Healer Episode 2 Recap

Healer Episode 2 weaves all the threads the writer laid out in the first episode into a tightly woven story that is well acted and simply superb.  Consider me hooked on Healer!

Not your tradition back hug when Healer clips Young Shin's nails!

Not your tradition back hug when Healer clips Young Shin’s finger nails without her seeing his face!

We begin Episode 2 as Chae Young Shin (Park Min Young) rushes to get out the door to work. She and her father live above his coffee shop. Father is a part-time lawyer and part-time coffee shop owner. Turns out several of the former criminals that Father defended now work at the coffee shop. Darling two part flashback: Part 1 – Former criminal teaches Young Shin as a young girl how to pick a lock. Part 2 – As a teenage she in turn pickpockets his keys and locks him out of the coffee shop much to the glee of the other former criminals workers. Father and former criminal worker get her to eat a bite before she rushes for the bus stop. After she boards the bus Healer enters behind her. When the bus takes off, Young Shin falls into Healer. He rights her then quickly turns away. She tries to catch his eye but he avoids her gaze. He sits behind her hoping to pluck a hair for the DNA test his client (Moon Ho) has requested. No dice, she puts on a hat. Young Shin is aware that he is watching her. As she exits the bus, she notices that he follows her. Healer creates a diversion and snatches her purse hoping to find a toothbrush or hairbrush in the backpack. No such luck, as Healer surveys the contents of the bag. Young Shin boldly accosts him and asks him to return the bag. In some nifty maneuvers she almost gets a clear view of him, but he wraps her from behind stunning her as he clips her fingernails. He quietly tells her she should not follow strange men then leaves.

Next Healer drop off the package with Young Shin’s fingernails to Kang Dae Yong who whines that she is tired of deliveries and wants more challenging work from Min Ja. Healer stays out of that discussion, cutely putting her helmet on her head and sending her on her way. The package is delivered to a locker and the client (Moon Ho) receives a text with the combination. He retrieves the package and gives it to his long suffering assistant Lee Jong Soo for delivery to the lab.

Next day at work Moon Ho (Ji Tae) sweet talks the producer to forgiving him for his off script comments on the broadcast. She warns him the network bigwigs cannot be sweet talked because their primary sponsor is the company doing the layoffs he reported on.

Moon Ho gets a phone call from his sister-in-law Choi Myung Hee (Do Ji Won) and goes to his brother’s house to visit. She chides him for missing the memorial service for her assumed dead daughter yesterday. Ah, the daughter Moon Ho is trying to find no doubt. Moon Ho looks chagrined and she immediately forgives him. Ji Won has a terrific smile! When his brother, Moon Shik, enters the kitchen the mood gets more serious as he tells his wife it is time for her medicine. Moon Shik talks to Moon Ho outside and mentions that Myung Hee is resisting her medicine and rest. Moon Ho sweetly tucks her in for a nap and they reminisce about old times. Moon Ho remembers Myung Hee’s kindness to him as a boy and his brother’s longing for her, though she loved another. It is obvious both brothers care deeply for Myung Hee.

Hanging out in his brother’s study Moon Ho retrieves an SD card from a stealth camera in a bookshelf. Wow! Moon Ho has bugged his brother’s study! Later he watches the video listening intently when his brother tells his henchman that the man with the package and the Healer must both be eliminated. The henchman frets eliminating the Healer will be difficult.

The lab calls Moon Ho. Young Shin’s DNA matches Myung Hee – they are mother and daughter! Moon Ho is stunned his search is finally over.

We get a sense of the Healer’s jobs. He describes himself as a courier – NO killing, that is an absolute. He does not care if he is working for the good guys or the bad guys as long as they pay the fee, they can have his courier services. He only has 3 numbers in his cell phone – Min Ja (job coordinator), Dae Yong (delivery girl) and his favorite eatery. He states “Family, friends, colleagues – I don’t have any”.

Moon Ho tasks the healer to find out about Young Shin though a series of questions.

Question 1 – was Young Shin abused by her adoptive father? Disguised as a nerd in dorky glasses (that still have the heads up display) Healer heads to the coffee shop. He plays the nerd well and timidly orders and waits for his food. While he waits Young Shin comes down the stairs for breakfast. She and her father banter and enjoy each other. Her father puts on a record and sings at the top of his lungs while Young Shin dances about. Min Ja observes the song and dance routine through the display. LOL as you see her write to Moon Ho – client not abused by adoptive father – not applicable!

Question 2 – what does Young Shin do for a living? Healer follows Young Shin as she searches for the license plate of the famous man she believes to be having an affair with the famous actress. Recall she feigned sickness as a delivery person in episode 1 at this actress’s apartment to gain entry. Healer does not know why she is looking at all the license plates, declaring to Min Ja that she is aimless. Young Shin observes a man slapping around a woman in the back of a car. She wants to intervene but the henchmen outside the car glare at her and she realizes she can do nothing. Then the famous man drives and parks next to Young Shin. Jackpot! As she hurries to follow him into the apartment building she is unable to enter because she does not know the code. The famous man slips into the elevator. The abused woman enters the building allowing Young Shin to slip in. They ride the elevator together. The woman is in a daze and does not engage when Young Shin talks to her. Young Shin exits the elevator at the famous actress floor. She decides that disguising herself as a police officer will garner her access to the apartment. Healer goes up the elevator and stops on the same floor as Young Shin. She spots the woman’s bag on the elevator floor. With a sense of foreboding she enters the elevator to try and find the woman. She ends up on the roof and sees the woman on the ledge ready to jump.

Wrapped in emotion Young Shin pleads with the woman not to jump. The woman does not respond. Young Shin confesses to the woman that she knows what it is like to be abused. She shares how when she was 5 years old her parents dumped her. She was in and out of orphanages until she was 7 when she was adopted. She confesses the man beat her, and she too considered suicide as the way to make the pain stop. The woman finally looks at her and tears stream down their faces. Unbeknownst to the women, Healer is streaming the conversation to Min Ja via his eye glasses. The woman takes Young Shin’s hand and comes down off the ledge. Park Min Young knocked that scene out of the park…well done!

Moon Ho watches Young Shin's confession

Moon Ho watches Young Shin’s confession and is touched

When Moon Ho watches the confession of Young Shin’s life he cries. Moon Ho remembers his brother’s longing for Myung Hee, though she loved another.

Cyber Detective, Yoon Dong Won, tracks Healer

Cyber Detective, Yoon Dong Won, tracks Healer

A cyber detective, Yoon Dong Won (Jo Han Chul), shows up at the scene of a crime. A man was pushed from a bridge. On the man was the healer’s email address. Dong Won tells the detective he has been tracking the Healer for years to no avail. This email is his first big break.

Young Shin and Father befriend ledge woman

Young Shin and Father befriend ledge woman

Question 3 – what is Young Shin’s dream? As Healer watches Young Shin and her father befriending the woman that almost committed suicide, Min Ja gets disturbing news. There is a picture of the Healer with the scared rabbit client from episode one. The man that was pushed from the bridge was the scarred rabbit client. Oh no, Healer is a murder suspect. As Min Ja informs the Healer, he is more interested in completing the current assignment.

Like a ninja, he breaks into Young Shin’s room over the coffee shop and begin to search hoping to find a clue to her dreams. There are no journals or diaries much to his chagrin. As Young Shin enters the room to get clean clothing for the woman to wear, Healer hides literally above her. As he lands from the ceiling, he sees 3 pictures side by side – himself, Moon Ho, and Young Shin. He declares to Min Ja that he must find out what Young Shin’s dreams are and he may have to get close to her to ascertain her dreams.

* Writer Song Ji Na crafted a second episode that knitted the threads of the first episode into a compelling story. This episode was tight and revealed several items of interest:
1. Moon Ho’s brother Moon Shik had the scared client killed and is after Healer too. That makes me suspect that perhaps Moon Shik eliminated Myung Hee’s lover so he could marry her.
2. Moon Ho learned that Young Shin is Myung Hee’s long lost presumed dead daughter. Did Moon Shik have something to do with Myung Hee abandoning Young Shin when she was 5? What lies did he tell to make Myung Hee believe her daughter was dead?
3. Healer is truly a lone wolf. He does not have friends or family and likes that. But he is intrigued by Young Shin. He is curious why his picture is on her bedroom wall. I look forward to Healer’s search for the truth.
* Ji Chang Wook as Seo Jung Hoo, Healer, was front and center this episode. He is so cool! I loved his stealthy ninja ways as he retrieved items that needed to be couriered. LOL at his horror of Young’s Shin’s father’s bad singing. He was attracted watching Young Shin dance. Watching her to answer the questions, he found her back story touching and against his will he is drawn to her. The trio of photos on Young Shin’s wall captured Healer’s interest. The writer for put our three primary characters on the wall. I look forward the establishment of their relationship. I love how Jung Hoo embodies the standoffish Healer.
* Park Min Young as Chae Young Shin, delivered a heartfelt scene as she confessed her abusive past to the ledge edge woman. Love the way she took this woman into her home. She just didn’t let the police deal with this. She took action to help the woman personally. Both Healer and Moon Ho are drawn to her and I see why. Young Shin has a brain and moxy.
* Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho bugged his brother’s office! Obviously he suspects/knows that his brother is ruthless. The video confirms that Moon Shik is not the wonderful man he pro ports to be. His order to kill the client was cold. What else has his brother done? The scene where Moon Ho watches Young Shin’s confession of abuse from her past was perfection. Ji Tae struggled to watch the confession, stopping the video tape and finally closing the laptop as a single tear ran down his cheek. Fine acting from an easy on the eyes Ji Tae.
* Terrific episode!


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  1. snow says:

    I’m really enjoying Healer. I find it really amusing how all the characters are different and can’t wait for them to cross path.

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