Healer Episode 5 Recap

Healer Episode 5. The strong must pretend to be weak and the weak are strong.  The depth of story is better than expected.


Healer (Ji Chang Wook) gymnastically fights the Double S goon squad.  The goon leader has fighting skills but Healer manages to keep things even until the police sirens blare their impending arrival. The Double S goons flee. Healer helps Young Shin (Park Min Young) take some medicine as she is shaken up with the violence that has swirled around her. Sweet when Healer almost put his arm around her to comfort her. Love the way he struggled with that contact. That was the best fight so far, goon leader had some fighting smarts.

Young Shin ignores the police instead searching for her wimpy co-reporter Bong Soo (Healer). That impresses Healer.

Healer talks to Min Ja about Young Shin. Min Ja is no fool and understands Healer has a personal interest in Young Shin.

The next morning ex-con coffee shop worker sees Healer asleep on the bench outside the coffee shop. He brings Healer inside. Healer apologizes profusely for leaving Young Shin last night. Young Shin hugs him tightly thanking him for calling the police. When Young Shin hugs, she goes all in, Healer practically has to pry himself out of her embrace. LOL when Young Shin hugs wimpy Healer. She likes to hug him and he cannot seem to escape those hugs!

When Young Shin’s father gruffly invite Healer to a meal, he is amazed at the home cooked meal. Healer is affected by the Young Shin’s potato dish just like his mother used to make. Chang Wook seems so vulnerable and huggable in that moment.

Moon Ho talks about Young Shin with Choi Myung Hee (Do Ji Won). The what-if conversation turns out to be more than she can take. She has a seizure. Moon Shik enters the room and orders Moon Ho outside while he takes care of Myung Hee.

Kim Moon Ho (Yoo Ji Tae) recalls meeting Young Shin. He is practically a fan of Young Shin as he sees her mother so clearly. He respects Young Shin’s moxy in questioning his methodology.

After things settle down, Moon Ho suggests that Moon Shik lied about Myung Hee’s daughter’s death. The grave was full of rocks. He further implies that Moon Shik had something to do with Myung Hee’s husband’s death. Moon Shik does not deny the charges. But he does not believe Moon Ho will do anything about his suspicions so he is unconcerned. He reveals he knows about the book camera Moon Ho planted in the room. Moon Shik has the gall to suggest that Moon Ho is stained by the blood of Moon Shik’s crimes, noting Moon Ho’s non action. If you choose to do nothing, you have made a choice.

Min Ja clearly sees that Healers cares more about Young Shin than himself. Min Ja correctly points out Healer’s involvement with Young Shin has been noticed by Double S goons and whoever hired them. He has put Young Shin in a position for even further scrutiny. Later on the rooftop, Healer compares Young Shin to a fearless leopard that understands the dangers and still proceeds to fight.

Moon Shik’s right hand man suppresses the story on all the major news machines.

Producer tries to reassign Moon Ho who is getting his foot soldier reporters to investigate Young Shin’s story. Instead of being redirected, he resigns.

At the newspaper, the office boss is surprisingly supportive and tells her to go find the evidence for the story.

Is Moon Shik implying he used Healer’s services in the past? Was there an original Healer that he used? This could get more tangled.

Healer asks Min Ja to find out who is in the picture. Min Ja calls a man and says his protege (Healer) may need to be replaced. Healer is getting distracted. That surprises me how matter of fact she is. Who is she calling, the original Healer?

Young Shin and Healer go into the lair of the President Hwang. I see no redeeming qualities in this guy. It is creepy when he touches Young Shin’s chin. I’m recoiling for her. Healer has a hard time holding back intervening in the situation. This guy is sick and creepy as he beats his companion right in front of everyone. Healer protectively shields Young Shin. She flashes back to abusive adoptive father and the golf club.

Healer calls the cavalry. Dae Yong and some biker friends attack the Double S goons. Min Ja controls the car remotely causing a further distraction among the Double S goons. Young Shin is touched again by the creepy President Hwang. I’m recoiling for her again. Young Shin stammers that he is a creep too lowly to recycle.

Healers sets off a chain reaction in the green house. Shelves fall and white powder goes flying. Everyone is coughing. Young Shin manages to get herself pulled together and takes the lead as she leads Healer out of the room. The smile on his face as she protectively pulls him away…priceless.

* This show has more overt violence towards women than typical in a drama: hitting ledge girl in the car, Young Shin being a victim of an abusive adoptive father, and President Hwang hitting the girl in this episode. Healer is compelled to help Young Shin. He cannot turn away. I love that Min Ja called him superman, which is exactly what Healer is. He pretends to be a wimpy reporter and hides his true identity of hero. Surprisingly, Healer did not understand the superman reference. You must give Young Shin respect for the amount of moxy she has. I was amazed that she visited the President Hwang. Young Shin had only Healer in tow and President Hwang had the entire Double S goon squad. The reveal that Moon Shik may have used Healer’s service in the past adds even more depth to the story.
* Chang Wook as Seo Jung Hoo, Healer, is literally superman as the meek and mild reporter hiding his awesomeness. Sweet when he blocked Young Shin from seeing the politician striking the girl. Sweet that he helped Young Shin take the medicine after he defeated the goon squad at the beginning of the episode. Chang Wook has me hook, line and sinker. When Moon Shik showed an obvious interest in Healer I was immediately on alert. Do NOT hurt my Healer!
* Park Min Young as Chae Young Shin, has astonishing moxy. Healer drawing an analogy that she is the fearless (not stupid) leopard aware of the danger but willing to fight anyhow, was spot on. Min Young manages to portray Young Shin as bold and breakable at the same time, bravo.
* Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho confronted his brother Moon Shik about if Jiam (Young Shin’s birth name) was alive or dead. I took Moon Shik’s response as confirmation that Jiam is alive and yes he did have a direct hand in killing Myung Hee’s husband. Moon Ho drew the bad brother card in life! Moon Ho’s what if Jiam were alive conversation with Myung Hee did seem too pushy.
* The writer, Song Ji Na, is producing a more layered story than I expected and I appreciate it. Who is Min Ja calling and discussing replacing Healer with? Is it the original Healer? Did Moon Shik hire original Healer in the past? Was the job he hired him for connected to Young Shin? I’m intrigued and looking forward to the next episode.

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