Pinocchio Episode 15 Recap

Pinocchio Episode 15 “Don Quixote”…  

Finally the relationship obstacles are set aside. Chang Soo gets good news. The noose seems visible around In Ha mother’s neck. Will she finally be brought down?

Surprisingly, Chan Soo is not worried about the negative press coverage. He invites all the bull pen reporters to his son’s birthday party. In Ha and Dal Po take Chan Soo aside and advise that he cancel the party or suffer the press misrepresenting the event. Chan Soo does need heed their warning.

Dal Po visits his brother, Jae Myeong, in prison and share the status of the investigation. Jae Myeong is concerned that Dal Po will suffer from the similarities to their father’s slander by the press 13 years prior. Dal Po assures Jae Myeong that there is a difference now, there is a good reporter, him, on the case.

At MSC, the next assignment meeting includes In Ha’s mother differing with Captain Kim’s opinions. She supports further slander of Chan Soo which Captain Kim opposes. Captain Kim states she makes him feel like he is not in the room.

At YGN, Captain Hwang (Gyo Dong) is clear that until the cause of the explosion is known, further negative reports about Chan Soo will not be allowed.

Yoo Rae and Dal Po visit the explosion site and learn the factory’s video was kept in the basement (which burned) or at the security company KND.

Bum Jo and In Ha notice the video from In Ha’s mother has a missing segment.

In Ha asks her mother about the missing segment. She dismisses it as a video hiccup. Dal Po enters the conversation and states the factory’s video was destroyed in the explosion so the video In Ha’s mother obtained must have come from the security company KND. But that video is accessible only by the factory owner. Coolly she dismisses the insinuation. Dal Po claims he’ll find the missing segment and return. Seems ridiculous that no one can hold In Ha’s mother accountable for inference not facts or how she obtained the video.

In Ha admits she is disappointed with her mother. Dal Po leaves to comb through the CCTV to find the missing segement. In Ha tells Bum Jo she will be combing through the CCTV to find the missing segment. Bum Jo is concerned that her energy is depleted from being up all night. She is determined and leaves.

Yoo Rae’s phone is in Bum Jo’s backpack. When he returns it he tells her that he lied that Dal Po likes her. Yoo Rae is sure Dal Po likes her. Poor Yoo Rae, she mistakes professional courtesy for romantic interest.

Bum Jo realizes while driving Yoo Rae to Chan Soo’s birthday party, that In Ha and Dal Po are both working to find the missing segment. He jettisons Yoo Rae and goes to find In Ha.

Dal Po and In Ha divide the CCTV cameras between them. In Ha’s mother and Bum Jo’s mother meet. In Ha’ s mother is nervous that Dal Po is working to find the missing segment. Bum Jo’s mother smiles and states the CCTV footage has already been dealt with. “I’m not a sloppy person” she claims. And she’s right. Dal Po and In Ha find all the CCTV cameras are missing footage from the time frame they need.

No surprise, but the MSC reporters continue to slander Chan Soo. This time using the birthday party as a battering ram of shame. When Dal Po calls to see how Chang Soo is doing, Chang Soo is in route to MSC to confront In Ha’s mother. Dal Po immediately calls In Ha to let her know Chan Soo is heading to MSC.

Dal Po, In Ha and Bum Jo stop Chan Soo in the MSC lobby. Chang Soo is frustrated and begs them to proclaim his innocince. He weeps. In Ha flees and Bum Jo follows.

Bum Jo orders In Ha to rest or face collapse. In Ha firmly states she cannot stop. Her mother will not do anything to resolve the mess she made, so In Ha must. Unbeknownst to them, In Ha’s mother overhears.

In Ha’s mother notices the old cell phone from 13 years ago is missing from her desk. Recall In Ha took the phone when helping her mother move out of her old desk.

Dal Po is stunned to see Yoo Rae has a copy of the factory CCTV. In Ha sent it to her. The missing segment shows a car that has a camera. If they can locate the car and view the footage, they may have the missing segment. Yoo Rae gets the license plate from the police. Dal Po is grateful and flashes her a smile of thanks as he leaves. Yoo Rae notes that Dal Po “has a radiant smile”. I agree!

The car yields the missing segment. The video shows trucks leaving the factory just before the explosion. The trucks belong to a company that disposes of glass by products. Captain Hwang notes this lines up with the inspector’s finding that glass by products caused the explosion. This clarifies that Chan Soo did not cause the explosion. Dal Po tells Captain Hwang that they need to dig deeper and expose those that framed Chang Soo. Captain Hwang was thinking along the same lines.

Cute scene with Chan Soo, who is thrilled when Dal Po tells him they know the cause of the explosion, and it is not him. Dal Po gets a heartfelt hug of gratitude from Chan Soo. Sheepishly Chan Soo admits in High School he started the rumor that Dal Po cheated. Dal Po is amused at the long overdue apology. He quips he cannot believe he worked so hard to save a guy like Chang Soo.

In Ha’s father finds the old cell phone. Little does he know In Ha’s mother is desperately searching for it. Not for sentimental reasons but because there could be incriminating evidence on the phone about the collusion 13 years ago. In Ha’s mother tells herself she erased the evidence, even if the phone is found, the evidence is gone.

Bum Jo angrily tells Dal Po that In Ha is suffering because of Dal Po’s fixation to bring down her mother. Bum Jo asks what has In Ha done wrong? Why does she take the burden of her mother’s actions? Good question Bum Jo! He further states that Dal Po’s lukewarm attitude to In Ha hurts her. But most of all, Bum Jo is frustrated that In Ha will not listen to him and the only one that can help alleviate her guilt is Dal Po.

Dal Po immediately runs off to find In Ha. Yoo Rae watches him leave and asks if Dal Po really likes In Ha. Bum Jo confirms the obvious.

Dal Po finds In Ha. He gives her the good news that Chang Soo has been exonerated when the car and it’s video footage was found. They are both pleased. But Dal Po holds back. Why he keeps this imaginary barrier between them is beyond me.

Yoo Rae drink herself silly and the news reporters find her asleep on the couch in the bull pen.

Dal Po tells In Ha that she should not feel sorry for the actions of other that she cannot control. In Ha asks why he is angry with her. Dal Po tells her not to take the blame. In Ha notes when Dal Po told her should could not comfort him or he might fall apart, then only thing left was to feel sorry for the situation. Resignedly, she declares she won’t feel sorry about the situation any more and leaves the eatery.

In a beautifully staged scene, In Ha returns to the eatery to pay her portion of the bill. She looks in the door and sees Dal Po on the other side looking at her. They stare at each other. He sees she is wearing the button necklace, absolute evidence she still cares for him. He slides the door open, steps out, and kisses her. In Ha’s eyes widen in shock.

He pulls away. He tells her that in his eyes, she is not her mother’s daughter, she’s not his niece, she is simply In Ha. He states despite the situation, her father’s disapproval, he cannot give her up.

In Ha’s response is to kiss Dal Po.

FINALLY…the impediments to their relationship have been breached and they can begin their relationship again.

* You must respect how thorough Bum Jo’s mother was by seizing the CCTV footage before In Ha and Dal Po came looking for it.
* Lee Jong Seok does have a radiant smile. Lately he has not had the opportunity to flash is but there were a couple of moments. So glad that Dal Po stopped thinking that he had to be estranged and started feeling that he couldn’t continue without her. I’d felt for the last several episodes the rational for the estrangement was paper thin. Glad Dal Po and In Ha have thrown the shackles of the poor plot point off them.
* Park Shin Hye’s portrays the over the top support from In Ha with steely determination. At least the exhaustion allowed her to get angry with Bum Jo, who was 100% right that In Ha did not need to carry the burden she was carrying. It was a bit over the top, how she worked herself to exhaustion, had bleeding ankles, but still soldiered on. I don’t mind her support of Dal Po but the unwarranted self-flagellation was difficult to watch.
* Bum Jo is forthright in his conversations which I love. He rightfully pointed out to In Ha the burden was not hers. He gave Dal Po the verbal wake up conversation that was needed. Bravo to his candor and being a catalyst to get the stuck in a rut relationship between Dal Po and In Ha unstuck.
* Yoo Rae continues to be the weak link of our foursome of reporters.
*Anyone else enjoying “Passionate to Me” by Younha, OST Part 7, that was released December 31, 2014? Check out the official music video featuring Dal Po and In Ha in all their cute and anguished glory below or via link.

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  1. Rgin says:

    Yoo rae actually got the video footage from In Ha. She stated when dal po asked her while she was watching it at the reporters lounge in the police station.


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