Tomorrow’s Cantabile Episode 14 Recap

Tomorrow’s Cantabile Lesson 14 …

We begin episode 14 with Nae Il (Shim Eun Kyung) running away from performing in the final round of the piano contest and literally running into Yoo Jin (Joo Won). He immediately sees she is distraught. He calms her with his touch and tells her she does not have to continue. He takes her hand and starts to lead her away. Nae Il remembers the Maestro’s advice that she must face music head-on or Yoo Jin will evolve beyond her. She stops Yoo Jin and tells him she can and will perform. Nae Il runs back to the prep room and begs to be allowed to play. When she enters the auditorium it is full of supporters: Yoo Jin, Yoon Hoo (Park Bo Gum), Min Hee, Yoo Jin’s mother, Maestro, Professor Do and Professor Ahn.  Nae Il sits at the piano and remembers the Maestro’s advice to pour her anger into the piece. She does just that wowing the audience with her passionate and inspired interpretation of Liszt’s La Campenella. Towards the end of the piece, Nae Il locks eyes with her former teacher. Folks, if looks could kill.  The audience applause is enthusiastic.

…Cue Opening Credits…

The judges deliberate. Professor Song is an advocate (yes you read that correctly) for Nae Il. The other judges are worried if they make Nae Il the winner other contestants will go rouge and perform their own interpretations. Professor Song sees Maestro in the lobby. She wryly says that he has a knack for finding talented performers. Professor Song now understands why he brought Nae Il to the fall festival. Maestro jokes he knows he is getting old because he takes more pleasure in his student’s growth than his own performance. They both chuckle. Terrific comment by the Maestro! Back in the auditorium the 3rd place winner is announced, the 2nd place winner is announced leading everyone to believe Nae Il must be the first place winner. However they announce there is no first place winner this year.

Nae Il leaves the building undetected. She calls her mother and asks what she should do when she tries her best and things do not work out. Good question. That is life, sometimes your best does not yield the result you wanted. Dust yourself off Nae Il, and go again. First time she reaches out to a parent.

When she arrives at the apartment Yoo Jin is waiting for her. He asks if she has eaten. She has not. He takes her inside his apartment and cooks dinner for her. That is how he shows his love to her (yes I said love). He tells her he is proud she played. He believes she was the best. She tells him there are no other piano competitions with studying abroad as a prize. Yoo Jin is happy about that. Now they can both stay in Korea.

That evening she stares at the watch and the stack of books on hypnosis. The next day Yoon Hoo finds her researching hypnosis on her laptop. She side steps discussing her interest in hypnosis. He offers her sympathy for losing the competition. He wants to hang out with her. She forbids him to come on to her. He tells her right now he just wants to be her friend.

Maestro orders Yoo Jin to study abroad after the orchestra performs next. Yoo Jin worries what will happen to the orchestra if he is not there. Maestro tells him it is time to train the next conductor. And the next conductor is….

ep14_6 ep14_5
Yoon Hoo shows up for the next orchestra practice and introduces himself to everyone. Yoo Jin enters and is not excited to see Yoon Hoo. He is candid that he does not like him much. The orchestra members feel a bit awkward. Yoo Jin starts the practice. Yoon Hoo watches. After practice Yoon Hoo tells Yoo Jin the orchestra is divided. Yoon Hoo tells Yoo Jin the orchestra will break up if he does not intervene. Yoo Jin asks if he is there to learn to be a conductor. Yoon Hoo is disappointed Yoo Jin cannot heal the division in his orchestra. He tells Yoo Jin to watch out, he will come after him. He strolls off leaving an irritated Yoo Jin behind.

Nae Il continues her study of hypnosis. She tells Yoo Jin she wants to hypnotize him. He agrees chuckling that it will not work.

ep14_8 ep14_9
Yoo Jin sees Il Rak, Min Hee, Min Soo and Yoon Hoo chatting and he joins them. Il Rak asks if Nae Il can join the orchestra. Yoo Jin tells him no, “my Nae Il” has to study for a piano competition. They are surprised at the term “my Nae Il”. Yoo Jin is too. Ah, must be the hypnotic suggestion that Nae Il gave him. Yoon Hoo says he will not use the phrase “my Nae Il” in the future. Yoo Jin gets irritated that Yoon Hoo ever used the phrase. His reaction startles himself.

Yoon Hoo cannot stop saying “my Nae Il” much to his personal horror.

Nae Il is surprised when Min Hee tells her Yoo Jin used the phrase “my Nae Il”. Nae Il realizes her hypnotic suggestion worked.

Nae Il meets Yoo Jin who is freaked out that he said “my Nae Il” repeatedly. Nae Il declares he can study abroad. She starts to explain but Min Soo and Il Rak stop by and ask if Yoo Jin is leaving for Europe with the Maestro after the next concert. Yoo Jin snaps the Maestro decided that without his input. He is adamant that he will not study abroad.

Nae Il paces and thinks about her next move. She decides that he should not leave her and go to Europe.

Min Soo tells Min Hee and Il Rak that just like Shi Won, Yoo Jin will be leaving for Europe soon. Il Rak is shocked by the news that Shi Won is leaving for Europe. Min Soo tells him she is leaving after the next performance by the orchestra.

Il Rak talks to Shi Won who confirms that she is leaving. Il Rak pretends they weren’t really a special couple anyhow. It’s not like they had couple rings. Shi Won gets irritated at that statement and leaves. He starts to go after her but his father stops him. Father does not like Shi Won because she took first chair / concertmaster when it should have been his. Il Rak tells his Father he only got soloist because of the politics between the factions of the orchestra. Now Father feels badly about how he treated Shi Won.

Il Rak decides faking an injury is the best way to get Shi Won swapped in as soloist. He suggests at Orchestra practice that Shi Won become the soloist. Yoo Jin is not happy. After practice Yoon Hoo tells Yoo Jin it would be better to start over. Yoo Jin leaves.

ep14_15 ep14_16 ep14_17 ep14_18
Shi Won asks Il Rak how her hurt his wrist. He is vague. As she examines his hand she slips on a couples ring. He looks at it in disbelief. She holds up her hand showing her couples ring. She exclaims they are a special couple now. She tells him if he looks at another woman, he is dead. He is thrilled at her words. Shi Won declares she will come back from Europe as soon as she can. They ring bump. That is adorable!

The S Orchestra members snipe at the A Orchestra members and vice versa. All that changes when the media crew arrives. They fawn over each other. The producer reveals he put an observation camera in the practice room. Everyone is not happy realizing that the camera picked up their bickering. Meanwhile Dean Song tells Yoo Jin that the media crew wants to cancel the story because of the division in the orchestra.

Professor Do watches Nae Il’s listless playing. Yoon Hoo tells him to be patient with her. Yoon Hoo tells Nae Il that she should play music to have fun. Nae Il gets a call from Min Hee. The media crew posted the orchestra has internal strife.

ep14_20 ep14_21
Yoon Hoo mentions that recent events make him think that someone is targeting destroying the Orchestra. Yoon Hoo asks who would benefit from the Orchestra being canceled as is. Min He points out their competitor orchestra would benefit. Yoon Hoo wonders if the orchestra or Yoo Jin is the target. Yoon Hoo goes to rent a projector (like the person targeting the orchestra did). He is surprised by the name of the person that rented it last. Yoo Jin is chewed out by the board for the bad publicity. The Orchestra members feel bad for creating the situation. Professor Do is not sad to see Yoo Jin take some heat. Nae Il figures now Yoo Jin will go to Europe to study and soar. Yoon Hoo asks Dean Song if she knew that Yoo Jin would expose the rift in the orchestra like this. Dean Song recalls Yoo Jin saying he wanted the camera to pick up the bickering among the Orchestra so they could realize what they look and sound like.

Yoo Jin asks Il Rak if he “injured” himself so Shi Won could become soloist. Il Rak admits it. Yoo Jin tells him he is the finest soloist he could hope to find. Il Rak is stunned at that declaration.

Yoo Jin asks the orchestra if they want to stay together and push forward.

ep14_25 ep14_26
Nae Il asks Yoo Jin what disciplinary action the board will take. Switching subjects, she asks why hypnotherapy did not work before. He says he did not trust the doctor enough for the treatment to be successful. The doctor told him he needed a trusting relationship and believe the hypnotist would catch him should he fall. Nae Il declares he must trust her a lot.

ep14_28 ep14_98
In a flashback Nae Il hypnotises Yoo Jin. He remebers the plane trip to Berlin. He met a nice old man that had health issues. When the plane hit massive turbulance the man dropped his medicine bottle. Yoo Jin tried to retrieve the bottle but was knocked out. Nae Il reassures him he did his best to help the old man. She tells him it is not his fault. She tells him he can be guilt free in the future. She stares at him with love (yes I said love). She tells him when he wakes he will be able to get on a plane.

* This episode Nae Il faced her demons and helped Yoo Jin get over his demons. Her attempts at hypnosis were successful because Yoo Jin implicitly trusts her. Il Rak sacrified himself by faking an injury to give Shi Won the opportunity to become the soloist. Yoon Hoo and Yoo Jin interact in prickly but playful way. I enjoy their scenes together.
* Joo Won as Yoo Jin may have conquered his fear of flying through Nae Il’s hypnosis sessions. His sweet support of Nae Il is touching. Her sweet support of him is equally touching. The airplane scene and his concern over the old man’s well being showed Yoo Jin was sensitive and caring about others from the beginning. Now he hides it but it is clear he cares.
* Shim Eun Kyung as Nae Il gave a heck of a piano performance to start this episode. The looks she gave her former piano teacher told her in no uncertain terms that she was fueled by her anger at her. Once again, I appreciated her candor that Yoon Hoo needed to back off. Loved her crossing her hands forming a barrier between them. Nae Il’s hypnosis of Yoo Jin and her initial suggestion that he call her “my Nae Il” 10 times was inspired. It was hilarious to watch Yoo Jin spout that phrase repetitively much to his horror. The ending scene when under hypnosis she sweetly walked him through the plane incident and released him from his guilt – lovely to watch. Beautifully portrayed by both actors.
* Ko Gyung Pyo as Il Rak gave up his opportunity to give one to Shi Won. I was pleased Shi Won returned his feelings by presenting him with a couples ring, the ring bump, and admonishing him to no look at other women. I appreciated his Father explaining why he was mean to Shi Won (because he thought she took Il Rak’s rightful spot as first chair).
* Our other supporting characters contributed. Min Soo did not have much to do this episode. Min Hee supported Nae Il. She has smarts but her character has had minimal opportunities to shine so far. Shi Won had her best episode with her irritation when Il Rak declared they were not a couple. I loved the action she took by securing couples rings, subtly slipping it on his finger, then warning him to be on his best behavior. Yoon Hoo focused on working with Yoo Jin as assistant conductor but Yoo Jin was having none of that. I liked when his support of Nae Il did not have his unrequited love as a primary driver. Friendship Yoon Hoo, that is all you will ever get.

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  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I hope Nae Il’s former teacher understood those squinchy facial 😣 expressions were meant for her as Nae Il played to her heart’s content. I💖 Nae Il for gaining the respect of Judge So Ri Mo, thanks to Yoon Hoo’s invitation.

    I 💗 Shi Won’s initiative in giving Il Rak a couple’s ring!


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