My Lovable Girl Episode 16 Recap

We begin the 16th and final episode with Yoon Se Na (Krystal Jung) listening to Lee Hyun Wook (Rain) play a song he wrote for her, “Se Na’s Love Song“.They gently kiss. Se Na tells Hyun Wook she loves him. Hyun Wook tells Se Na that he loves her.

The next morning Se Na has packed her belongings and writes Hyun Wook a farewell note. When he calls her she tells him she will not be able to see him today. When Hyun Wook gets home he find her note on the keyboard: “I am sorry. I am worried I may become a burden to you. I do not have the confidence to stay by your side. Do you want to be apart for awhile? Our feelings do not end because we are separate.” Hyun Wook’s answer to the “do you want to be apart” question is no. He finds out from best friend Joo Hong that Se Na left to go on vacation. As Se Na boards a train, Hyun Wook enters the terminal. He arrives in time watch the train pull away.

….1 Year Time Jump….

Shi Woo (L) has a new manager, Joo Hong’s boyfriend. Shi Woo asks the ANA President, Shin Hae Yoon (Cha Ye Ryun), if he can reduce the amount of international tours. She agrees and asks him to think about the concept for his next album. Shi Woo asks how Hyun Wook is doing. Hae Yoon tells him every song Hyun Wook writes is a hit.

After appearing on a radio show, Hyun Wook spots Seo Jae Young (Kim Jin Woo) begging a producer to give his group a chance. The men meet and are surprisingly cordial. Jae Young snipes at Hyun Wook who calmly states his situation is his own doing.  Hyun Wook suggests that Jae Young return to writing songs. Hyun Wook wishes him well and moves on.

ep16_5Hyun Wook visits Hae Yoon in his former office. He notes ANA is doing very well. He quips he should have quit earlier. Hae Yoon asks Hyun Wook to work an album with…Shi Woo. Neither is excited about working with each other.  Hae Yoon orders them to work together or pay the penalties their contracts specify. Shi Woo says he does not like Hyun Wook because he won Se Na’s heart. He asks where Se Na is. Hyun Wook does not know. That was a tight fun scene, everyone contributed to making that scene work.

Looks like Se Na is working in an restaurant. She tells her boss she is going to Seoul for a couple of days to meet someone.

Hyun Wook misses Se Na while he sits alone in his home. The next morning Hyun Wook’s Father asks him why he will not sell that house. Hyun Wook says it is the only place he can write music. Father asks if he is still waiting for Se Na to return. Hyun Wook says he does not have to worry about that. His Father asks him to write a song for his wife. Best friend Bae Sung Jin (Alex) tells Hyun Wook that Father’s wife is a trainee singer at ANA. He notes she has talent. Sung Jin asks Hyun Wook how he is doing. Hyun Wook says he has forgotten about Se Na.


Se Na returns to Seoul and visits a pregnant Joo Hong. Se Na asks how Shi Woo let her boyfriend become his manager. Turns out, after Se Na left, Shi Woo visited the apartment often hoping she would return. They became friends and the rest is history. Joo Hong says Hyun Wook moved out of the neighborhood.

Se Na visits Hyun Wook’s house. Outside she remembers the times they spent together. She enters the house and remembers more times they spent together. Hyun Wook arrives. Se Na hears him coming into the house and hides. Hyun Wook enters, senses something, but shrugs it off as he sits down to the keyboard. He plays “Se Na’s Love Song”. Se Na listens and watches. Hyun Wook jots some notes down and leaves. She leaves.

Hyun Wook remembers he left the score and returns to the house. He finds Se Na exiting the house. They stare at each other stunned.

Se Na says she did not know they would meet, she thought he had moved. Hyun Wook asks why she came. Se Na says she visited Joo Hong and decided to stop by the house. He is hurt and asks why she came by 1 year after disappearing. She apologizes. He tells her that she is insensitive. She writes a note then disappears. Now a year later, she shows up like it is no big deal. She apologizes again and leaves.

Hyun Wook is stunned, hurt and angry. Se Na is difficult to read.

Se Na tells Joo Hong that she met Hyun Wook by chance and he was very cold. Ha! I would say she was the cold one. He was hurt and angry. Se Na guesses this will be the end of their story.

Hyun Wook tells Dal Bok (stuffed dog Se Na bought him) that he was too hard on Se Na.

Shi Woo asks his manager why he has not brought him news about Se Na. He protests he knows nothing about Se Na’s whereabouts. Joo Hong calls to tell him Se Na is visiting. With glee he tells Shi Woo.

Shi Woo asks Se Na how could she leave without a word? Did she not know how hard it would be without her? They talk alone. Shi Woo asks where she has been. Se Na said she has written several songs. He tells her he needs a song writer. She states she is going back in 2 days. He tells her to return. He assures her he no longer likes her. He tells her she will regret losing a great man like him. Ha! He tells her to think over working together and to call him. Se Na agrees to consider it.

Poor Mr. Kang is bitter about love and still pines for Father’s wife.

Hyun Wook is irritated with himself for getting angry with Se Na. Shi Woo pops into the room happy to announce that Se Na is his new song writer. Hyun Wook asks if she is back for good. Shi Woo says Se Na will leave in 2 days. Shi Woo offers to tell Hyun Wook about Se Na. Hyun Wook declines. Shi Woo says he will not say anything about Hyun Wook to Se Na.

The next day Hyun Wook sees Se Na at the coffee shop and apologizes for speaking harshly when they met. He asks if she has been well. She confirms this. She mentions she listens to him on the radio at the restaurant where she works. Hyun Wook is not happy she is working at a restaurant. Se Na is not happy that he looks down on her employment choice. He encourages her to write songs with Shi Woo. Se Na declares he has no right to advise her. He frets that she will return to the restaurant. She wonders why he visits the house he moved out of. Hyun Wook claims the memories of Dal Bong are centered in that house. He asks why she visited the house. She says it was impulse, it meant nothing. Irritated, she leaves.

Hyun Wook tells Sung Jin he is frustrated that he was mean to Se Na twice in a row. Sung Jin reasonably points out he was in pain and lashed out. He counsels that if he is over the anger, he should show her how he feels. Hyun Wook admits he does not have the confidence to do that. Sung Jin tells Hyun Wook his secret weapon is music. Use it. What a nice exchange between them. They act like friends and I enjoy watching them.

Hyun Wook tells Hae Yoon he is working on a duet song. She asks who will sing it. He tells her he has someone in mind. She guesses it is Se Na. Hyun Wook admits it is Se Na. He tells her he met her the other day. In a surprise move Hyun Wook suggests Hae Yoon hire Jae Young as a song writer. He states that as President it is her job to give talented artists opportunities. He says they both know Jae Young is talented.

Hyun Wook works on finishing the duet song.

Hae Yoon meets Jae Young and suggests he work at ANA. He asks why? Hae Yoon says she wants him as an artist not a business man. She suggests that he try making music again. Jae Young is stunned into silence. Hae Yoon says she hopes he will call her saying he will write for ANA. She leaves.

Father brings his wife a coffee so she can take a break from singing. Mr. Kang takes the coffee saying she needs to watch her intake. His overreaction amuses Father and his wife.

Hyun Wook calls Se Na and asks her to come to his house. His flimsy excuse is an expensive pen went missing after she visited. He asks her to help him search for the missing pen. She agrees. Once she arrives he explains the pen is missing. She explains she never touched the pen. She walked to the keyboard and hid when he came. He asks where she hid. She shows him. As they crouch down he notices she is wearing his necklace. That is a good sign he realizes. They stares into each other’s eyes. And the doorbell rings interrupting the moment. It is Father and Hae Yoon stopping by for a drink. Se Na quickly leaves. Hyun Wook grouses about their bad timing.

Se Na visits Shi Woo at his apartment. She tells him she is leaving. He tells her to keep writing songs. He asks that the next time she returns to Seoul that she come back to him.

Hyun Wook arranges two keyboards and puts a beautiful bunch of flowers between the keyboards. He calls Joo Hong’s boyfriend to bring Se Na by his house. He is giddy with anticipation. Meanwhile, Se Na calls Joo Hong saying she is leaving Seoul right now. Joo Hong tells Se Na that Hyun Wook asked for Se Na to visit him that evening. Se Na is determined to leave Seoul.

Unaware the Se Na is leaving town, Hyun Wook is at his radio show where he announces he will have a special song to share today. Kim Tae Woo’s “Only You” plays in the background. Joo Hong calls Hyun Wook. A producer picks up the phone and gets his attention. He reads Joo Hong’s text that Se Na has left. Hyun Woo calls Se Na. She will not answer his call. Deflated he returns to the radio show. He realizes Se Na might be listening and tells the listeners that today he will share his story. He asks Se Na not to leave him again.

Se Na hears his voice on the radio. Hyun Wook forges ahead and tells her their year long separation was awful. He regrets his initial harsh words. He should have told her this…I want you…I want to hold you…I want you to stay with me. He plays his song for her. He rushes to the train station. She sees him…He sees her.

He rushes to her and hugs her. Please note the head cradle which makes the hug more precious.

Hyun Wook ends the series with the statement “I missed you”.


* The viewers were granted the happy ending albeit in the last moments on the episode. This final episode wrapped up all the characters and propelled our couple to a final sweet moment together. This was one of the better episodes of the series. The 1 year time jump was necessary to move the characters forward, to allow the writer to resolve and wrap up this series. For the most part, I liked the conclusion on the characters.  I especially liked Hae Yoon reaching out to Jae Young. That guy has been pining after her forever. Another positive, Jae Young’s struggle to succeed made him less of a jerk.
* Rain’s portrayal of Hyun Wook was the driver for this episode. Hyun Wook felt more real this episode. He was fallible. He was unsure. He was cocky with Shi Woo. He was angry with Se Na. He was desperate. He was sorry. What a wonderful range of emotions for this character to deliver in the final episode. Rain was up to the task. Rain was the epicenter for this drama. It succeeded to the extent it succeeded due to him.
* Krystal did a decent job portraying Se Na’s shock at seeing Hyun Wook again. Their snipey banter was good and Krystal did her part in those scenes. I believe Rain and Krystal worked well together. The characters always had an easy vibe between them.
* L’s portrayal Shi Woo was best when he was cocky, smirky, or joking. That seemed to be his sweet spot with this character. He had plenty of opportunities to be in that sweet spot throughout the series. Too bad this character did not give up on Se Na in the 1 year gap and viewed her as a friend.
* Ye Ryun as Hae Yoon had her best episode as the President of ANA. That was an excellent change, having Hae Yoon take over as President. She was always good at work but hampered by her feelings for Hyun Wook. With that obstacle gone, she flourished and became confident in a way she had not had the opportunity to be before. With Jae Young chastened after a hard year, maybe there is a chance for love with him.
* Shout out to Alex for his portrayal of Sung Jin. He was calm voice of reason. This episode he was a true friend to Hyun Wook pointing out that his anger at Se Na was perfectly natural considering how she left without a trace a year prior. He also helped Hyun Wook see his music could break the barrier Se Na had erected.
* Final thoughts.
** Positives: Our couple ended up together. Rain and Krystal worked as a couple.
** Negatives: The story was not strong in this series. The writer simplified the story throughout the series.
** Review: The series review is now available (link).
* Two final episode track videos:
1. “Se Na’s Love Songthe pretty piano piece that Hyun Wook played for Se Na at the beginning of Episode 16

2. “Kiss Mewhich is the duet between Rain and Krystal played at the end of episode 16. I wish they had included the entire song. Only a snippet is included in the episode.

Update to this recap…Kiss Me” was released on the 2nd disc of the compilation OST track 6. The lovely song was sung by Hani of EXID and Baek Jong Yoon.

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9 comments on “My Lovable Girl Episode 16 Recap
  1. Lee says:

    One of the worst dramas I’ve seen, even counting with Rain. Crystal acts really bad, she has the same face during the whole drama and the Chemistry between she and Rain doesn’t exist. I didn’t feel their love, maybe she is so young for him and seemed his little sister.
    I love Rain and in my opinion he acts well but the choice of this drama has been a total mistake


    • kjtamuser says:

      I understand where you are coming from.
      Krystal’s facial expression did not vary often.
      I believed the chemistry between Rain and Krystal. I thought their vibe was sweet.
      I saw L and Krystal’s chemistry as brother and sister.
      I wonder how much Rain knew about the production before he committed. Granted it did not turn out as he hoped. I do not think it will negatively impact his status going forward.


    • Tiffany says:

      Well said, I totally agree with you.


  2. greg says:

    This kinda plot, makes characters look stupid. it is a movie, yes. But really?
    but i am still watching…untill…..time jump!
    r u kidding me? … it’s a story killer, time jump!
    15 episodes…and then poof, its gone, like nothing happen…really disappointed!!!


    • kjtamuser says:

      My first reaction to the time jump was really? But the time jump was necessary to get Hyun Wook out of his own way to start living life again. When Se Na came back, he had actively engaged in life and they could begin again.


  3. L says:

    I was expecting much but turned out it doesn’t please me. Definitely not a good come back drama for Rain after 4 long years. But he is always good in acting just a bad choice of drama and casting roles.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I wonder how actors can make informed decisions when the script is partially written and their costars may not be defined. Thanks for the comment and reading.


  4. jango says:

    I’m sorry but for me the script is nice and the actors also caught my emotions and attention…. I wish and hope that there will be second story to end the curiosity that is planted not just me but the fun of this drama



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