Tomorrow’s Cantabile Episode 8 Recap

Tomorrow’s Cantabile Lesson 8 …

We begin episode 8 with Yoo Jin (Joo Won) watching Yoon Hoo (Park Bo Gum) conduct S Orchestra’s rousing rendition of Mambo. Adikkeluangman on the Soompi forum posted the performance that must have been the inspiration. S Orchestra’s flair – spinning instruments, standing and yelling Mambo at the appropriate moments, and plenty of tilted instruments – is impressive.  Yoo Jin and Maestro watch astonished at the performance. Yoon Hoo obviously is in his element and relishes the song, the orchestra, with a wonderful abandonment.

…Cue Opening Credits….

Core S Orchestra members, including Choi Min Hee (bass cello girl),  Mae Soo Min (drummer boy) and Il Rak (Ko Gyung Pyo), and Yoon Hoo are thrilled with the performance. Yoon Hoo asks where Nae Il (Shim Eun Kyung) went. No surprise, she took off after Yoo Jin. Nae Il asks if he saw S Orchestra’s performance. He confirms he saw it. He asks if she will come to his performance. She confirms she will come.  As Yoo Jin prepares for the performance, Maestro recommends Yoo Jin let his emotions show during the performance. He questions if Yoo Jin has ever openly displayed his emotions. Maestro states showing emotion shows growth. He encourages Yoo Jin to be open at the performance.

During the performance the Maestro’s voice over speaks to attracting Dean Song. Nae Il watches still clad in her raccoon costume playing along with Yoo Jin. The performance is intense emotionally. The audience applause is positive and pervasive. Yoon Hoo spots Nae Il’s eyes riveted on Yoo Jin. He rubs his injured hand.

After the performance Maestro says their time together is coming to an end. Two conductors cannot share the stage. Maestro tells Yoo Jin he is a little bit proud of him. Yoo Jin declares he is a lot proud of Maestro. That earns a smile. They shakes hands.

At the press conference the chair woman is supportive of Yoo Jin and basks in the reporters frenzy of getting the pictures of them. Professor Do poses with him. Yoo Jin’s mother poses with him. She tells him she will help with marketing him. Do Kyung (ex-girlfriend) presents flowers to Yoo Jin. Professor Do declares they are the faces of the school. The reporters ask Yoo Jin’s mother to join Do Kyung and Yoo Jin for pictures. Min Hee watches surprised that her boss is Yoo Jin’s mother. Nae Il watches Do Kyung and Yoo Jin.

Waiting for Min Hee and Nae Il to show for the party, Il Rak runs into Shi Won. She congratulates him on S Orchestra’s performance. He congratulates her on A Orchestra’s performance. She tells him they were great. She offers him a fist bump. He fist bumps her. He is stunned at his first skinship moment with Shi Woo. Darling how he is so flustered around her.

Yoon Hoo visits a doctor who tells him his fingers are damaged and he needs surgery. Yoon Hoo states surgery could destroy his livelihood as a cellist. He wants a prescription instead.

Nae Il plays piano all night letting her emotions dictate her music choices.

Maestro tells Dean Song that while he loves his wife, she is the great lost love of his life. He thought she loved another in the past and ran away from her. A woman followed by 4 men in black suits enters the room. The Maestro calls her Elisse. She states they have a contract and must return to Europe. The men grab him and literally carry him out of the room. Elisse tells Dean Song that she is the manager of the royal orchestra and the Maestro must return to fulfill his contractual requirements. Dean Song watches Maestro driven away with sadness. Professor watches the Maestro driven away with glee.

Dean Song tells Yoo Jin that Maestro was forcibly taken. She apologizes for his abrupt departure. She apologizes that he was forced to play with A Orchestra. After Yoo Jin leaves, Dean Song tells herself she will never see Maestro again. This time it is over.

The board meets to down select an orchestra.

Min Hee tells Il Rak and Soo Min that Nae Il is locked in her apartment playing piano. Outside they wonder if they are hearing Nae Il play or a recording. Yoo Jin speaks with Do Kyung. He lets her know the Maestro was dragged away. She changes the subject and asks if he would like to get back together as girlfriend and boyfriend. She tells him she still has feelings for him and wants to support his career. She asks him to consider getting back together. Min Hee, Soo Min, and Il Rak interrupt asking Yoo Jin if he knows where Nae Il is. He does not. Min Hee says that Nae Il was shocked to see Yoo Jin and Do Kyung posing like a couple at the press conference.

Yoo Jin and Do Kyung go to Nae Il’s apartment. Yoo Jin finds her on the floor next to the piano. He asks if she played for 2 days straight. Do Kyung sends Yoo Jin to get a warm towel. Alone with Nae Il, she proceeds to tell her that she and Yoo Jin are getting back together. Witch! She tells Nae Il that she is better suited for Yoo Jin.

When Yoo Jin returns, Nae Il grips his arms. She tells him she wants to play intense and passionate like he did the other night. He gets angry that she hurt herself with the repetitive playing. She declares she wants to possess people the same way he possessed her. He promises once she feels better they will play together. What a emotionally charged moment between them. This was not passion for each other, but passion for music. While Do Kyung was physically in the room she was excluded in that moment.

Nae Il and Yoo Jin share the music (she plays, he listens/conducts). Do Kyung leaves irritated at being excluded. Il Rak, Min Hee, and Soo Min find the door open to Nae Il’s apartment and are stunned to find Nae Il playing under Yoo Jin’s guidance. She sounds exactly like Yoo Jin! This is a beautifully framed scene. The lighting bathed in purple was striking. The cinematographer is good.

Yoo Jin puts Nae Il to bed. She dreams of Maestro asking her what she wants to be. She recalls Maestro telling her that Yoo Jin will soar to greatness and fly away from her. He tells her the only way to keep up with Yoo Jin is to go head-to-head with him on a musical level. She wakes up and recalls Maestro telling her time and Yoo Jin will not wait for her.

Yoon Hoo, Il Rak, Min Hee, and Soo Min find Nae Il at school the next day relieved she has returned to school. They have lunch together to celebrate. Time for our Subway sponsorship meal. Nae Il notices that Yoon Hoo’s hands look exactly like the hands that saved Yoo Jin at the water park.

Do Kyung tells Yoo Jin she is leaving to study abroad. Yes! She notes that Yoo Jin liked her for her voice. She asks him why he likes Nae Il. Yoo Jin is taken aback at the question. Do Kyung tells him she will call him when she gets settled. Personally I am glad to see her go!

Shi Won asks Il Rak to partner with her for a class assignment. He quickly agrees. He hurries to tell his father the world is a beautiful place. His father remembers that reaction when he dated Il Rak’s mother.

Professor Do asks Dean Song if she admitted Nae Il to the school because she was an extraordinary pianist. Professor Do is angry that she kept Nae Il away from the development path. Dean Song says that Nae Il needs to want that kind of training or it will not work. Professor Do tells her that the board voted on having a single orchestra for the school. He tells her she must inform the students that S Orchestra has been dissolved. On a fashion note, it was weird to see Dean Song in a black suit with a white tie. She has been wearing so many colorful outfits. This neutral one was a shock. Is she mourning the Maestro’s departure?

A Orchestra tells Soo Min about S Orchestra being dissolved. Il Rak overhears them say that Yoo Jin knew this would happen.

Dean Song tells Yoo Jin about S Orchestra being dissolved. Yoo Jin asks if there is any way they can be saved. He says these are his friends. Nice to hear him say that. Dean Song says there is a way to save them, but the burden would be heavy on Yoo Jin. More self sacrifice?

Nae Il sits pensively thinking when Yoon Hoo joins her. He asks why she likes Yoo Jin. She says his looks and piano skills do not hurt. He asks what Yoo Jin thinks of her. She does not know. Yoo Jin walks up. Yoon Hoo suggests Nae Il ask him. She refuses. Yoo Jin is curious what she will not ask him. Yoo Jin directs Nae Il to leave with him. Yoon Hoo blocks him. Yoo Jin throws Yoon Hoo’s hand off Nae Il. This hurts Yoon Hoo.  Il Rak, Min Hee, and Soo Min rush over to see what is wrong with Yoon Hoo. Il Rak accuses Yoo Jin of not being trustworthy because he did not tell them S Orchestra was being dissolved. Disgusted at being misunderstood again, Yoo Jin walks away.

Frustrated that his friends will not believe in him and he cannot relay the details, Yoo Jin plays whack-a-mole imagining each mole is one of his friends. When Nae Il returns home she finds her things in a box outside of Yoo Jin’s apartment. She tries to enter but Yoo Jin changed his code. She yells that she needs to come in to get the rest of her stuff. Yoo Jin searches his apartment and finds more of Nae Il’s belongings. He does not let her into his apartment.

Professor Do, not Professor Ahn, shows up for Nae Il’s piano lessons. Professor Do tells her he will be her teacher from now on.  Nae Il does not want this. Professor Do tells her she is a rough diamond waiting to be polished to perfection. She flashes back to her mean piano teacher from childhood. Nae Il declares she does not want to be a pianist and runs out of the room.

Nae Il finds Yoo Jin. She takes his hand saying she will only hold it for a moment. She tells him Professor Do claims he is her piano teacher. Yoo Jin says that Professor Do may be a zero in the personality department but he is the best piano teacher. Professor Do calls Yoo Jin. He tells Professor Do he will bring Nae Il to him.

Nae Il pulls away from Yoo Jin. She cries that she does NOT want strict piano lessons. She does not want to be hit or belittled in the name of improving her skills.  Why does he insist when he knows she does not want this path? She declares he is like everyone else that tries to push her onto a road she does not want to walk.

* This episode could be summed up as Nae Il gets a spark to develop and Yoo Jin continues to sacrifice his friendship to save his friends.
* Cinematography in this show is striking. The scenes are beautifully framed. The locations are lovely. The lighting enhances.
* Joo Won as Yoo Jin continued down the path of self sacrifice without his friends knowing it. I am not a fan of this path but he was backed into a corner by Dean Song saying there was only one way for him to protect his friends. The moment between Nae Il and Yoo Jin in her apartment, riveting. His concern for her was raw and real.
* Shim Eun Kyung as Nae Il is posed to find her own path. So glad that the show is looking at Nae Il as more than an orchestra mascot or fan girl of Yoo Jin. It is uncomfortable to see everyone push her around. I know I care about the character when stuff like that bothers me. Interesting that Nae Il recognized Yoon Hoo’s hands from the water park.
* Ko Gyung Pyo as Il Rak was crushing on new friend Yoon Hoo. Il Rak’s first taste of physical contact with Shi Woo was sweet.
* Our other supporting characters were part of the gang. Min Soo did not get much to do this episode. Min Hee was primarily a friend to Nae Il. Did they drop the two boys crushing on her? Shi Won inched closer to Il Rak (though not in a romantic way…yet). Yoon Hoo has an air of vulnerability because of his hand injury. I loved how the gang clustered around him to presumably stop Yoo Jin’s mistreatment. Thank goodness Do Kyung left to study abroad. She was a bit annoying so I am glad she is gone.

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4 comments on “Tomorrow’s Cantabile Episode 8 Recap
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  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Yoo Jin needs to work on his anger management issues and learn to express himself.

    While I like Nae Il’s care free passion for life, she needs some maturity and help with her emotional issues. An emotionally healthy adult woman does not carry on with puppets and dolls – that little doll that she frequently pins to her clothes is telling. Is there more than being forced to play and practice the piano affecting her psychological state?

    Yoo Jin continues to take the Noble Idiot route even after the S orchestra was dissolved. At least he is becoming more responsive to Nae Il in her time of need.

    • kjtamuser says:

      that little doll that she frequently pins to her clothes is telling
      * I hadn’t thought about that before, good point.

      I loved the emotionally charged moment from Yoo Jin and Nae Il when he found her playing and exhausted. She sees something in him that can help her achieve more. She brings more humanity to him. That’s a start of a partnership not just worship.

    • Jane Tilly says:

      They seem to complement and complete each other.

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