Heaven’s Postman Review

Heaven’s Postman is a soft and sweet cotton candy movie.

Here’s the recipe for Heaven’s Postman:
* 1 good looking man that helps letters get to heaven
* 1 woman who has a letter to go to heaven who begins to helps him
* 2 families they help along the way
* 1 easy listen soundtrack
Mix into a sweet confection and watch in 2 hours

More Details.
Heaven’s Postman (also known as Postman to Heaven) is a 2009 joint Korean and Japanese film about a man delivers letters from grieving families to heaven. Sometimes he helps grieving families deal with the loss of their loved one. He meets a woman with such a letter and feels a pull towards her. He asks if she’d like help him and she agrees. They help 2 families deal with the loss of a loved one. But everything is not as it seems and their relationship hangs in the balance. Is their relationship a short term or can it overcome the barriers to a long term relationship?

What I liked about Heaven’s Postman:

Kim Jae Joong as Shin Jae Joon.
This man is beautiful and the best looking actor in the film. I enjoyed Jae Joong in Protect the Boss (2011) where his second lead role was not typical. In Heaven’s Postman the camera loving focuses on Jae Joong forcing you to marvel at his perfect skin, the haircut the perfects frames his beautiful face, and his soulful looks. Then he starts to act and he portrays the chilled postman with the right mix of gentle charm and underlying feeling.

Han Hyo Joo as Ha Na.
Hyo Joo did a decent job in this role. Based on the release dates I’m assuming she performed in Heaven’s Postman right after Brilliant Legacy / Shining Inheritance. Her hairstyle is the same. Hyo Joo has decent chemistry with Jae Joong. I found this performance stronger the Love 911 (2012). When she interacts with the grieving families, you feel an earnest desire to help.

The writer, Eriko Kitagawa, crafted a sweet and gentle tale
of  love and coping with loss that while simple provided the right amount of content for this film. The story did not seem insubstantial nor was it complex and jammed into 2 hours. On the surface the story is simple but there is more depth. The actors used a delicate hand bringing this screenplay to life. The strength of the story was in the second half when Jae Joon and Ha Na helped the second family, sole survivor father Lee Moon Gyo played beautifully by Kim Chang Wan (coffee house owner in Coffee Prince). The father’s desire to right his negligent relationship with his dead wife and son felt real. At this point we also learn the back story of Jae Joon which makes his character more than a pretty man delivering letters.

What I did not like about Heaven’s Postman:

My quibble with the movie is that it is so delicate
 that it comes off as cotton candy sweet and did not linger long with me. But it was an easy enjoyable watch, which puts it above many of the films I have seen.

Final Thoughts:

This joint Korean and Japanese film had a Korean director and actors and a Japanese screenwriter. Per wikipedia this film was part of “seven feature-length mini-dramas which were collaborations between South Korean TV directors and Japanese TV screenwriters”.  I did not realize joint productions occurred and found this interesting.

Don’t miss the closing credits, that is where the epilogue plays out.

The Original Sound Track is gentle and sweet too. Here’s the Tracklist:
1. Intro
2. Last Days Of Autumn (Theme, Guitar Version)
3. Hill
4. A Letter To You (Prologue, Piano Version)
5. Something Suspicious
6. Cloud Cause Rain
7. Last Days Of Autumn (Theme, Original Version)
8. A Strange Face
9. Only You
10. Postman
11. A Letter To You (Prologue, Original Version)
12. One & Only Love For Me
13. Rainy Sunday
14. Anytime
Listen through this link or the embedded playlist below:


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2 comments on “Heaven’s Postman Review
  1. snow says:

    It looks like a pleasant watch with two beautiful actors 🙂

  2. SADEGH says:

    Han Hyo Joo My Love in Korea.

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