Jiro Dreams of Sushi Review

Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a documentary about the master sushi chef Jiro.

 Jiro is one of the world’s best sushi chef.  His belief is straightforward, use the finest ingredients, use a simple preparation, and you produce the best sushi. He is a crusty old man with an astonishing work ethic.


Sukiyabashi Jiro team of sushi experts lead by Jiro (center) and his son Yoshikazu (right of Jiro)

Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a 81 minute documentary by David Gelb about 85-year-old Jiro Ono, one of the world’s great sushi chefs. He runs a small intimate sushi-only restaurant named Sukiyabashi Jiro, with only 10 chairs located in a Tokyo subway station. Don’t let the looks deceive you, the sushi is serious, it is a three-star rated Michelin Guide restaurant. I checked out the Sukiyabashi Jiro website, and it states:

“I have received a Michelin 3 star in eight consecutive years this year thanks to Zama. This is also I would thank the gift of patronage of everyone. Sushi is extremely simple to configured cuisine unprecedented in the world.
That’s why, deception is not ineffective, only real trick is shining for.
And only a real skill, heart of craftsmen dwells …”

Jiro, his son, and his team of sushi apprentices produce a 20 sushi meal that is consumed in approximately 30 minutes. Jiro believes the sushi should be immediately consumed once it is placed on the plate in front of a patron.

What I liked about Jiro Dreams of Sushi:

* I liked Jiro, the crusty sushi king. I respect his work ethic that has had him work for all of his life, except a break for World War 2. Simply put, Jiro strives for perfection and believes he has yet to achieve it. His  food philosophy – top notch ingredients shine with a simple preparation – resonated with me.

* I liked his eldest son, Yoshikazu, who works side by side with his father. He seemed genuine when he stated he hopes his father makes sushi forever. He makes the daily trek to the fish market. Jiro and Yoshikazu have engaged experts in tuna, shrimp, and other items trusting in their palates to select the finest ingredients. The tuna expert noted that over fishing is creating a serious supply demand issue. It can be difficult to find the high grade tuna that Jiro expects.

* My knowledge about sushi increased watching this film. I did not know that massaging octopus helps tenderize.  It was obvious director David Gelb respected and admired Jiro. Excerpt from this article:

“His philosophy of work, where it’s about finding a routine and mastering that craft, it applies to any kind of art. The first time that I ate there, I was very nervous, I mean the man is a living legend, and he watches, and he observes the customers very closely, and so it can be a nerve-wracking experience. The restaurant is very quiet. There’s no music or anything. There’s just the sound of the fountain, and you kind of got into this sushi trance, and it’s quite an amazing experience.”


Jiro can’t stop working

What I did not like about Jiro Dreams of Sushi:

* Nothing, this film was a fascinating look at a master chef whose strict code of how things should be done keeps him on top.

Trailer for Jiro Dreams of Sushi:


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