Healer Episode 6 Recap

Healer Episode 6. The net tightens drawing our characters closer together. Our heroine admits her crush to our hero, just like Lois Lane admitted her crush on Superman to Clark Kent. 

Healer (Ji Chang Wook) sets off a chain reaction in the green house allowing escape for himself and Young Shin (Park Min Young). Outside the green house, Min Ja and Dae Yong keep the Double S goons occupied with the boss’s car. I loved that Healer asked for Young Shin’s help. This allowed her to get a grip and exit the green house. Does Double S ever have less than 10 guys on location? Dae Yong drives the boss’s car away. Boss is hot in pursuit. Healer drives Young Shin to the surveillance police car with cyber detective, Yoon Dong Won (Jo Han Chul) with the Double S goons in hot pursuit. As the goons explain themselves to the police, Healer slips away unnoticed.


Healer has a one on one conversation with Double S boss. Healer takes the boss’s personal and business cell phones. LOL when Healer took picture of boss handcuffed to his car and threatened to upload the embarassing photo to the Double S website to extract the pass code to boss’s phone.  Healer finds out that Double S has been hired to eliminate him. He does not find out whether it is Moon Ho or Moon Shik that hired Double S. Healer attempts to distance himself from Young Shin claiming he was using her as bait to lure Double S. Not sure anyone is buying that story.

Young Shin’s father and ledge lady arrive at the police station to give a victim statement. Moon Shik’s right hand man has the major news sites upload an article. Oh no, that cannot be good.

Cyber detective tries to get information from Young Shin about the dead scared rabbit client, Sung Chol, but she knows nothing. When he mentions the uploaded article stating President Hwang is countering suing ledge lady, Young Shin grabs his laptop and reads the article. At the police station, Young Shin’s father and ledge lady have been left waiting. Young Shin calls her father to warn him about the article, but he is busy and hangs up. The police officer states that ledge lady will have to provide a statement as the defendant in President Hwang’s counter suit. In desperation, Young Shin calls Kim Moon Ho (Yoo Ji Tae) stating she is swallowing her pride and needs his help.  Surprisingly, Moon Ho is not supportive and blasts her for lack of evidence. Young Shin snipes back that only recently he was begging for her scraps of information. Astonished at her impudence, Moon Ho stares at his phone in disbelief. LOL at his insulted face.

Producer Min Jae is waiting at Moon Ho’s apartment. She believes the recent article that ledge lady is extorting President Hwa to the tune of 3 billion won.

As Young Shin’s father, ledge lady, and Young Shin exit the police building, reporters swarm them asking about the counter suit.

We learn that in the past, Producer Min Jae proposed a relationship with Moon Ho. To his credit, he was honest that another woman, no doubt Myung Hee, had the first spot in his heart. He asks her if she’d be willing to hire a new reporter, no doubt Young Shin. He explains he owes this new reporter a huge debt. Producer Min Jae wants to know if she helps Moon Ho, will she have a romantic chance with him? He hopes so but nixes a long term relationship when he reveals he wants to move to either Alaska or Africa. Moon Ho says his life has been too lukewarm.

Healer tries to contact Min Ja, but she is not taking his calls. Someone is stalking Healer’s lare. Looks like the original Healer is the right hand guy in the photo. We also learn Min Ja is a former police detective. Min Ja warns the man that soon Healer will start digging about the photo on his own and learn the pubic story about his father is that he stole money and committed suicide in police custody.

Young Shin sends a series of three texts to wimpy reporter Bong Soo (Healer). The first is nice, the second is harsh, and the third is nice as she expresses her concern and frustration that he has not let her know that he is ok. LOL Healer’s astonishment that Young Shin says what she thinks without caution.

Bong Soo (Healer) calls Young Shin and relays he is fine though embarrassed that he cannot handle that much violence. Young Shin is understanding confiding she too has a hard time dealing with violence.  Young Shin admits that Moon Ho used to be her crush. Now she has another man she is interested in. Healer, who has been watching her from afar has stealthily moved closer during the conversation and is only a few feet away watching her behind a tree. Young Shin admits she is crushing on a mystery courier. Healer is stunned. She thinks she met him but did not see his face only felt his presence. Embarrassed at sharing her romantic dream, she tells Bong Soo (Healer) that she thinks of him as a brother which is why she shares so freely. Healer does not like being considered a brother! Young Shin’s antiquated flip phone contrasts with Healer high tech gadgetry.

Moon Shik arrives at a bar and is deferential to the old man behind the bar. He tells the older gentleman that “I only did as I’ve been taught”. What does that mean and who is this guy? Congressman Kim is there and pleads for another chance to the older gentleman.

Proving he is not all evil, Moon Shik tenderly puts Choi Myung Hee (Do Ji Won) to bed. She asks her husband if he would rather wear the crown versus be the power behind the throne. He confirms behind the throne works for him. Moon Shik claims his life has been about opposing what is wrong. He knows that opposition needs power to fuel it.

Moon Ho shocks the newspaper team by announcing he is the new owner of the newspaper and building. Everyone is astonished as movers bring top of the line equipment.

Young Shin and Healer wait for the elevator to the newspaper office. Healer is decidedly cool, miffed being considered a brother.

Young Shin is stunned when she and Healer arrive at the office to find Moon Ho there and now the new owner. Moon Ho gives Young Shin a broad smile and flick on her head telling her it is time to work. Irritated he touched Young Shin, Healer glares at Moon Ho.

* Loved the reveals in this episode – Young Shin astonished both Moon Ho and Healer with her candor on the phone; Min Ja called the original Healer who turns out to be the right side man in the photo; a good offense is the best defense as a counter suit against ledge lady is filed effectively casting her as a blackmailer; Moon Ho bought the newspaper – now our trio will really form a relationship. This should be good!
* Chang Wook as Seo Jung Hoo, Healer, is drawn to Young Shin and he cannot stop it. Not sure the Double S boss bought his tale of using Young Shin to trap Double S. I liked that he did not use violence against the Double S Leader. Too bad he did not learn that Moon Shik not Moon Ho hired Double S.  My favorite moment was his phone call with Young Shin when she admitted her crush on Healer. I could watch those two banter on the phone all day. Darling smiles from both of them during the conversation. The way Healer jumps from insane heights without any issue is crazy. I loved his frosty reception to Young Shin the next day as the “like a brother” comment stung him – LOL!
* Park Min Young as Chae Young Shin, astonished both Healer and Moon Ho with her unfiltered moxy. Moon Ho could not believe her insulting candor on the phone. He, in turn, astonished Young Shin when he showed up a work. Young Shin was darling as she gushed about crushing on Moon Ho then Healer. Min Young infused that conversation with fan girl awe, so cute!
* Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho made the bold move by buying the newspaper. I am loving the setup of all three of our leads working together. Interesting that Moon Shik believes he is opposing wrong in his life, that seems delusional. Moon Ho’s stunned outrage when Young Shin insulted him via phone was fun. Even cuter his smile and finger flick at Young Shin. He thinks of her as an indulgent uncle would, but Healer does not know that. I aporeciate Moon Ho’s realization his life had only been lukewarm…until now…he is going to turn up the heat!
* The writer, Song Ji Na, gave us another episode with twists and reveals. I am loving that all our major characters are not simply good or evil, they have shades of gray and believe in their perspectives. Moon Ho is not a straight up good guy. Moon Shik is not a straight up bad guy. I’m intrigued. I like the pace of the relationship between Healer and Young Shin. Now he knows she likes Healer but he cannot reveal himself as Healer so he is hamstrung. This plot point screams Superman/Lois Lane, but in a good way. I look forward to the next step our budding couple takes.
ost_2_healer* The next song in the OST, part 2, was released 22-December-2014. “When You Hold Me Tight” by Yael Meyer.  Check out the tune via this link to the youtube video (music only) or the embedded video below.

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