My Lovable Girl Episode 12 Recap

We begin episode 12 as Lee Hyun Wook (Rain) faces the question from Yoon Se Na (Krystal Jung) – did you know my sister So Eun? Se Na chats about her sister and Hyun Wook sits there stunned and not sure what to do. When he does not answer, Se Na assumes that he did not know her. Hyun Wook does not correct her. So Hyun Wook opts for the lie by omission. I’m not surprised by this choice.

Hyun Wook walks Se Na home. She directly tells him she wants to spend more time with him. He directly tells her she must be tired and sends her inside.

Hyun Wook is furious that Seo Jae Young (Kim Jin Woo) told Se Na he knew So Eun. Hyun Wook visits him outside his apartment. Jae Young does a terrific job of downplaying his interest in Se Na. He tells Hyun Wook he understands why he wanted to take care of Se Na. If only Hyun Wook had shared Se Na’s identity, he would not have been so mean to her. Hyun Wook tells Jae Young to stay out of his personal business and Se Na is his personal business. Jae Young blithely agrees and leaves. I wonder what Jae Young has in store for Hyun Wook and Se Na.

Hyun Wook calls Se Na who comes out to see him. He hugs her obviously upset at his lie. She hugs him pleased that he wanted to see her.

At ANA, the managers are thrilled with the success of song Shi Woo (L) sang. They encourage Hyun Wook to sign an exclusive contract with Se Na. Hyun Wook says he’ll think about it.

Shi Woo and his manager bask in all the positive feedback on his song. One comment is about the song. Shi Woo says he must eat cake.

Shi Woo calls Se Na to celebrate the success of the song with cake. Shi Woo tells Se Na she must write exclusively for his upcoming album. Se Na wonders if ANA will allow it. Shi Woo assures her ANA will support this. She blows out the candles on the cake. Shi Woo appears entranced by her lips. Se Na says she likes another guy. Thank goodness, she was honest about that. Shi Woo seems to take the rejection well. I must say Krystal and L are comfortable with each other. The scenes between Se Na and Shi Woo have an easy vibe. Shi Woo drives Se Na home and directs her to only think of him so she can write the perfect song for him. She gives him a friendly forehead poke. He wonders what to do about her liking someone else.

Hyun Wook’s father asks Shin Hae Yoon (Cha Ye Ryun) if she is thinking about leaving ANA. He asks if she is leaving because Hyun Wook has another woman? She sidesteps answering that and says she wants to rest, read, and travel. He urges her to return to the company.

Se Na gets a phone call requesting she write a song. Thrilled she calls Hyun Wook and tells him the good news. He is happy for her. Unfortunately, the requester is Jae Young. He asks her to write a song for his company. She says she needs to check with ANA. Jae Young counters that she is not an ANA employee. Therefore she does not need to check with them. He admits if he had known she was So Eun’s sister he would have been nicer. Se Na asks how he knew her sister. He generalizes and says in the music business you know people. He states he was close to So Eun. He remembers So Eun being upset with her boyfriend. Se Na asks if So Eun’s boyfriend was in the music industry. Jae Young confirms this. He is surprised her sister did not discuss her boyfriend. Se Na confirms her sister did not share details about her boyfriend. Jae Young says he knows who So Eun’s boyfriend was but feels he should not share his identity as it is the boyfriend’s personal business. Jae Young discusses the terms for her to write songs for his company. She is distracted and not listening.

Preoccupied, Se Na does not see Hyun Woo and Dal Bong out for a walk. Hyun Wook asks how the meeting went. Se Na says Jae Young wants her to work for him. She says Jae Young knew her sister and knows her sister’s boyfriend but did not share his identity. She admits she used to be curious about So Eun’s boyfriend but she thinks she could only hate him now. Now Hyun Wook is distracted and preocuppied.

Hyun Wook has drinks with best friend Bae Sung Jin (Alex). He asks if he will be able to protect Se Na. I know the answer…no, you cannot protect her. He asks if he will only end up hurting Se Na. I know the answer…yes, you will hurt her. Hyun Wook only wants her happiness.

Hae Yoon goes to Hyun Wook’s office and says she is returning to ANA out of respect for his father. Hyun Wook is happy she is returning. She tells Hyun Wook his father asked if he had a woman in his life.

Hyun Wook meets his father. Same place, same table he met Hae Yoon, must be a favorite. Father asks if he met Hyun Wook’s woman would he be disappointed again? Hyun Wook asks if he met Father’s woman would he be disappointed? Touche! Father tells Hyun Wook if he will not introduce his woman then he needs to end it with her.

Father’s wife meets Mr. Kang. She cannot believe what that her husband is not having an affair with the woman. Mr. Kang offers to look into the matter. Cue Mr. Kang going to the tea shop. He knows the woman, he exclaims Yoo Hoo Joo! Equally shocked, she exclaims Tae Min! Hmmm, could Mr. Kang be the boy’s father?

Shi Woo spends time with his mother. She is happy his song is doing well. Even better, this song she understands! Shi Woo asks if it is possible for a girl NOT like him back. Impossible, his mother declares. Nice to see a pleasant interaction between Shi Woo and his mother.

Shi Woo stops by Se Na’s place with a contract. It is a simple contract to write for him. He puts lipstick on her finger and she signs the contract with her fingerprint. Shi Woo gives her a smile and leaves. Ok, ok, they are delivering the cute. Shi Woo liking Se Na has not made him pathetic. Also the Kim Tae Woo version of “Only You” plays in the background and it is a perfect fit for this upbeat scene. Yes, yes, L has a cute smile.

If you can believe it, a third scene takes place in the coffee shop. Different table this time. Jae Young asks Sung Jin to work with his company. Sung Jin declines stating he cannot work with both Jae Young and Hyun Wook. Sung Jin notes Jae Young left ANA because of his pride. He states Hyun Wook’s father forced him to return to ANA as president. Jae Young wonders why he has to be the understanding one. Sung Jin exclaims that Jae Young spread the rumors that So Eun was cheating. He got between Hyun Wook and So Eun. Se Na calls Jae Young and turns down his offer. She states they have different relationships with ANA. Another offer came before his. Se Na is about to hang up but he lures into a face-to-face meeting by saying they should meet at a favorite haunt of her sister. He wants to tell her more about So Eun. Sung Jin perks up at the mention of So Eun.

Sung Jin calls Hyun Wook with the news that Jae Young knows that Se Na is So Eun’s sister.  Sung Jin says Se Na is meeting Jae Young. Hyun Wook speeds to the meeting location in a panic. Jae Young arrives first and picks a table that has photos of So Eun and Hyun Wook above it. He smirks knowing Se Na will finally know that Hyun Wook was her sister’s boyfriend. Hyun Wook arrives just as Se Na is about to enter. He convinces her to come with him. When Jae Young calls, Hyun Wook directs her not to answer. He states she should not meet Jae Young. Se Na agrees not to meet Jae Young.

Hyun Wook takes Se Na to the beach. As they walk, Hyun Wook asks an oblique question. If he was not who she thought, would she still love him? She confirms she would. He asks, if he had to go far away, would she come too? She counters, if she was hiding, would he come find her? He confirms he would. She confirms she would too. They hug. Hyun Wook’s face is anxious and concerned. Se Na could slip though his fingers.

Hyun Wook meets Jae Young who says he will not tell Se Na the truth. Hyun Wook asks if Jae Young has a conscience or guilt about the past.  Jae Young counters that Hyun Wook is the one that will hurt Se Na. He should walk away now.  Jae Young threatens Hyun Wook with changing his mind about not telling Se Na.

Se Na thinks about So Eun and tells her sister that she likes someone. Hyun Wook thinks about So Eun and apologizes for what he is about to do.

Hyun Wook and the managers listen to the boy band. Hyun Wook says he can tell they do not get along. He orders them to live together in the dorm.  Hyun Wook says they will promote them in China and Korea.

Hyun Wook takes a call in English discussing securing a house near a campus. Looks like Hyun Wook is planning to flee with Se Na.

Shi Woo enters Hyun Wook’s office and tells him he does not need a list of producers for his album. He shows the contract he and Se Na signed. Hyun Wook says Se Na will be unavailable. Shi Woo says that is news to him. Shi Woo asks about Hyun Wook’s relationship with Se Na. Hyun Wook asks if he really wants to know. Shi Woo says he will ask Se Na instead.

Shi Woo meets Se Na and asks if she is leaving. She confirms she will be studying abroad. Shi Woo says he will not make the album without her. She is the best song writer. Se Na quips it took him long enough to figure that out. Shi Woo hugs Se Na distressed she is leaving him. He tells her he will not let her go. She tells him they will see each other again.

Hyun Wook packs with Dal Bong watching. Cute shot of Dal Bong as a puppy with present day. Se Na stops by to help him pack. She admits she is nervous taking her first plane ride to America.

Se Na looks at the picture of Dal Bong as a puppy. She asks where the scarf came from?  Hyun Wook says they put the scarf on Dal Bong to keep him warm. Se Na recalls giving So Eun a similar scarf.

The next day at ANA Hae Yoon finds the itinerary to Boston for Hyun Wook and Se Na. She asks Hyun Wook why he is leaving. Nothing is going wrong. Hyun Wook says because Jae Young knows, this is the only way.

Hae Yoon meets Jae Young and asks what he has done to Hyun Wook. Irritated, Jae Young complains she only sees him in reference to Hyun Wook. Jae Young tells her to admit that she wanted him to tell Se Na the truth. He wants to tell Se Na that So Eun died because of Hyun Wook. Hae Yoon slaps him.  She declares even if Hyun Wook does not love her, being near him is sufficient. She is angry that Hyun Wook is leaving because of Jae Young’s threats.  She tells Jae Young she does not want to see him again.

Hyun Wook visits his father. As he leaves he tells his wife to take care of father. Se Na says her goodbyes to best friend Joo Hong and her boyfriend. Jae Young calls Se Na and tells her the bar they were going to meet at has pictures of her sister on the wall. Well played Jae Young. You are not telling her but you are setting her up to find out if she goes to there.  He encourages her to go. Se Na takes off for the bar.

Hyun Wook arrives at her house and calls her to come out. From a taxi, Se Na tells him she will meet him at the airport. She wants to say goodbye to someone.

Se Na arrives at the bar. She sees the wall of photos. She spots a photo of her sister. Part of the photo is covered. She removes the obstruction and sees Hyun Wook smiling happily next to her sister. Se Na thinks back to all the clues that Hyun Wook was taking special care of her.

Hyun Wook calls her from the airport. Will she answer? What will she say?

* Finally, the Se Na knows the truth that Hyun Wook dated her sister in the past. It has been a slow build to this point in the series. Why this is earth shattering, does not resonate with me. No matter, the first major reveal has occurred. Will Se Na accept this? Will she reject Hyun Wook because he lied to her?
* Rain portrayed the conflict his lie caused well. The emotions are clear on his face as well as the anguish in his voice. However, Hyun Wook elected to lie to Se Na and he will have to pay the consequences of that lie.
* Krystal seems natural in scenes with L. Se Na and Shi Woo are a good pair. Unfortunately for Shi Woo, it is not romance but friendship that Se Na wants. Glad the reveal has happened. Se Na knows that Hyun Wook dated her sister in the past. What happens next is the interesting part.
* L seems to be relaxing into the role of Shi Woo more each episode. He cares for Se Na, wants her to stay, and he told her. Interesting that he did not want to hear the truth from Hyun Wook but from Se Na.
* Ye Ryun as Hae Yoon came back to ANA to honor Hyun Wook’s father’s request. She was angry with Jae Young for manipulating Hyun Wook into leaving. Jae Young made a valid point that subconsciously she wanted Se Na to find out the truth and that’s why she told him. Jae Young must rationalize that he did not directly tell Se Na the truth but he sure lead her to the direct evidence.
* Weird but true, Father’s wife and Mr. Kang continue to amuse me.
* The music this episode was from the OST. Kim Tae Woo’s version of “Only You” OST Part 4 is growing on me. Also featured was “Promise” by Kim Bo Kyung OST Part 3.

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  1. Elaine says:

    What us the name if the song the boy band was auditioning?

  2. Elaine says:

    Thanks for replying. Do you think producers will release another soundtrack?

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