Healer Episode 7 Recap

Healer Episode 7. Our heroine meets her hero, albeit blindfolded. She’ll have to fight me on who has the bigger crush on our hero. I am totally digging Healer. Excellent episode with terrific reveals throughout.

Min Ja tries to get Healer (Ji Chang Wook) to go out of the country for a year per orders from the original Healer, aka “teacher”. Healer quickly understands they want him to stop working at the newspaper and to avoid Moon Shik. He refuses. LOL when Healer calls teacher “old fart”.

At the newspaper, Young Shin (Park Min Young) tries to sneak up on Healer while he waits for the elevator. Of course he sees her coming a mile away, but pretends to be scared. Teacher watches them sporting a head scarf pretending to be a cleaning lady (LOL on the disguise). Teacher is impressed with Young Shin’s looks. Does Teacher know who Young Shin is? Teacher tells Min Ja he would be a better match for Young Shin (LOL), disgusting Min Ja, so she yells to stop his verbal daydream.

Turns out Moon Shik bought the newspaper and building. Then he gave them to Moon Ho. Moon Shik’s right hand man frets that Moon Shik made the purchase without the knowledge of the elder. Moon Shik notes that elder sent right hand man to him 20 years ago. Frankly he is disappointed right hand man’s loyalty is to elder, not him.

Producer Min Jae meets Moon Shik. She quips that if he wants to talk about Moon Ho, she’ll need a drink.

At the newspaper, Healer suggests to Young Shin that Moon Ho bought the paper because of her. By the way, love Healer’s soothing touch when she has a mini panic attack. Young Shin gushes about her crush, Healer, being alone, something she understand because of her past. Healer is touched even though he does not want to be.

Producer Min Jae tells Moon Shik that Moon Ho and Young Shin are involved. Moon Shik rejects that idea. She over shares and tell him Moon Ho told her that he needs to repay a debt to his first love. That gets Moon Shik’s attention. No doubt he knows Moon Ho’s first love is his wife, Myung Hee.

This can’t be good…Moon Shik guesses that Young Shin might be Myung Hee’s “dead” daughter. He orders his right hand man to see if Young Shin was adopted and if so, get him the details.

Kim Moon Ho (Yoo Ji Tae) assigns the newspaper staff tasks much to the chagrin of the ignored editor. Healer is assigned to find out which high price club President Hwang frequents. Young Shin is worried that he will get in trouble but Moon Ho will not let her go with him. Healer breaks the physical contact between Moon Ho and Young Shin (he has his arm around her) several times, LOL. Healer manages to send Moon Ho a text under the guise of providing his business card (clever) that allows Min Ja to hack and track Moon Ho’s phone.

Healer asks Min Ja to activate the tracker and link Moon Ho’s phone to his. He asks Min Ja tell teacher that he must meet Healer face-to-face at sunset or he will no longer listen to teacher.

The phone hack reveals that Moon Ho hired Healer to find Young Shin and confirms the DNA test. There is a new assignment from Moon Ho: protect Young Shin from Moon Shik and Double S. I am pleased that Healer knows Moon Ho is not the guy that hired Double S. Now Healer knows Moon Shik is the man framing him for murder of scared rabbit client (from episode 1).

Moon Ho works with Young Shin on her interviewing skills. I love the way they interact. She listens but is not shy about her opinions. He knows she has talent and needs his guidance. He offers her the chance to attend a press conference that Congressman Kim will be holding. She eagerly agrees.

Ex-con coffee shop worker realizes that Young Shin’s father needs help protecting ledge lady. He calls in “the kids” to protect her as Young Shin requested. A group of ex-cons gather in the coffee shop waiting for direction from Young Shin’s father. There must be 10 of them. That should be a good match for the Double S goons who always have 10 guys in a pack. Cute when ex-con tells Young Shin’s father he needs additional help as the case is getting messy. He is on target with that assessment.

Healer stealthily enters President Hwang’s resident undetected. Healer confronts a stunned President Hwang in the study. Healer takes the golf club and gives him a well deserved smack down. Healer asks him what high price club President Hwang frequents. The answer is Lunar Moon. Healer advises him not to hit women. A bloody and terrified President Hwang promises not to hit women (not that I believe it). As Healer breaks into the safe President Hwang tries to escape but a flick of Healer’s hand sends the golf club on President Hwang’s head stunning him. This scene was perfection and satisfying.

Moon Shik asks Moon Ho’s former associate at the TV station to become a spy for him at Moon Ho’s newspaper. The man has the grace to try and refuse but when Moon Shik dangles the carrot of a better job at double his salary, he acquiesces. At least Moon Shik smiles as he makes the offer the man cannot refuse.

Moon Ho gives Young Shin lessons in interviewing. While she practices, he flashes back to being a baby sitter for Young Shin as a child. The rapport Moon Ho and child Young Shin was lovely to watch, what a beautiful memory. I can see why Moon Ho tears up.

Right hand man tells Moon Shik that Healer has the incriminating videos from President Hwang’s safe.

Proving he is not all evil, Moon Shik tenderly jokes with Choi Myung Hee (Do Ji Won) as they prepare to watch the sunset. They flashback to a Moon Shik mooning over Myung Hee and original Healer teasing about his crush in front of Myung Hee. Original Healer was right when he said if Moon Shik did not deal directly with his crush that it could destroy their group.

In my favorite scene of the episode, Healer texts Young Shin to meet him on the roof. She dashes to the roof and finds arrows directing her to a package with a hard drive (with the incriminating videos from President Hwang’s safe). She calls out to Healer but he does not answer. She wraps her scarf around her eyes creating a blindfold. She says she believes he saved her from the Double S goons in the alley, gave her medicine and a hug. She guesses that he took her bag and clip her nails. Healer approaches her. She feels his presence. She asks were her fingernails used in a DNA test? Is Healer her father or brother? Healer remains silent. Young Shin reaches a hand out and touches the chest of his leather jacket. OST 1 “Eternal Love” by Michael Learns To Rock plays in the background. Young Shin asks who he is. Young Shin asks who she is. Healer takes her hand. He tells her to be careful. He gently takes her hand from his chest and puts it by her side and releases her hand. Her fingers flex from the electricity between then. He leaves. That hand hold had zing! Their chemistry is good.

At sunset original Healer and Min Ja meet. Both of them are dressed up and enjoy a cocktail and the sunset. They talk about the old days. Original Healer said he let sleeping dogs lie all those years ago. Now Healer is digging up the past.

New song plays as Healer the Young Shin think about their meeting on the rooftop and in the alley.

As original Healer and Min Ja predicted, Healer stealthily breaks into Moon Shik’s study. When Moon Shik enters Healer is waiting for him. He shows Moon Shik an incriminating video. He tells him he can broadcast the video live across the nation. Moon Shik states that Healer’s ethics would not allow for this. Healer states since Moon Shik framed him for murder, desperate times call for desperate measures. Moon Shik asks Healer how much money he wants. Healer scoffs at that. Recall President Hwang offered Healer money too. Healer tells Moon Shik he has 4 days to turn in the real murderer to the police and exonerate him. Healer flicks the light off to make his escape. Moon Shik presses the emergency button. Healer says the emergency button is broken, and he’ll need to get it fixed. Healer opens the study door and to his astonishment finds Myung Hee in her wheelchair. Myung Hee recognizes him and calls him Jun Seok. Moon Shik is riveted to hear the identity of Healer revealed.

* The writer, Song Ji Na, wrote a terrific episode with more reveals – Moon Shik owns the newspaper and gave it to Moon Ho, Young Shin guesses a DNA test was done and wants to know the results, Moon Shik potentially knows Healer’s identify as Jun Seok when Myung Hee called his name. The production between the flashback and present day was well done too.
* Chang Wook as Seo Jung Hoo, Healer, gave the rooftop scene with Young Shin a good amount of heat with a hand hold. Count me as a Healer fan girl! It was telling when Healer broke the physical contact between Young Shin and Moon Ho. His smack down of President Hwang – perfect! His stealthy entrance and control of the conversation with Moon Shik – satisfying. I doubt many folks get the best of Moon Shik. I am worried about Moon Shik potentially knowing Healer’s identity. That would certainly give him leverage.
* Park Min Young as Chae Young Shin, gave accurate assessments of Healer amazing him. She sweetly drew him to her on the rooftop. Her touch, their hand hold, had a quiet but real sizzle. Min Young conveyed a emotion while blindfolded. Eyes are so important in relaying emotion. Min Young managed to get it done blindfolded. In general, I love the moxy of this character.
* Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho is the newspaper owner through Moon Shik. That gives a twist of the knife, using his brother’s purchase against him (at least I assume that is his plan). His interactions with Young Shin were firm but fair. The flashback to their relationship when she was a child was touching. Ji Tae’s tear filled eyes and sold me that he feels tenderness for Young Shin.

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5 comments on “Healer Episode 7 Recap
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  2. Thank you for the recaps. I absolutely love healer too and wish that everybody watched it. Ji Chang wook is too awesome woth park min young as well. The story is so captivating and intriguing!!!


    • kjtamuser says:

      I completely agree. I love watching Healer inching into a relationship. Chang Wook is fabulous as the unsure reporter and the confident Healer. Min Young is charming. I am pleasantly surprised at the layers to the story. Thx for commenting!


  3. 7th ep was so touching. thanks for the recap. two main leads look sweet together


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