Tomorrow’s Cantabile Episode 9 Recap

Tomorrow’s Cantabile Lesson 9 …

We begin episode 9 with Nae Il (Shim Eun Kyung) looking for comfort from Yoo Jin (Joo Won) but instead he insists she needs strict piano lessons from Professor Do. Nae Il pulls away from Yoo Jin. She cries that she does NOT want strict piano lessons. She does not want to be hit or belittled in the name of improving her skills. Why does he insist when he knows she does not want this path? She declares he is like everyone else that tries to push her onto a road she does not want to walk. I appreciate that Shim Eun Kyung went for the ugly cry as Nae Il was distraught.

Yoo Jin realizes her fear of lessons is just like his fear of water. He reaches out to her but she is no longer hearing him. Yoon Hoo (Park Bo Gum) arrives and tells Yoo Jin to stop mistreating Nae Il. She dodges behind Yoon Hoo to distance herself from Yoo Jin. Yoon Hoo leads Nae Il away. Yoo Jin watches her leave. Does he realize he may have a fight for the trust and heart of Nae Il?

…Cue Opening Credits…

Nae Il frets the Yoo Jin is mad at her because she got mad at him. Yoon Hoo reasonably points out she had a right to be mad. Nae Il cries that it is over with Yoo Jin. He cleared her stuff out of his apartment, changed the door code, and now they are upset with each other. Yoon Hoo wipes a tear from her eye. Ah, the first skinship between them. The cinematographer takes full advantage of the gorgeous fall colors.

Professor Do asks Yoo Jin where Nae Il is. Yoo Jin says that his style is similar to Professor Song’s style at the fall festival that upset Nae Il. Yoo Jin explains that Nae Il is young and cannot be forced to learn under his strict methodology.

Nae Il imagines a conversation with herself as a child. Adult Nae Il says that Yoo Jin suggested Professor Do for their own good. Child Nae Il wishes she was not talented. Adult Nae Il states without her talent she would not have met Yoo Jin. Child Nae Il says that Yoo Jin only sees her as a child not a woman. Adult Nae Il does not want that. Beautifully crafted scene.

Alone in his apartment Yoo Jin wishes Nae Il would come and visit. He realizes he changed the door code. The door bells rings and it is Nae Il. She asks that he return her personal items. He says he does not have them. She says he is mean just like Yoon Hoo said. Offended, Yoo Jin asks why she brings up Yoon Hoo. Nae Il asks why Yoo Jin will not apologize for hurting her today. She apologizes whenver she does wrong, why can’t he do the same? She walks to her apartment leaving Yoo Jin stymied. Strong scene for Nae Il. She told him what she thought in a clear manner. This character is firing on all cylinders so far.

S Orchestra frets about what will happen to them. Will they be dissolved or remain intact? The uncertainty makes them snappish.

Shi Woo texts a reminder to Il Rak (Ko Gyung Pyo) about their lesson. He texts back he cannot make it. She is disappointed. A male friend suggests she may be flirting with Il Rak. She denies this.

At his father’s eatery, Il Rak sits despondent. Looking to the sky dramatically, he tells his father that life is gloomy right now. He goes to his room telling his father he will be nice to him later. His father encourages him to just keep breathing.

Yoo Jin and Dean Song discuss dissolving S Orchestra and the suspicion that will be put on Yoo Jin. He states that it is a necessary evil to eventually get S Orchestra members to a better position of having music all their lives not just during this phase of school. Yoo Jin tells Dean Song it is time to enact their plan. Step 1…Dean Song asks the announcement be made that S Orchestra is dissolved. I wonder what the plan is?

The announcement is posted, S Orchestra is dissolved. The members are shocked and dismayed.

Yoo Jin watches the S Orchestra practice room locked up. He remembers Maestro asking which Orchestra he would save – A or S? Yoo Jin says it is time to explore the answer to that question. This time he will not do it alone.

The despondent S Orchestra members fret their fate. A second announcement is posted. They read with astonishment. A Orchestra is dissolved!

Dean Song announces that S and A Orchestra are dissolved. Auditions will be held for a new orchestra. Yoo Jin is named the conductor. The board meets. Chairwoman is displeased at Dean Song’s decision to dissolve and reform an orchestra. Dean Song says if this does not work, fire her. Dean Song is practicing the “go big or go home” methodology. Yoo Jin follows up by telling the board the orchestra he creates will have the passion of S Orchestra and technique of A Orchestra. Dean Song suggests blind auditions. Professor Do and Professor Ahn will be the blind audition judges and determine which students populate the orchestra. After the meeting, Chairwoman tells Professor Do this will work to their benefit.

Yoo Jin imagines the new orchestra with the members he would select. Notably, he adds then deletes Yoon Hoo. When he sees Il Rak, Choi Min Hee (bass cello girl), and Mae Soo Min (drummer boy) he encourages them to try out for the orchestra. They believe they have no chance. Yoo Jin encourages them to practice.

Yoo Jin misses Nae Il.

Nae Il and Min Hee sit down to a snack. When Yoo Jin’s mother shows up, Nae Il quickly exits. Min Hee tells her she is disappointed she omitted the fact that she is Yoo Jin’s mother.

Yoo Jin’s mother does not understand why Dean Song is letting Yoo Jin share the blame for the orchestra dissolution. Dean Song assures her Yoo Jin wanted it this way. She notes that after Cha Dong Woo (Yoo Jin’s father?)…but stops when Yoo Jin’s mother gives her a stern look. Yoo Jin’s mother frets that Dong Woo ignores his son unless he is the best. Maestro calls Dean Song but she rejects the call.

Yoo Jin returns to the apartment building to find Yoon Hoo moving in! Yoon Hoo says they will see each other often so they should get along. He offers his hand. Yoo Jin ignores the offered hand and walks away. Yoo Jin wonders why Yoon Hoo seems to be everywhere. He considers the possibility that Yoon Hoo may be pursing Nae Il. He rejects the thought.

Yoon Hoo texts Nae Il an invitation to his house warming party. Il Rak, Min Hee and Soo Min are there when she arrives. It is a festive atmosphere. Yoo Jin can easily hear the happy sounds of the party. Afterwards Yoo Jin overhears Yoon Hoo ask Nae Il to play a duet with her. I believe there is a double meaning to that request. Nae Il remembers her desperate need to play like Yoo Jin…

The next day the Maestro calls Yoo Jin. He complains that he only gets 1 international call a day. Today he is wasting it on Yoo Jin. He whines that Dean Song will not take his calls. Yoo Jin tells him deserting a woman does not endear himself. Maestro says he was dragged away. Yoo Jin agrees to talk to Dean Song about taking the Maestro’s calls. Grateful, Maestro hears the despondent tone in Yoo Jin’s voice. He asks why Yoo Jin is pushing Nae Il. Yoo Jin states the Nae Il is not reaching her full potential. The Maestro asks the salient question, why does Yoo Jin care if Nae Il does or does not reach her potential?

Yoo Jin watches Nae Il play a pretty piece in the practice room. She tells someone this is the piece for their duet. That someone is Yoon Hoo. He is pleased she has agreed to work on a duet with him. Yoo Jin has the opposite reaction. He recalls the Maestro’s advice…don’t be too late in expressing your feelings. I like the Maestro in small doses. Now that he and Yoo Jin have common ground the Maestro is less annoying. He gave Yoo Jin good advice. Will Yoo Jin heed it?

Shi Won finds Il Rak looking at the audition announcement. She asks why he has been avoiding her. He declares they are like Romeo and Juliet. Unaware that he is referencing them personally, she corrects him that they are two concertmasters looking to audition. Taking advantage of that statement, Il Rak gets food and they discuss the upcoming blind auditions. Shi Won states the A Orchestra members do not want to audition, it is a point of pride. Il Rak bristles the S Orchestra members have pride too. She suggests they have a common enemy…Yoo Jin. She suggests they boycott the audition. If no one shows, no selections or eliminations can be made. Min Hee and Soo Min are skeptical about not signing up for the blind auditions but agree.

Dean Song finds out the students are boycotting the blind audition.

Once Yoo Jin finds out, he confronts Shi Won. She is unapologetic about boycotting auditions that destroy the pride of A Orchestra. Yoo Jin counters that most of the A Orchestra members only consider it a resume builder, why should they care?

Yoo Jin talks to Il Rak who is distant. Yoo Jin believes in the S Orchestra members, why doesn’t Il Rak? Yoo Jin thrusts the blind audition application at Il Rak and leaves.

Il Rak tells his father he is still angry with Yoo Jin. His father sagely notes that the deeper the feelings, the deeper the hurt. I love Il Rak’s father!

Yoo Jin waits for Nae Il to return to her apartment. He asks why she does not follow him around any more. She states he did not like it. Yoo Jin retorts that did not stop her previously. Nae Il says she means it. She goes into her apartment leaving Yoo Jin in the hallway alone.

It is blind audition day. Professor Do tells Yoo Jin if no one shows, the event will be cancelled. Dean Song finds the holding room empty. Nae Il sees Yoo Jin sitting alone in the auditorium clearly nervous. She calls Min Hee to ask why no one is auditioning. Min Hee explains it is a boycott. She says they kept it from her because she would have told Yoo Jin. Nae Il frets about what this will do to Yoo Jin. Min Hee hangs up.

Nae Il finds Min Hee, Soo Min and Il Rak. She tells them that Yoo Jin has stood by them in the past, how can they leave him in the lurch now?

Nae Il finds Yoo Jin sitting alone. He asks if everyone is boycotting. She confirms they are. Yoo Jin admits he’d hoped they would come based on their past friendship. Nae Il chides him for deciding things in a vacuum and shutting out his friends. She makes to leave, but he stops her.

He apologizes about Professor Do. He admits he was wrong to create the situation. He only thought of himself and did it for her. With a sincere heart, he apologizes. Touched, Nae Il tells him she appreciates the chance he gave S Orchestra. It is a lovely moment between them. They are equals in this scene. What a welcomed change of status.

Yoon Hoo observes them bonding.

Professor Do gets tired of waiting for the students. Professor Ahn tries to soothe him.

The S Orchestra members come running after Il Rak’s text about trusting Yoo Jin.

Yoo Jin and Nae Il enter the auditorium and see a violinist behind the curtain. They know it must be Il Rak. Yoo Jin looks relieved and touched. Nae Il looks up at him with love. She takes his hand in hers.

* Good episode! Yoo Jin’s sacrifice is now known to his friends and they responded to support him. Even better Yoo Jin and Nae Il connected as equals. Previously she had been a cheerleader but not his equal. What a terrific change in their relationship. Try as he might, Yoon Hoo is left in the cold once again.
* I may have mentioned before…the cinematography in this show is striking. The scenes are beautifully framed. The locations are lovely. The lighting enhances. The camera angles are interesting.
* Joo Won as Yoo Jin found the path of sacrifice lonley. More importantly he admitted his mistake to Nae Il. Fabulous that the mecurial Maestro delivered the solid advice to speak his feelings. Joo Woo does a magnificant job with the subtle smiles and expressions that lets you know exactly how this reserved character of Yoo Jin is feeling. The subtley he brings to his performance…superb. When he admitted to Nae Il that he was wrong and sorry…swoon!
* Shim Eun Kyung as Nae Il delivered her best performance of the series so far. Nae Il was finally Yoo Jin’s equal. She spoke her mind. She held her ground in demanding respect from Yoo Jin. Terrific episode for this characater.
* Ko Gyung Pyo as Il Rak struggled with cutting Yoo Jin off as his friend. His father correctly pointed out that Il Rak must care for Yoo Jin deeply because of how emotionally affected he was by Yoo Jin’s choices. Likening himself and Shi Woo as Romeo and Juliet…ha! She did not get the inference…at all.
* Our other supporting characters were part of the gang. Min Soo felt bad cutting Yoo Jin off. Min Hee told Nae Il directly her allegance to Yoo Jin earned her the shut off from the boycott information. Shi Won inched closer to Il Rak (though not in a romantic way…yet). Yoon Hoo continues to be vulnerable but things are not going the way he wants with Nae Il.

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  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Finally some character growth for Nae Il. I was glad to see Yoo Jin apologize and reconnect with Nae Il. I just feel bad for Yoon Hoo, he is the Si Hoo to Yoo Jin’s Jun Pyo (BoF reference) in chasing after the sweet naïve girl.


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