Pinocchio Episode 14 Recap

Pinocchio Episode 14 “Hansel and Gretel”…  

An explosion eerily similar to the explosion 13 years ago reveals the chess master who made Dal Po’s father the scapegoat. And yes, I was surprised. Terrific episode.

Bum Jo’s mother is cooperative and apologetic as In Ha and Yoo Rae interview her about the exclusive backpacks. Bum Jo’s disapproval that his mother is opening herself to criticism is sweet. As In Ha leaves the office, she finds her mother’s earring on the floor.

Dal Po and In Ha confirm each others intuition that Bum Jo’s mother cannot be trusted at face value. She seems too good to be true.

In Ha confronts her mother about finding the earring at Bum Jo’s mother’s office. Her mother deftly sidesteps In Ha’s direct questions.

Dal Po swiped some shredded documents outside Bum Jo’s mother’s office. He painstakingly puts the strips together. He leaves for a coffee run ordering Yoo Rae not to let anyone touch his work. Yoo Rae is asleep when In Ha comes into the room and puts her backpack on the strips sending them to the floor. Horrified, she gathers the strips and puts the puzzle back together. Dal Po finds her and he shows her the strips form a receipt for an additional order of the exclusive backpacks before the interviews. In Ha shares the unclear but real connection between her mother and Bum Jo’s mother.

Bum Jo is irritated when Dal Po shares his belief that his mother used the news report as a marketing ploy to sell more backpacks. He produces the invoice showing his mother ordered additional backpacks before the interview. He storms to her office, sure that his mother will deny Dal Po’s claims.

Much to Bum Jo’s disappointment, his mother confirms she did manipulate the situation to get publicity for the backpacks, to make them even more desirable for a consumers willing to pay the high price. It worked, she calmly states, the store has double the customers wanting the backpacks.
Waiting for Bum Jo outside the department store, Dal Po sees that Bum Jo is disheartened as he exits. Showing friendship, Dal Po offers to drive Bum Jo since he is too upset to drive. Bum Jo admits that finding out his mother was calculating and unapologetic was painful. The boys have a moment of connection when Bum Jo asks Dal Po if he experienced pain when he found out his brother’s behavior was not what he imagined. Dal Po confirms that pain. Excellent parallel and bonding moment by the writer Park Hye Ryun.

We learn that In Ha’s mother and Bum Jo’s mother met the day after Dal Po’s mother committed suicide. That day In Ha’s mother left her cell phone on the table and a young Bum Jo picked it up intrigued at the background image of a young In Ha.

Bum Jo moves out of his mother’s home. When she visits his new place, her attempts at decorating are rejected. Unhappy that her pristine relationship with Bum Jo is changed, she blames Dal Po. Hmm, will there be an alliance between Bum Jo’s mother and In Ha’s mother to discredit and destroy Dal Po?

If you haven’t joined the Grandpa fan club, this should do the trick…Grandpa visits Dal Po’s brother, Jae Myeong, in prison and shares pictures and stories about a young Dal Po. Starved for information about his brother’s missing years, Jae Myeong is grateful and appreciative. Grandpa promises to come often. Dal Po is mystified when he is told he cannot see his brother become someone else already visited him.

Dal Po visits Chan Soo (police officer and high school quiz show rival) who has been assigned patrol duty at his new office. Chan Soo mentions he went to a factory to check out a butane gas issue but it was a minor issue.

A massive explosion occurs at the factory Chan Soo visited the previous day. There are many injured and dead. Getting the fire under control is a challenge for the fire fighters. The explosion has overtones of the explosion 13 years ago.

At YGN, Gyo Dong, aka Cap, assigns different angles for the reporting team to investigate.

At MSC, Captain Kim assigns different angles for the reporting team to investigate. His authority is undermined when In Ha’s mother suggests alternative angles to investigate. I had to laugh when In Ha’s mother said to Captain Kim “Pretend I am not here” to which he retorts “then stop interrupting and interfering”.

Bum Jo follows his gut and investigates parallels between this fire and the fire 13 years ago.

In Ha’s mother and Bum Jo’s mother meet and worry that someone will link the current case and the case 13 years prior. Bum Jo’s mother slides a flash drive to In Ha’s mother and tells her just like 13 years ago, it is time to reroute the flow of the story. The flash drive has what she needs to “shift the focus” of the story. WOW! Big reveal! Bum Jo’s mother was behind casting suspicion on Dal Po’s father. In Ha’s mother followed the path that Bum Jo’s mother laid out.

Gyo Dong admits to Dal Po that he believes the parallels between the two cases are not a coincidence. He sees 13 years ago “the focus was purposely shifted to your father.” Dal Po wants to know if Gyo Dong knows who started the fire and who shifted the focus to his father? These questions cannot be answered…yet. Gyo Dong admits at that time he was like the other reporters, dogs all barking without knowing the real truth.

Their conversation is interrupted by an exclusive report by In Ha’s mother revealing that a police officer could have prevented the explosion if he’d done his job thoroughly the previous day when he checked out a call at the factory. Wow! Big parallel moment when attention is shifted to Chang Soo just like it was shifted to Dal Po’s father 13 years prior.

Bum Jo and In Ha head to the lobby to intercept In Ha’ mother returning from making the insinuation that Chang Soo is at fault. Dal Po is also enroute to the MSC lobby. When In Ha’s mother enters the lobby she is confronted by In Ha then Bum Jo. Dal Po comes from the back side to engage.

In Ha takes the first shot when she states her mother’s story was absurd. In Ha’ mother replies that In Ha is biased because she is a childhood friend of Chang Soo.

Bum Jo takes the second shot when he states there is no correlation between Chang Soo’s routine visit to the factory and the explosion. In Ha’s mother replies that is exactly what Chang Soo wants you to believe. Bum Jo asks if she spoke with the person that called in the accident. She states that person is in the hospital. He asks “what evidence do you have to blame Chang Soo?” In Ha’s mother counters “what evidence do you have NOT to blame Chang Soo?” Wow! Same dialogue that she had with Dal Po 13 years prior.

In Ha takes the third shot when she states the “possibility” her mother claims is the same as 13 years ago. Her mother replies that she has CCTV evidence and does not see the correlation to 13 years ago. In Ha asks if she had the same possibility 13 years ago that destroyed a family. In Ha’s mother snaps “dispute this evidence like a real reporter would!”

Gauntlet thrown down…and accepted…

Dal Po enters the fray stating “I will find the evidence. Another’s person’s life will not be destroyed like it was 13 years ago. The flow of the story that you are trying to change, I will return it to its rightful path.”

The gloves are off and the glaring is on as this superb episode ends.

* Fashion notes: Anyone else notice that Dal Po and Bum Jo have similar haircuts and hair color?  They sweep their bangs in a different direction otherwise, it look similar to me. Anyone else liking the bright pink jackets the MSC reporters wear? It makes them easy to spot!
* I was surprised that Bum Jo’s mother is the chess master behind framing Dal Po’s father and Chan Soo. Whether there is another person directing her is unclear. Based on the backpack manipulation, Bum Jo’s mother has the smarts and connections to conceive the plans to frame others to save her powerful friends. In Ha’s mother does what she is instructed on air. This does not let her off the moral hook, she relishes messing with other too much. I had been wondering what was next layer in the story once In Ha’s mother resigned and appeared nullified. She’s back and meaner than ever with Bum Jo’s mother directing her!
* Still in the Grandpa fan club. Grandpa visiting Jae Myeong provided two things – a touching moment and the opportunity to see Yoon Gyun Sang.
* Lee Jong Seok’s chemistry with Shin Hye is believable. I appreciate the writer letting Dal Po and In Ha support each other even though their relationship is on hold. The friendship between Dal Po and Bum Jo expanded as Dal Po thoughtfully waited for Bum Jo outside the department store and drove him away after he confronted his mother. Their shared experience of those they love disappointing them was superb. I absolutely loved that immediately Dal Po declared Chang Soo was his friend and he would find the evidence to exonerate him.
* Park Shin Hye’s portrays the unwavering support from In Ha quietly but effectively. In Ha sees her mother clearly. She does not have unrealistic opinions about her mother. That certainly makes things easier for Dal Po and the investigation into her mother. You’d think at this point Dal Po would realize the In Ha can take the truth about her mother and he does not need to “protect” her by living apart or taking a break from their relationship.
* Bum Jo got the rude shock that his mother has hidden her smart and ruthless ways. Bravo that Bum Jo moved out and did not accept her attempts to wave away his concerns. The trio of Bum Jo, Dal Po, and In Ha work in this drama.
* Yoo Rae continues to be the weak link of our foursome of reporters.

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