My Lovable Girl Episode 14 Recap

We begin episode 14 with Yoon Se Na (Krystal Jung) telling Lee Hyun Wook (Rain) to leave her alone. Being around him is too difficult. Shi Woo (L) overhears and tells Hyun Wook to let her go. He takes Se Na to a movie to get her mind off Hyun Wook but the movie does not distract her sufficiently. Shi Woo asks if Hyun Wook is the problem. She sidesteps answering and tells him she is tired and leaves.

Hyun Wook hangs out with best friend Bae Sung Jin (Alex). Hyun Wook asks about Shi Woo (he is jealous). Sung Jin says that Shi Woo is a nice guy. Sung Jin asks if Hyun Wook is asking because Se Na is working with Shi Woo. Hyun Wook pretends that is not it. Hyun Wook is not fooling Sung Jin. He is not fooling me either.

At ANA the managers are worried about the delay in the song from Se Na. Hyun Wook counsels patience.

Hyun Wook tells Shi Woo that the song must completed soon or they will have to look for a new composer. He asks how Se Na is doing. Shi Woo tells him she is fine and he will take care of her. Hyun Wook says Se Na does not seem fine to him. He counsels Shi Woo to help Se Na reopen her heart so she can write music again. Shi Woo asks Hyun Wook how he can accomplish this. Nice that Shi Woo asked for help. It shows that Se Na is his priority.

Gob, the arranger, is worried Se Na is creatively blocked. Based on Hyun Wook’s advice, Shi Woo takes her for a walk by the river. As they watch the water Se Na explains how difficult it was when she moved to Seoul. When Shi Woo leaves her for a moment she flashes back to the time she visited the river with Hyun Wook. When Shi Woo returns with something to drink, he asks that she think of him next time she comes to the river. Easier said than done, Shi Woo. Her memory with Hyun Wook is first in her mind.

Hyun Wook watches Shi Woo and Se Na working. Shin Hae Yoon (Cha Ye Ryun) asks if he is ok. Hyun Wook says he wants them to work well together. He and Hae Yoon watch the girl group. He declares they are ready to debut. He leave the fashion choices to Hae Yoon and the excited girls.

Mr. Kang and Hyun Wook’s father’s wife stroll on a beautiful fall day. These two really have their own charm. At home, Hyun Wook’s father is irritated his wife is no where to be found.

Se Na has Shi Woo listen to an introduction to her new song. He likes it. They are surprised when Seo Jae Young (Kim Jin Woo) approaches them. He asks Se Na if she is happy at ANA. She tells him that is none of his business. He tells Se Na he is amazed that she is sticking by Hyun Wook when he was the reason her sister died. He tells her Hyun Wook cheated on her sister. Se Na tells him she does not want to hear her sister’s name on his lips. As they exit, Shi Woo asks what the fuss was about. Did Hyun Wook know her sister? Se Na tells him it is a personal matter. She leaves. Poor guy, Se Na will not be open with Shi Woo.

Se Na runs into Hyun Wook but decides not to ask him about what Jae Young said. Best friend Joo Hong cannot believe that Hyun Wook is the same guy that did not show up at So Eun’s funeral. He is so nice, how could he have done that?

Hyun Wook, Gob, and Se Na listen to her song. Gob declares Se Na should ask for a lot of money and an exclusive contract. Hyun Wook asks what her terms would be. Se Na states this is her last project with ANA. In his office, Hyun Wook tells Se Na continuing to work with Shi Woo would be good for her. Se Na tells him she does not know what kind of man he is anymore. Why did he not attend the funeral? Hyun Wook does not answer that question. He confirms her sister suffered because of him. Se Na tells him she cannot see him anymore.

Shi Woo observes Se Na in the practice room. He recalls Jae Young telling him that Hyun Wook dated her sister and how it shocked Se Na. Determined to lift her spirits he swaggers into the room. She tells him Hyun Wook liked the song now it is up to him to sing it well. Shi Woo does not know if he can top himself but he will try. “Your cockiness is oddly reassuring”. Ha! Good line! They go into the recording studio and record the song. Hyun Wook watches the recording session.

What do you know? The song debuts at number 1. The managers at ANA rejoice. Hyun Wook tells them to schedule a China tour for Shi Woo. They enthusiastically recommend Hyun Wook sign Se Na to an exclusive contract. Hyun Wook tells them this was the last project that Se Na will work for ANA.

Shi Woo meets Se Na and gives her flowers. He suggests they continue their working relationship. Se Na apologizes and says she will no longer work at ANA. Shi Woo asks if this is because of Hyun Wook. Why should he be penalized because of Hyun Wook? Shi Woo looks like he is about to declare his feelings when his manager interrupts.

Hyun Wook flashes memories of Se Na while Shi Woo’s “I Miss You” plays in the background.  At a radio station, Shi Woo is interviewed and asked the qualities of his ideal woman. He lists singer, keyboard player with a vibrant personality. The DJ guesses he likes someone with a specific list like that. Shi Woo does not deny it. In fact he says he likes her but thinks she does not like him. Unfortunately, this causes a scandal. Frankly I do not understand what the problem is.

Se Na meets him and asks why he said something like that. Shi Woo finally admits he likes her. He realizes that “I Miss You” is about Hyun Wook. He says for the first time in his life he regrets being a celebrity. But he does not regret what he said on the radio. He spoke from his heart. He leaves. I appreciate Shi Woo’s honesty. Nice to see someone being clear and open about their feelings.

Mr. Kang, Shin Hae Yoon (Cha Ye Ryun) and Hyun Wook listen to an unrepentant Shi Woo. Even though they are not happy with him, he is ok with admitting his feelings for Se Na on the radio. Hyun Wook tells them to forget the incident. It is water under the bridge.

Hyun Wook and Hae Yoon discuss Shi Woo and Se Na. Hyun Wook believes Shi Woo sincerely cares about Se Na. Hae Yoon asks if he wants to hold onto Se Na. Hyun Wook says even though he wants Se Na, he has no right to her because he is pathetic. With an attitude like that…

Hyun Wook tells Se Na that ANA will announce that she and Shi Woo are taking it slow, then in a month, if things are the same, ANA will announce their breakup. Hyun Wook notes that Shi Woo is sincere. He thinks they are well suited for each other.

Outside ANA, reporters swarm Se Na. Hyun Wook sees this. He enters the throng, covers her with his coat, tells the reporters ANA will make an official statement later, and leads her away. He drives her home. She tells him she will be all right. “I Know” by Kim Bo Kyung (OST 5) swells in the background.

Se Na tells best friend Joo Hong she may need to move. Shi Woo’s manager tells him ANA will release a statement that he and Se Na are dating. Shi Woo meets Se Na and tells her the statement will be released tomorrow. He asks if she hates him. Se Na does not hate him. In fact, she realizes that she has been selfish thinking only about her feelings. That is a true statement and surprising that she recognizes this. She tells him that she could not have composed “I Miss You” without Shi Woo. He gives her a jewelry box. He asks that she give him a chance. He notes they have 1 month until ANA announces their breakup. Maybe they’ll have a different relationship and announcement in a month’s time?

Sung Jin counsels Hyun Wook to stop avoiding his feelings when Hyun Wook blithely states that Shi Woo and Se Na are well suited for each other. Hyun Wook counters he never had the right to love Se Na after what he did to her sister. Ever the voice of reason, Sung Jin says there was a misunderstanding followed by an accident, that’s what happened. Hyun Wook corrects him saying he was the reason for the breakup with her sister.

Sung Jin meets with Se Na. He admits he was surprised by the story that she is seeing Shi Woo. Se Na asks if he knew her sister. Sung Jin says he knew her sister and knows about her relationship with Hyun Wook. He wants them to work it out. Se Na says that is not possible because Hyun Wook betrayed her sister and did not attend the funeral. Sung Jin clarifies that Hyun Wook never betrayed her sister, that was just a rumor. At the funeral, her mother barred Hyun Wook from entering. Sung Jin knows this because he went with Hyun Wook to the funeral. Se Na’s mother knew she was being unfair to Hyun Wook but she needed someone to blame for her daughter’s death. Sung Jin says Se Na needed to know the truth. Thank goodness, Sung Jin was honest with both Se Na in this scene and Hyun Wook the previous scene.

Dal Bong breaks something and Hyun Wook asks him why he is causing trouble. Dal Bong wants to go outside. Hyun Wook opens the front door and Dal Bong zips outside and exits the yard. Dal Bong finds Se Na walking outside then falls to the ground next to her. Se Na takes Dal Bong to the doctor and Hyun Wook meets her there. Things are not looking good for Dal Bong.

They wait together for the doctor. He recommends they take Dal Bong so he can spend his last moments at home in comfort. Se Na suggests if this is Dal Bong’s last night, they take him to the ocean.

Hyun Wook opens up and tells Se Na her sister brought Dal Bong into his life. He admits after she died, Dal Bong was his one true friend. Se Na asks why he allowed her to misunderstand the situation with her sister. Hyun Wook says because ultimately he was the reason for her death. Se Na notes turning himself into a martyr and cutting himself off from his family and friends was the easy path. Sage point.

Se Na asks what will he do when Dal Bong is no longer there. As if on cue, Dal Bong lays down and dies a peaceful death. Se Na cries. Hyun Wook cries. I cry too. I am a sucker for animals.

At home Hyun Wook packs up Dal Bong’s things including the red hat Se Na got him and the puppy picture. He goes outside to think. Se Na shows up wearing the huge dog head to deliver a final message from Dal Bong. He is happy with her sister and wants Hyun Wook to stop berating himself and allow himself to be happy. Dal Bong wants him to let go of him and Se Na’s sister. Se Na sits next to him, removes the dog head, and comforts Hyun Wook while “All Of A Sudden” plays in the background. Hyun Wook finally admits that he missed Se Na, terribly, so much. He hugs her and releases his pain. Se Na hugs him back.

* Even though most of the episode focused on Shi Woo’s sweet pursuit of Se Na, Dal Bong’s death hijacked the emotional center of this episode. Dal Bong’s death is the catalyst that breaks the self imposed barrier of Hyun Wook. We knew the dog would die duuring the series. But gosh, this was a delightful dog and a darling character in this series. I am a sucker for animals and this dog was a sweetie. I am glad that Sung Jin told Se Na about Hyun Wook and her sister. The silence on the truth has been difficult to swallow. Finally the truth is known.
* Rain portrayed the pain of Dal Bong’s death with quiet intensity. I was pleased that he finally admitted his pain over her sister’s death and revealed his belief that he needed to suffer. Kudos that Se Na called him on his martyrdom and self flagellation.
* Krystal’s strength does not lie in emoting pain, suffering or anger visually. But when Dal Bong died, I saw a glimmer of emotion.
* L made Shi Woo unashamed to admit he likes Se Na. Of course, she does not return his interest and never will. Too bad for Shi Woo who has turned out to be a surprisingly sweet and sensitive character.
* Ye Ryun as Hae Yoon was a bit player this episode. Sung Jin had more impact this episode. Alex is doing a fine job with this character. Sung Jin was the voice of reason this episode.
* The music this episode was from the OST. “All of a Sudden” (OST 2) and “I Know” (OST 5) were featured. One new song, “I Will Miss You” (Episode title, unknown artist) was introduced as the new Shi Woo song.

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