My Lovable Girl Episode 15 Recap

We begin episode 15 with Yoon Se Na (Krystal Jung) hugging Lee Hyun Wook (Rain) as they mourn the death of Dal Bong (the dog). Hyun Wook does not feel well so Se Na brews him some tea and puts him to bed.

Se Na goes to visit her sister’s memorial. She apologizes to her sister for liking Hyun Wook. Se Na says she cannot control her feelings and hopes her sister will be understanding.

Shi Woo (L) calls Se Na and explains he has a full day and will not be able to see her. Se Na tells him there is something she wants to tell him. It will not be today Shi Woo says. He credits her with making him happy.

Shin Hae Yoon (Cha Ye Ryun) and best friend Bae Sung Jin (Alex) propose they take Hyun Wook out to dinner. He hesitates. Hae Yoon says they know that Dal Bong died. Hyun Wook declines and leaves.

He calls Se Na and tells her he is in front of her house. Se Na tells him she is in front of his house. Hyun Wook orders her to stay put and takes off for his house. My favorite OST song “I Want to Love You” sung by Alex (who plays Sung Jin) underscores his need to restore his relationship with Se Na.  Se Na takes off to meet him halfway. They meet on the bridge. Hyun Wook steps to Se Na and asks if she wants to restart their relationship. Wow! Hyun Wook has joined the be straightforward club. Hyun Wook states he cannot let her go. Se Na admits she cannot let him go. Finally, these two are in sync! He hugs her and she hugs him back. There is something sweet about how Rain elects to cradle her head in certain hugs. I have noticed this throughout this series. It makes her seem more precious to him with the head cradle.

They take a walk and end up at the corner store. They both want the last steamed vegetable bun. Hyun Wook tries to talk her into the red bean bun but she will not give up the vegetable bun. Later at a food stall she accidentally drops food on him. Enjoying their happiness just being together. How nice to see a grin from Hyun Wook. Se Na buys a stuffed dog for Hyun Wook and names it Dal Bong. She walks him home and kisses his cheek before she leaves. Hyun Wook finds the dog comforting.

The next day Se Na brings Shi Woo a copy of his DVD at his apartment. Pleased, he asks what she has to tell him. Shi Woo asks if it is a confession. Se Na confesses that she cannot return his feelings for her. She only thinks of him as a friend. Shi Woo says he wants more than friendship. Se Na tells him it will not happen. She returns the jewelry box. He asks if she has restarted her relationship with Hyun Wook. She sidesteps answering that, instead telling him if he wants to publicly break up with her before 1 month, feel free. Shi Woo asks her to go. He explains he does not want to see her face right now. Se Na leaves. He looks sad but cute as he rocks the ivory turtleneck sweater.

Hyun Wook and the ANA mangers get the good news that Investor Jang will NOT be pulling his investment from ANA. Shi Woo’s number one song is a big part of their success. ANA will debut their rookie group, FieStar, the same day Jae Young debuts his rookie group. The managers are up for the competition.

Se Na gets a call from another entertainment company about supplying a song for one of their singers. She excitedly calls Hyun Wook who is delighted at her success. She grouses that ANA should make her an offer too. Hyun Wook counters that she told him she was done working with ANA. Se Na asks him when she can see him. Hyun Wook says he is busy. She quips that she liked him better when he was an unemployed bum. Ha!

Hae Yoon visits Hyun Wook’s father who is relieved ANA is becoming more stable every day. She shares that Dal Bong died.

Se Na and Hyun Wook cook dinner together. This includes playing with flour. Yes folks, those are genuine smiles on their faces.

Hyun Wook’s father stops by while they are making dinner. He recognizes Se Na as the dog sitter. Father catches on quickly that Hyun Wook and Se Na have a personal relationship. Hyun Wook introduces her as a successful song writer. She introduces herself as Se Na. Father suggests they compose a song together. He quips that Hyun Wook is a good catch.

Shi Woo complains to Hae Yoon that Se Na told him she likes Hyun Wook again. Seeing Hae Yoon’s reaction Shi Woo discerns she likes Hyun Wook too. Shi Woo does not understand Hyun Wook’s appeal. Shi Woo tells Hae Yoon he will not give up. He recalls Hae Yoon once gave him the advice not to give up.

Shi Woo sends Se Na a cute collage of pictures of him. He invites her over to dinner which turns out to be ramen. Shi Woo declares he will continue to like her because he believes her relationship with Hyun Wook will end. He says that relationship is built on grief. Their relationship, he counters, is based on fun.

Turns out Jae Young’s company is having hard times. He meets with Hyun Wook’s father and asks to borrow Shi Woo for a few months.  Father refuses. Jae Young asks him if he knows who Se Na really is…

Sure enough, Father asks Se Na to meet him at the coffee shop. He tells her as So Eun’s little sister she is not acceptable. Se Na says she does not want to stop seeing Hyun Wook. Father states he opposed So Eun too. Father admits he started the rumor about Hyun Wook cheating on her sister. Good grief, that is low. Father states he cannot move on from his painful past with Hyun Wook if he has to see her face. That is his justification? Seeing her makes him uncomfortable about when he was a total jerk to his son? Unbelievable! Father says people will talk once they learn she is So Eun’s sister. He tells her Hyun Wook is finally getting his life together. She needs to exit now. Hyun Wook’s happiness is due largely to Se Na. The logic of his argument is pitiful.

Hyun Wook’s Father visits him at ANA. Father tells Hyun Wook that he cannot continue to see Se Na. Hyun Wook asks if he met with Se Na. Father admits he did. He gets riled up yelling the best thing is to end it with Se Na. As he exits the office he collapses.

Hae Yoon asks Se Na if she’s heard about Hyun Wook’s Father being in the hospital. She said Hyun Wook and his father had a fight yesterday. What she really wants to discuss is Se Na returning to ANA. But Se Na is not listening. Instead, Se Na asks which hospital Hyun Wook’s Father is at.

At the hospital, Hyun Wook, Father’s wife and daughter wait. Se Na observes them from down the hall. She remembers Father’s words that he cannot accept her. Oh no, do we have sacrifice the relationship to save the Father & Son relationship noble idiocy on the horizon for Se Na?

Hyun Wook takes a break and visits Se Na. They are cute hugging and saying they miss each other. Hyun Wook claims he must get back to the office. Knowing he means hospital, Se Na bids him good night.

Later Se Na wonders if disappearing would make everything easier for Hyun Wook.

Tea shop woman, Yoo Hoo Joo, visits Hyun Wook and Father’s wife in the hospital. She tells of Father being seduced by her. She explains the boy is not Father’s son but a powerful man’s son. Father’s wife bemoans to Father “Why couldn’t you tell me the truth?” That could be the theme for this entire series!

Hyun Wook returns home to find Se Na, best friend Joo Hong and her boyfriend in his yard with all her stuff. They claim their apartment got too crowded and they are throwing Se Na out. They suggest Se Na lives with him. Immediately seeing through this ruse, Hyun Wook agrees.

They move Se Na’s keyboard and other items into the living room and leave. Se Na says she must write a song and she will have to do it in his house. She invites him to help her. With reluctance he sits next to her. She starts composing and he smiles. “All of a Sudden” OST 2 swells in the background. Hyun Wook falls asleep and Se Na watches him from the keyboard.

Mr. Kang goes to the hospital to confirm that Hyun Wook’s Father’s wife is going back to her husband.

Hyun Wook is drawn to the keyboard. His hand stretches out over the keyboard. This time he plays a couple of notes. This is exactly what Se Na hoped for when she brought the keyboard over to Hyun Wook’s house.

Se Na shows up and they spend the day together shopping for matching coats and shoes. Hyun Wook gets a call from Father’s Wife. Father has woken up.

At the hospital, Hyun Wook arrives to find his Father sitting up in bed.

Shi Woo meets Se Na to say goodbye before leaving for his tour in China. He admits he will miss her. She admits he is actually a decent guy. Shi Woo picks up that Se Na is talking like she is the one leaving. She suggests they take a picture of the two of them. His kisses her check just as she snaps the picture. He leaves wishing her well. He has the cutest smirky smile as he walks away. The kiss was a sweet move for Shi Woo.

Se Na takes best friend Joo Hong and her boyfriend for dessert.

Se Na asks Hyun Wook if he would consider moving from his current house. He does not want to because he got the house to be close to her. The house represents her in his mind. Later she requests that he pursue what he wants. Special treatment for her is not needed. She wants him to return to his former self.


Later that evening Se Na wakes to hear Hyun Wook playing on the keyboard. She approaches him and tells him she wants to hear his music to see the real him. He admits he has wanted to write her a song to share himself with her. He plays a pretty tune for her. He gently kisses her. They declare their love for each other.

* Our couple reunited. Father turned out to be the thorn in their side. Don’t even get me started on the weak logic of Father’s reasoning why they needed to break up. Is Se Na preparing to leave Hyun Wook? This is classic kdrama plotting. Leave the one you love to save them but end up causing them untold misery. I thought the show was going down that path. The moving in together and declaration of love seems counter. I hope in the final episode Se Na does not devastate Hyun Wook by leaving him to save his relationship with his Father.
* Rain portrayed the playful side of Hyun Wook this episode. It was a welcome change to have them banter and enjoy each other’s company. Rain delivers more on the emotional intensity.
* Krystal demonstrated sadness at her sister’s memorial and relief when Se Na woke up to Hyun Wook’s playing. Se Na wants Hyun Wook to reenage his musical abilities. Glad she is supporting and pushing him. I liked the “subtle” way she moved into his house. If she opts to leave him in the final episode for his own good…argh!
* L portrayed Shi Woo as irritated when Se Na rejected him. He bounced back when he declared he would continue to like her because he did not believe she had a long term chance with Hyun Wook. Did he have a moment with Hae Yoon?
* Ye Ryun as Hae Yoon had her highlight when she gave Shi Woo the pep talk about Se Na.
* The music this episode was from the OST. “I Want to Love You” (OST 3), “All of a Sudden” (OST 2) and “I Know” (OST 5) were featured. I liked the sweet piano tune Hyun Wook played for Se Na. I titled the extracted episode track “Love Song for Se Na”.

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