My Lovable Girl Episode 13 Recap

We begin episode 13 with Lee Hyun Wook (Rain) waiting at the airport for Yoon Se Na (Krystal Jung) to show. She’s not coming. She found out that Hyun Wook dated her sister, So Eun, years ago and lied to her about it. Hyun Wook senses something is wrong. Se Na will not answer his phone calls. He leaves the airport and begins searching for her. Se Na decides to call Seo Jae Young (Kim Jin Woo). He smirks when he sees her incoming call. Se Na just misses Hyun Wook at the bar where she found photographic proof her sister dated Hyun Wook. She meets Jae Young who tells her he disapproved of Hyun Wook becoming involved with her. She leaves. He smirks. Just gonna say it, Jae Young look great in that scene, his hair and suit hit the mark. However, Jae Young is a jerk who delights in torturing Hyun Wook. His pleasure in other’s pain, not cool.

Hyun Wook waits for Se Na to return to her apartment. Se Na comes. To her credit, Se Na directly asks if he has known who she was from the beginning. Hyun Wook feigns ignorance for a moment but then tells the truth. He knew her identity. Se Na gets angry saying she would not have liked him if she had known who he was. Hyun Wook is upset and tries to entreat her. She tells him to stay away from her.

Hyun Wook picks up Dal Bong from best friend Bae Sung Jin (Alex). Sung Jin asks why he isn’t in America. Hyun Wook declares his reason for leaving no longer exists. Sung Jin realizes that Se Na must know. Hyun Wook says he will be staying in town but he is not ok. As Hyun Wook drives home, he pulls to the side of the road, overcome by emotion and cries. Dal Bong offers his silent support.

Sung Jin tells Shin Hae Yoon (Cha Ye Ryun) that Se Na found out so Hyun Wook is still in Seoul. He utters what we are all thinking “Who cares if Se Na is So Eun’s sister?” Sung Jin believes Jae Young told Se Na because he knew the truth too. Hae Yoon looks a bit guilty.

Hae Yoon admits to Hyun Wook she told Jae Young about Se Na. She tried to keep Jae Young from telling, but it did not work. She apologizes. Hyun Wook is surprisingly understanding. He knows Se Na would have found out eventually. He wishes they had been a couple longer before the news destroyed them. He admits he was cowardly to run from the truth by trying to go to America with Se Na. Hae Yoon asks him not to run away again. With candor Hyun Wook says he does not know what he will do at this point.

Se Na stares at the picture of Hyun Wook and her sister. Shi Woo calls. He is surprised to find out the Se Na is still in Seoul.

When Se Na and Shi Woo meet she will not say why the trip to America fell through. Shi Woo asks her to be his producer. Se Na is unsure. He tells her she can think about it for a couple of days.

To the swell of “All of a Sudden” (OST 2) Se Na thinks of Hyun Wook as she walks. As fate would have it, they meet. They both utter polite, stilted words to each other. Se Na says goodbye and walks away.

Mr. Kang tells Hyun Wook’s father’s wife that Yoo Hoo Joo was a trainee at ANA who caught her husband’s eye. She left suddenly with the rumor that she was pregnant. Mr. Kang thinks Hyun Wook’s father is the boy’s father (but he does not really know for sure). He urges her to make her move at ANA. He notes Hyun Wook and her husband are not there right now, ANA is a deserted battlefield.

The managers meet. Rumors of financial mismanagement at ANA are swirling. The managers wonder when Hyun Wook will return to work. Hyun Wook’s father wonders when Hyun Wook will return to work. Hae Yoon tries to manage the crisis.

Hae Yoon decides to meet with Se Na. She tells Se Na that she is sorry that she got hurt. She advises Se Na to remember that her sister’s death hurt Hyun Wook terribly. He moved away and only came back 3 years later because of Se Na. She points out Hyun Wook only wanted to help So Eun’s talented little sister. She asks Se Na to be strong. She admits she is afraid Hyun Wook will move away again.

Hyun Wook and Sung Jin have drinks. Sung Jin admits he is secretly glad that Hyun Wook is still in Seol. He missed him for 3 years and did not want him to go again. Sung Jin reasonably points out that Hyun Wook should not feel bad for loving Se Na.

Hyun Wook sits outside Se Na’s apartment. She spots him and goes to him. She tells him if it were not for him, she would still be struggling song writer. She tells him one day she will be more successful that Jae Young. Go girl! Hyun tells her she is strong. Se Na tells him that he is not acting strong. She notes all he does is drink. She turns to leave and tells him she is not dead. He needs to return to living. She wants him to be the amazing man she knows he can be. Wow, that was a good pep talk. Will Hyun Wook take it to heart and start living? Hyun Wook stands and wipes the tears from his eyes. “Promise” (OST 3) swells in the background. Se Na takes her own advice, calls Shi Woo and tells him she will be his producer. Atta girl! They say success is the best revenge.

Best friend Joo Hong finds the picture of Hyun Wook and So Eun. She is shocked that Hyun Wook was her sister’s boyfriend 3 years ago. Se Na says she is doing her best to stay away from Hyun Wook.

Shi Woo tells Hae Yoon that Se Na will be working with him on his album. She supports this. When Se Na enters the room she imagines Hyun Wook but it is Shi Woo. Recall how Hyun Wook would imagine So Eun when it was Se Na in front of him. Shi Woo tells Se Na the next song she writes for him cannot be about Hyun Wook, she must think only of him and write only for him.

After conducting business Hyun Wook’s father’s head hurts. At the hospital the doctor urges him NOT to work, NOT to get upset, so he does NOT come back to the hospital. She warns him to take care of himself. He stops by Hyun Wook’s house and urges his son to return to work. Hyun Wook says he will consider it. They share a glass of wine. Hyun Wook’s father poses the question – if it were your last day on earth what would you do? His father says he would drink, fish, and hike, preferably with Hyun Wook. Ah, that was a sweet confession. It gets better when father apologizes for not caring for him properly when his mother disappeared. He also apologizes for what happened with So Eun. He tells Hyun Wook he is a total failure as a father. That was a surprisingly good scene. It all do to the fine acting skills of Park Yeong Gyu.

Horray, Hyun Wook returns to work – sporting a tie NOT a scarf! It is the dawn of a new day. The managers meet and Hyun Wook learns that investor Jang is planning to pull his money from ANA and put it into Jae Young’s company. What’s more, Jae Young is recruiting ANA’s employees. Hyun Wook says Shi Woo’s album is crucial, he needs to see the boy band, and requests a meeting be set up with investor Jang. Hyun Wook meets with the trainees and tells them he will be reviewing their abilities soon. This will determine when or if they debut. He tells the trainees they can trust that he will do his best to debut them. Hyun Wook finishes his tour of ANA by running into Shi Woo and Se Na. He encourages them to work hard on the album. They assure him they will. Hyun Wook and Se Na lock gazes for a moment before she walks away. May I say Rain looks fabulous in this outfit.

Stopping Investor Jang is next on the agenda. Hyun Wook joins a meeting between Jae Young and Investor Jang. Jae Young is impressed the Hyun Wook has deigned to return to work. Jae Young assures Hyun Wook he will continue to be an obstacle. He leaves to allow Hyun Wook and Hae Yoon to talk to Investor Jang. Hae Yoon does not acknowledge Jae Young. Investor Jang confirms he is taking his money from ANA and moving it to Jae Young’s company. Hyun Wook says it will take time to return the investment. He suggests that if ANA improves their performance then Investor Jang would have no need to take his money from ANA. Investor Jang gives him 30 days to turn things around or return his investment. This conversation was in English and Rain’s accent is good.

Se Na, on the ANA rooftop, Se Na remembers listening to her song with Hyun Wook. Shi Wook gives her a call saying Hyun Wook is looking for them. The “Piano Version of the Humming Song” (my title) plays in the background. The “Humming Song” from Episode 7 is a favorite so this 52 second piano version was worthy of a youtube video.

Shi Woo and Se Na meet with Hyun Wook. Hyun Wook tells them Shi Woo’s upcoming album is important to ANA. Rain is looking good again in a sport coat and tie (thank you stylist for losing the scarf). Hyun Wook asks Se Na if she can have a song done by the end of the month. Se Na confirms she can. Shi Woo brags he and Se Na make a great team because they are always on the same wavelength. Hyun Wook says he leaves the album in their capable hands. Shi Woo leaves quickly. Se Na bows and pauses before exiting the office. Hyun Wook looks at her with sadness and longing.

Se Na and Shi Woo discuss what the next song should be about. Shi Woo speaks his heart’s desire. “I want to be with you. I want you to think only of me. I do not want anyone else in your heart”. He downplays the personal request by stating the song should cover those elements.

To get Se Na’s mind off whatever is bothering her, Shi Woo takes her to a bar. She notices he is not drinking. He quips he is watching his figure. Ha! He jokes he plans to steal the heart of older women with his 6 pack abs. Ha, Ha! He asks what is bothering her. She admits she has writer’s block and cannot think of a song. Shi Woo asks if she is blocked because of Hyun Wook. He asks what their relationship is. Se Na states their relationship can never be. Shi Woo asks if they were dating. Se Na sidesteps answering this by asking him to get her water, as the alcohol is hitting her. As he leaves to get water, he looks back at her with longing.

He drives her home. She falls asleep. He looks at her with longing.

When she comes into the apartment best friend Joo Hong and her boyfriend fret that she is drunk. Joo Hong puts her to bed telling her that working at ANA may be too difficult. Se Na admits she wants to see Hyun Wook even if it hurts. Joo Hong’s boyfriend visits Hyun Wook telling him Se Na came home drunk and has been out of sorts since they did not go to America.

Outside, Hyun Wook stares at Se Na’s apartment. Inside, Se Na stares at her phone and the picture of Hyun Wook.

The next day Hyun Wook meets with Shi Woo who says they may need more time completing the song. Hyun Wook offers to help. Shi Woo tells him to stay out of it because he is the reason Se Na is out of sorts.

Hyun Wook finds Se Na on the rooftop of ANA. He offers her concert tickets to help get over the writer’s block that Shi Woo told him about. Se Na tells him NOT to be nice to her, that’s how this whole mess started. Hyun Wook apologizes for distressing her. Shi Woo appears and hears them. Se Na begs Hyun Wook to leave her alone, it is all so difficult for her. She turns to leave and sees Shi Woo. He approaches, takes Se Na’s hand, and tells Hyun Wook to let her go.

* So the relationship moves into officially broken up status with our leads longing for each other and hurting just seeing each other. I was glad to hear Sung Jin state the obvious, what is the big deal about dating a sister?
* Rain portrayed the pain of separation and longing to reunite every scene. He cares for Se Na. Her rejection does not end his feelings. I was pleased when he returned to work and started living again. He seems to be a good President and this company needs his strength. Rain’s English was better than the actor’s that played Investor Jang. Sweet scene between Hyun Wook and his father. Good acting by veteran actor Park Yeong Gyu. I am thrilled the scarfs are gone and ties are in – thank you stylist – you heard my pleas.
* Krystal’s strength does not lie in emoting pain, suffering or anger visually. I was glad that Se Na still wants Hyun Wook and still considers Shi Woo a friend not a love interest.
* L made Shi Woo a viable love interest for Se Na. Of course, she does not return his interest. Several looks of longing from Shi Woo. L seems to emote Shi Woo best when he is saying the cute lines. His smirky smile is appealing. Good for him to tell Hyun Wook to back away from Se Na so she could have the breathing room she needs.
* Ye Ryun as Hae Yoon scored when she admitted to Hyun Wook that she told Jae Young about Se Na’s identity. I’m glad she got that out there and did not hide this from him.
* The music this episode was from the OST.All of a Sudden” (OST 2) and “Promise” (OST 3) were featured. I do not really dig “Promise”. I find the singer’s voice lacking.

I did enjoy the pretty piano version of the “Humming Song” from episode 7. Youtube videos for the “Piano Version of the Humming Song” and the original “Humming Song” are linked and embedded below.

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