Tomorrow’s Cantabile Episode 12 Recap

Tomorrow’s Cantabile Lesson 12 …

We begin episode 12 with the recap of the concert where Yoo Jin (Joo Won) dropped the baton but his friends supported him and he rose above the mistake and soared. He realizes his father’s advice to scorn others was wrong. His friends give him strength.

…Cue Opening Credits…

Nae Il (Shim Eun Kyung) finds the record room at Yoo Jin’s Uncle’s home. Uncle plays a record and decides to tell Nae Il about the plane accident. Yoo Jin, fresh from an unsuccessful hypnosis session with Dr. Kim, overhears and does not like it. He and Nae Il leaves. But then a funny thing happens. Yoo Jin shares his childhood experience of being dropped from a plane into the sea wearing a life vest with Nae Il. He states the residual trauma makes it so he cannot be on a boat or plane so he cannot study abroad. Nae Il is hurt that Yoo Jin cannot achieve his dreams and tears up. That was significant Yoo Jin casually shared an intimate secret. It was equally significant the Nae Il wanted Yoo Jin to be able to study abroad even though it would take him from her. These two are so right for each other!

Back at their apartment doors Nae Il suggests that he not be alone. In her apartment she plays Gymnopédie No.1 and he reflects in the simplicity and beauty of the music. He appreciates her efforts to comfort him. She notes that his Uncle mentioned that his Grandfather liked Gymnopédie.

Yoo Jin notices the watch the Maestro gave Nae Il. It is old round pocket watch. She asks if Yoo Jin has ever tried hypnosis. Yes, but with no results. He comments the Dr. Kim said it works best with people that trust each other. Playing around, Nae Il, starts waving the watch rhythmically in front of Yoo Jin telling him he is getting sleepy and he falls asleep! Stunned, Nae Il shakes him but he does not stir. Nae Il then tells Yoo Jin to wake up and he does immediately. She tells him that he fell asleep which he disregards. This could be interesting to see what Nae Il does with this.

Professor Do is appalled that students are frightened of his trademark fan. Professor Ahn soothes but insists that he put it away when he works with Nae Il. He suggests compliments not criticism. When Professor Ahn attempts to take the fan from Professor Do, he resists releasing his beloved fan into Professor Ahn’s care. Ha!

Nae Il hesitates then enters her lesson with Professor Do. Much to her surprise she finds him playing her song. He offers cookies. They discuss the term fart versus flatulence. Nae Il plays for him. Professor Do smiles so much, I’m afraid his face with freeze with the grin.

While at work, Min Hee watches the oboe and clarinet boys argue over cake. Yoo Jin’s mother asks if she has decided which one she likes so she can put them out of their misery. Min Hee states she does not like either one of them. She says arguing with each other is their favorite past time. Glad they addressed the oboe and clarinet boys liking her, that plot point was brought up in episode 6 and dropped until now.

At the strings practice Il Rak (Ko Gyung Pyo) notices that Shi Won is wearing a skirt. So do the other male members. She comments that she is only wearing it because she is meeting her Grandfather later. Trying to look cool, Il Rak casually drapes his jacket over her legs while talking on the phone. The problem is, the phone is backwards! As he leaves the room other male members chuckle and Shi Won smiles at his imperfect but gallant gesture. Cute!

Yoon Hoo sends a group text letting everyone know he is fine but not stating where he is. When Yoo Jin receives the text he happens to be walking from the hospital passing the art where Yoon Hoo snapped the selfie. Yoo Jin sees Yoon Hoo in the lobby. Yoon Hoo asks he if came to visit. Yoo Jin wants to know how he got on Yoon Hoo’s friends list. Ha! Yoon Hoo realizes that Yoo Jin must be the person that called him the day of the surgery but did not leave his name. Touche! Embarrassed, Yoo Jin cannot deny it.

They talk outside. Yoon Hoo thanks Yoo Jin for stopping him from playing the duet and further injuring his hand. He wonders why Yoo Jin is not telling everyone about his surgery. Yoo Jin simply states it is Yoon Hoo’s business to share, not his. Yoon Hoo declares they are debt free with each other now. Yoo Jin counters he never had a debt to Yoon Hoo. Little does he know that Yoon Hoo saved him at the indoor pool.

The next lesson between Professor Do and Nae Il goes well. They feed off each other’s energy. Professor Do is having fun and Nae Il is playing beautifully. He suggests another fun song for the next lesson. Instead Nae Il requests they start preparing for the upcoming competition. Professor Do is stunned at her request.

Dean Song asks Yoo Jin to cooperate with the media team coming to report on the new Rising Star Orchestra. Media shy Yoo Jin is not excited. The Rising Star Orchestra members are excited. The former S Orchestra members are stoked while the A Orchestra members are blase. When they learn this could lead to solo recording contracts, then they join in the excitement.

Son Soo Ji tells Yoo Jin she is returning to Europe soon to meet her commitments. She comments that as a conductor Yoo Jin plays the largest instrument of them all – the orchestra. She asks why he does not play the different orchestras of Europe for the variety and expansion it would bring to his musical career. He sidesteps answering. She presses him to consider it. Nae Il joins them putting a proprietary arm through Yoo Jin’s arm. He smiles (I do too). Nae Il asks if Soo Ji is leaving for Europe. Soo Ji jokes she will stay to hang with cute Nae Il. She does not find it funny. Yoo Jin tells Soo Ji to have safe travels. She leaves much to relief of Nae Il.

At the Rising Star Orchestra meeting the members discuss about the best music to play for the media team. Each members wants music that features their instrument. Former S and A Orchestra members begin to bicker about their respective talent levels. Yoo Jin calls a halt to the argument and meeting.

Nae Il tells Yoo Jin he is like a father fretting after his children as he worries about each orchestra member’s career. Nae Il states she is the opposite. She’s the mother who is not worried about her children because she is busy preparing for her own competition. Yoo Jin is surprised she has decided to compete. He tells her the competition will be difficult. She glosses over that with her positive energy.

Shi Won and Il Rak bring the orchestra together to discuss who should solo. S Orchestra members claim it should be them because they are visually more attractive than the A Orchestra members. A Orchestra members do not like that.

Maestro tells Dean Song that the approval for the Rising Star Orchestra could be a dangerous thing. He cautions that the newly formed Orchestra is like a baby and they should not try to run before they learn to walk.

A Orchestra members block entrance to the practice room for the S Orchestra members. Flipping it around, S Orchestra members block the exit to the practice room for the A Orchestra members. Shoving on door yields all the members on the floor in the hallway. Yoo Jin sees the tangled mess and shakes his head.

In the practice room, Yoo Jin offers the orchestra two choices. First, no soloists. The orchestra does not like this option. Second, open audition for the soloist slot. Further more, S Orchestra members will nominate the A Orchestra soloists and vice versa. The orchestra does not like this option either. Fine, Yoo Jin states, the music will not have soloists. The orchestra does not like either option.

As Yoo Jin leaves the practice he recalls Soo Ji’s words that he should play with other orchestras and expand his world.

Nae Il surprises Professor Do with her selection of Hayden for the competition. She declares this music is outside of her comfort zone. She likens it to dating someone against her normal type. Ha! Professor Do is reticent until he hears her play. He is surprised at how well she plays for only a single night of practice. He is frustrated that she refuses to play the music exactly instead adding her own interpretation based on her feelings.

Professor Do discusses his concerns with Yoo Jin. If Nae Il does not play the music exactly in the preliminary rounds she’ll never make it to the final round where her own interpretation would be acceptable. He frets he is pushing into a restrictive box. He worries he found her genius too late to guide her. Terrific scene demonstrating that under the gruff exterior Professor Do cares about the well being of Nae Il.

Yoo Jin recommends Nae Il play the piece just like the recording. He puts a headphone on her and she listens to the music. He states that this music is exactly to the judge’s taste. He notes Professor Do does not know her well enough to know that listening to the music is the key to jump starting the interpretation to mirror the judge’s taste. Nae Il recognizes that Yoo Jin made the recording and is touched he took the time to play and record the music for her. Swoon! He is so thoughtful and kind to her. I adore these kinds of moments between them.

Nae Il listens to the recording again and again. Her playing improves. Professor Do is pleased.

Yoon Hoo returns to school much to the surprise of Choi Min Hee (bass cello girl),  Mae Soo Min (drummer boy) and Il Rak. Yoon Hoo downplays his hand in a cast. He asks about “my Nae Il”. Their ears perk up at the casual endearment.

Yoon Hoo finds Nae Il and hugs her shoulders asking if she missed him. She admits she did miss him but declares she is a taken woman. Yoon Hoo downplays his hand in a cast. He looks dreamy in the beige turtleneck with white wool coat. The golden sunlight around him is flattering. I wish I could walk around with golden sunlight on my face all the time.

At the open audition A and S Orchestra members play for each other. Each is excellent in their own right. Il Rak plays the same music as Shi Won knowing with the comparison, she will be picked as the best soloist. Yoo Jin states everyone will think about it for a week and then the decision, which should be obvious, will be made. Il Rak makes goo-goo eyes at Shi Won and declares the decision is obvious. Yoo Jin smiles at his friend’s infatuation.

A Orchestra and S Orchestra members believe Shi Won should be the soloist but decide to cast their votes so the least likely soloist is picked.

Il Rak and Shi Won meet secretly to discuss the gap between the orchestras. As he inches closer to her, he states she smells good. She asks why he is using a pick up line on her. She notes he should not flirt with every girl he meets. Il Rak counters he only flirts with her. With the admission finally in the open, he confirms that he likes her. He moves away and cringes in embarrassment but is hopeful she’ll respond positively. Shi Won is stunned into silence. Wonderful scene. The underlying music was perfect. The actors sold the moment. Well done!

The next delightful scene is when Yoo Jin sees a dress in a window shop that would be perfect for Nae Il’s competition. He is trying to work out her size when Yoon Hoo happens along and asks if that dress is for Nae Il. Yoo Jin confirms it is. Yoon Hoo speeds into the shop to buy the dress before Yoo Jin can. In the end, Yoon Hoo lets Yoo Jin have the dress. He tells him to stay on his toes, next time he will not be so nice. LOL! Perfect banter scene between the boys. Nothing better than two boys bickering over a girl.

The next delightful scene is when Yoo Jin gives Nae Il the dress. He calls her to wait outside her apartment. As he passes by, he gives her the box with the dress and goes into his apartment. He hears her exclamation of delight. She asks if the dress is for her. He says it is not for him. He mutters shopping is hard. LOL! I feel his pain.

Yoon Hoo tells Maestro he will be studying with him to be a conductor. Maestro claims he is surprised that Yoon Hoo will be studying here. Yoon Hoo leaves to see “my Nae Il” perform in the preliminary piano competition. Maestro notices Yoon Hoo’s term of endearment.

Clad in her new dress Nae Il spins for Professor Do. He tells her to ignore the dress and play the music exactly. She declares she will play the music exactly. An awkward and adorable fist bump ensues. Professor Do wonders why he is so nervous? It is because he cares and I am loving it.

Professor Do takes a seat in the auditorium. The judges are on the first row. Yoo Jin arrives and takes a seat in the auditorium. Surprisingly, Professor Song (mean teacher from episode 6) arrives and tells two gentlemen that greet her that Nae Il ran out of her masters class. She sits and stares at the stage with a critical eye.

Nae Il is nervous and stumbles slightly entering the stage. She bows to the judges. She sits at the piano. She looks into the audience and spots Yoo Jin. She tilts her head to him. He gives her a sweet and encouraging smile. She lifts her hands to keys as we hear Yoo Jin’s voice over “show the world your beautiful piano playing Nae Il.”

* Sweet episode that showed the depth of caring between our characters. The previous episodes have built the relationships this episode so beautifully showcases. I adore the caring, sweetness between Yoo Jin and Nae Il. I loved the guileless way Il Rak admitted his feelings for Shi Won. The bickering between Yoo Jin and Yoon Hoo (thank goodness his postive energy and smile is back) was positive. I liked how the Maestro identified that the approval of the Rising Star Orchestra could be a danger. He was right as the infighting began. Why the media exposure? Who is pulling the strings to make the new orchestra stumble? Yoo Jin’s father?
* What struck me about the cinematography this episode was the camera angles for the concert and practices. How many ways can you shoot an orchestra or piano? The variety was plentiful and interesting.
* Joo Won as Yoo Jin demonstrated his trust in Nae Il with the hypnosis and his caring of Nae Il with the dress. His scenes with Nae Il continue to have a sweet caring tone. Their tender interactions are lovely to watch. His bickering interactions with Yoon Hoo at the hospital and dress shop were fun. This character is the heart of this series.
* Shim Eun Kyung as Nae Il shined this episode. She charmed and impressed Professor Do with her ability. I loved her possessive arm around Yoo Jin when Soo Ji was talking to Yoo Jin. Delightful that she told Yoon Hoo that she was taken by Yoo Jin.
* Ko Gyung Pyo as Il Rak had cute interactions with Shi Won. To their mutual surprise, he admits he likes her. How will she respond?
* Our other supporting characters contributed. Min Soo is perfect in the trio interactions with Min Hee and Il Rak. Min Hee clarified that she did not like either oboe or clarinet boy. I was glad the show addressed that plot point which had been dropped. Shi Won became aware of Il Rak. Does she reciprocate his feelings? Yoon Hoo has his mojo back. He was confident telling the Maestro he would study conducting. Solid interactions with Yoo Jin and sweet moments with Nae Il. I was surprised Soo Ji left for Europe. Maybe Nae Il needs to hone her performance skills before these two pianists compete with each other.

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