Tomorrow’s Cantabile Episode 11 Recap

Tomorrow’s Cantabile Lesson 11 …

We begin episode 11 with Yoo Jin’s mother fretting to Dean Song that Yoo Jin’s father is in route to the concert. She believes Yoo Jin’s father’s presence will have a detrimental effect on Yoo Jin.

We see Yoo Jin’s father in route to the school.

We see Yoo Jin (Joo Won) mentally preparing himself for the concert.

…Cue Opening Credits…

Yoon Hoo (Park Bo Gum) tries to manage the pain in his hands before the concert.

Nae Il (Shim Eun Kyung) refuses to open the dressing room door. Choi Min Hee (bass cello girl),  Mae Soo Min (drummer boy) and Il Rak (Ko Gyung Pyo) worry to Yoo Jin about her state of mind. Yoo Jin asks them to leave so he can talk to her privately.

Yoo Jin tells Nae Il he understands her nerves. If she isn’t ready to play on stage that is ok. So sweet! Nae Il opens the door and candidly tells Yoo Jin she is afraid everyone will be disappointed in her. Yoo Jin assures her, those that care for her will not be upset. He tells her it is ok if she is unable to perform tonight. He will wait until she is able to perform. She looks at him with affection. He returns it. Swoon! What a fantastic scene for both actors. They nailed the tender trust between these two characters. Awesome!

Yoo Jin tells Yoon Hoo that Nae Il will not go on stage today. Yoon Hoo tries to go around Yoo Jin to convince Nae Il to perform. Yoo Jin gets irritated. For all Yoo Jin’s talk about consideration, in the end, he is willing to force Nae Il to play to reach his personal goals. Yoo Jin asks Yoon Hoo what is going on with him? Why is he being inconsiderate? Yoo Jin notices Yoon Hoo’s trembling hand. He realizes Yoon Hoo’s hand is a liability. Yoon Hoo claims his hand is fine for today.

Yoo Jin moves the conversation outside where he questions Yoon Hoo about his injury. He declares the duet is cancelled and he will report the Yoon Hoo’s injury. Yoon Hoo grabs him and asks Yoo Jin to leave the matter alone. Yoo Jin removes his hands. Yoon Hoo admits that playing the cello is his life. If he gets the surgery he will never be able to play again. He declares this is his final performance as a great cellist. Yoo Joo declares his logic ridiculous. Yoo Jin points out that Yoon Hoo has injured his hand to prepare for the concert. He astutely states the Yoon Hoo lacks the confidence to start over and relearn the cello. He is scared and running away from his gift and the hard work to keep it. Wow! Terrific interchange between these two characters. I love the way Yoo Jin puts Nae Il’s needs first and identifies Yoon Hoo’s lip service to do that. Super that Yoo Jin told Yoon Hoo he was afraid to fight to restart. Both actors delivered!

Changed into her performance outfit, Nae Il imagines a conversation with her younger self. Nae Il tells her younger self that she must go forward. She cannot make Yoo Jin wait forever for her. Her younger self wishes her well and tells her good bye. Good scene between the younger and old actors that play Nae Il. Both actors make their eyes understanding. Well done.

Il Rak asks Yoo Jin where Yoon Hoo is. He says Nae Il is ready to practice. Yoo Jin is surprised.

Nae Il steps onto the empty stage. That looks intimidating!

Yoo Jin arrives and asks if she is ok. She asks for his hand which he readily gives in support. Nae Il declares his hand is medicine to her. Yoo Jin is touched. Nae Il asks if he will be in the audience to root her on. I am loving the tenderness between these two.

Yoon Hoo recalls the doctor saying he risks permanent injury for this performance.

Yoon Hoo comes to the stage and apologizes for making Nae Il wait. She tells him today is important to her. It is a new beginning. Their practice goes well. Love the bird’s eye view of their practice. Cinematography is superb.

While Yoon Hoo plays, he reflects that he could be destroying what he loves more than anything. He stops and tells Nae Il they must cancel the duet. She is stunned. He apologizes for ending her new beginning with his selfish need for an ending. Nae Il gently pats his shoulder and tells him it is ok. Yoo Jin watches. Lovely scene full of sweet understanding from Nae Il and finally honesty from Yoon Hoo.

Yoon Hoo walks out of the concert hall holding his hand recalling Nae Il’s declaration this is not an ending for him but the beginning of whatever he wants next. Nae Il plays the music smiling. Yoon Hoo calls his brother and asks him to perform for him. Ah, that is nice. He calls his mother and with tears in his eyes tells her it is finally time for the surgery. I feel his pain, nicely done!

Dean Song calls Yoo Jin and tells him Yoon Hoo has left.

Yoo Jin enters the orchestra practice room happy and excited about the concert. They in turn get pumped up. In the hallway, Shi Won tells Yoo Jin he is their conductor and his positive vibes just energized them all. They smile at each other. Is every character going to have tender touching scenes this episode?

Professor Do spots Maestro. He tells him it is good to see him. When is he leaving? Ha! Maestro spots Cha Dong Woo (Yoo Jin’s father) entering the lobby.

Via phone, Yoo Jin encourages Nae Il to go home. Nae Il hopes the Yoon Hoo’s surgery goes well. There’s a knock on the door. Yoo Jin is stunned when his father enters the room. Looks like the supportive touching scenes end now!

Yoo Jin puts the phone down without hanging up. Dong Woo declares the room humble. How dare he send an invitation to a sub par facility like this. Yoo Jin apologizes. Dong Woo states he should never perform here. He should be studying globally. Isn’t he over it? Yoo Jin clinches his fist. Dong Woo notices. He calls him a wimp that should have had treatment years ago. Yoo Jin notes he has not changed. Dong Woo counters he will not change until Yoo Jin gets over his problems. He leaves. Yoo Jin is obviously shaken by the negative exchange. Dad is a jerk!

Yoo Jin tries to shakes it off and focus on the job at hand. But his father’s words echo in his mind.

Nae Il enter the room and assesses the situation. She tells Yoo Jin that today she is his medicine. She takes his hand in support. Is it enough?

Nae Il enters the concert as Yoo Jin takes the stage. She reflects the Rachmaninoff music represents agony and healing.

Son Soo Ji starts playing. Yoo Jin’s head is filled with his father’s negativity. He drops the baton. Everyone is shocked. Mentally everyone tells him he can do it. He conducts without the baton. It beautiful and stirring. At the end of the piece, the crowd is appreciative. Even Dong Woo grudgingly claps and then he smiles. Soo Ji looks fabulous in the hot pink dress!

Afterwords, Il Rak, Min Hee and Soo Min offer Yoo Jin support. Yoo Jin apologizes to Min Hee for not being supportive of her need to work and support herself. Yoo Jin thanks Soo Min for liking him. Yoo Jin declares that Il Rak is his best friend. They immediately think he has a terminal illness because he is being so nice. They all hug him. He pushes them off calling them idiots. They are thrilled he is ok. Wonderful!

Nae Il sits in the empty concert hall realizing she must perform too. She cannot watch. She must engage.

Yoo Jin’s mother and father snipe at each other. They each blame each other for Yoo Jin’s current condition of not being able to travel. Father admits Yoo Jin handled his baton mistake well. He leaves saying next time he wants to watch Yoo Jin abroad.

Maestro and Dean Song vent their issues then agree to have coffee together.

At Il Rak’s father’s eatery, Shi Won does not feel the love from Il Rak’s father. Il Rak notices and tries to put her at ease.

Nae Il cannot avoid Professor Do. He frets about Yoon Hoo’s hand. Nae Il blurts out she will attend lessons starting next week. The news startles both of them. Professor Do calls Professor Ahn and asks if Nae Il dislikes anything in particular. He is surprised to find his trademark fan is a problem for Nae Il.

Yoo Jin calls Yoon Hoo’s phone. Yoon Hoo is asleep in the hospital. His mother asks who this is. Yoo Jin apologizes and hangs up.

Nae Il asks Yoo Jin if he was waiting for her. She calls his phone thrilled that the triple heart, ❤️❤️❤️, is still by her name. Could these two be any more darling? She tells him Yoon Hoo’s surgery went well. She frets that he’ll be leaving soon to study abroad. He is about to respond when Il Rak, Min Hee and Soo Min boisterously join them. Time for the next round at Yoo Jin’s apartment!

Yoon Hoo assures his mother now that the surgery has gone well he is ready to restart his life. Sweet scene between mother and son.

The next morning a hung over Il Rak and Soo Min are sleeping it off. Yoo Jin’s uncle calls and overhears Nae Il asks Yoo Jin for breakfast and a toothbrush. Uncle asks Yoo Jin to stop by with the girl that asked for the toothbrush.

Yoo Jin tells his mother Uncle called. Min Hee shows up surprising Yoo Jin. Next Nae Il shows up surprising Yoo Jin. He believes it is not a coincidence that they both work at the eatery. His mother figures out that Yoo Jin and Nae Il made up. Exchange between mother and son is relaxed and playful…I like it.

Yoon Hoo wakes to find Maestro in his face. Maestro asks if Yoon Hoo will be able to play cello again. Yoon Hoo asks that the Maestro not tell his friends. The Maestro notes that Yoo Jin also carries burdens alone. Maestro suggests that Yoon Hoo think about conducting. Ah, so we set up the head-to-head between Yoo Jin and Yoon Hoo.

The orchestra reads the favorable articles on line and celebrate hugging each other. Il Rak’s father is not happy to see his son hug Shi Won.

Dean Song is thrilled when the chairwoman calls approving the orchestra. She shares the good news with Maestro.

Yoo Jin takes Nae Il to his Uncle’s house…make that mansion. He gets a text with the good news the orchestra is approved. She is thrilled.

Il Rak’s father brings out a cake to celebrate the good news. It accidentally gets knocked to the floor.

Maestro wonders why the orchestra was approved so quickly. What is going on he wonders?

Uncle has a doctor at his house to perform hypnosis on Yoo Jin. He agrees to try but the session is a bust. Ha! The doctor tells Yoo Jin that he is susceptible to hypnosis. That seems out of left field.

Uncle finds Nae Il exploring the record room. He puts on a record and they listen together. Nae Il notices a picture of Yoo Jin as a boy on a wave rider. She comments this must have been before his fear of water. Uncle is surprised she knows about that. He states this is the first time Yoo Jin has brought a girlfriend to visit. Uncle says she should know about Yoo Jin’s accident. Yoo Jin walks into the room. He gets angry that Uncle was about to tell Nae Il about the accident.

* Delightful episode full of touching and sweet scenes. This episode sets up the second half of the show. Everyone is comfortable and happy. Time to add new conflicts and competitiveness between our characters. I am amazed that the mercurial Maestro no longer bugs me. He is a plot driver and amusing in his own right.
* Might have mentioned this before…the cinematography in this show is striking. The scenes are beautifully framed. The locations are lovely. The lighting enhances. The camera angles are interesting.
* Joo Won as Yoo Jin was vulnerable to Nae Il and supportive of Nae Il. His scenes with Nae Il were fabulous this epiosde. I love watching their tender interactions. His interactions with Yoon Hoo were sensitive and fair. He rightly pointed out that Yoon Hoo was only giving lip service to respecting Nae Il.
* Shim Eun Kyung as Nae Il hit the perfect balance between her story and his story. She faced her fears of perfomring. She did not get a chance to follow through because Yoon Hoo cancelled but she was ready to face the stage fright.
* Ko Gyung Pyo as Il Rak was cute in his interactions with Shi Woo, feeding her, noticing his father was dissing her, etc. I see the potential for this couple more than I ever had before.
* Our other supporting characters contributed. Min Soo was thrilled when Yoo Jin recognized his contributions. Min Hee was sweetly supportive of Nae Il. Shi Won inched closer to Il Rak by hugging him this episode. Il Rak’s father not liking her surprised me. Yoon Hoo realized he had to have the surgery. Bonus when the Maestro suggested he study conducting. Soo Ji looked wonderful in pink dress. If Nae Il treats piano seriously, she has a rival. This show keeps the obstacles coming for Yoo Jin and Nae Il.

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  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Yoo Jin’s dad is a piece of work! Our favorite conductor’s worst attributes seem to originate from his paternal unit.

    I was relieved the duet was cancelled as Nae Il was not ready and Yoon Hoo got the medical treatment he needed.

    I 💖 Nae Il’s gesture of holding Yoo Jin’s hand! It was just what he needed.

    I like where this is going! 😉


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