Healer Episode 9 Recap

Healer Episode 9. Healer is obviously falling in love with Young Shin. She senses it. Min Ja and original Healer see it. They also recognize that when the “truth” of Healer’s father’s past is revealed, it will undoubtedly impact his relationship with Young Shin. But that’s for a future episode. This was another good episode, Moon Ho’s best…

Healer (Ji Chang Wook) gives Young Shin (Park Min Young) a sweet kiss after saving her from the elevator that was tampered with. As Healer pulls away after the kiss, Young Shin tries to reach out and touch him. He avoids her touch and leaves. She is stunned with the impact of that kiss.

When Kim Moon Ho (Yoo Ji Tae) arrives at the rooftop, Young Shin tells him that she almost died in the elevator but Healer saved her. He is relieved she is ok. Young Shin realizes that her cell phone is likely in the elevator shaft. She bemoans the cell phone’s loss, it was her mother’s phone. Ah, that explains why she carries an old flip phone. Moon Ho leads her away from the rooftop. Wanna bet Healer overheard that conversation?

Healer calls Min Ja and tells her the elevator was definitely tampered with. Min Ja agrees to check the CCTV footage to see if the culprit can be identified. Min Ja also agrees to track Moon Ho (recall his cell phone was hacked last episode) to keep Healer apprised of Young Shin’s whereabouts.

Healer feels faint and stumbles on the rooftop. I don’t know who is more surprised, Min Ja, Healer or me. I hope this is just the excitement of the moment getting to him. I do not want Healer sick.

Young Shin is still in a daze as Moon Ho drives her away from the rooftop. She explains about the phone call she received from him instructing her to come to the rooftop. He states the phone did not come from him but was constructed to fool her and warn him.

Moon Ho takes Young Shin to his place (for safety). She asks why someone would want to warn him by using her? Why did he call her Jiam?  Moon Ho says that Jiam is a girl he used to know and in the panic of the situation he said her name. She presses him for more information. Moon Ho instead insists that she sleep. Young Shin wants to return home, stating Healer will protect her. Moon Ho says Healer only cares about money. With some soft touches to her forehead, Moon Ho convinces her to stay and rest while he goes out. I see his touches as an Uncle, but how does Young Shin perceive them?

As Moon Ho waits for the elevator, he notices the stairwell door ajar. Instinctively he knows that Healer is there watching over Young Shin. He enters the stairwell and thanks the unseen Healer for saving Young Shin. He asks if Healer is ever hired by the opposite side, that he do the courtesy of letting Moon Ho know.

In a beautiful flashback Young Shin remembers when her father came to the orphanage. In a scene that I cannot do justice to, father patiently waits for the child Young Shin to come out of her hiding place. Father gives her power by showing her that he would turn on or off just by pressing a mole on his neck. He sings and she presses the button. He’s quiet until she presses the button again. Charming scene. The flashbacks in this series are top notch.

Young Shin cannot use the elevator when she leaves Moon Ho’s apartment. She exits via the stairwell singing the same song her father sang to her when they first met. I do believe Healer is enjoying her singing as he stealthily follows her progress down the stairs.

Moon Ho drags right hand man into Moon Shik’s study. Moon Ho declares that his brother has sunk to a new low hurting his wife’s child to keep her in the dark. Moon Shik is stunned to have the confirmation of the scenario he feared was true. He claims he did not know that Jiam (Young Shin) was alive. Moon Shik guesses that Elder through right hand man tried to harm Jiam. He warns his brother, if you harm Jiam I will tell Myung Hee. Moon Shik declares Moon Ho is crossing a line. Moon Ho scoffs and says he has allowed Myung Hee, a woman he loves, to live with a man that willfully harmed her child.

Choi Myung Hee (Do Ji Won) asks Moon Ho if he had another fight with Moon Shik in the study. Moon Ho can’t keep it together and begins to cry. Flashback to her assurance to a young Moon Ho that he could cry in front of her without shame. Present day, she strokes his head and tells him all will be well. Moon Shik watches from the study, unhappy at the tender care his wife is bestowing upon Moon Ho.

Moon Shik demands right hand man explain exactly what the Elder ordered to be done to Young Shin. As right hand man begins to explain, the monitors on the wall display a count down clock and you hear Min Ja’s voice saying they must hand over the real murderer of scared rabbit client (from episode 1) or the incriminating video will be shown nationwide. Moon Shik tells right hand man to make an appointment with Elder as soon as possible.

Min Ja locates Kang Dae Yong on a stakeout of Young Shin’s home. Min Ja locates original Healer in Healer’s apartment. Original Healer asks Min Ja if Moon Ho asked for a paternity test. She confirms. He asks if it was for a daughter. She confirms a girl orphaned in 1992. Original Healer states the only girl Moon Ho would be interested in finding would be Hyung Hee and Kil Ahn’s daughter. He stares at the picture.

Young Shin walks home sensing Healer is following, but unable to spot him. It is darling as he walks parallel on the ground or on a roof as she strolls home. Young Shin calls wimpy reporter Bong Soo (Healer) explaining she’s testing her memory because she lost her cell phone. She lies and says he is the 19th phone number she successfully remembers. He smiles knowing he is the first number she called and quips that it is good to be in her top 20 phone numbers.

Young Shin wants to talk and Healer knows it. She settles down to chat and frets that she lost her cell phone. She explains the cell phone was her mother’s cell phone and therefore precious to her. She explains just having her mother’s cell phone warms her heart. Healer holds the broken cell phone in his hands. I knew he went and retrieved her mother’s cell phone. Could Healer be any more wonderful to Young Shin? Knight in shining armor? Man that makes things right in her world? Good kisser? I ask you, what else does she need?

Young Shin admits that she was hoping her special man (Healer) would come see her before she went home. She knows he has things to say to her. She has things to say to him. She cries with longing for Healer. Healer is affected.

Min Ja puts some puzzle pieces together with original Healer’s help. She asks if Healer’s father was in trouble for killing a man? Original Healer confirms. She states the man Healer’s father was accused of killing was Young Shin’s father. Oops, that will be a bump in the road for our two lovebirds. Original Healer and Min Ja are dismayed that the first girl Healer has ever liked is the daughter of the man Healer’s father is accused of killing.

When Young Shin arrives home, ex-convict worker calls her father, who in turn gives her a piece of his mind for her lack of communication.

Moon Ho reads Young Shin’s note that she can only sleep in her bed and therefore left for home.

Moon Ho calls cyber detective, Yoon Dong Won (Jo Han Chul), and offers him the incriminating videos taken from President Hwang’s safe and Healer’s whereabouts in exchange for police protection of Young Shin. Dong Won salivates with the possibility of finally catching Healer.

When Healer returns to his apartment, he immediately realizes someone has broken in. He discerns it is Teacher (original Healer) who has vanished. Healer tries to catch him but to no avail. He begs Teacher to help him decide what to do, but no answer is forthcoming.

The next morning at work, Moon Ho is thrilled to see Young Shin safe and sound. Kang Dae Yong notices two men scouting the newspaper. She calls Healer but he does not answer. Moon Ho tells Young Shin he could not find the cell phone. He presents her with a new company provided cell phone. Moon Ho states he can only think of two methods to keep her safe. The first is to send her abroad. Young Shin literally laughs in his face stating that only happens in TV dramas (ha!). The second is to make her famous so harmful actions like the elevator cannot be easily hid. Moon Ho asks Young Shin which method she wants to use. Young Shin presses him for why she is in danger. Moon Ho states it is because she is close to him. He asks that she accept this at face value and not ask further questions. Young Shin decides it is time to make her a famous journalist.

Cyber detective Dong Won visits President Hwang who sidesteps his questions about the missing painting. Recall Healer cut the painting to get information and the videos from President Hwang in episode 7.

Elder apologizes to Moon Shik about attempting to harm Young Shin without his permission. Moon Shik accepts the apology. Elder admits concern over Moon Ho’s attempts to investigate and expose him. Moon Shik downplays what Moon Ho can do now that he is at a small newspaper. Elder is frank and tells Moon Shik he has two major weaknesses; 1. his wife and 2. his brother.  Elder now adds a third weakness: 3. Young Shin. Moon Shik is equally frank and admits his weaknesses. He confirms that behind the scenes positions are better for him because his weaknesses would kill him. He asks the Elder if a dead Moon Shik would hurt or help him? Moon Shik declares he will decide how to eliminate his weaknesses.

President Hwang calls Elder, who puts him on speaker so Moon Shik can hear. President Hwang demands that Elder help him to get out of the mess that he is in or he will expose powerful friends of Elder. After the phone call ends, Elder suggests that President Hwang be offered as the murderer of scared rabbit client with a gleam in his eye.

Moon Ho sends his reporting team, Jong Soo (Moon Ho’s former associate at the TV station and Moon Shik’s spy), Young Shin, and Healer, to the press conference for Congressman Kim. Unfortunately, they cannot get in. Moon Ho spies an engagement party sign in the room next to the press conference. Working his connections he gets the party planner to spruce up Young Shin and Healer so they can look the part of party guests. Healer is reticent but submits to the ministrations of the stylists. Young Shin is all in on the process. Healer looks fabulous and the party planner is impressed with his stylish transformation. Healer’s shock is evident as Young Shin enters the room in a tight red dress wobbling on the high heels. They join arms to enter the party together.

* I’m am loving the pacing and plot points of the story crafted by writer, Song Ji Na. I enjoyed everything about this episode. Moon Shik’s acknowledgement of his weaknesses detailed by the Elder surprised me. I wonder how Moon Shik will deal with these weaknesses. President Hwang boldly calling Elder and demanding support may be his undoing and it could not happen to a nicer guy. Cyber detective Dong Won does not strike me as a good guy but an opportunistic one. May I say that all the flashbacks in this series are meaningful (not filler) and the transitions between past and present are well done by the production team.
* Chang Wook as Seo Jung Hoo, Healer, is a joy to watch as Healer falls in love. His tender kiss, his tender oversight as she walked home, his tender phone call with Young Shin as she admitted she wanted to talk to Healer and cried, his tender care with the broken cell phone he retrieved for the elevator shaft for Young Shin, Healer is a true knight in shining armor for Young Shin. What a mess it will be when Healer learns his father supposedly killed Young Shin’s father. That is going to rip him up.
* Park Min Young as Chae Young Shin, draws Healer to her with her kindness. She must be a bit overwhelmed with the concern that Moon Ho showered upon her. This guy is her boss, but he is taking gentle care of her. I liked that she sensed Healer following her but could not pin point him. Her phone call with Bong Soo (Healer) was a highlight.
* Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho laid it out for his brother Moon Shik that Myung Hee’s daughter is not dead. Any doubts about that are now erased. I like Ji Tae’s choice to be a bit on the edge of losing control when he deals with his brother. His volatility is a weapon. When Moon Shik downplayed the impact that Moon Ho could have now that he is in a small internet newspaper, I hoped that those words would come back to haunt him. The tender scene when Myung Hee comforts him as he cries for the knowledge he has about her daughter but cannot yet share, was lovely.
200px-Healer_OST_Part_3* This episode featured the next song in the Healer OST, Part 3, “What My Eyes Say” by Kim Jin Hoon and Kim Hong Il was released 2015-Jan-05. It is lovely in it’s anguished glory.
How I wonder what he’s thinking somebody watching
your profile used to look far to protect you probably would not know
the regret you will stand behind your back when I
wanted to hold your open arms, etc.
Do not go Wanna Hold

Do not know why this, why that hurts my eyes looked at how to find your very own
I do not know why my heart beats crazy

When I try to strive to outside eyes I met you and
love you words do not bear to look at the eye is not the end of the mouth

Don’t know why my eyes are not looking at why your very own to find what hurts
heart beats crazy Why do not I don’t want to let you go

Like a dream you dream awakened while I also just far closer to
Be with Me when he said tteonalkka scared or

Do me right I do not want a lot of that
in your mind, if you can see if I was going to
I Want to Let you Go don’t
I don’t Want to Let you Go

Check out the tune via the link or the embedded video below:

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