Two Faces of My Girlfriend Review

Review. Two Faces of My Girlfriend is a pleasant fun-minded film.

Synopsis. Loser guy meets unique girl who turns out to have two personalities. He meets and falls in love with the pretty and quirky A Ni. But the flip side is Ha Ni, who is not thrilled with A Ni’s choice in him.

Details. Two Faces of My Girlfriend is a 2007 Korean movie that stars Jung Ryeo Won as the split personality girlfriend (A Ni / Ha Ni) of Bong Tae Gyu (Gu Chang). He’s never had a girlfriend and she’s got a secret that has caused the split personality. He is unaware she has a split personality and watching him figure it out is part of the fun of the film. She is unaware she has a split personality and watching her story unfold was the best part of the film. Will this couple make it to the other side?

What I liked about Two Faces of My Girlfriend:

Bong Tae Gyu as Gu Chang. In the beginning Gu Chang is the kind of guy you would not want any girl to get involved with. Aimless, with an allowance from his divorced sister, he is inexperienced in love. His initial interactions with every character had me unimpressed with him. But through the course of his relationship with A Ni / Ha Ni he grows in a kinder more considerate guy. Tae Gyu is not your normal good looking male lead. So his appeal must build through the course of the film. In the end, the character worked and was likable.

Jung Ryeo Won hit the mark portraying split personality A Ni and Ha Ni. I enjoyed Ryeo Won as the leading lady in King of Drama (see review). She is the reason I elected to watch this film. Ryeo Won does a super job portraying the sweet A Ni that has several issues she needs to deal with and the harder edged Ha Ni who is a tough nonsense gal. Ryeo Won is appealing and handled both characters well. It was amusing when Ha Ni would switch to A Ni. He would anxiously call “A Ni” and Ha Ni would open her eyes and snap “Not yet”.

Supporting characters. From Gu Chang’s mother, sister, and nephew to his trio of buddies, his support network was solid and open to A Ni. They loved the loser Gu Chang and were rewarded as his relationship with A Ni finally had him grow into a better person. One of the sweet moments was when Gu Chang, A Ni, and his trio of buddies drove to the beach and enjoyed the day.

What I did not like about Two Faces of My Girlfriend:

The story was worse and better than expected. The worse – it took a while for these characters who felt broad and unreal to click with me. The better – A Ni back story was more intricate than expected.

Final Thoughts:
Two Faces of My Girlfriend is an decent film. Our couple was pleasant. It was unfortunate I did not like the leading man from the get go. This slowed the gelling of the couple and my enjoyment of them through the first third of the film. The film starts to pick up momentum in the second third as our couple clicks and you wonder what is the deal with her. The strength of the movie was the leading lady’s back story, why she has a split personality condition, which had more nuances than expected, as it unfolded in the latter third of the film.


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