Healer Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3 of Healer moves the characters around on the chess storyboard. Moon Ho and Healer watch Young Shin. Moon Ho avoids direct contact with Young Shin. But Healer gets in the game by going undercover.  

Kim Moon Ho (Yoo Ji Tae) has a reoccurring dream, perhaps you’d call it a nightmare, involving his sister-in-law Choi Myung Hee (Do Ji Won) and her newborn baby. He wakes and ponders the picture of Young Shin. He knows Myung Hee would be proud of her daughter. Recall Moon Ho learned Young Shin is the long lost daughter that Myung Hee has presumed dead for many years. Moon Ho tells himself “I have committed a crime”. What crime is that? Let’s find out.

Father and Chae Young Shin (Park Min Young) ponder how to help ledge lady that Young Shin talked out of committing suicide. Ledge lady asks to stay with them and for Father to become her lawyer. Throughout these discussions, Healer (Ji Chang Wook) is busy bugging Young Shin and her Father’s apartment above the coffee shop. While Healer tries to figure out how to bug Young Shin’s flip phone – LOL “what kind of antique object is this” – she enters her room and he slides under the bed undetected. Young Shin belts out a tune while the trapped Healer suffers through her rendition.

At work Moon Ho gets another scolding from his producer for his off-script attacks on their sponsor, a big company. She notes his brother, Moon Shik, is upstairs talking to the President of the company. That gets Moon Ho’s attention. He waits for Moon Shik (Park Sang Won). He and his brother go for a ride. Moon Ho wonders why Moon Shik visited the President saying “you do not swim in my waters”. Moon Shik counters “It is time you swim in my waters”. Moon Shik tells Moon Ho that he and Myung Hee consider him their child. That is a bit weird for a brother to consider his brother his child, even with the age gap. Moon Ho does not like that and tells him to back off. “Do not make me rebel” is the clear statement.

Poor Young Shin’s big scoop that the famous actress was seeing the famous man (she abandoned getting proof of the relationship to save ledge lady) is now common knowledge. Her boss is livid she let the story slip through her fingers.

We learned scared rabbit client was poisoned then thrown off the train. Cyber detective, Yoon Dong Won (Jo Han Chul), tells his coworkers that Healer is the natural suspect, all criminals elevate their crimes when they consistently get away with illegal activities. That logic is ridiculous. You’ve tracked Healer for 5 years, he has never murdered before, why now?

Ledge woman tells Young Shin and her father that she is an actress that got used for sex by men in high places. First they drugged her and videotaped her. Then they blackmailed her into sleeping with powerful men. Turns out the man that slapped ledge woman around in the car was a politician running for mayor of Seoul. Father asks Young Shin to write an article about the scandal. Young Shin hesitates to involve herself. Later the ladies have a heart to heart. You gotta respect ledge lady for being willing to put herself on the line. I hope she does not get victimized again by the system.

Min Ja is not happy that Healer will not go into hiding while he is being hunted as a murder suspect. Healer refuses to kowtow to the pressure. Healer remembers scared rabbit client mentioning Jeil News Corporation. Healer suspects that the client that hired them to interact with scared rabbit client is behind framing him for murder. Excellent guess, Moon Shik is the one behind this. Healer declares “I’m going to find the real killer”.  Healer notices a man (Moon Ho) watching the coffee shop. Min Ja identifies the car and driver as Moon Ho, younger brother of the president of Jeil News Corporation.

Another flashback of Moon Ho meeting baby Young Shin, who was originally named Jiam.

Young Shin cleans up outside the coffee shop and notices a man (Moon Ho) staring at her. She decides to approach his car and he speeds off. Healer takes off to follow him leaping across roofs. It is hard to believe but fun to watch. He calls courier Kang Dae Yong and borrows her motorcycle much to her displeasure. Cute scene as he counts down his exit on her motorcycle clearly indicating she should get out of the way.

He follows Moon Ho to his brother’s house. Myung Hee is surprised to see Moon Ho. Healer has no problem jumping the fence and avoiding all the surveillance men and cameras (hard to believe). He enters the house upstairs and finds himself in Myung Hee’s bedroom. As he looks around he finds the picture of the 5 students, the same picture he has in his apartment! Wow…big moment! Healer tells Min Ja that so far “living life was whatever” but now “things are starting to get exciting”. I agree Healer, I agree.

Moon Shik’s right hand man offers president of the rival company, Double S, a fabulous price for his company. Recall the rival company Double S sent goons to snatch scared rabbit client and Healer defeated them. Greed glazes his vision and he asks what he would have to do in return for the money. Right hand man indicates in exchange for the money the man inside the car would own his soul. Stunned, he sees right hand man is dead serious. He considers, then enters to the car to meet his new boss and master, Moon Shik. I’m telling you Moon Shik’s smile has a creepy factor if you think about it.

Young Shin goes to her job at the newspaper. Her boss is not interested in the piece she wrote. He introduces her to their new junior reporter and her new partner, Park Bong Soo. Wow, it is Healer in all his undercover shy goodness. Young Shin introduces him around the newspaper and offers to take her new subordinate out to lunch.

As Young Shin and Healer walk the sidewalk to lunch, Moon Ho walks the sidewalk on the other side of the road, watching Young Shin.

Moon Ho reveals what we’ve wondered about all episode…”my crime is silence”. He recalls again meeting baby Young Shin, called Jiam, for the first time. Beautiful segway from the past to present as Moon Ho opens his eyes as the memory ends.

* How interesting that episode starts with Healer watching Young Shin from afar and ends with Moon Ho watching Young Shin from afar. This episode felt like the writer, Song Ji Na, was positioning the characters like pieces on a chess board. Episode 1 felt the same to me. This was a quiet episode in comparison with the previous. Not sure I captured them all but this episode had cute moments too.
* I love watching Ji Chang Wook as Seo Jung Hoo, Healer, blossom and start to get involved directly instead of staying in the shadows. I was pleasantly surprised to see him undercover as a reporter in the newspaper Young Shin works for. Do we have a Superman / Lois Lane story? Healer wants to get to know Young Shin. Listening devices and watching from afar will only get you so far. Chang Wook does a terrific job portraying unsure men. I am loving Healer and Chang Wook’s portrayal of him.
* How realistic to have Park Min Young as Chae Young Shin, hesitate to write an expose about a big time politician and a sex ring. She should hesitate. There would likely be negative fallout from exposing powerful men. I like that Young Shin thought she had met Healer before but he managed to squash that suspicion. Min Young is hitting the mark in her portrayal of Young Shin. I like this character’s earnest ways.
* Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho had the emotional story this episode. The reoccurring dream of meeting baby Young Shin for the first time in the hospital after Myung Hee gave birth was shown multiple times this episode. The last flashback was perfectly staged. As the flashback ended, the camera focused on Moon Ho’s regretful face in the present. I felt his pain and sadness at keeping quiet and not going against his power and apparently evil brother. “My crime is silence”…that was an impactful statement and perfect way to end the episode.
* The lovely song that played in the background of the last scene is the first song, “‘Eternal Love” by Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR), released 2014-Dec-08 as part 1 of the original soundtrack. Good article about the song. I made a youtube video with snapshots from episodes 1-3. Watch the embedded video below or use the link.


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