Tomorrow’s Cantabile Episode 15 Recap

Tomorrow’s Cantabile Lesson 15 …  

We begin episode 15 as Nae Il (Shim Eun Kyung) hypnotises Yoo Jin (Joo Won). Recall he has a childhood trauma from a plane incident. She takes him through the pain of the incident. Nae Il tells him when he wakes he will be able to go on a plane. When the alarm sounds, Nae Il is gone and Yoo Jin remembers her words “when you wake you will be able to go on a plane anywhere”. Yoo Jin muses that Nae Il has been saying weird things lately. Did the hypnosis work?

…Cue Opening Credits…

Shi Won (Bae Min Jung) finds Yoo Il Rak (Ko Gyung Pyo) playing the violin in a practice room. He is sporting his new couples ring and playing with vigor. She questions if he faked the injury. He confirms he did this so she would be the soloist for the orchestra. She declares he is an excellent violinist and thanks him for the gesture with a hug. Sweet!

Yoon Hoo (Park Bo Gum) asks Yoo Jin why he is the one behind the orchestra having issues. Yoo Jin muses it is because he trusts the orchestra. He recalls their support when he dropped the baton.

Il Rak tells the few orchestra members that attend practice they must rally the remaining members to continue to play. Yoon Hoo throws a damper on their enthusiasm and asks if it isn’t time to quit.

ep15_5 ep15_6
Nae Il pesters Yoo Jin to give him 6 hours of his time. In return she will never say “my Nae Il” again. That is an offer Yoo Jin cannot refuse. Nae Il takes him to see a movie with scenes similar to what they’ve experienced. Nae Il asks if he notices the similarities. Yoo Jin scoffs. Next they try their luck at the claw game. Yoo Jin bags a small stuffed item but Nae Il wins with a medium stuffed dog.

As Nae Il wraps a scarf around him they are both suddenly aware of the nearness of each other. He stares. She stares…then the alarm goes off…date over. At the doors to their respective apartments, Nae Il reassures him the S Orchestra members will convince the other members to return to practice and the A Orchestra members will convince the board to let the orchestra perform. Yoo Jin says he knows and enters his apartment. Alone in the hallway, Nae Il states she had fun on their date. Alone in his apartment, Yoo Jin wonders why Nae Il looks so pretty now.

Yoo Jin enters an empty practice room. Yoon Hoo follow and says he was reckless believing the orchestra members would rally around him. Yoo Jin says even without the board’s approval they can continue to play together even if they have to practice in the lobby. Yoon Hoo tells Yoo Jin to go to the teacher’s lounge, that’s where everyone is.

Meanwhile the board members gather with the Orchestra watching them. The fathers marvel their selfish A Orchestra children are now team players. Yoo Jin arrives touched that the Orchestra rallied together for the board members.

Meanwhile Yoon Hoo recalls how the orchestra members told him that they couldn’t quit, not when Yoo Jin trusts them. Clever bit of camera work when Yoon Hoo remembers the scene and the present day Yoon Hoo is at one side of the practice room while the memory Yoon Hoo is on the opposite side.

Dean Song gets the phone call that the Orchestra can perform. The Maestro waits for her to relat the decision.

The Orchestra celebrates the good news they can perform.

Nae Il and Min Hee are bummed this is her last day playing piano at the cafe. Nae Il tells Min Hee to take care of herself. She hugs her hard. That felt like a good bye.

ep15_13 ep15_14
Nae Il talks to Maestro and asks that he take Yoo Jin with him to Eurpope even if Yoo Jin claims he does not want to go. She ends the conversation by giving him the watch she uses for hypnosis. That felt like a good bye.

ep15_15 ep15_16
Yoon Hoo sees Nae Il and she takes the opportunity to thank him for supporting her and liking her. He asks why she seems upset. She states she is fine. That felt like a good bye.

Maestro tells Yoon Hoo that Yoo Jin is his only pupil though he believes in Yoon Hoo’s talent. They both agree he has limits on what he is willing to do. Maestro states that arrogance is funny…only the ones you accept, you acknowledge. If someone makes you see otherwise, then he is the teacher. That sounds like Yoo Jin to me.

ep15_17 ep15_18
Professor Do tells Professor Ahn that Nae Il can compete in the Salsburg competition. Professor Song submitted Nae Il’s name. They are thrilled. Professor Do notes that Nae Il’s cell phone appears to be off, so he has not told her the good news. I do not like Professor’s Do hair or the clean shaven look. Give me back the waves and the beard.

Yoon Hoo tries to find Nae Il but she is not answering her cell phone. He asks Min Soo and Min Hee but they do not know where she is. They note that she acted odd yesterday giving them pictures of Yoo Jin and coupons respectively. Desperate Yoon Hoo calls Yoo Jin. Yoo Jin claims she is asleep in the apartment. He enters the code to the apartment but the code has been changed. Now Yoo Jin realizes something is wrong. He calls Min Hee to start searching.

As Min hee, Min Soo and Il Rak search, Min Hee realizes the Nae Il planned this and has left.

Yoo Jin searches the city streets for Nae Il but to no avail. Her phone is off, her door lock is changed, and no one can find her.

Nae Il calls Min Hee saying she returned to her family on Jeju island. Yoo Jin snatches the phone from her hand. He barks at Nae Il – what is she doing? Nae Il hangs up much to his and everyone else’s surprise. Il Rak, Min Hee and even Min Soo chew Yoo Jin out for being mean to Nae Il. Frustrated he confiscates Min Hee’s cell phone and leaves.

ep15_21 ep15_22
On Jeju, Nae Il tells her mother, father and grandmother she is on early break from school.

Professor Do asks Yoo Jin where Nae Il is. When he learns she is on Jeju, he tells Yoo Jin that Nae Il has been selected for the Salsburg international competition. LOL, Yoo Jin’s face when he stares at the clean shaven Professor.

Yoo Jin calls Nae Il and leaves a voice mail telling her about the international competition, that he is working on his fears with the doctor, and that the idiots miss her. He almost tells her he misses her too but does not. He muses a text with a heart shape would have been easier. Ah, he loves her but just cannot say it yet.

Nae Il calls Min Hee’s phone which Yoo Jin confiscated. He asks her not to hang up. He tells her about the piano competition. He tells her that she must return and submit her response in 2 days…the day of the concert. He promises he will not ask why she left. Nae Il counters that once he leaves for Europe, she will return. He tells her that he cannot go. She tells him she is tired of all of it. He asks if she really is willing to give up piano, school and him. She hesitates then confirms she is willing to give it all up. Hurt he hangs up. Nae Il wonders if she went too far.

Yoon Hoo asks Yoo Jin when Nae Il will return. Yoo Jin clips out that Nae Il is not returning. Yoon Hoo is not happy. Yoo Jin angrily tears up the international competition papers for Nae Il.

Both dressed in hideous outfits, Dean Song and the Maestro, meet for what the Maestro says is a date not a carpool. Professor Do arrives and thanks Maestro for the ride and gets in the car. Dean Song follows suit. Maestro is thwarted.

At the concert hall Maestro returns Yoo Jin’s watch and tells him Nae Il told him to take Yoo Jin with him to Europe. He further states the Nae Il said Yoo Jin could go with him. He asks if there is a secret that only they know about. Yoo Jin says it does not matter anymore.

Alone in the dressing room Yoo Jin stares at the watch. Yoon Hoo enters and tells him that if he heads to the airport right after the concert he can catch a flight to Jeju and see Nae Il that night. He notices the watch that Nae Il formerly carried. Yoon Hoo says that Nae Il told him she was studying hypnosis. He leaves. Yoo Jin recalls the doctor’s words that a person can only be hypothesized by someone they trust. Now Yoo Jin realizes his memory of the words “you can get one plane and go anywhere” must have been from a session where Nae Il hypothesized him.

The Orchestra and audience wait for Yoo Jin to enter the stage. Yoo Jin and Il Rak enter the stage. Il Rak starts playing and the audience is swept into Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto in D major op.35 (see youtube video). The orchestra joins and it is beautifully executed. The audience is enthusiastic in their response. Yoo Jin bows his thanks to the orchestra and realizes his job is done.

Shi Won enthusiastically hugs Il Rak and tells him he was awesome. He hugs her back. Min Hee and Min Soo note the scene is just like a movie.

Yoon Hoo is waiting for Yoo Jin after he changes. They head to the airport. At the airport, Yoo Jin hesitates feeling the panic starting to rise. Yoon Hoo, not realizing what is happening, chides Yoo Jin that he will go to the island instead. Yoo Jin heads to the gate fighting the panic, his steps slowing to a stop. He struggles to overcome his fears.

Nae Il calls Min Hee to see if the concert went well. She asks about Yoo Jin. Min Hee says he left after the concert and has not been seen since. Min Hee asks if Nae Il has decided about the international piano competition. Nae Il admits she regrets not saying goodbye to Yoo Jin before leaving for Jeju.

ep15_37 ep15_38 ep15_42
Nae Il is stunned when Yoo Jin gives her a back hug and tells her he came to bring her back. Swoon!

* So glad this episode ended with Yoo Jin conquering his demons and asking Nae Il to come back. If it had ended in the airport with Yoo Jin’s struggle to get on the plane, Nae Il’s sacrifice to force this issue and her work to help him overcome the issue would have been marginalized. I never like when characters do the “farewell tour” saying goodbye to mystified friends. That is what Nae Il did this episode. If she was really running away then I feel this move was not justified. If she was doing this to force Yoo Jin to fly to get to her, then I’m more on board with her actions. I like show Orchestra’s show of solidarity in front of the board forcing them to agree to let them play. Rising Star Orchestra forever (or at least 1 more episode)! Il Rak’s violin solo and multiple hugs from Shi Won – awesome. I did not dig Dean Song’s all spring green outfit. The stylist likes to dress this character in either bright colors or muted ones. She is like a light bulb either on for a bright color or off in muted tones.
* Joo Won as Yoo Jin finally defeated his flying demon. Now a short flight to Jeju is different from a long flight to Europe, but let’s not quibble on that detail. I did not buy his easy acceptance of Nae Il’s statement that it was over between them. Nope, nope, nope, Nae Il is/was dedicated to Yoo Jin…he knows that in his heart. His easy acceptance of her lie, was a weak plot point from the writer. Loved Yoo Jin’s realization that the Orchestra did come through for him (when they went to the board) and their support of him was as important as his trust in them. Swoon when he said to Nae Il he was their to bring her back!
* Shim Eun Kyung as Nae Il elected to run away…why? This was a weak plot point by the writer. Irregardless, it forced Yoo Jin to get on a plane, had Il Rak, Min Hee and Min Soo sniping at Yoo Jin, and Yoon Hoo as facilitator to their next progression. Terrific back hug. She must have melted when he declared he was there to bring her home.
* Ko Gyung Pyo as Il Rak gave a awesome performance at the concert. Where was his father in audience? That was an oversight. Two hugs from Shi Won! He should have swooped in for a kiss after the concert hug.
* Our other supporting characters contributed. Min Soo had more presence this episode. Min Hee supported Nae Il’s decision even though she did not understand it. Shi Won voluntarily hugged Il Rak – twice! Yoon Hoo pushed Yoo Jin to get on the plane and the Orchestra NOT to give up by not quitting like he suggested. I hope he realizes Nae Il’s declaration meant he had no chance with her. This character has too much distance from the group..such is the lot of a second lead at the end of a series.

Only 1 more episode to go…

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  2. Jane Tilly says:

    It took 15 freakin’ episodes for Yoo Jin to give Nae Il a back hug (and help her overcome her noble idiocy) and of course overcome his fear of flying.

    Poor 😢 Yoon Hoo is suffering from second lead syndrome.

    I 💗 Il Rak and Shi Won.


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