Tomorrow’s Cantabile Episode 10 Recap

Tomorrow’s Cantabile Lesson 10 …

We begin episode 10 with Nae Il (Shim Eun Kyung) rallying S Orchestra to attend the blind auditions (which both S and A Orchestras had jointly agreed to boycott). Yoo Jin (Joo Won) is disappointed his S Orchestra friends did not trust that the audition would give them a fair opportunity. Il Rak (Ko Gyung Pyo) sends a text to S Orchestra suggesting they believe in Yoo Jin. Everyone scampers into the building with their instruments.

…Cue Opening Credits…

Il Rak has the first blind audition. Yoo Jin is busting with pride that Il Rak trusted him and is playing well. Nae Il is also thrilled. She stealithly holds Yoo Jin’s hand.

A Orchestra members gather. Shi Won is not happy A Orchestra members are not willing to audition. The general sentiment is it hurts A Orchestra’s pride to audition head-to-head with S Orchestra. Shi Won leaves angrily stating she will audition because the orchestra is more than a stepping stone to her. That motivates the A Orchestra members to audition.

Professor Do and Professor Ahn are the judges for the blind audition. Professor Ahn is thrilled at the progress the individual S Orchestra members have made. Professor Do realizes the A Orchestra members play proficiently but without passion. He is in a quandary how to cast his vote.

Professor Do asks Yoo Jin if his plan was based on the pride of the A Orchestra members causing them NOT to audition. Yoo Jin says he believes in the Professor Do’s fairness in the audition process. He further states the Dean Song believes in his fairness too.

The new orchestra members list is posted. The core S Orchestra members have all made it! They are thrilled. Il Rak remembers Yoo Jin saying he believed in the S Orchestra, now they needed to believe in themselves. Il Rak declares they are no longer leftovers!

A Orchestra members are not as happy. Some made the orchestra, some did not, some are no longer first chair.

The chairwoman is livid at the results. Some that did not make the new orchestra are children of rich powerful men. Professor Do states he had to be fair when judging. The chairwoman does not share his sentiments.

Il Rak seeks Yoo Jin out. Il Rak asks him if he did all of this for the S Orchestra members. Yoo Jin admits he was arrogant and wrong when he left S Orchestra. Il Rak is touched by his honesty. He declares he will never leave Yoo Jin again. Inspired, he demands they take a blood oath together. Yoo Jin leaves before Il Rak can figure out the logistics of a blood oath.

Nae Il arrives at Yoo Jin’s apartment and rings the doorbell. Earlier they agreed to have dinner together via text. She frets that he changed the door code and does not seem to be at home. She muses how nice it was when they had the same door code. She tries her door code and voila the door unlocks. How sweet of Yoo Jin to change the door code. But wait there is more. Yoo Jin has put every item of Nae Il’s back in place. Her doll on the piano, her books in the book shelf, her toothbrush in the bathroom and best of all, the bunnies are in his closet. This is touching scene filled with the wonder and joy of Nae Il as she discovers that Yoo Jin has reestablished her as important in his life. The production of this scene was fabulous with the overlay of Yoo Jin returning an item earlier and Nae Il finding it present time. When Yoo Jin returns to the apartment, Nae Il is there with the bunnies. They banter a bit. It is wonderful to have them back together. They are the heart and soul of this show.

Yoo Jin wakes up after dreaming about his father who looked like a jerk who would only pay attention to childhood Yoo Jin if he was the best. Yoo Jin wonders why he dreamed about his father. Little does he know he father called his mother last night. Looks like we may meet the mystery father soon.

Nae Il and Yoo Jin go to Il Rak’s father’s eatery for supper. Yoo Jin is not happy that Yoon Hoo is there and sitting in his spot. He gets further irritated when he learns that Yoon Hoo has a lifetime of free meals just like he does. Il Rak tries to soothe Yoo Jin. Deciding it is better to leave, Yoo Jin takes off. Nae Il quickly follows. Seeing Nae Il exit, Yoon Hoo leaves too. Darling scene underscored by Tchaikovsky’s Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Yoon Hoo, Nae Il, and Yoo Jin walk home to their apartment building together. Yoo Jin is not happy. Yoon Hoo admits he does not like Yoo Jin either.

As Yoon Hoo enters his apartment he ruefully admits he is back to square one now that Yoo Jin is back in the picture.

At Yoo Jin’s apartment he asks Nae Il whose side she would be on should he and Yoon Hoo get into a fight. Thrilled because she knows Yoo Jin is admitting he cares for her, she vows she would be on Yoo Jin’s side. He is pleased by her declaration. These two are bringing the cute this episode.

Yoo Jin and Nae Il listen to Rachmaninoff music, the potential first piece the orchestra will play. It includes piano and Yoo Jin confirms maybe one day Nae Il could play. She is thrilled. They stare into each other’s eyes for a beat. Nae Il gets nervous and gathers her things to leave. I felt a little sizzle between the two of them. The composition of this scene is fabulous. The evenly spaced wall lights, the center light fixture dividing the scene in half, the slow zoom of the camera, well done. The production values of this show are awesome.

Outside Yoo Jin’s apartment, Nae Il clutches her heart, thrilled at the spark between them.

Yoo Jin gets a call from Maestro who whines that Dean Song still will not take his calls. Yoo Jin confirms he will talk to Dean Song about taking Maestro’s phone calls. Maestro may be able to return to Korea soon. His contract is almost up. He hears the Rachmaninoff in the background. He likes this as the piece for the new orchestra. He asks if Yoo Jin has decided on a pianist. He states he will provide the perfect pianist.

Yoo Jin worries that S and A orchestra members may not work well together. Nae Il concentrates on their relationship. She declares they have flirted and established repore. Next step…dating. Nae Il recommends they follow the dating advice in the book she picked up at the library.

First she has Yoo Jin put a pet name and heart emoji in his phone contacts. LOL! He refuses to add the heart. The pet name was enough of a struggle for the poor guy. She grabs his phone and adds the hearts herself. She tells him “that is how you build affection”.❤️ LOL again!

Here comes competition for Nae Il. Son Soo Ji (A Yeon) arrives at the school. She is beautiful but appears cold at first glance.

Chairwoman refuses to recognize the new orchestra. Son Soo Ji enters and introduces herself to Dean Song. Terrific that she ignored the chairwoman. She says Maestro sent her. When she finds out the Maestro is not at the school she leaves. Chairwoman assures her she will bring Maestro back to the school. Meanwhile Maestro arrives. He calls Dean Song that he is back. She hangs up on him.

The new orchestra is amazed Soo Ji is at the school and will perform with them. Yoo Jin states they must work hard because the press will follow Soo Ji’s every movement.

Professor Do tries to talk Nae Il into taking a lesson but she runs away. Yoon Hoo wants to perform at the next concert. Nae Il wants to play for fun. Yoon Hoo wants to play on stage with Nae Il. Later we see his hand hurts…alot.

Soo Ji asks the Maestro if she can perform with Yoo Jin. The Maestro introduces them. Soo Ji and Yoo Jin irritate each other.

Nae Il sees Yoo Jin and Soo Ji practicing together. She realizes that she may get left behind with her “play for fun” philosphy. She signs up for the next concert much to the joy of Yoon Hoo. Nae Il is concerned she may have stage fright from her childhood issues.

There is friction between the S and A Orchestra members at practice. Professor Do tells Shi Won there are no funds for the new Orchestra. S Orchestra members do not find this an obstacle. They will raise the money on their own. A Orchestra members are not excused for their normal classroom workload. S Orchestra members do not find this an obstacle.

Yoon Hoo notices that Nae Il is distracted during practice. Yoo Jin interrupts their practice, pleasing Nae Il and irritating Yoon Hoo. Yoo Jin states Nae Il has practiced 4 hours straight. She needs a break. He tells Yoon Hoo to mind his manners with Nae Il. Love that Yoo Jin throws Yoon Hoo’s words back in his face.

Nae Il tells Yoo Jin she will perform on stage as a proper artist would.

The next practice between Nae Il and Yoon Hoo goes well.

Soo Ji practices with the orchestra.

Yoo Jin practices conducting.

Nae Il tells herself she can perform on stage. Yoo Jin stops by to escort her to the concert. She is nervous and takes his hand.

Yoon Hoo is in agony. His hand is so painful. He takes pills and tells himself it is only 4 hours.

Min Hee tells Nae Il to shame Soo Ji with her brilliance. Nae Il starts to feel the nerves as she prepares.

Yoo Jin tells Dean Song that today the orchestra will get the official approval.

Yoo Jin tells the orchestra they are ready to perform.

Nae Il tells herself she can do this. Pretend it is practice.

Yoo Jin’s mother tells Dean Song that Yoo Jin’s father is attending the concert. She declares he started Yoo Jin’s phobias of planes and water. She frets that Yoo Jin’s father will mess with his head. She declare she must stop him. Too late, Yoo Jin’s father is in route to the school.

Yoo Jin stares into the mirror. It is almost showtime.

* The banter and interaction between Nae Il and Yoo Jin was fabulous this episode. I bet the concert will not go as planned with the unexpected arrival of Yoo Jin’s father, Nae Il’s stage fright, and Yoon Hoo’s debilitating pain.
* The fall colors really pop. The cinematography in this show is striking. The scenes are beautifully framed. The locations are lovely. The lighting enhances. The camera angles are interesting.
* Joo Won as Yoo Jin was cute (yes I said cute) interacting with Nae Il. Those two have an innate understanding of each other.
* Shim Eun Kyung as Nae Il made me nervous with the stage fright issue. Her dating book and emoji in the phone contact list were highlights for the episode.
* Ko Gyung Pyo as Il Rak realized all that Yoo Jin did for them and reinstated him as his friend. Was Shi Woo a little bit jealous with the attention Il Rak paid Soo Ji?
* Our other supporting characters were part of the gang. Min Soo was thrilled the gang was back together. Min Hee was supportive of Nae Il. Shi Won inched closer to Il Rak. Yoon Hoo physical pain was tough to watch. Soo Ji is Nae Il’s newst rival. This show keeps the obstacles coming for Yoo Jin and Nae Il.

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  2. Jane Tilly says:

    The adversity for concert keeps piling on; the members of Rising Star are doing their best to persevere, will the concert go on, will it be a success?

    • kjtamuser says:

      My favorite moment of the episode was when she had him put her contact in his phone. When she grabbed his phone and added the heart herself…❤️ LOL!

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