Tomorrow’s Cantabile Episode 7 Recap

Tomorrow’s Cantabile Lesson 7 …

We begin episode 7 with Yoo Jin (Joo Won) pulling Nae Il (Shim Eun Kyung) to him while Yoon Hoo (Park Bo Gum) watches. Yoon Jin asks why a Julliard student is auditing. Yoo Jin removes Nae Il from clinging to him. She notes it is the first time he pulled her to him. He denies it and leaves. She scampers after him. Yoon Hoo watches them and realizes that Yoo Jin and Nae Il are not dating. He muses that this will not be easy.

…Cue Opening Credits….

Professor Do tells Yoon Hoo that he will be part of A Orchestra. Yoon Hoo asks about S Orchestra. He has heard the Maestro will be conducting their next performance.

Yoo Jin tells S Orchestra that the Maestro will conduct their next performance and he will play piano. They are excited. After practice, Nae Il tells Yoo Jin he pulled her into his arms yesterday because he does not want her to be with anyone else. She is correct, but he is not ready to admit that reality to himself yet. He denies this. She claims he was jealous of Yoon Hoo. He denies this too.

Maestro stuns Yoo Jin with the news that he will be conducting A Orchestra not S Orchestra. Yoo Jin asks why the Maestro did not clarify which orchestra he would be conducting. Maestro blithely tells Yoo Jin he did not ask for clarification so he did not provide it.

Poor Yoo Jin has to tell S Orchestra Maestro will not be conducting them. They are happily celebrating at Il Rak’s father’s eatery. Yoo Jin watches the happy gathering. He cannot bring himself to tell them the bad news and leaves.

Yoo Jin’s mother shows up at his apartment to pump him for details on his dating life. Yoo Jin says he broke up with Do Kyung. Mother asks if the members of S Orchestra are his friends. Yoo Jin recalls moments with Nae Il, Il Rak (Ko Gyung Pyo), Mae Soo Min (drummer boy). He muses that they are so open with their feelings. His mother chides him that not everyone is as elusive about their feelings as he is. Yoo Jin admits that they have given him true friendship and he will return it. Ah, that has to make his mother happy.

Yoon Hoo assures his mother during a phone call that he is taking care of himself and plans to move closer to the school and out of the hotel.

Yoo Jin asks Maestro to perform with S Orchestra but Maestro will not change his mind. Yoo Jin tells Maestro then he will not perform at the concert. When Professor Do arrives Maestro tells him there will be no concert because Yoo Jin will not participate. Yoo Jin leaves. Professor Do asks why Maestro did not try to change Yoo Jin’s mind. Maestro calmly states Yoo Jin refuses to leave S Orchestra. Professor Do believes that Yoo Jin must be made to perform with S Orchestra. Maestro and Professor Do stare and glare.

Professor Do calls the chairwoman. He agrees to help oust Maestro. He is adamant that Yoo Jin must perform in the next concert.

Bass cello girl, Choi Min Hee and Mae Soo Min (drummer boy) agree with Il Rak that they must practice hard. They are especially excited when Il Rak promises free food from his father’s eatery. Three A Orchestra members, including Shi Won, wonder if S Orchestra knows that the Maestro and Yoo Jin will be performing with A Orchestra. Il Rak’s asks what they are talking about. Oh no, they found out BEFORE Yoo Jin told them. That must hurt!

Professor Do tells Yoo Jin if he elects NOT to perform with S Orchestra then he will tell the board about the complaints from the music festival against Nae Il, Soo Min and Il Rak. In addition, he will submit for dissolution of S Orchestra. Ah, nothing better than a little blackmail to enhance your day.

Yoon Hoo and Nae Il are in the same class. They banter a bit. I am thinking I like Yoon Hoo’s smile. Il Rak calls Nae Il with the news that Yoo Jin will perform with A Orchestra not S Orchestra. Distraught, Nae Il leaves the class just as the professor begins it. Yoon Hoo takes off after her.

Yoo Jin ponders the difficult choice. What a lovely scene location that is!

At S Orchestra practice, Yoo Jin confirms the rumors. He will be playing with A Orchestra. They ask why the switch. Electing not to reveal that he is saving S Orchestra from being dissolved he coldly tells them that A Orchestra is the best. He is sorry. His mistake. Il Rak gets angry and tells Yoo Jin to go. He is no longer part of them. Yoo Jin leaves. Nae Il follows.

Nae Il asks Yoo Jin to stay with S Orchestra so they can be together. She warns him she will leave him and stay with S Orchestra. Yoo Jin notes she is the mascot and should stay with S Orchestra. She tells him from this moment on, they are enemies. Yoo Jin walks away and does not look back.

Professor Do tells Shi Won that without Yoo Jin S Orchestra will disperse on their own. That prediction comes true. S Orchestra declares without Yoo Jin they have no chance. They leave a pleading Il Rak behind. Il Rak confronts Yoo Jin who refuses to change his mind. Hurt, Il Rak declares there will be no more free food at his father’s eatery. He pleads with Yoo Jin to reconsider, after all they are best friends. With a sigh, Yoo Jin tells Il Rak that their friendship is one sided. Ouch!

Yoo Jin almost knocks at Nae Il’s door but continues on to his apartment. He is surprised to find Nae Il in his apartment waiting for dinner. He asks why she is there. Aren’t they enemies? She tells him they can be enemies outside their apartment but lovers on the inside. Ha! Love the heart she makes with her hands! Yoo Jin tells her to make her own dinner. She cajoles him into making her dinner. They are cute! I am glad she did not abandon him.

Professor Do closes the practice room that S Orchestra uses. The remaining members are deflated.

The Maestro listens to Yoo Jin play the piano. He declares Yoo Jin’s playing boring. He encourages Yoo Jin to play with his heart not only his head. That is good advice. This is not the first time he has heard this. Can Yoo Jin heed his words?

The remaining S Orchestra members fret about how they are going to prepare for the concert. Yoon Hoo suggests he join them. For Il Rak’s entrance test, Yoon Hoo entrances them his cello playing. They are thrilled. Yoon Hoo’s hand really hurts after the effort. I am liking this guy. He desire to fit in is palpable. Next they fret about finding a conductor. Much to their astonishment Han Seung O offers his services. I am surprised and pleased at this. Redemption for Han Seung O sounds good to me. Han Seung O acts indifferent but follows them to the practice room.

Dean Song asks the Maestro if S Orchestra will do well without Yoo Jin. Maestro believes they can. Maestro tells her this is good for Yoo Jin too. He asks her to listen to the concert not only with her head but her heart too.

Do Kyung does not like the constructive criticism from her teacher. Nae Il plays for Min Hee at the coffee shop. Do Kyung shows up and asks Yoo Jin’s mother if Nae Il is a part-time piano player for the coffee shop. Yoo Jin’s mother notes that Nae Il is cute and Yoo Jin seems to think so too.

Yoon Hoo finds Nae Il avoiding her lesson. He notes that he recently found a piano player that he wants to perform a duet with and now he is inspired to play again. Oblivious that Yoon Hoo is talking about her, Nae Il hopes she finds someone like that.  These two have their own kind of cute. I like it.

Maestro tells Professor Do that he will finally introduce him to the student piano player that plays with heart and soul. Nae Il arrives. Professor Do asks the Maestro if he hates him. Ha!

Yoo Jin sees the S Orchestra enter Il Rak’s father’s eatery. Il Rak tells Nae Il that she must ignore Yoo Jin. He pulls her away. Yoon Hoo gives Yoo Jin a nod before entering the eatery too. To soothe the pain of rejection, Yoo Jin practices piano with gusto.

The next day S Orchestra is dressed in their finery. Yoon Hoo finds Han Seung O a nervous wreck. He grasps that Han Seung O has stage fright. He attempts to calm him down. Nae Il shows up dressed as a raccoon (yes you read that correctly…a raccoon). Il Rak gets a text that Han Seung O has gone to the hospital. Who will conduct S Orchestra? Nae Il asks Min Hee to send a text to Yoo Jin explaining their predicament. Yoo Jin receives the text and wonders what he is supposed to do in this situation.

Yoo Jin goes to the concert hall and to his surprise finds Nae Il tuning the orchestra in her raccoon costume. The stage lights come on and Yoon Hoo is the conductor! He leads S Orchestra through a rousing song that the crowd loves. S Orchestra adds plenty of flair – spinning instruments, standing and yelling Mambo at the appropriate moments, and plenty of tilted instruments.  Yoo Jin watches astonished at their perfect harmony with so little practice time.  The crowd gives them a standing ovation. Maestro yells “Bravo, bravo” from the back of the auditorium.

Yoo Jin asks Maestro why he is watching the concert. Maestro tells him he came to see Yoon Hoo. He knows how to capture people’s hearts.

Yoo Jin states this was a fun concert. But that is it. Now it is time for the star to take the stage…him.

* This episode could be summed up as Yoo Jin sacrificing his friendship to save S Orchestra. A bit of a flat episode in terms of character development. But the strength of this series is the consistent message – music is meant to be enjoyed and we all have challenges to overcome.
* Joo Won as Yoo Jin went the path of self sacrifice without his friends knowing it. I do not love this path but he was backed into a corner by Professor Do and Maestro. I was glad that even though he elected to be cold to Il Rak that Nae Il did not abandon him. May I say Joo Won looked fabulous in the tuxedo for the concert.
* Shim Eun Kyung as Nae Il needs to find her own path. S Orchestra mascot and pianist that avoids lessons will not be sufficient for much longer. She needs to find her self worth and not strictly derive her purpose based on Yoo Jin. Between Nae Il and Yoon Hoo there were definite moments of cute. Nae Il understood that Yoo Jin was jealous of Yoon Hoo, though Yoo Jin could not admit it.
* Ko Gyung Pyo as Il Rak was crushed by Yoo Jin’s rejection of S Orchestra and their friendship. I liked that he stayed firm with Yoo Jin when they saw each other outside his father’s eatery even leading Nae Il away. In general, his optimism is fun to watch.
* Our other supporting characters were part of the gang. Min Soo did not get much to do this episode. Min Hee was quiet too. Shi Won only had a few scenes. Yoon Hoo had the bulk of the scenes. He is a good addition and has his own appeal. His good looks are appreciated. Like the others he has his own demons (his limited physical ability to play) to battle. There is a certain sweet chemistry between Nae Il and Yoon Hoo.

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  2. Jane Tilly says:

    The mambo number S orchestra played was so fun; it would have been a blast to be part of the ensemble! Little did the ensemble know Yoo Jin’s sacrifice made it possible. I hope they will forgive him and let him back in the gang. The Maestro is Yoo Jin’s antagonist; I hope Yoo Jin is learning from his experience and not just suffering. FIGHTING!!! 💪

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