Healer Episode 8 Recap

Healer Episode 8. Each episode I think I cannot love Chang Wook’s portrayal of the unsure reporter Bong Soo and the confident Healer any more. Guess what? This episode showed me I could expand my love. The interaction at the end of the episode had sweetness and sizzle.

As Healer (Ji Chang Wook)  leaves Moon Shik’s study, to his astonishment and hers, Myung Hee is at the door and calls him Jun Seok. The next day Choi Myung Hee (Do Ji Won) asks Moon Shik for Healer’s mother’s phone number. She recalls that Jun Seok had a son Jung Joo (Healer) who would be 28 years old. You can see Moon Shik considering if Jung Joo could possibly be Healer. Meanwhile Healer has figured out that Myung Hee knew his father and that’s why she has the same photo. He pushes and Teacher (original Healer) tells him that the woman in the photo is Myung Hee.

Let’s pause to enjoy Chang Wook silhouetted by sunlight.

Healer flashes back to the pain and shame of a father that committed suicide. Healer was ripe for kids and teachers to pick on him. You see immediately why he elected to withdraw. People caused him pain. Why engage them? Protect yourself and wall yourself off. Ah, but the price is no connection. Healer is beginning to see this may be something he now wants.

Young Shin (Park Min Young)  gives Healer (Bong Soo) a call fretting about him. She tells him she received something yesterday and she is unsure whether she should share it with Moon Ho or not.

Young Shin struggles whether or not to trust Moon Ho. She recalls Healer’s (Bong Soo) words of caution.

Jong Soo, Moon Ho’s former associate at the TV station and Moon Shik’s spy, shows up at the newspaper and introduces himself to Young Shin. She wants to know details about Moon Ho. He agrees to share if she gives him details about Young Shin. When Kim Moon Ho (Yoo Ji Tae)  arrives, he pops his associate on the head and introduces him to Young Shin. Jong Soo is chagrined to realize he was talking to Young Shin.

Young Shin shows Moon Ho and the ignored editor a sampling of videos from the hard drive Healer gave her yesterday. They press her to name her source. Young Shin bluntly states she is not sure she can trust Moon Ho. He promises to keep the source confidential.  She names Healer. Moon Ho’s reaction is minimal but he must be stunned under that mask of calm. Moon Ho admits to knowing Healer.

Healer shows up to work. I am loving his outerwear – tweed this episode and plaid last episode. He sees Young Shin is in a meeting with Moon Ho and he heads to the door only to be blocked by Jong Soo. With a quick spin move, Healer is in the room claiming he must share the information he gathered yesterday. In the confusion he plants a listening device.

Moon Ho receives an email from Healer to the astonishment of Young Shin. She demands to know if this is a legit email from Healer. Moon Ho orders ignored editor and Healer from the room.

Young Shin asks why Healer would email Moon Ho. He admits he is a client of Healer. He refuses to divulge the task he has given Healer. Young Shin goes on the offensive – did he order the nail clips for a DNA test? Moon Ho claims it was for a background check he did on all the employees before he bought the paper. Wow, that is a paper thin dodge, but Young Shin seems to buy it. Young Shin asks if he had her protected from the Double S goons. Moon Ho disavows that. Now Young Shin moans that she embarrassed herself in front of Healer yesterday with her assumptions she shared with him on the rooftop. Healer, listening to the conversation, feels her pain. She leaves Moon Ho’s office after confirming she did not see Healer’s face. She is demoralized. Healer watches her with concern. Min Ja is impressed with how easily Moon Ho lied.

Moon Shik learns from the Double S leader that Young Shin was adopted at 8 years old. He learns she is living with her adoptive father, a lawyer that happens to be representing ledge lady. He learns that she was found as a stray near a village. Moon Shik tries and fails to not react. It is evident this news has hit the mark and is upsetting him. Right  hand man stares from the rear view mirror.

Moon Shik sends right hand man out of his office. He flashes back to Myung Hee begging him to find her daughter after the accident. We learn Moon Shik did find Young Shin and the child embraced him crying for her mother. Moon Shik hallucinates Young Shin’s father admonishing him for hiding his daughter. He mocks Moon Shik, saying this secret could destroy his relationship with Myung Hee. He tells Moon Shik that he feared his opportunity for a relationship with Myung Hee would vanish if he located her daughter. He frightens Moon Shik when he tells him that friends do not do that to each other. Moon Shik physically recoils in his office unaware that right hand man is spying on him.

Right hand man calls Elder and reports Moon Shik’s unusual behavior. He explains that Moon Ho is supporting the presumed dead daughter. Elder feels the daughter is Moon Shik’s Achilles heel and could ruin all his training of his protege Moon Shik. He does not want Moon Shik to unravel. Right hand man assures Elder that he will send a clear message to Moon Shik and Moon Ho about the matter.

Moon Ho emails Healer to be wary of Moon Shik’s right hand man. He also tells Healer not to have further contact with Young Shin.

Moon Ho sends Young Shin to interview ledge lady with Healer as her camera operator. Moon Ho asks if anyone has a police contact that would keep them informed as the ledge lady case unfolds. Young Shin says she knows a police contact. No doubt she is thinking of cyber detective, Yoon Dong Won. Moon Ho introduces Jong Soo, who surprisingly has told Moon Ho that Moon Shik told him to spy on him.

Healer drives Young Shin home so they can interview ledge lady. He is concerned thete are thugs outside the coffee shop. Young Shin startles him as she bolts from the car and runs to the thugs, who in turn, are thrilled to see her. Inside the coffee shop the ex-cons gather around Young Shin teasing her and she sasses them back. It is a delightful exchange and Healer is impressed at this new layer of Young Shin. Yep, he is falling for her!

LOL as Double S leader tells right hand man they specialize in brain over brawn. Double S immediately tasks his computer geek squad to manipulate Moon Ho’s voice from news reports. This can’t be good.

Father and ledge lady discuss whether or not to do the interview. Father frets that it could be held against her in court.

Young Shin asks Healer if he needs help assembling the camera. Min Ja notes that Teacher told her that Healer’s father could assemble anything. Healer is pleased that he has this trait from his father.  Healer scoffs when Min Ja tells him that Moon Ho has warned him to stay away from Young Shin. He is riveted as she poses during her camera check. Did I mention that he is falling for her?

Interview of ledge lady goes well.

Teacher calls Healer after the interview and gives him 5 minutes to meet him at his place. Healer realizes that today is his birthday and that’s why Teacher wants to see him. He quickly leaves to the coffee shop.

Young Shin gets fooled by a call from Moon Ho directing her to meet him on a rooftop. But the call is actually a fake generated by the Double S computer geek squad. The voice directs Young Shin to turn off her cell phone so she cannot be traced (smart request). She takes a cab to meet Moon Ho.

Moon Ho receives an anonymous call telling him not to forsake his family for a woman. Moon Ho immediately knows Young Shin is the target. He emails Healer. Min Ja calls Healer who is in route to meet Teacher. Once she explains that Young Shin has fallen prey to a voice manipulation to meet Moon Ho, Healer spins the car around. Min Ja says Moon Ho states the Elder is sending him a message. Healer and Min Ja both wonder, who is Elder? Healer remembers that he planted a tracking device in Young Shin’s purse. She sends Healer and Moon Ho her location. Both men race to the building. It looks like it will be a first come, first save.

Young Shin is lured into a specific elevator that has been tampered with by right hand man. As the elevator goes up to the top floor, it jarringly stops, then the lights go out and it sickeningly tilts (the cables have been weakened and are snapping). Young Shin calls for help but no one is there.

Healer is the first to arrive at the building. He quickly finds that Young Shin is stuck in the elevator but unable to pry open the doors with his hands. Healer takes a top down approach to the problem. He wraps himself in a fire hose and slides down the elevator shaft to Young Shin. Be still my heart, that is an awesome entrance to a rescue. He pulls her knit hat over her face so she cannot see his face and wraps the hose around her. Once she is secured, he secures himself, and as the elevator plunges down the shaft they rocket up the shaft. The peppy background music is not exactly a fit for this moment.

On the rooftop Young Shin guesses it is Healer that saved her. She not happy that he risked his life. But then she is thankful. He is silent. She reaches out to touch him. He steps back. He turns and begins to walk away. But he stops. He realizes that he has avoided entanglements with people for the majority of his life. Maybe it is time to change that. He strides to Young Shin. He stands in front of the silent Young Shin. He lifts her knit hat enough to expose her mouth. He stares, considers, then tilts his head and gently kisses Young Shin. Wow! That kiss had sweetness and sizzle!

* Another good episode crafted by writer, Song Ji Na. Interesting to see Moon Shik upset by the realization that Myung Hee’s dead daughter had been found. His worst nightmare has come true. Intriguing that right hand man called Elder who fretted his protege Moon Shik could be destroyed. Fascinating that Elder ordered the both brothers be taught a lesson. I was surprised and pleased that Jong Soo was honest with Moon Ho that Moon Shik hired him as a spy. Interesting that Min Ja and Healer know that Elder is an important person to Moon Shik. I love a writer that layers the story, with each episode building upon the other. Ji Na is delivering on that. I don’t know where the story will go next but I’m all in!
* Chang Wook as Seo Jung Hoo, Healer, gave the rooftop scene with Young Shin heat and tenderness with that kiss. I may be gushing but Chang Wook’s portrayal has me hook, line and sinker. I adored how Healer touched Young Shin’s head testing the physical contact he has so avidly avoided. He was obviously concerned when Young Shin was bummed out after the meeting with Moon Ho thinking she’d embarrassed herself in front of Healer the previous day. I love how Healer enjoys Young Shin’s moxy. He was impressed with Young Shin’s banter with the ex-cons and her posing for the camera certainly got his attention. I approved of Chang Wook’s choices in executing the kiss. I’m sure the director scripts many of the moves. None the less, you could see the turning point when Healer realized that no contact was not what he wanted anymore. His gentle touch when he rolled up her knit cap was sweet. Am I alone when I thought of the spiderman kiss where she rolled up his mask in the 2002 movie? I’m a sucker for a tender kiss and Chang Wook delivered. But it was the decision to connect, that turning point, made it a milestone for Healer.
* Park Min Young as Chae Young Shin, stood her ground with Moon Ho in his office. She was outwitted by Moon Ho but that is to be expected with the years of experience he has with confrontations. Young Shin’s joy in the return of the ex-con gang to coffee shop was a delight. I loved how after Healer saved her she gave him a piece of her mind that he put himself at risk. Then she thanked him. She is concerned about his welfare the same way he is concerned about hers.
* Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho manipulated the conversation with Young Shin so she walked away believing her assumptions were incorrect (though they are correct). I loved that his former assistant Jong Soo, was loyal to Moon Ho and told him that Moon Shik hired him as a spy. When Moon Ho emailed Healer to watch out for right hand man, he was correct as right hand man trapped Young Shin to send a message to Moon Ho and Moon Shik for Elder. Ji Tae makes Moon Ho multifaceted and fascinating to watch.

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