Healer Episode 4 Recap

Healer Episode 4. The three primary characters Young Shin, Moon Ho and Healer meet for the first time. Young Shin publishes an article that angers a group of powerful men. Both Moon Ho and Healer protect Young Shin using their particular strengths.  

Min Ja advises Healer (Ji Chang Wook), who blearily drags himself out of bed and readies himself for work, not to work undercover at Young Shin’s newspaper. The risks are too high for exposure. She is right, but Healer ignores her counsel.

Kim Moon Ho (Yoo Ji Tae) attends a meeting, at his brother Moon Shik’s invitation, with 5 powerful men. They press Moon Ho to go into politics. They need a fresh face to attract young voters and do their bidding. Is this an offer Moon Ho cannot refuse?

Cyber detective, Yoon Dong Won (Jo Han Chul), obtains a video from a passenger of the subway train showing Healer and scared rabbit client exiting when the train stopped with the Double S goons close behind. Min Ja intercepts the video and is concerned that the police are actively hunting Healer.

Min Ja calls  Kang Dae Yong, their courier (who rocks martial arts in her spare time) and assigns her to find Healer who has turned off his communication and tracking devices much to Min Ja’s exasperation.

Healer flashes back to his mother leaving him after his father died. Mom could not cope with being a single parent and left a young Healer with her mother. His mother seems insensitive as she urges young Healer to hurry and eat his dinner so she can leave him and with no promise of return.

Healer visits his mother. They have a surprisingly coridal relationship. His mother has remarried and has a child. Healer asks if she has any keepsakes from his father.

Healer asks about their friends back in the day. He shows her the picture with his father on the left. His mother remembers his father with fondness but does not have much information about the others in the picture. She does remember the couple in the center were married (Young Shin’s parents).

Young Shin (Park Min Young) is unable to convince her boss to publish her article about the politician and ledge lady. They are an on-line entertainment source not a hard hitting newspaper. All co-workers go out drinking. Young Shin gets drunk. Healer walks her home. Suspicious of the young man that walked a drunk Young Shin home, Young Shin’s father and ex-con family friend corner Healer. Chang Wook does a terrific job of portraying a meek man. They iterate 3 rules to live by when dealing with Young Shin:
1. Don’t let her drink. LOL, ex-con quips this is difficult to achieve. Young Shin does things that get her in trouble when she drinks.
2. Don’t let her open cans. She cuts herself.
3. Don’t let her witness violence. Father says as a young child Young Shin witnessed an accident that scarred her. Father describes her reaction to violence – hard to breathe, chest pains, and blurry vision.

Healer comes behind Dae Yong and admonishes her to stop tailing him. Instead, Healer asks her to tail Moon Ho.

As she goes to bed, Young Shin asks ledge lady (recall she is staying in their place) if she wants to take a risk. Young Shin types an article exposing without explicitly naming names the politician and the sexual blackmail ledge lady endured. Both women look at each other…and Young Shin uploads to article.

Healer sleeps on the couch. Young Shin has a nightmare about her abusive adoptive father that involves her cowering in the closet and him approaching with a stick and looking menancing. She wakes and goes to sleep on the couch. Healer is astonished when sleep walking Young Shin comes to the couch and lays down. He scoots off and tries to wake her to get her to return to her room but she does not wake up.

Meanwhile Healer’s mother looks in a memory box and finds old photos of her former life with her first husband. She thinks back to when Choi Myung Hee (Do Ji Won) and her husband visited them in their new home. After a while both sets of parents wondered where the kids were. Surprised, they found Healer (real name Jung Hoo) and Young Shin (original name Jiam) sleeping holding hands. The parents snapped a picture.

In the morning we find Healer and Young Shin asleep on the couch holding hands, just like they did when they were kids. Young Shin’s father is astonished that she is sleeping next to another person, something she has a difficult time doing, much less holding hands. The transition of present to past was excellent. Well done production team.

With Young Shin’s unauthorized article, the phones are ringing off the hook at work. On the plus side, their internet site is getting the highest traffic ever. The boss is furious and itching to get his hands on Young Shin to rant about her unauthorized article.

At the new station, the producer realizes that if Moon Ho hears about the article, he will want to investigate. If he investigate, undoubtedly their sponsors will be upset. She tries to distract Moon Ho with another assignment but he quickly sees through the diversionary tactics and reads the article. He is concerned for Young Shin. After his meeting with the powerful men, he knows they will not take these accusations well. He disobeys his producer and heads to Young Shin’s workplace.

Young Shin is stunned to find Moon Ho in all his luscious handsomeness in front of her. She goes fan girl and gushes her admiration. That soon turns sour as Moon Ho asks Young Shin to turn the story over to him. He states he can protect her source better than she can.

As they walk home, Young Shin rants to Healer that her idol is nothing but a story stealing scumbag. Healer spots the Double S goons following them. He activates his tracking and communication gear. Min Ja is happy and irritated that he is engaged again. She is immediately concerned as she accesses the CCTVs and sees the number of Double S goons that want to snatch Young Shin. She advises that Healer NOT engage and let them take her or his identity will be revealed. On a side street with goons in front and behind them Young Shin and Healer realize they are caught in a goon sandwich. Healer acts like a wimp and Young Shin offers to go with the goons if they leave Healer alone. As she leaves with the goons she begins to display the symptoms her father described to Healer earlier…shortness of breath and blurry vision.

As Healer stands alone he considers the right choice; save Young Shin or save his closely guarded identity. I love this moment, it is a turning point.

As a true hero would, Healer does a quick change and engages the goons in what can only be described as gymnastic fighting to defeat the goon squad. Healer gets a score of 10 on his dismount! Healer takes the time to cover Young Shin with his jacket before fighting the goons so she does not witness the voilence. A bit of a mismatch having the beautiful song “Eternal Love” playing in the background during the fight.

At the end of the fight Healer looks at Young Shin as she peers out the jacket to see what just happened.

* Awesome that our three main characters, Moon Ho, Healer, and Young Shin finally met. I love that both men protected Young Shin. She is clueless Moon Ho was protecting her when he asked to take over her story. Instead she wrongly thinks he was stealing her story. Young Shin is also clueless that the gentle man she works with is Healer who wiped out the goon squad to save her. Last episode both men watched Young Shin, this episode they ratcheted it up and protected her.
* Chang Wook as Seo Jung Hoo, Healer, is super as the meek and mild reporter deftly hiding his awesomeness. Sweet when he covered Young Shin before he fought the goons so she would not see the violence. When Young Shin’s father and ex-con friend cornered Healer in the study to lay down the three rules for dealing with Young Shin, his wimpy reaction was darling. Against his will he admires Young Shin’s spirited ways. How terrific is it that Healer and Young Shin were childhood acquaintances. Nice story detail by the writer, Song Ji Na. The present characters holding hands morphing to the past picture of them holding hands was the highlight of the episode. It shows an innate trust Young Shin has in Healer. I was also pleased Healer has a positive relationship with his mother!
* Park Min Young as Chae Young Shin, was oblivious to the two hot guys helping her. I love her moxy writing the article about the big time politician and a sex ring (even though she was drunk). Weird but cute, her dinosaur theories when she is drunk. Young Shin’s father was protective too as he intimidated Healer while listening to the rules about her.
* Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho was put in the unenviable position powerful men wanting him to become their puppet. Can he refuse this offer? Having his brother facilitate this meeting, again shows that his brother is not a nice guy.
* There have been moments where Healer’s abilities have been over the top, like Healer defeating 15 goons solo in this episode or Healer jumping from rooftop to rooftop to track Moon Ho’s car in episode 3, or defeating 10 goons in episode 1, but this is minor quibble.


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3 comments on “Healer Episode 4 Recap
  1. snow says:

    I too thought that…he is a superhuman…as he was literally flying in the air from rooftop to ground and vice-versa 😀

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