave the house she remembers cyber detective Dong Won stating he will have men follow her to get to Healer. She manages to elude the 2 men watching the house.

She waits in vain for Healer to show at the movie theater and leaves when the employee tells her the theater is closing. Outside the theater she sees the front door revolving and reenters the theater. Healer has lined the hall way with battery operated tea lights (safety consciousness our darling Healer). She enters the theater and finds a cute stuffed bunny that asks what movie she wants to watch. She asks for the movie with the longest running time (I like her thinking). Then she hears Healer’s footsteps. There he is…Healer looking hot without a mask or glasses. Is Young Shin’s heart pounding? Mine is! He sits a couple of rows up from her and over. In deference to his secret identity, she douses the lights and the movie begins. The movie has funny moments and tender moments that they share from their different vantage points. As the movie ends, she resignedly leaves the theater with Healer watching in the wings. He cannot let her leave without interacting. He grabs her wrist and slides his hand to hold hers. How is a simple hand hold that incredibly sexy? Because it is. As they release each other’s hands she walks away with a big smile on her face and does not look back. He watches her leave. Wow! If you had told me a hand hold could be that hot, I would not have believed you. The production value on that scene was excellent. The fact that I am a total fan girl of Chang Wook probably helps too!

Congressman Kim confronts Moon Shik in his study yelling that he cannot simply take his place as candidate for mayor of Seoul. Right hand man has been removes the belligerent Congressman Kim. Right hand man tells Moon Shik that Healer emailed that the video will be destroyed now that President Hwang admitted to killing scared rabbit client. Moon Shik declares “I must own Healer”. Right hand man advises that will be difficult.

Rught hand man asks Moon Shik where his wife Myung Hee is. She is meeting with Healer’s mother. Right hand worries about this. Moon Shik notes his wife asks for so little, that he wanted to honor her request.

Healer’s mother isn’t excited that Myung Hee tracked her down. Myung Hee assures her she does not believe the Joon Seok killed her husband. Healer’s mother appreciates that, but the world believes otherwise. Myung Hee shares she saw a young man that looked like Joon Seok so she thought of her. Healer’s mother shares that she tried to prove Joon Seok’s innocence until someone came to her and recommended she do nothing if she wanted Jung Hoo to continue to be safe. That is low, threatening a mother’s child. Healer’s mother stuns Myung Hee when she states Moon Shik made that threat.

Young Shin comes to work the next day still happy from her date the previous evening. Bong Soo is out on assignment and Moon Ho shuts the blinds closed when she peers into his office (LOL).

Healer confiscates a badge to gain access to a records department on his father’s case but finds blank pages in the file. Moon Ho is not surprised the records were destroyed early. Healer tells him that they need to determine who destroyed the records. LOL as he hangs up on Moon Ho. Healer decides to use his real identity as the his father’ son to gain access to the records. Turns out the records are sealed with access restricted to the correct security clearance. The attempted access to the records prompts a call to Moon Shik about the attempted record access by Joon Seok’s son. Moon Shik is surprised by this.

Moon Shik goes to the newspaper. He introduces himself to Young Shin as Moon Ho’s brother. She is thrilled to meet the president of a powerful news organization.

Healer is escorted into an interrogation room to wait.

* The writer, Song Ji Na, deftly handled the reveal of Healer’s identify to Moon Ho. Neither man lost power with the reveal, crucial to the continuity of both characters. Couple of things surprised me this episode – 1. Healer’s mother telling Myung Hee that her husband threatened her to stop trying to clear her husband’s name if she wanted her son safe. 2. Moon Ho lying to Healer that Myung Hee’s daughter (Young Shin) was dead. I know that we cannot reveal everything in a single episode and keeping that secret was the right choice. What surprised me was how easily Moon Ho lied and seemed to be guilt free. 3. Healer’s attempt at record access directly altering Moon Shik. Another excellent episode. This show does not disappoint in the mystery of the past, the pursuit of the present culprits and the romance. I am loving Healer!
* The vision Moon Ho had of Healer and his father mirror imaging each other as they walked away from him at the junk yard was surprisingly effective. The flashbacks and visions in each episode enhance the story and provide impact. Typically flashbacks can be filler in a drama, but not so with Healer!
* Chang Wook as Seo Jung Hoo, Healer, had me swooning with the theater date. From the battery operated candles, to the stuffed bunny, to the heavy footsteps indicating his presence, he set up the magic well. When he couldn’t let her walk away without some kind of interaction…wonderful! When Healer grabbed her wrist then slid down to intertwine their fingers…good grief…that was awesome! I’d have a big grin on my face just like Young Shin did. As I mentioned, after Healer revealed his identity to Moon Ho he did not trust him and only wanted to focus on investigating his father’s case. I like their friendship potential.
* Park Min Young as Chae Young Shin, was mystified at the sudden cordiality between Bong Soo (Healer) and Moon Ho. She did not like being pushed aside as those two became a team. Her anticipation, her disappointment, and her joy about the date was perfectly portrayed. Min Young simply could not have played that scene any better.
* Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho forced Healer to reveal himself. Ji Tae portrays Moon Ho with an agenda. He led Healer to investigate his father’s death to clear his name. Cute, when he tried to force a relationship declaring that Healer once called him Uncle but Healer would not bite. I was surprised and not surprised when Moon Ho lied that Myung Hee’s daughter was dead. Moon Ho lies so easily! I believe that Healer and Moon Ho have potential to become a duo fighting to right wrongs.
ost_4_healer* Been waiting for this song to released, as it has been featured throughout the series. In this episode it was featured during the movie theater date. “You” by Ben is the song in the Healer OST Part 4 was released 2015-Jan-12. Listen via the link or the embedded video below. If the embedded video will not play then you will need to use the link which will play the video on youtube. Also check out the video featuring their kiss with a snippet of this lovely song via the link.

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  2. Alien says:

    I absolutely love reading your recaps. I love how objective you are about this drama even though we all love JCW and Healer, I never feel like you are being biased about anything and that you are expressing your genuine interests and certain flaws you come across. I await your recaps and love all your comments. I so agree with them! I also couldn’t believe that a hand hold could be so sexy and enticing. They are just wonderful with each other.


    • kjtamuser says:

      What a lovely compliment! I do love Healer and recapping this show has been loads of fun. I appreciate you reading my blog. You made my day with your comment. Thx!


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