Tomorrow’s Cantabile Episode 6 Recap

Tomorrow’s Cantabile Lesson 6 …

We begin episode 6 with Il Rak (Ko Gyung Pyo), Mae Soo Min (drummer boy) and Nae Il (Shim Eun Kyung) watching as Yoo Jin (Joo Won) sinks below the surface of the water. Nae Il realizes he is in distress. So does another boy who pulls Yoo Jin out of the water and begins compressions on his chest. As water is expelled Nae Il shoves the boy aside. Il Rak and Min Soo cluster around Yoo Jin. The boy leaves the scene unnoticed. Will we see him again? Yoo Jin flashbacks to his boyhood airplane experience and bobbing in the ocean in a life preserver. Yoo Jin sits up and wrly notes he cannot get on an airplane or a boat. He will never be able to study in Europe.

…Cue Opening Credits….

The Maestro rouses Yoo Jin out of bed. Il Rak, Soo Min, and Nae Il tell the Maestro the Yoo Jin had a near death experience. The Maestro does not care. He asks who benefiitted by him not casting his vote at the fall festival, S Orchestra or A Orchestra? He drags Yoo Jin out of the room.

Next we find out the boy that saved Yoo Jin is Lee Yoon Hoo. He is taking a break from his music in Europe to attend the music festival much to the delight of a Professor. She notes that Maestro only brought weird students. Ha!

Dean Song calls Maestro irritated that he left with no warning. He tells her it was his only choice. She hangs up on him.

Yoon Hoo meets Nae Il who is longing to see Yoo Jin (it has been two whole hours since she has seen him). Yoon Hoo recognizes Nae Il from the pool but she does not recognize him. He agree to help her see Yoo Jin.

Yoon Hoo takes Nae Il to see Yoo Jin. He notices right away that Yoo Jin treats Nae Il carelessly. He calls Yoo Jin on his behavior. Yoo Jin is a bit baffled. Yoon Hoo introduces himself to Maestro who remembers him from a cello recital. Nae Il recognizes his name.

Yoo Jin puts a drunk Maestro to bed, calling him an “old coot”. The Maestro takes offensse. Yoo Jin takes offense that all he does is errands. Maestro tells Yoo Jin that he is wrong NOT to know the members of his orchestra before reviewing the music. That resonates with Yoo Jin. I love the way he takes feedback without seeming to take offense.

Il Rak and Soo Min are kicked out their lessons for not being good enough. Nae Il worries about her upcoming lesson. She does not like scary teachers and Professor Song has a reputation.

Professor Song is mean. She calls Nae Il to the piano. Nae Il is tentative and Professor Song gives her  a whack with her stick. Nae Il flashes back to childhood piano lessons with teacher that whacked her and made her practice until she got it perfect. The teacher told Nae Il that piano was not fun, it was work.  Nae Il runs out of the lesson.

After Nae Il dries her tears she finds Yoo Jin. She tells him she wants to leave this place and have fun playing piano with him. Yoo Jin tells her to leave and give her spot to someone that will value it. He leaves. She cries.

Do Kyung visits Yoo Jin’s mother at the eatery. Bass cello girl, Choi Min Hee, notices that even though Do Kyung is Yoo Jin’s ex-girlfriend, she acts like a daughter in law.

The next morning Maestro has a hangover and is unable to conduct his class. He surprises Yoo Jin by suggesting Yoo Jin teach for him.  The class goes well. The watching crowd includes a pleased Soo Min & Il Rak and a less than thrilled Yoon Hoo. Yoo Jin is called the Maestro’s pupil and everyone wonders if he will follow the Maestro to Europe to study. Nae Il does not want Yoo Jin to go to Europe and leave her behind.  She realizes Yoo Jin’s talent attracted her to him and may be what drives them apart.

Dean Song meets with Do Kyung who wonders if she has sufficient talent to go to the next level. Dean Song cannot confirm it. Do Kyung states if she cannot be genius talent, then standing next to genius talent (Yoo Jin) is sufficient.

Shi Won calls Soo Min much to Il Rak’s glee. Soo Min calls Il Rak a pervert for crowding him while on the phone with Shi Won.

Yoo Jin has dinner with Professor Song who notes that he is the only decent recommendation that Maestro made. She calls Il Rak without talent, Soo Min excitable, and Nae Il a wimp that cannot take criticism. Yoo Jin realizes that Nae Il came to him for comfort and he did not offer it. Yoo Jin defends his friends saying Il Rak may not be the most proficient but he plays with passion. Soo Min may be excitable but he plays from the heart. Nae Il plays piano with an innocent mind.  He apologizes for his impertinence and leaves. Wow! Yoo Jin would not have done that 3 episodes ago. Way to stand up for your friends. And this proves he does consider them friends. 

Yoo Jin searches for Nae Il.

Yoon Hoo asks the Maestro if he has time to talk to him. The Maestro says now that Yoon Hoo is not playing the cello he must have spare time. He recommends Yoon Hoo do what he wants to do. Yoon Hoo frets that every time he starts a path, he finds he does not want to walk it far. Stymied about what his next step will be, he hears beautiful piano playing. It is Nae Il. He is enraptured by her playing. It is quite lovely. Nae Il notices him and stops playing. He apologizes for interrupting. He asks why she is playing now and not during her lessons. Yoo Jin observes them from outside the room. He leaves and she spots him. She takes off after him.

Yoo Jin tells her to stop following him. He is worrying too much about her. She does not understand why he is upset. She apologizes for upsetting him. In a simple move, he pulls her to him and awkwardly puts his arm around her to comfort her. She is surprised. He warns her not to get excited. That was a quiet and sweet scene between them. I like that he pursued her and comforted her. Lovely.

They walk away together. The cinematography of that scene was gorgeous. Who ever scouts the scene locations does a fabulous job.

Yoon Hoo stares at a musical score and rubs his hand. Hmm, is he injured and unable to play cello? He adds to his bucket list, play cello for as long as he is able.

Oboe and clarinet boys are vying for Min Hee’s attention. Nae Il shows up just returned from the music festival. She is thrilled to tell Min Hee that Yoo Jin was nice to her. The girls interactions with each other are darling!

Yoon Hoo heads to Seoul to accomplish the next item on his bucket list. Date an odd girl. Yep, Nae Il should suffice. He has a nice smile and a fluffy white sweater. He meets with Dean Song who is happy to accept him as an audit student. She does not understand why he wants to. He admits he is tired of competitions and wants to play with his peers not compete against them.

Il Rak observes Shi Won. He practically swoons. He tells her he is not a pervert which confuses her.

Professor Do shows Dean Song the complaint letter from Professor Song which states Il Rak was incompetent, Soo Min threw his mallets and Nae Il skipped all her classes.  The chairwoman and the professors meet. Maestro says it is too bad about the complaint letter. The punishment might hurt the interview. What interview? Turns out a reporter wants to interview Yoo Jin as the Maestro’s pupil. The Maestro tells everyone this will help the school’s image.  The chairwoman agrees to suspend punishment for Yoo Jin if he helps the school’s image. Maestro tells her to stay out of his business or he will bring down the school’s image in a flash. Wow, bold words from the Maestro to the powerful person in the room, the chairwoman.  Outside, Dean Song asks Maestro – would he vote for S or A orchestra? Maestro says it is for the students to decide. Meanwhile, chairwoman tells Professor Do that Maestro must go.

At the interview, Yoo Jin and Nae Il learn Maestro plans to have Yoo Jin play a piano duet while he conducts. Yoo Jin is thrilled to have the Maestro conduct. Do Kyung shows up to the interview. The reporter wants to know if she is Yoo Jin’s girlfriend. Nae Il claims that honor. Do Kyung slyly says they are just a man and a woman. She wishes Yoo Jin well and leaves.

Maestro gives Yoo Jin advice for his next time conducting. The Maestro claims he is not old, just mature. Yoo Jin hides a smile and agrees. They both laugh when the Maestro’s advice is to be humble. Their banter was enjoyable. Nice to see them interacting in a positive way. Later the Maestro asks Yoo Jin which orchestra he would choose. Yoo Jin does not have a ready answer.

Yoo Jin is lost in thought when Nae Il tries to engage him. He asks that she be quiet but she cannot. He pushes her away from him. She tells him that if he apologizes she will forgive his rude behavior. Yoon Hoo interrupts saying they act the same here as they did at the festival. He gently helps Nae Il up. He asks if she missed him. Yoo Jin comes over and pulls Nae Il to him. Yoon Hoo stares. Yoon Jin looks possessive about Nae Il and returns the stare.


* Love is in the air! Now we have the quadrangle of love set up. Nae Il wants Yoo Jin. Do Kyung wants Yoo Jin. Yoon Hoo wants Nae Il. Yoo Jin does not realize it but he wants Nae Il too. Il Rak’s father thought Do Kyung would be perfect for Il Rak. Instead Il Rak is mooning over Shi Won. Oboe and clarinet boys are vying for Min Hee.
* The cinematography was beautiful this episode. The scenes popped with the gorgeous fall colors. The composition of several scenes were simply beautiful. The person scouting scene locations and the camera crew contribute to the classy look of this show.
* Joo Won as Yoo Jin continues to evolve in a delightful ways. I love the way he took the criticism from the Maestro and worked on his attitude. He and the Maestro came to an understanding and now have a certain amount of respect for each other. Does Yoo Jin treat Nae Il with the correct amount of respect? No, he does not. Nae Il has always flitted around him as a faithful dog would. So Yoo Jin does not fully see her as a woman. Yoon Hoo’s interest sparked a reaction in Yoo Jin. Whether he is possessive of Nae Il as a friend or love interest, he still wants her near him. He worries about her. He cares.
* Shim Eun Kyung as Nae Il is dealing with similar childhood demons as Yoo Jin. Her flashbacks to early piano lessons show that the mental torture of those piano lessons caused her to reject rigid learning. There is decent rapport between Nae Il and Yoon Hoo.
* Ko Gyung Pyo as Il Rak is crushing on Shi Won. I was a bit surprised his talent was deemed insufficient at the music festival.
* Our other supporting characters expanded their depth. Min Soo did not get much to do this episode. Min Hee now has two suitors. Shi Won is unaware of how Il Rak is feeling about her. Yoon Hoo is a good addition to the mix. I look forward to his interactions with Yoo Jin and Nae Il. She deserves to be treated well and Yoo Jin needs to realize that she mean something to him. I like the supporting characters and am enjoying learning more about them each episode.

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4 comments on “Tomorrow’s Cantabile Episode 6 Recap
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  2. Rgine says:

    So far i really like how the situations are evolving. I like this episode because it tackled more on the depthe of each characters… Their conflict… And inner struggles… I love the addition of a new rival… At least now yoo jin can be shaken up a bit and know that somebody can snatch Nae il away…. And i love that his rival yoon hoo is so opposite him in nature… His caring and sweet…
    Also i love Nae il progress… She didnt appeal to me at first but now i see her conflict…. I love it… Hehehehe….
    Joo won as yoo jin is really good….he has given an additional depth to the other wise moody and somewhat violent to Nae il…. Character… You can see he really cares for her in his own ways….

    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree with your thoughts. Overall there is a sweetness to all the characters I find appealing.
      This is my first time watching this story. I will watch the original after this version is done.

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    Yoon Hoo makes good competition against Yoo Jin for Nae Il. This might help Yoo Jin figure out what he wants.

    So if Yoon Hoo has a bucket list, does that mean he is dying? Can’t wait to get his back story.

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